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Pokémon Go has officially launched in Japan and with that, another country has joined the Pokémon hype. Perfect timing for us to talk about some of our favorite Pokémon; today’s topic: Fairy Type Pokémon!

The Fairy type was introduced with the recent Generation VI and therefore tends to be forgotten next to more popular types, but it is not to be underestimated. Fairy Pokémon are super effective against Dragon-type, the strongest in the game, as well as not too bad against Fighting and Dark types. That alone should already be reason enough for you to take a look at our list.

We have included both pure Fairy Pokémon and combinations of different types, so there is a big variety of Pokémon waiting for you. Enjoy today’s Top 10!

10. Carbink

  • Gen: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 703

First up on this list is a Pokémon that was newly introduced with Generation VI: Carbink.

Its design says it all already, but the floating rock Carbink is a Fairy/Rock combination that can, of course, be found inside caves. It does not evolve from or into another Pokémon, but Carbink still has a couple tricks up its sleeve. For starters, together with Diancie, it has the highest base defense level of all Fairy types. It is also immune to Dragon-type attacks just like all other Fairy-type Pokémon. The first spot on this list goes to Carbink!

9. Azumarill

  • Gen: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 184

We all know how near and dear the Pokémon of the original generation are to your hearts, that’s why we included Azumarill on this list.

We have to mention that Azumarill is only a Water/Fairy Pokémon since Generation VI, before that it was a pure Water-type Pokémon. Still, it has made its transition to the Fairy world with ease and is now resistant to six different Pokémon types. Azumarill has the most anime appearances out of all of the Pokémon on this list and is probably one of the most popular ones as well. We simply had to include this cute aqua rabbit.

8. Gardevoir

  • Gen: Third
  • Pokedex: 282

Next up, we have a Fairy/Psychic combination with the beautiful yet deadly Gardevoir.

Gardevoir is the final evolution of Ralts and especially powerful due to its Psychic abilities. In the anime, Gardevoir is often seen as having a strong connection to its trainer and doing its best to protect him or her from any damage. Also, with the help of a gardevoirite, Gardevoir can undergo Mega Evolution. Its unique design which makes Gardevoir look like a true wood fairy and versatility in a fight were reason enough to include this Pokémon on our list.

7. Mawile

  • Gen: Third
  • Pokedex: 303

If you thought that you can combine Fairy only with Psychic or other similar types, think again, because our next Pokémon is the Fairy/Steel combination Mawile.

With its tiny body, short legs, and innocent-looking face it is easy to underestimate Mawile. You’ll soon change your mind, though, because when Mawile turns around you will notice a black jaw with two lines of razor-sharp teeth emerging from its head. Yet, Mawile’s design is not the reason why we had to include it on this list. The combination of Fairy with Steel means that Mawile is resistant to nine different types and completely immune to Poison and Dragon attacks. Impressive abilities for such a small Pokémon!

6. Diancie

  • Gen: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 719

After our Fairy/Steel combination, we have yet another Fairy/Rock Pokémon with Diancie.

Diancie’s design is simply charming with the big eyes, the white dress and pink accessories. It first appeared in Generation VI and soon became known as "the Royal Pink Princess". Diancie even has its own signature move, Diamond Storm, which no other known Pokémon can learn. Lastly, Diancie’s Mega Evolution looks pretty impressive if you ask us, so there are more than enough reasons for it to be part of this list.

5. Florges

  • Gen: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 671

Next up is another pure Fairy-type Pokémon that was introduced as part of Generation VI.

The name already suggests it, but Florges resembles a flower combined with a female body. What makes Florges unique is the fact that there are five differently colored forms of this Pokémon which can be found in different areas. Florges is the final evolution of Flabébé and can only be acquired with the help of a Shiny Stone. It also has the highest special defense base stat of all Fairy-type Pokémon, so it’s definitely a worthy addition to any team.

4. Togekiss

  • Gen: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 468

Viewers of the first Pokémon anime will remember the charming Togepi, but we think its final evolution Togekiss deserves some love as well.

For those of you that are a little bit confused at this point, Togepi can evolve to Togetic and finally to Togekiss when exposed to a Shiny Stone. Now that this has been cleared, let’s talk about why we like this Flying/Fairy Pokémon. In the anime, it is often portrayed as a messenger of kindness that showers trainers with his love and blessings. Its Pokédex entry says that it “never appears where there is conflict” which makes Togekiss the peace-loving Fairy Pokémon of our Top 10.

3. Sylveon

  • Gen: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 700

Eevee’s evolutions are already quite popular, but no form is more charming than its Fairy form, Sylveon.

In the game, you can turn your Eevee into Sylveon by teaching it at least one fairy move and pushing its affection and enjoyment to the max. No wonder that its Pokédex entry describes Sylveon as wrapping its feelers affectionately around its trainer. As a true Fairy type Pokémon it is immune to Dragon attacks and is only weak towards Poison and Steel. Sylveon is the affectionate Fairy Pokémon on this list!

2. Altaria

  • Gen: Third
  • Pokedex: 334

For our second to last spot, we are moving up into the air with Altaria, a Pokémon unlike any other.

Some of you might argue now that Altaria is not a Fairy Pokémon; that’s true, but we still had to include this Dragon/Flying Pokémon. After all, after its Mega evolution, Altaria turns into a Dragon/Fairy combination - the only known Pokémon with this combination. This also means that Mega Altaria is a Dragon type immune to Dragon attacks and the only Fairy weak to Fairy attacks. This unique combination makes Altaria one of the strongest Fairy Pokémon out there. Still, there is one last Pokémon who beat Altaria in the fight for the top spot on this list.

1. Xerneas

  • Gen: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 716

The final spot on this list simply had to go to the legendary Fairy Pokémon, the one, and only, Xerneas.

Even if you aren’t that much into Pokémon, you should be able to recognize Xerneas; after all, he is the mascot of Pokémon X and depicted on the cover of each game. Is that reason enough to include Xerneas on this list? Probably not, but Xerneas is also a powerful Pokémon that cannot evolve from or into another form. Legendary Pokémon play an important role in the Pokémon universe; that is why we could not exclude Xerneas from this list.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! That was our Top 10 Fairy Type Pokémon. When hearing the word “fairy” many of you would probably think of weak Pokémon with cute designs, but this list should be able to convince you of the opposite. As we’ve already mentioned, Fairy Pokémon are great against Dragon Pokémon and can only be seriously harmed by the relatively rare Poison and Steel type. We give Fairy Pokémon two thumbs up!

What are your favorite Fairy Pokémon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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