Top 10 Fate/Grand Order Waifus [English Version]

The Fate franchise is a vast and confusing universe. You have alternate timelines, different routes, anime, light novels, gag comics and more. Putting it all together while adding new characters is the popular JRPG app, Fate/Grand Order. But why is everyone so obsessed with this app? Is it the graphics? The story? Neither. The reason why everyone loves Fate/Grand Order is for the waifus!

Even if you’ve watched a few Fate anime, you know that Fate has multiple top tier best girls. As for the app, try over 170 characters. But for the purpose of this article, we will only be talking about characters who have been released in the English version up to this point. At the time this article was written, 74 characters have been released, with the latest two servants being Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme. We will also not be judging the ladies by their stats alone, but their personality and overall popularity. With all that said, let’s move on to the list.

10. Kiyohime

The folklore behind Kiyohime is an interesting one. A girl falls in love with a man who doesn’t love her back. So she chases him down and transforms into a dragon, burning her love to death. FGO uses the lore to make Kiyohime into a yandere. And who doesn’t love yanderes? Kiyohime is often seen stalking her master, and makes sure he/she is well kept. If any woman even glances at her master, Kiyohime will lash out with verbal insults and eventually get violent.

In 3-star Berserker form, Kiyohime wears a blue kimono with a slit on each side to show off her white thigh high socks. Upon ascension, the kimono will change from blue to white, and then white to black. Kiyohime is voiced by the talented Risa Taneda, and we can’t get enough of it. Kiyohime also gets bonus points for saying confessions of love and honey getaways when you make her your favorite. We’d love to talk about Kiyohime’s 4-star Lancer form, but remember, we’re sticking with characters from the English version.

9. Oda Nobunaga

More commonly referred to as Nobu, this free 4-star archer packs quite the punch. Nobu is loud and in charge to the point that she hosts an entire two-week event called GudaGuda. Even though Nobu likes to call herself “The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven”, Nobu is loved by everyone for her derpy moments. Spinning off from the GudaGuda event, is the popular Guda Grand Order comic. It’s a parody gag comic starring Nobu and Okita with large white eyes and no clothes.

Of course, the most famous Japanese general needs to wear the finest of clothing (At least in FGO). Nobu’s sprite never changes, so we’re stuck looking at her mighty uniform. But if you get Nobu to level 70/80, you unlock a special ascension stage card. The card shows Nobu looking gentle, surrounded by roses and wearing a red robe. Seeing Nobu’s vulnerable side is too sweet to pass up.

8. Altera

We admit we love Altera for her stats rather than her personality, but you can’t blame us. Altera doesn’t have a personality at all. Known as “The Destroyer”, Altera was made to kill anything and anyone she sees. This, of course, gives her a lack of emotions. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see Altera grin in her final ascension card.

Altera’s design stands out from everyone else’s with her perfectly tan skin, and white bandeau. She has long white hair, and wields a large rainbow sword. One doesn’t need to max out Altera to see how powerful she really is. Arguably one of the top ten strongest servants in the game, Altera is someone you definitely want to summon. At max attack, Altera’s buster card can kill at 13,511. Her HP is also very high at 15,326 max. And Altera’s skills buff her to make a pure boss killer with attack boosts, and crit/noble phantasm enhancements.

7. Tamamo no Mae

The beautiful and chipper fox girl has quite the tragic past. In lore, Tamamo always wanted to find love. She worked for the emperor, and he admired Tamamo for her beauty and intelligence. Unfortunately, word spread that Tamamo was a part of the Tamamo Nine, a demon fox clan. Tamamo ran away from the kingdom, cut off her tails, and decided to live a human life. Despite the sad backstory, Tamamo no Mae stays cheerful and shouts “Mikon!” as a catchphrase.

Tamamo no Mae is an excellent healer. When she unleashes her noble phantasm, Tamamo can revive her party’s HP by 2,000, shorten her team’s skill cooldown by 1, and charge everyone’s noble phantasm by 25% (or greater depending on overcharge). ANd her voice is music to our ears. Voiced by Chiwa Saito, Tamamo’s voice tingles our eardrums when we hear her say “Mikon!” or “Sate, sate.” Tamamo sports a sexy kimono upon the first 2 stages of ascension. We prefer to keep it that way, because her final ascension gives Tamamo a large kimono with no skin to reveal whatsoever.

6. Nero Claudius

Who would win in a narcissist contest, Nobu or Nero? Our money’s on Nero. Another loud and proud servant, Nero let’s everyone know who she is, constantly saying she’s the emperor of Rome. Nero loves to show off her great city, Rome. And every year, the servants gather for Nerofest, which is a gladiator death match of sorts. Like Tamamo no Mae, Nero also has a famous catchphrase- “Umu!”

Nero wears a red dress with a sheer white opening in the middle. Believe it or not, this is to show everyone her panties. For a 4-star, Nero is very powerful, especially with her noble phantasm. It deals heavy damage to all enemies. We adore Nero for her confidence and love for her city. Also the “Umu!”, you can never have enough of those.

5. Saber Alter

We don’t know what it is, but there’s something very hot about a good girl going bad. Saber Alter, or Salter, is the dark version of Saber Altria. This version of Altria shows us what happens if anger and revenge took her over. After the slaughter of her men at the battle for Camelot, Altria chose to be corrupted by the Holy Grail. Now Altria is a merciless tyrant, and speaks with a serious tone.

With every ascension stage, Salter always wears black. Be it a black mask, black suit of armor, or even a black dress. Unlike regular 5-star Altria, Salter is a 4-star. Salter was made to be a little less powerful version of Altria. So in case you never summon Altria, Salter’s got you covered with an all-enemy damage-dealer noble phantasm and attack boosts. Salter is also an all-rounder, so pair her up with anyone or make her fight any class and she’ll do just fine.

4. Jeanne d’arc

Talk about your girl next door. After being burnt at the stake, and forced to possess an innocent girl’s body, Jeanne bares no hatred. Jeanne continues to be kind to everyone she meets. When fighting an enemy, Jeanne will get a little forceful, but she is most useful as a healer. Standing proud with a smile, Jeanne will make you feel right at home.

So far, Jeanne is the only ruler-class servant in the English version. This means that her attacks aren’t effective against any class except for Berserker, and vice versa. Jeanne uses a flag as her weapon, and it changes colors upon ascension. Jeanne’s armour also changes from blue to white. Her final ascension card is one of the best in the game, with Jeanne showing you her sweet smile, and glowing gold hair.

3. Okita Souji

What’s not to like about Okita? She’s known as the Sakura Saber for her cute personality and deadly attacks. With her being a 5-star, you already know that card deck is going to be strong. But being a crit saber means that her attacks are more powerful than Altera’s! Okita’s noble phantasm is quite the boss killer. And if you beef it up with her enhancement skills, you can destroy enemies whose HP is in the 500,000 (depending on overcharge).

Besides being a deadly killer, Okita is a bubbly sweet bean. Unfortunately, Okita often coughs up blood, but she assures us that she’s fine. Okita has a few cute catchphrase from “Okita-san, daishouri!” to “Okita-san level up, desu!”. Okita always brings a lot of enthusiasm from the battlefield. And when on the battlefield, Okita wears a pink haori to put emphasis on her Sakura Saber title. But we prefer her second and third ascension outfits. Okita wears a short white kimono with black knee-high socks. And her final ascension art is to die for if you’re a foot enthusiast.

2. Scathach

We’ve all had a crush on our teacher at least once. Whether you call her Scathach, Shishou, or Sukasasha, there’s no denying that this sensei is a total babe. Scathach is the queen of the Land of Shadows. She gained immortality from becoming a God killer and uses her wisdom and skills to train many aspiring heroes. She’s usually serious, but can joke around from time to time.

Like Altera, Scathach is arguably one of the most powerful servants in the game. This is mainly due to her noble phantasm. In a similar style to Okita, Scathach’s noble phantasm can wipe out a single boss depending on overcharge. With her crimson eyes, long dark red hair, and sheer body suit, Scathach might very well kill you with just one look. She may not smile, but at least she’ll give us a pat on the head for training hard. Thank you, sensei!

1. Altria

Was there any doubt that Altria wouldn’t be number 1? The face of the Fate franchise herself, graces us in Fate/Grand Order. Altria is a loyal servant who respects her master and opponents. The King of Knights will serve her master well with a powerful noble phantasm and attack buffs. Most of us probably know her from the Fate anime series, but her personality shines in the game as well. Altria is so popular that there are multiple versions of her. But no copy can compete with the original.

Altria wears her famous armored dress and wields the legendary sword, Excalibur. Her epic 3rd ascension design has Altria wearing a crown and a blue cape. How fitting for the King of Knights. Altria is a fine leader, but she will stay loyal to her master and fulfill every command to the best of her abilities. Even without the attack buffs, Altria’s buster card can deal 12,283 max damage. Her HP is one of the highest in the game at 16,597 max. Whatever you need, Altria’s got you covered.

Final Thoughts

It’s not difficult to see why Fate has some of the greatest waifus ever. The best part is that there are still more to be introduced! If you’ve played the JP version, what servants are you looking forward to? And who are your waifus in Fate/Grand Order? Have you summoned all the waifus you desire? Let us know, we’ll be sure to reply! Till next time!

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