Top 10 Essential Black Bullet Characters

Black Bullet is a sci-fi, action anime adapted from a light novel series, so it is also character-centered and has an occasional dose of comedy. It is set in an alternate version of Earth that is devastated in 2021 by the sudden outbreak of a deadly, parasitic biological agent known as the Gastrea Virus, which destroys the population and creates terrifying monsters.

Though mankind struggled through ten years of fear and chaos, they found their salvation in a strange metal called Varanium, which has properties that allow it to subdue the Gastrea Virus. By creating giant walled structures called Monoliths, a semblance of sanity was restored. However, it wasn’t long before children were born Gastrea Virus, although, due the virus’s properties, only female children survived, and were dubbed “Cursed Children.”

Their “Curse” is actually a gift and granted the survivors superhuman abilities. To utilize those abilities, a special Civil Security force was created to combat the monsters created by the virus. Split into teams of two, a super-powered girl called an “Initiator,” and a human armed with a gun that shoots Varanium bullets, dubbed a “Promoter,” fight for every inch they can in the greater Tokyo area. This becomes even more difficult with the appearance of a masked man, who claims he wants to destroy the world.

Black Bullet has an expansive cast of major and minor characters. The mysterious sci-fi elements at play provide the perfect stage for characters both good and evil to shine, without whom the show wouldn’t be the same. With that in mind, here are our Top 10 Essential Black Bullet Characters!

10. The Four Sages

While this may technically be cheating since it’s four people, the presence of the collective known as the Four Sages affects the entire scope of the show. They are brilliant scientists from four different nations who head the different initiatives in the fight for humanity.

Whether it’s Sumire, a well-meaning prankster working on a plan that could save humanity, Ayn Rand (yes, that’s actually his name) the enigmatic American head of the mechanized soldiers who doesn’t play by the rules, the Australian head Arthur, or their German leader Albrecht, they have their hands in almost everything that happens, for better or worse. Although they tend to steer clear of the action on the front lines, their actions have made those efforts possible.

9. Seitenshi

Although her real name is unknown, the sixteen-year-old Seitenshi has a position in the restructured government of Japan that comes with a mountain of responsibility. The country has been split into five zones, and she is the de-facto leader of the largest area around Tokyo. Her kind heart and sympathy for those of all walks of life has inspired the love and loyalty of her citizenry.

But it has also painted a target on her back. By pushing for laws that promote more humanitarian rights for Cursed Children, she’s created a rift in her people by shaking up the status quo. Her desire for harmony is what leads her to hire the Civil Security force and task them with exterminating the source of the recent Gastrea outbreaks in the Tokyo area. The consequences of her decisions weigh on her heavily.

8. Kohina Hiruko

Kohina Hiruko looks like nothing more than an ordinary, demure ten-year-old girl. But anyone who gets on her bad side knows there’s more to her than meets the eye. Despite her slight stature, she is an extremely powerful Initiator, and is one of the marginalized Cursed Children.

When she is first encountered, she works with the mysterious masked man to create chaos and destroy the world. She seems exceptionally cruel, destroying all those that stand in her way with a smile on her face and a taunt for those weaker than her. She develops intense vendettas against those who somehow manage to survive. Although quite evil in nature, she eventually agrees to help the Civil Security force when an even greater threat emerges, hinting that perhaps there is good buried deep down after all.

7. Blind Girl

Although some Cursed Children are born with great abilities and conscripted to help in the fight against the Gastrea Virus, some are simply born as outcasts that society despises and fears. They are forced to live on the outskirts of civilization, where everyday is a constant struggle to scrape together enough food to survive.

No Cursed Children drive their plight home as strongly as the Blind Girl, a character who goes by no other name. Although Cursed Children are immune to diseases, the Blind Girl poured molten metal into her eyes in order to convince her mother, who hated their otherworldly red color, to stay. Although she is unable to see, she has a younger sister to take care of and seeks alms in the Tokyo area, where she travels to sing with a sign around her neck. When she encounters Rentaro, a member of the Civil Security, he takes pity on her, but can offer her nothing more than a little money and a warning about her appearances in public.

6. Tina Sprout

Although the Four Sages agreed to limit their use of mechanization, a process where humans are enhanced with Varanium, the head of the American division, Ayn Rand, secretly sidestepped this pact, creating the first ever hybrid Initiator, Tina Sprout.

She is sent to Japan as an assassin by Rand, and her initial encounters with the Civil Security force are in her attempts to subvert Japan’s stability by murdering Seitenshi. She is unsuccessful in her attempts thanks to the joint efforts of Security members Rentaro and Enju. After being subdued, she is eventually convinced to join in the fight against the Gastrea, and is willing to brave the consequences involved in turning her back on Rand. She teams up with Security member Kisara Tendou, and begins to understand the true capabilities of her hybrid nature.

5. Midori Fuse

A young member of the Civil Security force, Midori is an Initiator who works with her Promoter partner, Nagisawa. While the emotional bond shared between the two provide them with the strength they need to face their deadly missions, Midori is actually quite shy, and ashamed of her physical appearance. Due to certain mutation effects of the Gastrea Virus, her body is actually quite catlike, including a pair of ears that she hides under a hat, and will only show to her partner.

The job of an initiator isn’t an easy one, and the first moment the show drives that fact home involves Midori. After being attacked by a powerful Gastrea and being dangerously exposed to the virus, she takes her own life, believing that she will become a dangerous burden to her comrades in arms. She paid the ultimate price in the line of duty, despite the way society views people like her.

4. Kisara Tendou

Kisara is the president and namesake of the Tendou Civil Security. Her desire to combat the Gastrea threat stems in part from her childhood. Due to conflict with the clan, she excommunicated herself and fled with her childhood friend Rentaro, after she witnessed the gruesome death of her parents, devoured by Gastrea.

Because of her exposure to the virus, her kidneys barely function. Although she is quite capable in combat, she is unable to maintain her prowess due to her physical condition, which leaves her quite vulnerable. Her disability is compensated somewhat when she pairs up with the hybrid Initiator, Tina. Due to their childhood bond, she has developed deep romantic feelings for Rentaro, although they come secondary to her desire to discover who destroyed her family, and exact revenge.

3. Kagetane Hiruko

Kagetane Hiruko first appears as a mysterious tall man in a white joker mask, heralding the destruction of the world. His joker image is further enhanced by his anachronistic appearance, complete with top and tails, as well as a top hat. He is an incredibly powerful Promoter who wields two sardonically-named custom Berettas, Spanking Sodomy, and Psychedelic Gospel. He works with an equally powerful Initiator, his very own daughter, Kohina.

Although his past and motives are initially unclear, it is revealed that Kagetane was a former Promoter who worked for Civil Security, before his license was revoked for his penchant for excessive violence and killing. He was a byproduct of the New Human Creation Plan, a black-ops experiment to create humans with the ability to combat the Gastrea Virus during its initial outbreak and the war that followed.

He is the primary antagonist for much of the series, sowing chaos wherever he goes and inflicting unflinching violence on those who stand in his way. When an even greater threat rears its head, he sets aside his desire for destruction and works alongside Rentaro and the Service.

2. Enju Aihara

As someone who was able to fly under the radar as a Cursed Child until an incident with Gastrea forced her to reveal her abilities in order to save her schoolmates, Enju is a precocious young child who acts as the Initiator in the team at the heart of the show, alongside Rentaro. The effects of the Gastrea Virus have given her an innocent, rabbit-like appearance that belies the power she is capable of wielding.

As well as fighting alongside Rentaro, she lives with him and shares basically every aspect of her life with him. As such, she has developed a bit of a crush on him, and sees other women who draw near him as a threat. That said, she is an incredible friend, and is willing to risk life and limb to keep the people she cares about safe. She is a powerhouse on the battlefield, and the emotional bond she shares with Rentaro drive the both of them to greater heights, as they try to keep each other safe while getting to the heart of the Gastrea threat.

1. Rentaro Satomi

Perhaps no surprise, the most essential character in the proceedings is Rentaro, the main protagonist of the show and the Promoter to Enju’s Initiator. As a child, at the outbreak of the Gastrea Virus, his parents were killed, and he was taken in by the Tendo family. However, when his childhood friend Kisara left her family, he loyally followed her. He was severely wounded defending Kisara from Gastrea, losing several limbs and an eye in the process.

However, thanks to the New Human Creation Plan, he had his missing body parts replaced with Varanium, putting him back in fighting shape. While he hasn’t mastered martial arts to the extent that the leader of the Civil Service, Kisara, has, he can hold his own in a fist fight, and is a capable marksman with his signature pistol, the XD.

But more than that, part of what makes him such a compelling character is his kind heart, and the sincere empathy he feels toward the Cursed Children, and the way they’re treated in society. His kindness has the unintended consequence of attracting Cursed Children to him in ways contrary to his wishes (as is the case with his partner, Enju), but it is also the strength that gives him the will to carry out his dangerous missions. He will go to any length to get to the center of the mystery surrounding the recent Gastrea outbreaks and use all of his abilities to keep his friends safe.

Final Thoughts

With that, our list of Top 10 Essential Black Bullet Characters comes to a close. With so many memorable main and supporting characters throughout the series, it was hard to choose those that played the most important roles throughout.

Do you agree with our choices? Are there characters that took a spotlight in the show that you think deserve to be highlighted on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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