Top 5 Electric Pokemon in Sun and Moon

Electric-type Pokemon have been around since generation one. Pikachu was the first ever one and, heck, we even got a game for it. Electric-types have been featured in gyms and thankfully Electric-type pokemon enjoy a nice wide, neutral coverage while only being negated by Ground-types and resisted by Dragon, Grass, and other Electric-types. Electric-types excel against Water and Flying-types. In this game too, we now have two different Electric legendaries and more!

What pokemon are you using in Sun & Moon? Do you have an Electric-type on your team or are you considering using one? Check out our list below them for more information!

5. Togedemaru

  • National Pokedex: 777

Is Togedemaru the luckiest Pokémon with a Pokedex entry like that? Well… kinda sorta not really. It rolls in as an Electric/Steel-type. It has weaknesses to Fire and Fighting and a 4x weakness to Ground. Its ability, though, is worth noting. Iron Barbs. Iron Barbs is set up so that when an opponent makes a physical attack against you, they lose 1/8th of their HP in damage. It can also learn Lightning Rod and it has Study as its hidden ability, but this is not really necessary with Iron Barbs being in play.

It is quite fast with a 96 in Speed and a 98 in Attack. It keeps semi-okay Defenses with a 73 in Sp. Defense and a 63 in Defense. Its movepool leans heavily towards electric moves which is great for you! Electric Terrain is a must-have as this will power up your moves. Zing Zap, its signature move, is clearly a good setup. Fell Stinger as well is good to set it up. Spiky Shield, while it looks fun, is really not worth it. Poison Jab is good for more coverage while Fake Out will always let you hit on the first turn. Not amazing, but certainly fun to play with.

4. Vikavolt

  • National Pokedex: 738

Vikavolt is the final evolution of the Grubbin line. Vikavolt, however, though does not evolve easily like most other Bug-types. You have to carry Charjabug all the way to the Vast Poni Canyon and have it level up to evolve into Vikavolt. As Vikavolt, it has some good points, and some not, so good points. It is Bug/Electric-type and it gets the ability Levitate which gets rid of its weakness to Ground moves. Still though it does have to be cautious around Fire and Rock-types. Hopefully it can do something about those two.

Vikavolt has an amazing 145 in Sp. Attack and a nice 90 in Defense combined with a 75 in Sp. Defense. Its Speed, though is laughable at 43, and its Defenses are not pathetic. Let’s talk about moves. Thunderbolt is your Electric STAB and Bug Buzz is your Bug STAB. Other than that though, sadly it learns a lot of physical attacks, but it can learn Energy Ball to help it with Rock-type Pokemon which will wall it. While you can teach Vikavolt Mirror Shot, it may be better to pass on it since Volt Switch will help you escape Fire-types.

3. Alolan Raichu

  • National Pokedex: 26

Raichu has come back to us in Alola in a new, updated form! Now as a nod to surfers around the world, Alolan Raichu is Electric/Psychic-type, and rides on its tail like it is a surfboard. Stat-wise Attack and Defense lose 5 points and they are transferred to Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense which are now 95 and 85 respectively. Its Speed sits at a nice 110 though, and it can be doubled by its ability, Surge Surfer. However to get Electric Terrain onto a Raichu, you must find one of the three pokemon in the game to learn the move, and breed it onto a Pichu. If you do this, then Alolan Raichu will it have a ludicrous 220 in speed allowing it to outspeed every single Pokémon in the game. 95 is okay in Special Attack and it does have a decent movepool as an Electric/Psychic type.

Much to your chagrin, you need to carry around a Pikachu for a while to make it have a decent electric movepool. Even then, Alolan Raichu will only learn Psychic when it evolves. Which is odd because you could evolve early via help from the TM. It can learn Focus Blast to help it deal with all of the new weaknesses it has picked up too. Surf is another option as is Grass Knot if you want to risk it. Alolan Raichu still has to worry about how to hit Fairy-types no matter how fast it is, so be aware. This new Raichu is best suited as a special sweeper.

2. Tapu Koko

  • National Pokedex: 785

Tapu Koko is one of the Guardian Deities of Alola in the Ruins of Conflict on Melemele Island. It is one of the very first pokemon in the game that you will encounter and it is also the one that you can go catch during the finale too. This Tapu is Electric/Fairy-type. It needs to watch out for Poison and Ground and that is it, oddly enough. Its ability is Electric Surge which triggers Electric Terrain when it comes out into battle. Tapu Koko is the fastest of all of the Tapu at 130 in Speed. It also has an Attack at 115, a Sp. Attack at 95, a Defense at 85 and a Sp. Defense 10 points lower.

Tragically, the latter parts of its movepool are a lot of special moves. This is not bad, but it makes no sense with a massive Attack Stat. Actually, most move setups will encourage you to learn special moves and invest in Sp. Attack EVs. This Pokemon is yet another example, like some of the Pokemon on the Bug-type list, where the spread of stats is awkward. While it could learn Wild Charge, there is no way to have it learn a physical Fairy-type move. Tapu Koko is best utilized as an attacker or a bulky Calm Mind setup, attacker. If you are going all out, Thunderbolt and Dazzling Gleam are perfect for STAB. Don’t you dare think of leaving Nature’s Madness on it. Other than that, Volt Switch is smart to get out when you need to and either Grass Knot for those Ground and Rock Types or, since it cannot learn an Ice-type move, Hidden Power (HP) Ice is good. Either way, it may be fast, but it does not make a whole lot of sense with its stat layout.

1. Xurkitree

  • National Pokedex: 796

Xurkitree is yet another Ultra-Beast that you can encounter late game. It is genderless, Pure-Electric, and comes with everyone’s favorite Ultra Beast ability, Beast Boost. As a refresher, Beast Boost ups your highest stat when you knock out an opponent. It only needs to be careful around Ground-types while almost everything else hits it for normal damage. Speaking of, Xurkitree is another death machine you want to be wary of going up against and you want in your party. Why, you ask? Let’s look at its very uneven distribution of stats.

Xurkitree has an 89 in Attack, an 83 in Speed, and its base Defenses are both 71. Oh, and we forgot to mention, it has a 173 in Sp. Attack. Let that sink in for a moment. Game Freak has once again, decided to play with everyone and make death machine monsters. Oh and the fun does not stop there. In addition to having a 173 in Sp. Attack, Xurkitree can also learn Tail Glow with the help of a Heart Scale. Do you remember what Tail Glow is? One use of it, boosts your Sp. Attack three stages. So, death. Death all around. For moves that give it a STAB boost, Thunderbolt is good. Volt Switch is good to keep it alive in case it is walled by something. After that, you really just need to go for coverage. Grass Knot will help those you need to beware of, while Hidden Power Ice can give you a lot more coverage for Pokemon who may resist your Electric typing. Of course your final move should be Tail Glow. Just one is enough to make it even more dangerous.

Final Thoughts

Electric-type Pokémon seem to be coming back into style as Game Freak revives this often ignored typing. We can only look forward to more new pokemon, and hopefully more that are dangerous like Xurkitree. What are you using in your party in Pokemon Sun & Moon? Be sure to let us know down below if you like any of the Electric-type pokemon on this list!

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