Top 10 Most Overpowered/OP Protagonists in Anime [Updated]

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As we have shared numerous times in previous articles, the magic of Japanese anime is that it expresses the power of the imagination through animation by dialing it to over 9,000! And we can all agree, that’s really radical and it pumps our blood, adrenaline, and other natural hormones up. However, that creative freedom kind of goes to a point that it creates characters that are notoriously overpowered. This isn’t really anything new, but we thought it would be a good idea to once again re-evaluate who defines such qualities. So, who are some of the most overpowered characters in anime this 2018? Read our list to find out!

10. Bunta Fujiwara from Initial D

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 19, 1998 – December 6, 1998

Bunta may be in his forties and retired from street racing but put him behind a wheel, he can still leave today’s racers eating his dust from the starting line to the finish line! He’s a master at drifting to the point that he can do it without holding the wheel while lighting a cigarette with his eyes closed (does he ever open his eyes in this series?).

The only time he ever actively raced in the series was when he showed up with his new Subaru Impreza WRX to ambush Takumi, his own son, while he was out training (usually by tofu delivers). He just did it just to show that Takumi still has a ways to go. Takumi has been (officially) undefeated as he has faced some challenging opponents on both Akina and other mountains, but when it came to his own father, he might as well go back to training in go-karts. Thankfully, Bunta is an overpowered character that isn’t abused in Initial D and is only subjected to serving as a mentor, while he lets the racing to young ones.

9. Haruhi Suzumiya from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsuu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

  • Episodes: 14
  • Aired: April 3, 2006 – July 3, 2006

The titular Haruhi is a different kind of overpowered by being the fun kind. The thing about her is that she isn’t even aware that she’s overpowered, and her emotions can affect the fate of the world! Due to these abilities, some members of the SOS Brigade just happen to be what she’s looking for; a time traveler, an Esper, and an alien; and they’re there to make sure Haruhi’s emotions are stable enough to keep reality as we know it in check. Whenever she’s bored or in a bad mood, she could subconsciously send weird giants to wreak havoc.

Due to her unawareness of her abilities, she causes the Endless Eight saga in season 2. Haruhi may be beyond eccentric, but it’s that personality of hers that keeps the world the way it is. While Kyon may not agree with her antics, he has learned to go with the flow after he witnessed the true nature of her, and still manages to live a (not so) normal high school life with his friends in the SOS Brigade.

8. All Might from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

  • Episodes: 64+
  • Aired: April 6, 2016 - Ongoing

All Might is a novelty overpowered character from Boku no Hero Academia, and he’s past his prime due to his body catching up with him due to untreatable injuries. He presents himself with great confidence and charisma. Thanks to years of training and field experience, he is the world’s greatest hero and is an inspiration to many. The fact that the world of heroes need him shows how overpowered he is. When he officially retires, the community is in a panic. The fact that not only regular citizens but his own peers feel powerless without him just further demonstrates that. Thanks to his great strength, he can defeat many foes with relative ease by naming one of his punches after a US state or city. However, Father Time catches up with him when he has to once again face his greatest foe, All For One.

It was a tough fight for All Might as in his weakened state (on the brink of no longer using One For All ever again), he uses all of his remaining strength to finally defeat All For One once and for all. The fact that he defeated a villain with limited strength is also the ultimate statement of how overpowered he is. Even so, All Might is still humble and knows what being a hero is all about. Despite the loss of his quirk, his wisdom and experience are still intact to teach Midoriya and his classmates what it means to be a true hero.

7. Yujiro Hanma from Baki

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: June 25, 2018 – December 17, 2018

So, who do you think is the greatest fighter to ever live? Is it Fedor? Brock Lesnar? Georges St. Pierre? Mike Tyson? Floyd Mayweather? Manny Pacquiao? Hulk Hogan? Bill Goldberg? Or Mirko Crocop? We can’t say for certain in the real world, but in the world of anime, we give that title to Yujiro Hanma from Baki, who is the father to the titular character. What qualifies Yujiro as overpowered? For starters, he can withstand nuclear blasts point blank like it’s nothing, and he’s immune to AIDS, cancer, and all diseases you can name. Plus, he can stop earthquakes just by punching the ground!

And just to prove that he’s capable of taking over the world, he took out Bill Clinton’s security in a matter of seconds (with no weapons), ran to the Oval Office, and got him to cry on his knees like a baby. Unfortunately, Hillary couldn’t find a way to fake his suicide later on. Thankfully, the anime does nothing to abuse his presence. He’s capable of taking over the world, he just chooses not to. He’s without a doubt overpowered, but he does want his son to be strong enough to be a worthy opponent and largely sticks to the background as everybody else is fighting.

6. Levi Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

  • Episodes: 49+
  • Aired: April 7, 2013 - Ongoing

If you ever read the popularity polls for this series, Levi tends to be the most popular character of Attack on Titan. So, what makes him popular? It just happens to be that he’s presentably overpowered, and the series does an excellent job of portraying that. He’s a true veteran of the Scouts and has battle hardened experience. Whenever he’s in action, he demonstrates quick reflexes and efficiency every time he faces a Titan without a sense of fear or hesitation. In addition to his training and experience, he grew up in the slums within the walls and was raised by his uncle, who happened to be an assassin. Due to his upbringing, he just has that sense of will that you can only get just by knowing what true hardship is, and in a literary sense, that contributes to his strength and makes his overpowered qualities believable and likable.

However, as the series progresses, it turns out that his strength is genetic in relation to being a member of the Ackerman family. Like his distant cousin, Mikasa, she also exhibits the same kind of natural combat abilities, but she isn’t as seasoned as Levi. Even though he’s overpowered, he’s still capable of getting hurt, and is still limited to whatever manpower or resources he has. Even when he loses a large fraction of his soldiers, he still pushes on, and the fact that Levi admits that he isn’t invincible and still needs to rely on others shows that being overpowered can still have its limits.

5. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

  • Episodes: 1 (feature film)
  • Aired: September 15, 2005

Cloud from the Advent Children movie is one negative examples of an overpowered character. In the manner that Cloud is portrayed in this movie, his portrayal of being overpowered is ridiculous and inconsistent. For starters, when he’s shot point blank in the face in the opening fight of Advent Children, all it does is knock off his sunglasses. Then in the climax, he takes a shot through the chest just a few meters away and it injures him! Can anyone explain that (as a matter of fact, none of the physics makes sense in this movie)? Plus, he’s supposed to be sick with geostigma, and yet, he’s more useful than the rest of the cast who can barely hang with Bahamut.

Speaking of the fight with Bahamut, first Cloud needs his friends to boost him in the air and when he fights Sephiroth, all of a sudden he’s practically flying! Did he achieve a new level that gives him that ability? Last, all of a sudden, it turns out he can heal geostigma with holy water! Praise Cloud Jesus! The problem with Cloud being overpowered is not simply being overpowered, just how the movie does a terrible job at presenting it.

4. Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED Destiny

  • Episodes: 50
  • Aired: October 9, 2004 – October 1, 2005

In the first season, he was your typical over emotional teenage hormones raging pilot. Then when he’s re-introduced in SEED Destiny, well, it puts a whole new spin to resurrection and character development. He’s so overpowered to the point that Gundam fans have named him Jesus Kira. You thought he died, but he didn’t and he has all these incredible abilities. But we have to remember that Kira was designed to be the ultimate coordinator, so him being overpowered is intentional, but in more ways that one. Not only is he the ultimate coordinator, he has the ultimate Gundam, the Strike Freedom. With what it can do, it’s more or less an extension as to why Kira is overpowered. That thing has more firepower behind that sucker is an NRA wet dream.

As to why he’s called Jesus Kira, he survived a direct hit to the cockpit and survive. But thanks to the cockpit’s overpowered features, he was able to live. After that, he’s so overpowered to the point that he ends up stealing the lead after the first half centered around Athuran and Shinn. As he enters the battlefield, it’s as if he turned on a video game, put on every cheat code you can think, and just dominates. That’s pretty much the best way to describe how he’s overpowered.

3. Guts from Berserk

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 1, 2016 – June 23, 2017

Throughout most of Berserk, Guts has shown an inhuman amount of strength and stamina, and it’s not just because he can easily wield a sword that matches his height and weight. In his younger days as a Captain to the Band of the Hawk, he slaughtered 100 enemies by himself! He also managed to go toe-to-toe with Zodd in his human form. Not only can he dish out pain, he can also take an insane amount. It’s not that he’s super genetic or anything of that nature. Guts was born and raised in the battlefield, and his experiences just shaped him into the man he is.

So, what makes him overpowered? If you thought he was a maniac before, just wait to you see him put on the Berserker Armor. It makes Guts into the perfect lean mean fighting machine! It not only makes him stronger, faster, and more agile, it just nullifies any emotion and makes him focused on the fight. Granted his reflexes were already superhuman for someone his size and all the armor and weapons he carries on him, but the Berserker armor also makes him into an acrobat like Spider-Man. What’s even better (or worse), the armor also nullifies him of any pain and if he breaks an arm or leg, the armor will automatically heal him. And as you can guess, the Berserker Armor does come with a price as it progressively makes him more dangerous and fearsome than the monsters he slays to the point that even his own friends feel that way about him, and that’s what makes him overpowered.

2. Saitama from One Punch Man

  • Episodes: 12+
  • Aired: October 5, 2015 - Ongoing

Coming back from a previous incarnation of this list, we have Saitama from One Punch Man. However, Saitama is a perfect example of how to use an overpowered character and have fun with him. As the title suggests, he can destroy any foe with a single punch. However, he’s very humble with how he uses his abilities. Whenever he trains with Genos, he’s willing to hold back against him and show restraint when he gains victory. And every time he saves the day, he doesn’t mind not getting any credit.

Saitama sees being a hero more as a hobby rather than a full-time job. Stan Lee once taught us that with great power, there must also come great responsibility, and Saitama is one of those characters that excellently personifies that famous saying with the way he conducts himself. Just like Spider-Man, he’s still a relatable character. He lives in humble conditions, is always trying to find ways to save money, and is just trying to get by. At the end of the day, he’s still an ordinary person and doesn’t try to present himself as some kind of god. He may be ridiculously overpowered in strength, but it doesn’t live up to his overpowered heart.

1. Zenno from Dragon Ball Super

  • Episodes: 131
  • Aired: July 5, 2015 – March 25, 2018

If there’s someone to the equivalent to a god, or a supreme being in the Dragon Ball universe, it is without a doubt, Zenno. He may seem like a kid on the outside, but he is someone who can make Beerus and Whis become (appropriately) god fearing. If he can make those two tremble in his presence, that’s enough to qualify as overpowered. Even with all the strong beings in the Tournament of Power such as Toppo and Jiren dominating the scene, they were just ants compared to Zenno, who can make them (and their residing universes) disappear at the touch of a button. Even with Zenno’s strength is far superior to those characters, at least he (and his alternate future counterpart) gave them and Ultra Instinct Gokuu their props when it counted.

When Gokuu and Vegeta couldn’t defeat the fusion of Gokuu Black and Zamasu, they had to resort to calling the Zenno of that alternate future in order to defeat him. In the end, the Zenno of that future pretty much destroyed the Earth, came to Gokuu’s home universe of universe 7, and befriended the Zenno there. Together, they just enjoy their time together and amuse themselves. Despite all his power, he does very little to get involved with the actual affairs of all universes other than the instance of when Beerus and Champa’s universes held a tournament. Even with all his power, he still has that open minded curiosity of all things are possible showing that sometimes being overpowered doesn’t mean you can affect the outcome or destiny of certain situations.

Final Thoughts

As you have (hopefully) read this list, sometimes being overpowered is not as bad as we make it out to be. In some instances, being overpowered for certain characters is pretty much the point to them. However, we have also included negative examples of how overpowered characters are portrayed and make the product boring. And just because someone is overpowered, it doesn’t mean they have an inflated ego, which is why (other than Haruhi) a lot of these characters made it into this edition to this list. Some of them have an active role in the story, and there are those who sit in the sidelines and watch how things fold out. If they need to get involved, then they will, and things probably end in a certain way depending on the mood of such character(s). So, who are some overpowered characters you would like to add to this list? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Suzumiya-Haruhi-no-Yuutsu-cd Top 10 Most Overpowered/OP Protagonists in Anime [Updated]


Author: Justin "ParaParaJMo" Moriarty

Hello, I am originally from the states and have lived in Japan since 2009. Though I watched Robotech and Voltron as a child, I officially became an anime fan in 1994 through Dragon Ball Z during a trip to the Philippines. In addition to anime, I also love tokusatsu, video games, music, and martial arts. よろしくお願いします

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This is an updated list to one that was originally published a while ago. As time goes on and more characters appear, we feel that there is a need to update this list. You can read the original underneath this one!

Almost every anime has one character who can destroy just about everyone and everything in his/her path. In fact, that aspect plays a major role into why so many of us love anime. We love the incredible displays of power. We wait in anticipation to witness battles beyond our wildest imaginations. Due to the formula of good overcoming evil it’s not too surprising that one of the protagonists hold incredible power that is of the highest tier to take on the forces of evil. Characters like Naruto and Naru are both good examples of this.

Nonetheless, there is a certain class of protagonists who are not only incredibly strong, but over powered to the point that there’s not much that can truly present a challenge. These characters, at least in our minds, can stamp out just about any force, good or evil, if they so choose to. This list is dedicated to those awesome beings who have graced our laptop screens over the past decade (mostly because it would be a list of Saint Seiya characters otherwise).

10. Eucliwood from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (Is This a Zombie?)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2011 – Mar. 2011

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka jumped into viewers’ hearts back in 2011 with its trope breaking and fast-paced humor. It starts off one night with high schooler Ayumu Aikawa walking home. All of a sudden he is murdered by a serial killer, and then is just as unexpectedly revived by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe. So now he’s a zombie and is required to serve under Eucliwood. Quite enough gold there to keep a series going, but things go completely off the charts when he takes a magical girl’s uniform, stealing her powers, and thus now responsible for handling the creatures known as Megalo.

Despite being a comedy at heart, Kora wa Zombie Desu ka has quite a bit of glorious action. Though, Eucliwood Hellscythe doesn’t necessarily show off her powers like the others, it becomes quite evident as to why once her powers are fully revealed. She has the power to make her every word (spoken aloud) become a reality. Thus, by simply muttering “die” she can take someone’s life away. The main drawback and reason she is so far down the list is that she doesn’t have full control and her ability causes her intensive pain. Thus, she can only use it so much, such as when she takes several lives away from Kyoko but is unable to deal the final blow.

9. Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2011 - April 2011

Madoka’s just an average middle school student, with her main quirk being pink hair. However, that changes rather quickly after her and her friend, Sayaki Miki, meet the extraterrestrial, cat-like Kyuubey. Kyuubey offers them a strange proposition: he will grant them one wish, and then they will need to become magical girls. For the most part, the two are quite excited about the prospects of being a magic girl and achieving their dreams. However, one girl, the mysterious Homura Akemi, continuously tries to prevent this contract, as she understands the truth behind being a magical girl.

From the get go we get the idea that Madoka will make a badass magic girl. However, it’s not until the end that we see just how powerful she is, and thankfully so, or otherwise there wouldn’t have been much of a story. If you haven’t watch the show, Madoka’s magical presence is so powerful that she will become one of the greatest magic girls ever, however, in becoming exactly that, she will also prove to be the deadliest witch and destroy everything. Solution to the problem? Madoka becomes an omniscient goddess/angel who alters the universe by negating the possibility of witches forming from magical girls.

8. Izayoi from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2013 – Mar. 2013

Diomedea invented a decidedly imaginative world where the fate of your community is determined by games and challenges. Anything from rock paper scissors to riddles to straight up brawls are allowed. Sadly, one community has been stripped of everything and are at the verge of being wiped out. Of course, that’s when Asuka Kudou, You Kasukabe, and Izayoi Sakamaki, each possessing a unique power, suddenly find themselves transported into this world.

Though each of these characters are quite powerful in their own right. Asuka Kudou can command control of people and animals, while You is able to capture the powers of any animal she befriends. However, Izayoi Sakamaki’s power is on a completely different level. The guy is ridiculously strong and is able to essentially cancel out the abilities of others. He’s made to be a god-breaker and can easily flip this whole society on its head. Furthermore, despite having awesome bronze as explicitly shown when dueling Weser, the real Pied Piper of Hamelin, he is also quite cool-headed and calculatingly. Out of everyone, he has by far contributed the most to the community of No Names’s revival.

7. Koro Sensei from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: Jan. 2015 – Jun. 2015

The moon gets cut into a permanent crescent and the international culprit, who committed said act, has created a home for himself as the teacher of Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Middle School. With national defense agencies unable to so much as touch this alien invader, it somehow ends up the responsibility of the students of class 3-E to assassinate the creature before the Earth is destroyed.

If you haven’t watched this heartwarming and hilarious anime, then it should be known that Koro Sensei is in fact the alien invader who has taken an interest in teaching. His abilities include flying at speeds up to Mach 20; a body that is essentially indomitable to everything, but a very specific substance; extreme adaptability; inhuman intellect; and incredible teaching skills. He shows off each of these abilities on an episodic basis from flying around the world and deflecting missiles to helping a student with a personal problem. However, would you expect anything less than an overpowered character is a show that’s whole story is contingent on whether or not said character can be killed at all?

6. Tatsuya Shiba from the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Apr. 2014 – Sep. 2014

In this world magic has become an established part of society. It has been analyzed and institutions have sprung about offering a formalized study and practice for those capable of using it. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei follows Tatsuya Shiba, an extremely skilled magician, as he embarks with his sister, the heir of Yotsuba family who Tatsuya is ordered to protect, into the daily struggles of first year magicians at First High School. Making this transition extremely difficult is that Tatsuya’s powers are not quite recognized by the system and he is assigned into a lower course group, marking him as an irregular.

If you haven’t seen the show, you can get an inkling that Tatsuya will in fact have a certain power index that’s just being skimmed over for dramatic affect. While this is correct, it’s rather hard to comprehend a system that was able to overlook his vast abilities. It’s like an explorer observed the ocean from a cliff side and instead of realizing it was water, declared it “blue land.” Tatsuya is essentially a being of incomprehensible power. He can cancel magic, revive people instantaneously, heal himself, and vaporize people. They call his abilities miracles and there’s good reason for that. He’s also incredibly intelligent and part of the most elite military units.

5. Medaka from Medaka Box

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2012 – Jun. 2012

Medaka Box follow the adventures of Medaka Kurokami, the Student Council President of Hakoniwa Academy, and her childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi. Together, they accept every request put into the suggestion box in order to make Hakoniwa Academy a sphere of happiness and righteousness.

Though, the show is filled with extremely powerful characters, few are as powerful and none as magnetic as the protagonist, Medaka Kurokami. To begin, she has a certain raw aura that pulses about her, immediately attracting many people to her either out of adoration or simple fear. It’s this reason why she was elected as the Student Council President with 98% of the vote. Then there’s the fact that her special ability, “The End” allows her to copy practically anyone else’s quirk and perform it even better than the owner. Thus, along with her already incredible physical prowess, she can use such quirks as “All Fiction,” which allows her to essentially erase people from existence, a well as “Reading Minds,” which lets her receive the electrical impulse of others. Essentially, she’s not just a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of everything.

4. Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai

  • Episodes: 7
  • Aired: Dec. 2007 – Aug. 2009

The Kara no Kyoukai series of films follow in particular a sudden burst of murders that entangle the fates of Mikiya Kokutō and Shiki Ryougi. It’s an extremely intense and suspenseful series, as it follows the two into increasingly disturbing and paranormal mysteries. From a string of school girl suicides to an apartment complex where the residents are caught in a repetitive murder spree, Kara no Kyoukai never fails to intrigue with its supernatural presence.

Leading the foray against the forces that wish to disturb the city is the demon hunter, detective Shiki Ryougi. Now, Shiki has incredible endurance, agility, and strength. She is quite capable of dispatching a horde of undead or even spirit like beings, especially when in possession of a katana. However, what sets her above and beyond most if not every single being in her universe is her innate ability “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.” This power allows her to see lines of death; and when she cuts along those lines, she can obliterate any object as well as even concepts and ideas.

3. Momonga from Overlord

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul. 2015 – Sep. 2015

Your virtual world is shutting down and your reign as a powerful wizard and leader of a guild will soon be nothing more than memory. It’s depressing, but as captain you’ll stick to your ship until the bitter end. Well, time has run up and somehow you still exist in the virtual space as a sort of god-like figure while all the NPC’s become life-like.

This is the premise for Madhouse’s anime Overlord. Being at the head of a guild and a wizard does suggest quite a bit of power at Momonga’s disposal. However, that is a cruel understatement to the magnificent and dark powers belonging to this singular living being in a virtual world. Momonga can’t really be harmed by physical attacks unless the weapon is able to crush his bones. This is pretty evident in his fight against Clementine, albeit she’s a much lower level, but she stabs him in the eye sockets and blows up his skull to no effect. Then there’s the fact that he can withstand any holy attack with very little damage done to himself. Truly this skeletal freight train is not one you would want to mess with.

2. Saitama from One Punch Man

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2015 – Dec. 2015

Madhouse’s hit 2015 action/comedy/satire definitely made a mark on the anime community. It follows around what would appear to be your average guy, Saitama, as he entertains his hobby of being a hero. However, Saitama can basically kill anyone with one punch and after meeting a 19-year-old cyborg has decided to embark on a quest to make heroism more than just a hobby.

One Punch Man came in and K.O’d everyone by the first episode. Yes, it might be a series that even the creator has admitted to being a gag. Something he created just for the fun of it, to laugh at a constant trope in the anime world. However, being overpowered as a joke doesn’t stop Saitama from beating people down everywhere he goes. It just makes it hilarious to watch as he destroys mosquito ladies and star heads in a single blow with his awkward half-satisfied grin. Also, he at least had to pay two hefty prices instead of just being born with his godly skills. First, he had to sacrifice his hair. Second, he must live in eternal boredom as no one can come close to beating him.

1. Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate (delights in the displays of his power)

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Feb. 2006 – Dec. 2012

The Hellsing Organization has long been keeping Britain safe from the supernatural forces of the night. In no small part has this relative safety been employed through the work of the organization’s personal vampire, Alucard. However, Britain’s next threat moves with the determination that it will be able to dismantle the Hellsing Organization and then conquer the world

This anime is a nightmarish ride through Britain where Nazis, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings rampage. Though the power of a Nazi force of vampires dwarfs anything man can do, it cannot hold a candle to the satanic abilities of Alucard. He can regenerate, call upon hell hounds from his own body, and essentially devour anything and everything before him with the power of a thousand souls. The creators even paint a pretty portrait of how such power is transported through blood, the moving force of humanity, which contains every moment of a person’s life.

By the end, Alucard even becomes an abstract power that no longer exists within a singular dimension. Basically, after Alucard absorbs Schroedinger and disappears for some years, he comes back able to exist in any state without the need of blood. Immortal, check. Master gunslinger, check. Literally untouchable, check. Oh, and by far his powers get the most gory and glorious screen time when compared to any other character.


First things first, a major shout out to shows like Fist of the North Star (the original one punch man), Saint Seiya (celestial beings and gods all duking it out), and Slayers (madhouse of magic), which led the way for OP characters. Now, to explain a little more on the positioning in this list, a major factor in consideration was the role that being overpowered played in the storyline. In cases like One Punch Man and Hellsing Ultimate, being overpowered is essentially what the protagonists live off of and it’s the studio’s job to display just how incredibly strong these characters are at each moment. In shows like Madoka Magika, the physical depiction of overwhelming strength is way more low key in order for the readers to feel concern over the outcome. Do you feel the list is a pretty accurate representation of the most overpowered characters in anime? Let us know your top 10 below!

Suzumiya-Haruhi-no-Yuutsu-cd Top 10 Most Overpowered/OP Protagonists in Anime [Updated]


Author: Yoko Dev

Hello, my anime peers. I’m from the states, but have taken an indefinite leave to travel while freelancing. Outside of a deep admiration for anime that started long ago, I love to read, write, and play video games. The main issue of traveling so far has been not having a console.

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In the world of anime there are some shows that have characters that almost seem to not belong. In this case, it about characters that are almost too powerful sometimes leaving you scratching you head.
Questioning almost their existence, these characters are great as backup or as the main characters.
Something I like about overpowered protagonists that I have assembled here, is the fact that usually they aren’t sniveling heroes forced in the role that THEN become overpowered. Cluelessness, or misunderstanding is fine, but not someone who’s completely unfit for the role at the beginning.

This time in this article, I tried to focus on more recent shows so that this hopefully can expand your, the reader’s, tastes! So, let’s get right to it~!

10. Arata Kasuga from Trinity Seven

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct 8, 2014 - Dec 24, 2014

Let’s start out with something fresh. If you’ve been following current anime so far, then this should stand out a bit in your mind.
Arata’s world gets destroyed completely on the day of the Black Sun and the Breakdown Phenomenon wipes out his town.
HOWEVER with his wish on the grimore, suddenly his whole world gets recreated? Come on talk about overpowered from the start! Now to mention too, he’s the “Demon Lord’s Candidate” because he recreated his world with one wish.

Of course though, it wouldn’t be just enough to make him overpowered and have the ability to recreate worlds, his magic allows him to break down other magic? He’s got the ability to null anything that comes at him! That’s awesome! He can’t be stopped, in theory of course. That’s why he makes this list!

9. Oogami Rei from Code:Breaker

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct 7, 2012 - Dec 23, 2012

I really thought hard about this character and him being included on this list, but the article is about protagonists and not heroes.
He is introduced basically after he lights someone on fire with his unique blue fire ability. What is really cool about this character and what really bolsters him so high on this list, is his left hand. His code name is Code: 06 which should make him the weakest of all the code breakers.
Being able to light someone on fire with blue flames with a simple touch seems pretty overpowered at the start to me…

HOWEVER, let’s talk about how when the glove and the ring on his thumb finger come off, he’s stronger than Code:01.
How you say? He can attack people without even touching them. Think about it. Without. Even. Touching. Them. It has to happen telepathically. Come on! He’s so powerful it’s not even funny! He also died once and he came back!?! Yes! While he’s technically an antihero, his power is why he made it on this list.

8. Ousawa Akatsuki from Hagure Yuusha no Estetica [Aesthetica of a Rouge Hero]

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul 6, 2012 - Sep 21, 2012

Continuing in the vein of anime that have overpowered characters in schools, this show starts off actually where most anime would end. The hero, Ousawa Akatsuki has just obliterated the Dark Lord, gets the girl, and is now going back to school. Ousawa Akatsuki is just about as powerful as he should get I mean, he’s overpowered for beating the Dark Lord.
No, but let’s not stop there. Back at school, he’s no magic user, but he makes up for it by controlling Chi of himself and everything around him. However, even that’s not enough.

He gets his hands on an Arms Device (AD) and goes to town. After equipping multiple ones, his power now manifests itself in a sword. Now let’s get a few more on and the sword powers up even more! Oh and we can’t forget the supersonic motorcycle he gets!
So overpowered it’s ridiculous. I liked this addition for this list since his story starts already at a high level of power and carries it farther.

7. Hoozuki from Hozuki no Reitetsu [Cool-headed Hoozuki]

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan 10, 2014 - Apr 4, 2014

I wanted to keep things slightly light hearted as I moved around genres to bring you these character, and so I’m bringing this show!
Hoozuki is the highest ranked demon in hell. He serves as the first advisor to King Yama. He runs around hell dealing with issues with demons and putting out fires (haha get it?).
Why? Because he’s almost the top of the food chain there. Boom. Done. He’s the highest ranked demon? He has the most power too.
He’s sadistic and a bit mischievous too like Sebastian from Black Butler which is why I like him. The setting also is a bit more lighthearted than Black Butler in that it’s quite comedic.
The other part that I really like about this show is that it incorporates Japanese mythology quite well into the story. So that’s why I’m adding Hoozuki to the list!

6. Masaki Kenshi from Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari [Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar]

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Mar 20, 2009 - Mar 19, 2010

If you’ve been reading my articles, you know I love a good throwback! While this show stands on its own, I rode a wave of nostalgia while watching this show, and again while writing this.
The show opens with Masaki Kenshi already being proficient with many skills including swordsmanship and martial arts among others. Then, on the planet Geminar, he gets the Scared Mechinoid, which no one else has.

Oh, but let’s not stop there. He gets the Tenchi Sword (passing of power reference?), but he needs a special ring to handle it because it’s so large and heavy that no one else can. Are we there…. No not yet?
Oh ok! Then he gets the ability to go into a berserker mode which turns his mechanoid black and he’s able to instill fear in his foes while in that form.
Wait! Wait! Don’t forget then finally he conjures the Light Hawk Sword like Tenchi! This is why Masaki Kenshi is on this list. He’s so overpowered and he keeps raising the bar, it’s not funny!

5. Narukami Yu from Persona 4: The Animation

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct 7, 2011 - Mar 30, 2012

Narukami Yu is one of those good, old-fashioned silent, yet strong characters. Now for those of you who haven’t seen the show, or played the game, you might question what I’m saying but hear me out.
Narukami Yu is chosen to essentially provide entertainment for the goddess Izanami, by him being given the ability to enter into the TV. He coincidentally uses that ability to form a bond with Izanagi (who eventually turns into Izanagi no Okami, the strongest summon).
He progresses through the show slaying everything that stands in his way, and let’s be honest for those who have played the game, much like it is shown in the anime, Izanagi in final form is overpowered beyond necessity.

What also makes Narukami Yu a good, overpowered protagonist is the fact that unlike his other friends, he can form bonds and summon multiple personae to fight for him which you can see in the show. He’s constantly summoning new persona each level as they get stronger.
This makes him perfectly adaptable for any situation. That’s why he is an amazingly overpowered protagonist. Don’t take my word for it though, check out the series yourself if you haven’t seen it!

4. Tatsuya Shiba from Mahouka no Rettousei [The Irregular at Magic High School]

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Apr 6, 2014 - Sep 28, 2014

I decided to continue the theme of protagonists in academy settings with Tatsuya Shiba.
At first, Tatsuya Shiba definitely doesn’t seem like he would belong here. He didn’t do well on his entrance exam and he’s placed in the lower course, Weed.
However, he comes out of nowhere to be noticed by major school organizations and the first Weed student to be on the Student Council. Then he doesn’t stop there. He continues growing in rank within his school in this shonen anime.
Ex-military? Check. Magic Engineering whiz? Check. Ability to break down things to vapor including foes too? Check. (Sign me up too!)

Also, his abilities are referred to as miracles? You almost never hear of character’s abilities being referred to as miracles. Ever. If they are, that character can usually use their ability once, and they die. People talking about it too is what gives him that ridiculous amount of power as well.
Remember, being powerful is definitely one major part, but being constantly talked about gives him even more power, in the sense of image, and buffs up his image.
So obviously, he has to be on this list too!

3. Kirito/ Kazuto Kirigaya from Sword Art Online

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Jul 8, 2012 - Dec 23, 2012

I mean really, Kirito HAS to be on this list.
Kirito, the protagonist of Sword Art Online is no joke. He is almost obscenely powerful in every game he plays, and what I like about him is that he never ever whines or complains about anything. Kirito is a no-nonsense guy who will play coy, and stupid to get what he wants.
HOWEVER, his feigned stupidity is what I love because that’s what it is; he’s just playing stupid to get ahead and win. A true sign of being overpowered. I shouldn’t fail to mention, his adaptability. What makes him so overpowered, is no matter what comes to him, he adapts to extremely quickly.

Let’s not forget how in season two that he quite quickly does get his hands on the legendary Excalibur. Then he decides to get rid of it?!?
Come on! He’s so overpowered he doesn’t need the most overpowered weapon! He’s overflowing in cash and power, and even with all this power, he still has the strength to show compassion and fall in love with Asuna.
His ability to adapt quickly in tricky and difficult situations, and his sheer skills are what landed him on this list.

2. Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun [A Certain Magical Railgun]

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct 5, 2008 - Mar 19, 2009

It gives me great pleasure to add Misaka to the list. Now, what exactly qualifies her? I’m glad you ask~ Misaka seems to be just a simple esper girl in an esper world.
She really likes frogs, cute things, and her friends. Oh, but that short temper of hers, and the fact that she’s the 3rd best Level 5 esper in academic city, and her habit of electrifying things that upset her. Don’t forget her ability to adapt.
Yes! Just like Kirito from Sword Art Online, Misaka is overpowered because she can adapt. First there is the obvious, she can flip a coin and channel her electrical powers like a gun by flicking the coin when it comes down unleashing an insane amount of power.
She can hack in networks using her ability. She can scale walls by using her powers to adhere her body to the particles in the walls. The list goes on and on.

What I think truly makes her overpowered, as if her abilities weren’t enough, is that you don’t see it. She normally is an everyday average girl, but when her friends or people she knows are in danger, she changes.
Suddenly she’s got a short temper and ready to blast away anything in her way. Usually anime of the slice of life genre, which this does have, tend to make female protagonists weak.
However, Misaka Mikoto is anything but that which is what landed her on this list!

1. Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler]

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct 3, 2008 - Mar 27, 2009

Now I know that you are saying to yourself, “but Nagareboshi, Black Butler centers around Ciel Phantomhive and his adventures. Sebastian Michaelis isn’t the real protagonist here!” hear me out though.
While yes, the show presents Ciel as being the protagonist, anyone who has watched it knows that Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel are almost always present as a pair. Sebastian, though, is the one who really pulls the weight and flexes his muscle all the time. He serves Ciel yes, but all retribution and actions are carried out by Sebastian.
It’s a wonder what keeps Sebastian so calm and cool and collected when he could easily level anyone and everyone who comes his way!

His cool, calm, and collected demeanor help him conceal how dangerous he really is as an overpowered character. He is unmatched and almost ruthless when he does release his power. Not to mention, he’s pretty cool too! That’s why he’s here on this list!

Woo~~~ Well It’s done! I really had to think hard about this list. The hardest part I found was not picking too common anime.
You can pick out an overpowered character is most shonen or action anime, but I was trying to bring you 10 protagonists that I truly feel are overpowered and sometimes overlooked. If I had to give some honorable mentions I would suggest, Touma from To Aru Majutsu no Index is a good suggestion, Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma, and Hei from Darker Than Black.

What do you think? Let’s chat out it in the comments below and see if there is something you would have done differently!

Until next time,

Suzumiya-Haruhi-no-Yuutsu-cd Top 10 Most Overpowered/OP Protagonists in Anime [Updated]


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