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“I do! I do! I do believe in fairies!” Seems to be the message that the game Pokémon Sun & Moon gives out with its 7th gen, bringing in thirteen new pokémon to the fairy type family. Whilst the Dragon type still seems to be taking the lead when it comes to the strongest pokémon, we cannot avoid sighing when facing against these cute, yet annoying, little critters. You see, to balance out the overpowered dragon type, the Pokémon Company had the greatest idea to create another OP type, Fairy, and now, we’re left with an even more OP opponent if we use a party composed of the “less fortunate” types.

But if fairy is the name of your game, the good news is that in Sun & Moon, you have many fairy type options to choose from, other than that fascinating new Alolan Ninetails. But, out of all the new 7th gen fairy types, which are the best and why? Well, this is where we come in to teach you a little lesson! Let’s begin by choosing....

5. Shiinotic

  • Pokédex #: 756

Shiinotic, aside from looking like creepypasta right out of a stoner’s imagination, is actually a fun Fairy pokémon to use in battle. It barely lost it’s position to Comfey because of overall base-point stats, but when you look at Shiinotic’s move pool, that’s where this pokémon really becomes trippy. Although Shiinotic’s Special Attack points are pretty decent, meaning you could easily spam Moon Blast or Dazzling Gleam ‘till your heart’s content, the real “troll” side of things comes from its Grass typing. The user has a lot of annoying sleep-inducing abilities like Spore and Sleep Powder, but not only that, while your opponent pokémon sleeps, Shiinotic can easily drain out the target’s HP in any way possible.

Ingrain, Mega Drain, or Moonlight can easily make up for Shiinotic’s low HP, but the real name of the game is Strength Sap, an attack that not only heals Shiinotic for the same amount of points its target’s Attack stat is, it also lowers the target’s Attack stat! Throughout the entire battle! Not to mention that Shiinotic can learn Swagger, heck, it can also learn Confuse Ray, Toxic, and Attract. If you really want to avoid a bad trip when facing Shiinotic as an opponent, you better get rid of it with a one-hit KO.

4. Primarina

  • Pokédex #: 730

The ugliest starter in 7th gen turned out to be one of the best pokémon of the game, of course we’re talking about Popplio’s final evolution, Primarina. This pokémon is good because it stands out as both water type and fairy type but not only that, it’s Special Defense and Special Attack are pretty decent plus it’s move pool is filled with variety. Disarming Voice helps out a lot throughout the game before learning Moonblast at lvl 44, and once you get access to Ice Beam, Primarina becomes an official dragon hunter, and combined with that water STAB, we’re sure every Charizard is dying to meet this pokémon.

To make things even better, Primarina is resistant towards six types, most of them being well-used types like Fire, Fighting and Water, in addition to Fairy type’s immunity to Dragon. It only has three weaknesses in which none of them are 4x in damage, and it doesn't fall behind in speed like most fairies. Even without discussing battle strategies, Primarina gives you enough reasons to feel bad about not choosing Popplio as your starter.

3. Mimikyu

  • Pokédex #: 778

Sadly for Primarina, Mimikyu’s intriguing design and rapidly increasing popularity has made it be one step ahead in our top Fairy list. Although Mimikyu’s peculiar appearance is quite the talk, our focus for the most part will be it’s strange typings; a Ghost/Fairy, really? With this, Mimikyu’s just begging for attention. This pokémon, like every other Fairy, is immune to Dragon, and adding the Ghost-typing makes it immune towards physical types like Normal and Fighting. Not only that, practically everything else hits Mimikyu for normal damage, being its only real weakness just Ghost and Steel. Mimikyu’s most charming attribute is its unique ability, “Disguise”, nullifying the first damaging attack thrown at it; in other words, you get a free turn of no damage to Mimikyu. Disguise works really well when you want to start a battle in top shape with buffs like Swords Dance, Safeguard, or Z-move Splash, and it also works wonders to start fights with debuffs like Charm or Confide. In any case, a free turn is a huge plus in competitive battles, so consider checking out Mimikyu.

Looking at it’s stats, Mimikyu can be an interesting tank or damage dealer, depending on what the trainer feels more comfortable exploring. One thing’s for sure, that low HP needs to be taken into consideration, and coming up with strategies on how to use this pokémon will require you to invest a lot of time looking at and analyzing it’s bizarre move-pool.

2. Tapu Lele

  • Pokédex #: 786

Despite the fact that all the Tapu family are fairies, Tapu Lele seems to be the most fitting for a top Fairy list. Let’s consider this: like most fairy pokemon, Lele is pink, adorable and packs a huge amount of Special Attack and Special Defense. Lele’s real shine isn't really in offense or defense, but in the supporting role. Upon entering battle, Tapu Lele changes the field to Psychic Terrain, not only boosting psychic type moves, but increasing the Special Attack of Psychium Z wearers, and nullifying priority moves for five turns. Adding to the supportive role, her hidden ability Telepathy, prevents her from being hit by team-mates while using moves like Earthquake. Because of her Special Defense and Speed, you can have Lele swift casting buffs like Aromatic Mist on its partner pokémon, or debuffs like Torment on foes while deviating all the attention towards it, as your opponent tries to take Tapu Lele out first; forgetting about the real threat: its ally.

In single battles, Tapu Lele also packs a punch with a STAB plus extra-bonuses on powerful Special Attack-based moves like Psychic and Extrasensory. Disregarding type bonuses, Lele can make use of those 130 Special Attack points with Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, or Focus Blast, teaching your opponent that being cute doesn't necessarily mean being weak.

1. Magearna

  • Pokédex #: 801

Have you ever hit your little toe with the corner of a wall? Well that’s exactly how a pokémon feels when trying to take down Magearna. On top of its immunity to poison and dragon types, Magearna is resistant to NINE other types, and damaged normally by five other types… so, what’s it weak to? Only Ground and Fire. As its body depicts, defeating it will be as tough as bending steel, as both of her defenses stand in 115 points. Because of it’s attacks, it may officially dethrone Klefki and Klinklang from their Steel-tanking glory. It can learn Crafty Shield to protect from DOTs, Shift Gear, and Z-Gear Up to make it even more OP, or Reflect and Iron Defense to create your ultimate iron fortress. Oh, no sir, Magearna is not only an unbeatable wall, it's also a powerful wrecking ball with its STAB enhanced Fleur Cannon… “but it makes it lose Special Attack” - not - because under proper buffing, this attack can, and will, 1 KO any opponent, making Magearna win back those lost points thanks to her ability Soul-Heart.

Having Magearna in your party is an almost certain victory, it’ll be like Steel-ing candy from a baby; luckily it’s an event pokémon, meaning everyone has a fair chance of obtaining it, but also Magearna will most certainly be banned from tournaments and championships. Fair game for such a savage beast, right?

Final Thoughts

As we can see, fairy type pokémon are still openly overpowered and don’t be surprised if the fairy family continues expanding exponentially in the 8th generation. As of 7th gen, Fairy-type attacks are still almost non-existent, and strong new ones are locked to legendaries, so, what really gives definition to Fairy pokemon right now is their dual typing, which in most cases, changes the rules of the game drastically. We will still see Dragons slaughtered together with Sylveon and friends, but it’s nice to see that 7th gen fairies are not just for this, but they have started to pick up roles like tanks and supports.

Do you believe in the power of fairies? Or are you still a full-fledged dragon master? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to tell us what is your favorite (or most hated?) Fairy type pokemon! Thank you for reading!!

Train on! Fight on! And git gud!

Shiinotic-pokemon-wallpaper Top 5 Fairy Pokemon in Sun & Moon


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Shiinotic-pokemon-wallpaper Top 5 Fairy Pokemon in Sun & Moon

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