Top 5 Dragon Pokemon in Sun & Moon

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Dragon-types in Pokémon have always been favored. Countless pseudo-legendaries are Dragon-type, and for quite a while, Dragon-types have went unchecked in power. True, for some strange, fanciful reason Dragon-types are now weak to Fairy-types, but that does not stop them from being powerhouses. The same is true with the debut of Generation Seven.

Welcome to a new list to accompany the current top 10 Dragon-type Pokémon we have here at Honeys Anime. We will look further forward to Generation Seven and bring to you the best new Dragon-types and break them down. Let’s go!

5. Alolan Exeggutor

  • National Pokedex: 103

Alolan Exeggutor is actually from the first generation of Pokémon, Kanto, where it was encountered in Safari zone and was Grass/Psychic in type. In Sun and Moon, it now not only has its own island, in a nod to Mega-Sceptile, Alolan Exeggutor is Grass/Dragon in type. Alolan Exeggutor has average defenses, a nice 105 in Attack, and a beautiful 125 in Special Attack. It is slow though with only a 45 in Speed, but that is how most Pokes run in this generation. Alolan Exeggutor now has a nasty 4x weakness to ice and then all of the other normal ones that come with grass and dragon typing. Well, what can it do?

Alolan Exeggutor is weird because its Attack stat is 20 below its Special Attack and the main Dragon-type move it can learn is Dragon Hammer which it learns when it evolves. The kicker is that it is physical. So, this poke is actually best suited for Special moves. If you can give up the Dragon move and just be Dragon in type, then Flamethrower and Sludge Bomb along with Wood Hammer will keep you safe with Dragon Tail which will get rid of those types that wall you. The choice is yours though!

4. Drampa

  • National Pokedex: 780

Drampa is a Normal/Dragon-type Pokémon that looks like it walked right out of a Chinese fantasy tale. That is probably what Game Freak was going for when they let him learn Fly. Anyway, Drampa’s typing means that he is weak to Fighting, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice. This is good news as his defenses are 85 for normal Defense and 91 for Special Defense. He does boast a whopping 135 in Special Attack, which means he can hit heavy. Also, Drampa is Moon exclusive. Sun players must trade to get him.

He does get a unique Ability called Berserk which raises his special attack when his HP becomes half or less. Good news for those relying in those special moves. Speaking of, his Attack Power is less than half of his Special Attack power, so just do not even bother considering physical attacks. Drampa does get Hyper Voice for Normal STAB as well as Dragon Pulse for that Dragon STAB. It does learn Outrage and Fly, but why bother? They are tied to that physical attack power. After that though, it has, oddly, access to many TMs allowing it to become very versatile. Flamethrower/Fire Blast for those Ice-types, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Thunderbolt and Thunder, Surf, Ice Beam and more. Honestly how you run him is up to you. While Drampa’s speed may not be the best, he still is very versatile and will serve players best in post-game events when you have access to all of the TMs.

3. Turtonator

  • National Pokedex: 776

Turnonator is the alternative to Drampa and is only available in Sun. Turtonator is a unique Fire/Dragon typing that has some good stats. Much like its image, it is very bulky. Where Drampa has amazing special attack, Turtonator has amazing Defense. It’s Defense is 135 and its Special Defense is okay at 85. It is just as slow though as Drampa with a 36 in speed. Turtonator also sports one of the abilities saved usually for some sort of Rock or Water-type: Shell Armor. Shell Armor prevents Critical Hits from landing which is good news for you, but it also is only weak to Ground, Rock, and Dragon, and with those defenses, Critical Hits should not be hitting easily.

Turtonator gets a slew of interesting moves including one that only exists for it! Shell Smash is a fun stat to play around with if you want to make it more of a balanced user. Dragon Pulse is just assumed for STAB as well as is Shell Trap. Shell Trap was made specifically for Turtonator and has a base 150 power. If a foe hits you with a physical attack, then they will take massive damage. This is certainly a Pokémon setup for a Flail set. It learns Shell smash, Protect, and Flail which would allow it to get in a lot of damage very fast assuming you can get it’s Speed up. You can set it up for special moves and then fall back on explosion when you are done if you want. Flash Cannon can also be used for those Rock and Fairy-types that will try to get the upper hand as well.

2. Guzzlord

  • National Pokedex: 799

Guzzlord is the final Ultra Beast that you can encounter and will be the highest leveled too. It comes in at level 70. This Dragon/Dark-type Pokémon is and looks like, a real beast. It has a massive mouth, four arms and more. Speaking of things that are massive, this Junkivore Pokémon has a massive 223 base stat in HP. This stat is followed by a 101 in Attack, a 97 in Special Attack, and a 53 in both Defenses. So, welcome to the legendary version of Blissey. Its speed is abysmal. Thankfully though, all that HP is going to make it able to sponge up damage and still deal out decent amounts of damage via it’s attacks. It does have Beast Boost as its ability, but it is wasted in that, unless it is sitting there and recovering in battle, it’s HP is not going to raise higher. It does need to be careful for Ice, Fighting, and Bug as its weaknesses with a 4x weakness to fairy. Be sure to make Guzzlord learn a Steel or Poison-type move!

As for its movepool, it is quite impressive! If you are going the Physical route, then its normal movepool is great. Hammer Arm, Dragon Rush for STAB, Crunch for STAB, and then Stamping Tantrum, Trash, and even Heavy Slam will work. If you want to run it with Special Stats, it does learn Belch which would be great for that 4x weakness to Fairy. Sludge wave and Flamethrower are options as are Snarl, Dark Pulse, and it can be taught Draco Meteor. Really it is up to you how you want to do it. The other good thing to note is that it can learn Rest and Sleep Talk so you could give it two STAB moves with that that will maximize your coverage and you will have a hard time being taken down.

1. Kommo-o

  • National Pokedex: 784

Kommo-o is the pseudo-legendary of the Sun & Moon games that is introduced in every game. Naturally of course he is Dragon-type, but this time, Game Freak decided to also include the Fighting-type as well on this monster. This means though now that you need to be careful of Flying and Psychic moves while still keeping an eye out for Ice and Dragon moves. You really too have to be mindful of that 4x weakness to Fairy. Moving on to this plated warrior’s stats, it has that nice 600 for total base stats. It’s best is it’s 125 in Defense followed by the 110 in Attack. This is followed by a 105 in Special Defense, a 100 in Special Attack, 85 in Speed, and 75 in HP. So, you have a mixed tank essentially as your lead making him a terror to go up against.

If you are banking on the 110 Attack, he learns the two best STAB moves that he can get his hands on. Sky Uppercut for Fighting and Outrage for Dragon. As if he could not get more terrifying, he also can learn Dragon Dance at 59. Give him just one turn, or possibly two if you can spare the HP, and he will sweep. He could learn Poison Jab to help him out with those Fairy types, as well as Earthquake if you just want power. If you go the special route with him, which is not advised since Dragon Dance will only help your speed, Clanging Scales is your best friend. Flash Cannon will help with Fairy-types, while Flamethrower and Focus Blast are your best options.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are the best Dragon-type Pokémon that we have been given in Seventh Generation aka Sun and Moon. The only downside to all of them is that you will have to wait till either late game, or post-game to get them, but when you do finally get there, there is no downside. What is your favorite new Dragon Pokémon? Are you going to get Kommo-o? How will you run him? Let us know in the comments below. Till next time.

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