Top 10 Poison Type Pokemon

Do you smell that? It smells like something has rotted well past its expiration date and… oh god… it’s putrid. Almost toxic and oh… it has to be a poison type Pokémon! Ever since generation 1 aka Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow, the Poison type has been a backbone of typing. For the most part, Poison is a type that is coupled with a secondary typing like bug, grass, ghost or water.

Poison type moves are super effective against bug and fairy types while being half effective against other poison types, ground, rock, and ghost. They are also not effective against steel Pokemon! Defensively, poison takes half damage from fighting, poison, bug, grass, and fairy while being weak to ground and psychic movies. Other than that Poison types have one move that is the ultimate saving grace and gets more powerful with each turn that passes.

That’s right, you guessed it, it is Toxic. Much like leech seed, Toxic starts out taking only 1/16th of a Pokémon’s max hp. Then it increases the next turn to 2/16ths or 1/8th of their HP and it keeps increasing. True, Poison exists as well, but these masters of toxicity know how to disable their foe as quickly as possible.

So join us as we take a look at the most useful Top 10 Poison Type Pokémon. Some will be here you love and some will be here that you hate but you can’t deny it, Poison is everywhere as it shows up in a whopping 36 types in just the first 150 alone! This does include mega evolutions by the way! But let’s not keep you waiting, let’s go!

10. Garbodor

  • Generation: Fifth
  • Pokedex: 569

Garbodor is a pile of garbage. Literally, he evolves from some radioactive garbage that formed Trubbish which evolves into Garbodor. Garbodor appears first in generation 5 aka Black and White. Garbodor’s stats combined are 474 with its attack at a mediocre 95 and everything else at 82 or under. The way to go to with this Pokémon is that you need it to have its defenses boosted high.

When it comes to movesets, Toxic is a must with a good STAB move. Unfortunately, most of his moves they are all special which does not lend to its attack, save for Gunk Shot. The only other thing that you can do with Garbodor is a good level of toxic spikes which will poison all foes who switch in. Ideally, you will be able to get off a good round or two of these before it succumbs to attacks unless you are against an Alakazam, in which case, let’s hope you have a focus sash.

One thing to note too is that you can give it the black sludge and it will heal each turn. For a final move, it’s really up to you. Explosion is the way to go. It can learn the fighting type move Drain Punch in OR & AS if you would like a healing move.

9. Weezing

  • Generation: First
  • Pokedex: 110

Weezing looks kinda like what happens when you eat something and you knew you were not supposed to, and now you are sick. Weezing has one weakness. Let’s say that again for those in the back, Weezing has only one weakness! Psychic, but still, we digress. Weezing was brought to us way back in generation one and team rocket even had a Koffing that was quite the idiot! Due to its ability Levitate, it cannot be damaged by ground moves which saves it in some aspects. A defense stat is a whopping 120. It has a 90 in attack and everything after that is fairly mediocre.

What is it good for? Well, we are glad you asked. Status king coming through! Weezing works great with moves like will-o-wisp, Sludge Bomb for STAB, and toxic spikes! Black sludge allows it to heal itself and then there are alternate moves like taunt and pain split if you are between a rock and a hard place. As a physical wall, it can do a lot before it has to bow out or be switched out.

8. Muk

  • Generation: First
  • Pokedex: 89

Muk is one foul smelling poison Pokemon! It also, much like Weezing, looks like something that would be the aftermath of some poor food choices. Around since the beginning in Gen 1, Muk is a slight tank. Not truly something to be used in say OU or UU but still, it can hold its own against some types. Muk is a pure poison type which means its weaknesses are ground and psychic. Best set up with Poison Touch (30% chance of poison on physical contact) or Stench(physical contact makes the opponent flinch), it has a base stat of 500. Its best are HP and Attack with Special Defense in a close third. So…. What can Muk do for you?

Muk obviously needs Gunk Shot for that STAB. Shadow Sneak can be bred in. Toxic is, of course, another move you can use, but both fire punch and ice punch can be taught to it in OR & AS giving it very good coverage against most types. If you don’t mind your Muk potentially hating you all the time, Explosion is another good setup that you can give it in order to really get away with a quick hit. The choice is yours as it sits in the NU tier.

7. Scolipede

  • Generation: Fifth
  • Pokedex: 545

Scolipede is the final evolution of the Venipede line which is the basic bug line in the beginning of generation 5. Scolipede actually can be used among users because of its hidden ability, Speed boost. Every turn that it is in battle, its speed goes up by one stage. This is further boosted by its 122 in speed and 100 in attack! Scolipede has been rearing its horns in online battling and for good reason! It’s usually a spiker, though. A focus sash is the way to go with this bug poison Pokemon as its special defense is an abysmal 69.

Protect with speed boost means that on the first turn, you get a +1 in speed. Toxic spikes are the way to go unless you are concerned about seeing another poison type and then there are spikes to go. This, along with Endeavor, is great if you want to utilize that focus sash to its full potential. A protect-> spikes-> protect-> your choice setup means that it has a +3 in speed ready to go. Baton pass is another great way to make sure that another poke that needs to set up, doesn’t need to anymore and can come out swinging! A great lead, Scolipede is one to consider for sure!

6. Drapion

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 452

Drapion is what you get after getting skorupi to level 40 which can be a feat in and of itself. It game to use in generation four and it was a game changer for sure. Being the only good poison/dark Pokemon, Drapion is what scares fairy and psychic types alike as its only known weakness is ground. Bulky, its best stat is its defense at 110, its speed is 95 and its attack is 90. So what can you do with a Pokemon like this? Piss off everyone. Both of its abilities are good. Battle Armor prevents critical hits while Sniper increases critical hits from 150% damage to 225%!

EVs allocated to attack and speed are the way to go since its defense will naturally sponge things. Swords Dance to boost yourself once or twice and GO! Some great moves used for competitive battling are ones like Knock off and Poison Jab for that good ole STAB and then another move to make sure you don’t get walled is Aqua Tail! If you want it to stay in and drive people nuts much like #4 on this list, toxic spikes, knock off and whirlwind will really hurt a lot of your foes!

5. Nidoking

  • Generation: First
  • Pokedex: 34

We are back to the first generation with our next selection, Nidoking. Nidoking is the final evolution in the Nidoran male lineup and the alternate to Nidoqueen. What sets the king apart from the queen is the fact that he is a deadly wallbreaker. Get its hidden ability sheer force and all moves with a secondary effect have their power increased by 1/3rd at the cost of losing the secondary effect. That plus STAB means that foes just hate you. Its attack is a nice 102 but that's about where the good news stops! Let’s take a look at some movesets.

Really the best way to go is with Nidoking holding the Life Orb. This allows him to get an even larger power boost which makes things problematic. How can we do this? Well instead of its attack stat, load up its special attack stat with EVs and away you go. Why? His move pool is insane. Earth Power and a poison move, such as sludge wave, allow him to get STAB, on sheer force, on a life orb and wow. Need to be safe from those evil dragon types, Ice beam will have them running in fear with flamethrower rounding out a fantastic wallbreaker set!

4. Amoonguss

  • Generation: Fifth
  • Pokedex: ?

Amoonguss is annoying. There we said it. The king of stalling, it can be very hard, with the right moveset and EVs, to kill this one. We kept him off of our grass Pokémon list because it is much better served on this list. Let’s talk stats before moves. It has combined base stats of 464 with HP at 114 and its attack and special attack at 85. You need its hidden ability Regenerator which heals 1/3rd of its health if it is switched out. Amoonguss is best with either the rocky helmet or black sludge. It is great at stalling.

Now then how could you stall? Well, there is the forever tried and true toxic/protect set with a black sludge, therefore, guaranteeing a recovery setup. Spore, with its 100% charge of putting a foe to sleep, makes it annoying. Rage Powder as well means that foes can now only attack it which is great if it has a type bonus or you are doing doubles and a member needs to set up. Other than that, it can get STAB on Giga Drain which means that you can suck away a foe’s health. A Hidden Power Fire will help you, but if you cannot get that, then Sludge Bomb will give you more STAB. Amoonguss ultimately holds weakness to Fire, Ice, Flying and Psychic.

3. Crobat

  • Generation: Second
  • Pokedex: 169

Number three on our list has to be Crobat. With an astonishing 130 in speed, this night flight is one you will be sure to get on. Zubat has to be the #1 most hated Pokemon. Being swarmed by them every time you enter a cave is infuriating. If you catch one, though, evolve it, and get it to love you, the high-speed death machine known as Crobat is yours. Crobat’s typing is unique being Poison and Flying. It has access to multiple STAB moves while being used to clear out status boosts as well. Crobat is often used in UU battling to slice through teams and best of all, it can heal while holding the black sludge. If you can get its hidden ability, infiltrator allows Crobat to hit through things like reflect, light screen, safeguard (Which is great for toxic!), and substitute.

Move wise, Crobat is very viable. If you do not want it to heal on turns but rather do all out damage with its 90 base attack, Acrobatics will double in strength plus get STAB, Toxic, Taunt, Defog(!!!!) and even Roost is there if you are going to be using self-damaging moves like Brave Bird. U-turn is also something to consider so that you do not get walled. If you have a heart scale burning a hole in your pokebag, things like Cross Poison are also there for the taking! That plus choice band will leave most foes in a tight spot!

2. Mega Beedrill

  • Generation: First, Mega is Sixth
  • Pokedex: 15

Flying in at #2 is Mega Beedrill. Normally, Beedrill is nothing to look at. Subpar stats, bad typing, nothing really goes for it. Then, the sixth generation came around and gave it a mega evolution. Almost doubling its speed and giving it an insane base attack of 150, we now have something to work with. With the highest base stats in attack and speed among all poison type Pokemon, there is a reason it is this high on this list. Not to mention too, when it mega evolves, it’s ability is Adaptability which means that STAB moves get a bonus of 2 instead of 1.5!

Move wise, Protect is a MUST. The speed and attack boost do not happen in the first round that you mega evolve which means you are doing to be dead unless that is put up. Next up is a fun move to help you fight most types is drill run which is a ground type move tutored in OR/AS that has a high crit percent. U-turn is a safe bet if you are concerned about being walled plus STAB and the same with Poison Jab. If you want to forego drill run, another great suggested move is knock off which will make your foe scream in frustration when they can no longer set up on you.

1. Mega Gengar

  • Generation: First, Mega is Sixth
  • Pokedex: 094

Welcome to the end of this list! Coming in at #1 is Mega Gengar. Originally Gengar came to us in the first generation as an annoying gimmick where you had to trade your haunter to get him. Agatha commanded multiple Gengars which sometimes were infuriating to go up against. A fun piece of trivia is that Gengar is rumored to be the shadow of Clefairy or Clefable’s smile. This comes from its name which partially originates from the word doppelganger. Its weaknesses are psychic, ground and ghost.

Gengar is a beast so going into Mega evolution along with shadow tag means that foes are going to have a very hard time. Unless one holds the shadow tag ability, they cannot leave the battlefield when Gengar is present. Gengar has the highest base stat total at 600 of all ghost type non-legendaries. With a whopping 170 in special attack and a 130 in speed, it's scary dangerous. One needs to put all firepower to take it down.

Move wise, Sludge wave for STAB along with Shadow ball means that a very large coverage can be made. After that, it is really up to the trainer for how they want to command hell on wheels. Taunt plus destiny bond means that your foes will be frustrated and unable to do anything. If one is going for a sweeper Gengar, which is advised, moves like Focus blast and Icy wind will pretty much keep it safe and covered against anything! There is also dazzling gleam if you really want it to know a fairy move. Don’t take our word for it, use it and run a train on your foes!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! What we consider being the Top 10 Poison Type Pokemon. For some reason or another, they belong on our list. Some good, some bad, and some just plain annoying, poison Pokemon, in the right situations can be just what the pokedoctor ordered. Not to mention too! With the introduction of fairy types, poison and poison moves have now become a fairy checker. Next time you build a team, consider one of these cool yet deadly Pokemon!

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