Top 10 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters [Updated]

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Hunter x Hunter is a show about fighting and growing, and so an important aspect of the show is really figuring out the hierarchy of strength between fighters. This is both an internal concept of the show, as many characters have certain rivalries, and of course an external factor, as many fans debate who would beat who in a fight. While reading this list there are a couple things to be aware of. The first is that this list strictly pertains to the anime. Certain revelations of character strengths in the manga will not be considered. Second is that potential will not be considered. Thus characters like Gon and Killua and Kurapika (whose potential against Spiders would easily put him on this list) are not included. Now without further ado, let’s get to the top 10 most powerful characters in the Hunter x Hunter universe.

10. Ging

There was a lot of uncertainty about choosing Ging Freecss to be on this list. We hear a lot about this extraordinary Hunter, but we do not get to see him fight and so it is difficult to truly judge his power. For all we know, he could simply be the cleverest of Hunters and have trap upon trap set for anyone who wishes to get close to him. So, it is slightly hard to claim him as being one of the most powerful.

Nonetheless, here are things we do know. He is a Hunter among Hunters, and he has been able to evade the prying eyes of other professional Hunters for years. He clearly has an extremely powerful control over Nen, as Netero states that Ging is one of the top five Nen users in the world. He personally trained Kite, who had enough power to truly excite Pitou in battle (pretty big feat). Oh, and he was able to capture Razor, an extremely strong character who was noted by the physically strongest of the Phantom Troupe to be exceptionally powerful. There are a lot of facts that point to Ging being an incredibly powerful person. We just never get to see him in the forefront.

9. Hisoka

Hisoka is everyone’s favorite…antagonist/anti-hero? It’s hard to tell what path Hisoka is walking, but any time he’s on screen people can expect something epic to happen. That’s because Hisoka is always looking for a good fight and his abilities and personality are some of the most entertaining to watch. Luckily for fans, his skills do match his arrogance and he can back up every single threat he throws. His Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise are simply perfect abilities for his personality type. They match so well with his complicated strategies as they provide plenty of options for feints and traps. Throughout the series, we see him antagonize main characters like Gon in order for that character to grow in strength. Admittedly, he does this so that he can kill them when they are at their prime.

8. Chrollo

It was very difficult to say that Chrollo is stronger than Hisoka. In many ways, they should share a spot, but Chrollo has proven himself to be considered a threat by some of the strongest people in the world, such as both Zeno and Silva Zoldyck. Besides being quite adept at fighting and coming up with strategies, his particular ability gives him an advantage over a ton of characters. If you haven’t really watched the show, his ability is essentially copying the abilities of others, and so he essentially has a massive arsenal of abilities. This makes him deadly in numerous ways, but most particularly in the fact that no one can truly guess what he will do next. He can consistently change up tactics to the point of overwhelming his opponents.

7. Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck is the current head of the Zoldyck clan, and it is debatable whether or not he is stronger than his father Zeno. While Zeno is quite old and has let his son succeed him as head of the house, we haven’t been able to see as much of Silva’s prowess. Nonetheless, Silva’s strength is made quite clear through his hostile relationship with Chrollo. Not only has Silva and Chrollo fought each other to what must have been a standstill, Silva has also killed one of the members of the Phantom Troupe. This already puts him at a very high level. We also get to see him destroy a Chimera Ant in one blow while going to pick up Zeno from the Chimera Ant fortress. It’s obvious that he is close to his father’s level of skill, but it is difficult to ascertain just how close.

6. Shaiapouf (Pouf)

Shaiapouf is one of the Royal Guards for the Chimera Ant family, and, outside of Meruem, he is the most intelligent of the Chimera Ants. What he lacks in strength, which is still considerable compared to most professional Hunters, he makes up for in tactics. As a fighter, we watch Shaiapouf essentially inflict a mental shutdown on the Hunter Knov and then proceed to outwit Merlon and his tricky smoke jail. From his abilities, which allow him to separate and reconstruct on the molecular level, it is obvious that he could prove troublesome to most fighters. He proves as much in the anime as he and he clones are running about the entire fortress causing chaos. Sadly, he dies due to him helping Meruem regain his strength and the poison from the Miniature Rose, and so we are unable to see him in a more decisive battle.

5. Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno Zoldyck is the oldest member of the Zoldyck clan. For those just starting the show, this means he is the grandfather of Killua and was once the head of the most powerful clan of assassins in the world.

Despite being quite ancient, Zeno’s power, speed, and control of Nen is unbelievable. We really get a close up of his powers when he forces Chrollo, a considerably powerful user in his own right, into a corner. Admittedly, Zeno’s son, Silva, was present at the fight and definitely put Chrollo at a disadvantage (even though Silva never really attacked while his father was attacking).

Nonetheless, we come to realize that Zeno had not really unleashed his full power during this fight, because we get to see a deeper glimpse of his power as he invades the Chimera Ant’s fortress. Though he stops fighting after his initial assault on the castle (it’s his massive area attack that essentially causes enough distraction and destruction for Netero to take on Meruem) two things are revealed. One is that he is not afraid of Pitou and Pitou really wants to fight him (this speaks volumes). The second is that he considers Netero and himself to be a version of ‘yin and yang’. Thus, he is at the very least comparable to the strongest human that has been shown in the series. It’s a pity we don’t get to see him fight more, which also plays into why he isn’t right next to Netero on this list.

4. Menthuthuyoupi (Youpi)

Youpi is a brazen warrior and is the only member of the Chimera Ant Royal Guard that has no human genes within him. Nope, he is Chimera Ant and Magical Beast, and in terms of simple physical strength, he is even stronger than Neferpitou. It’s really Neferpitou’s intellect and abilities that put her a level above. Back to Youpi though.

This Chimera Ant basically took on teams of professional Hunters and took them out with ease. This is especially notable when Youpi is taking on Knuckle and Shoot and those two Hunters are barely able to keep themselves alive against the relentless onslaught of Youpi. (SPOILER) Though Killua is a badass, especially for infusing his body with lightning, it is questionable if he would have been able to beat Youpi. This is because Youpi gave up a great amount of his strength in order to feed Meruem, who had just survived what was essentially a nuke.

3. Neferpitou (Pitou)

Neferpitou is essentially the second-in-command for the Chimera Ants. She is insanely powerful and fast and her Nen abilities are particularly deadly. Even Netero had to wonder if he would be able to overcome her, but that match up was not meant to happen as he headed for the King.

Now, Neferpitou is essentially a puppet master and her abilities can let her control over 50 puppets, essentially creating a mini army. However, her most frightening strength comes from when she makes a puppet out of herself through Terpischora. This ability basically allows her to go beyond her limits and reach a level of speed and strength that is unimaginable. Her desire to serve is also one of the strongest aspects of her, which one can see in the final moments of her battle with Gon. (SPOILER) Despite being dead, her ability shoots her corpse as a projectile with enough force to tear off Gon’s arm while he is in his ultimate form. Good game, Pitou, good game.

2. Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero is the current chairman of the Hunter Association, and he was considered the strongest Hunter at one point in his life as he had claimed the title of the world’s strongest Nen user. To this day, it is arguable whether any Hunter’s power has quite come close to matching his, at his current age or when he was in his prime. He does admit that there are at least five who have better control of their Nen, but this statement hasn’t really been fleshed out with any examples.

His abilities are vast, with his particularly most impressive skill being his ability to summon. Though he is quite old, his strength is still quite commendable if not downright frightening. Viewers get a small dose early on when he challenges Killua and Gon to a game of steal the ball. Though Killua and Gon didn’t even know Nen at this point, Netero essentially toys with the two promising boys. Then we get to see all his glory in his fight with Meruem as he summons forth his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, an ability that perfectly captures both the compassion and intensity of this man.

1. Meruem

At the head of the Chimera Ants we have the infamous Meruem. He is a being so impossibly powerful that essentially no one can beat him, and to add to his renown is the fact that he is essentially a newborn. Apparently Gon as an adult could possibly match Meruem’s ability, according to Pitou, but at the moment in the show, Gon cannot handle that future form. That aside, let’s discuss Meruem’s actual powers and why he is at the top of this list.

First off, he was born as a biological weapon meant to essentially conquer everything, and is shown capable of mastering any type of skill/strategy. We get glimpses of such power upon being introduced to him. However, his epic strength is shown in full with his battle against the strongest Hunter, Netero. Essentially, Netero’s supersonic speed and power cannot damage Mereum, and Meruem precedes to soundly defeat the strongest human alive. Case closed. Oh and he survived a nuke.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it. These are definitely the top 10 strongest characters in the Hunter x Hunter universe. I will give one honorable mention though to a character who was vying for the #10 spot. Illumi was a top contender for obvious reasons. He is ridiculously strong and has proven himself capable of even keeping Hisoka in check.

Hisoka-Hunter-x-Hunter-crunchyroll-560x315 Top 10 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters [Updated]


Author: Yoko Dev

Hello, my anime peers. I’m from the states, but have taken an indefinite leave to travel while freelancing. Outside of a deep admiration for anime that started long ago, I love to read, write, and play video games. The main issue of traveling so far has been not having a console.

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One of those hidden gems in the shounen genre is Hunter x Hunter. Featuring a plot that is acclaimed by many to be the best in decades, as well as a concept that will keep viewers at the edge of their seat, Hunter x Hunter will go down in anime history as a series which could have become the very definition of what heights a shounen anime could achieve.

Of course, a fighting anime like Hunter x Hunter needs great characters to move the plot forward. Thankfully, the anime does just that, featuring characters that are extremely well-rounded and balanced.

For our list today, we will look at the Top 10 Strongest Characters in the Hunter x Hunter universe. Oh, spoilers are ahead too, so watch out!

10. Kurapika Kurta

Among the main characters of the anime, Kurapika seems to be the most level-headed and calculating. It’s quite ironic, however, that among the anime’s leads, he is also the one that ultimately takes on a very self-destructive and ruthless path. With his heart imbued in hatred, Kurapika is one character that few would like to cross.

What makes him strong is the fact that he adopts an almost moral tendency to pursue his goal no matter what the cost. Through the course of the series, his powers grow, until such a point when he is able to fell one of the members of the group he so despises. Oh, and his chains are pretty awesome too. In fact, for anyone who doubts this guy’s power, I have two words for you - Emperor Time.

9. Chrollo Lucilfer

The intelligent, charismatic leader of the Phantom Troupe is our list’s Number 9. A born leader, he is able to keep the members of the deadly troupe in check, despite every single one of them having very strong and volatile personalities. He is also extremely calm and collected, rarely showing any apprehension even in very dire circumstances.

What makes Chrollo so deadly is his set of skills that are so well-balanced, it’s frightening. He’s a great hand to hand fighter, using both his strength and intelligence to exploit his adversary’s weakness. However, what really makes Chrollo so formidable is his ability to steal his opponents’ Hatsu using a book known as “Bandit’s Secret,” whose effects are pretty much permanent.

8. Killua Zoldyck

A fan favorite, Killua is Gon’s best friend, serving both as Gon’s ally and antithesis. Personality-wise, Killua seems cheeky and full of mischief. All this, however, is simply a mask that hides an extremely traumatic past. Raised within the confined of the Zoldyck family and recognized as a prodigy in the art of killing, Killua is a very efficient and deadly assassin, literally able to rip out a person’s heart in the blink of an eye.

Though he struggles for a good part of the anime due to interference from his brother, who imbibed the concept of him never entering a fight that he is not sure he would win, Killua eventually overcomes this and becomes one of the anime’s strongest characters. With deadly skills that make grown men weak in the knees and enhanced stamina and durability that enables him to take a lot of damage and still keep going, Killua is this list’s Number 8.

7. Illumi Zoldyck

Of course, one cannot make a Top 10 list in Hunter x Hunter without mentioning the brother who actually strikes fear in the deadly Killua, his brother, Illumi. Displaying very little expression in the outside, one simply needs to stand beside him to realize that Illumi is twisted inside and out. In fact, he is so twisted that the series’ favorite sociopath, Hisoka, actually treats him as a friend. I guess it really takes one to know one.

As a brother, he is extremely overprotective to Killua, though his forms of affection are somewhat unconventional. Take putting a needle in his brother’s brain, for example. Though he is very calm and collected almost all the time, he does have a really scary side, which showed up when he threatened Hisoka’s life when the latter asked if it would be ok to kill his brother. With his masterful use of needles and a personality that chills people to the bone, Illumi is our Number 7.

6. Neferpitou

From the outside, Neferpitou looks a lot like the conventional anime cat-girl, with huge eyes and a very feline appearance. Make no mistake, though, for this almost cute little cat of darkness is one sadistic, terrifying being. When fighting, they love playing with their opponent, much like a cat does to a mouse before cruelly ripping its head off.

This was shown in all its cruel splendor when Gon, Killua, and Kite made their way to the Chimera Ant nest in an attempt to kill the Queen before she gives birth to the King. In a series of events which drew a lot of shocked gasps from the audience, the formidable Kite was effortlessly mangled, decapitated, and reanimated for sport by the deadly Neferpitou. Though Neferpitou eventually gets killed by Gon, they have gone down in the anime’s canon as one of the strongest characters in the series.

5. Gon Freecss

Even before he became a fully-fledged Hunter, Gon was already a young boy gifted with a unique set of skills that make him a nightmare for those who cross him (couldn’t resist the wordplay there, sorry). With his trusty fishing rod and his extremely likable personality, he is one of the easiest to get along with in the series’ massive cast. However, he does have a flaw, in the sense that his temper and impulsive nature is something that makes him in a pretty volatile individual.

Gon grows stronger as the series progresses, and by the final arcs of the anime, he is already one of the most powerful characters in the series, boasting several accomplishments in terms of strength and combat ability. What makes Gon really strong, however, is the fact that his drive is so strong, even when faced with an unbeatable opponent, he does not give up. Reckless, brash, and ultimately dangerous and formidable, Gon is this list’s proud Number 5.

4. Hisoka

At this list’s Number 4 is the self-serving, self-absorbed, sadomasochistic, sociopathic Hisoka. Portrayed as a man whose desires solely lie in pleasure, regardless of how sick it could be. He has an insatiable love and desire for spilling blood while at the same time having the tendency to spare the life of people he thinks have the capacity to be strong just so he can kill them in the future. Weird? Very. Sick? Definitely.

Modeled after The Joker in the Batman franchise, Hisoka is also a true-born sociopath. His values are extremely vague, and what he considers precious today might be trash to him tomorrow. What actually makes Hisoka so scary and powerful is his absolute lack of morals. he has no problems killing anyone of any age, and his tendency to be extremely powerful, to the point where he is able to take down powerful opponents without breaking a sweat.

3. Ging Freecss

Though much of his power and accomplishments happen off-screen, Ging’s reputation far precedes him. Famous for being a Hunter who was able to accomplish a number of nigh-impossible missions alone, and his ability to disappear without a trace is something that’s considered special since even seasoned Hunters are unable to track him down. Apart from this, he seems to hold a number of special secrets, such as how to use mysterious runes which are affected by Nen.

In the few times that his strength is shown in the anime, however, there is no doubt that he is one of the strongest characters. He is extremely fast, strong, and a proficient Nen user, to the point where Netero himself stated that Ging was one of the most proficient Nen users in the world. Charismatic, mysterious, and a natural genius, Ging is this list’s Number 3.

2. Isaac Netero

Isaac Netero is first introduced as a playful, light-hearted old man. However, what lies beneath the surface of his pleasant exterior is a fighter far beyond anyone in the Hunter x Hunter universe. Training his body for years in a mountain and achieving strength beyond the limits of a well-trained human, he was heralded as the most powerful in the entire world. In fact, had it not been for his age (the man’s 110), he would have easily been the Number 1 in this list.

Despite him stating that he has severely weakened and that he’s way past his prime, Netero is nonetheless able to dominate most of the allegedly strong characters in the series. Mastering his body, mind, and his spirit, Netero is very deadly in both hand to hand and Nen combat. Though he eventually did fall to the King of the Chimera Ants, Meruem, he was nonetheless the only character who was able to do the King damage, to the point where the already overpowered King felt fear for the first time.

1. Meruem

Displaying immense strength and brutality from the moment he was born, Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants, is the most powerful character in the entire series. Born as the ultimate biological weapon, his strength is immense, as shown by the negligible effort it takes him to kill off a powerful character in the series. What makes him so dangerous, though, is the fact that he is extremely confident in his abilities, to the point where he never hesitates at all during combat.

Perhaps the most fearsome ability of Meruem, however, is his Aura Synthesis, which enables him to devour a Nen user, synthesizing his victim’s aura to his own. If this was not enough, he also evolves through the series, becoming more and more powerful. In fact, if it wasn’t for the poison left in his system by Netero’s suicide attack, he probably wouldn’t have died at all. Well-rounded, properly developed, even sympathetic to a point, and practically overpowered, Meruem takes this list’s Number 1 spot proudly.

So there you go, everyone! Our Top 10 Strongest Characters list for Hunter x Hunter. If there are other characters you feel should be on this list, please do state them in the comments below! In fact, what were some of your favorite battles in the Hunter x Hunter universe? We would love to know!

Hisoka-Hunter-x-Hunter-crunchyroll-560x315 Top 10 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters [Updated]


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