Top 10 Supernatural Romance Anime [Best Recommendations]

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A lot of patterns characterize romance anime. You can find a boy who falls in love at first sight with a beautiful and shy girl, you can find a girl who can't admit her feelings for a boy but keeps on acting flustered in front of him, or yet both characters fall in love with each other, but the road to confess their feelings becomes long and hard to face. In other romance anime, love remains one sided, or ends badly. It can even happen that it's a feeling never expressed with words, and yet it's there and you can feel it. Whichever pattern a romance anime has, the unvaried thing combining all of them is the struggle and the efforts that each character goes through in the name of love. Romance anime are good, but when you add a bit of supernatural to the picture, things can get very interesting. So if you like romance anime, but prefer non-conventional ones, this list is meant to recommend you 10 of the best we thought were worth a mention!

10. The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 2014 – September 2014

Let's start with this wonderful story revolving around Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Shiba, two siblings who just entered the best high school for magicians: The First High School. Miyuki, who is talented and skilled at using magic, ended up attending the First Course, where students are known as “bloom”. Tatsuya, whose magic skills are not so good, ended up in the Second Course. Second Course's students are called “weed”, an implicit way to say that is a course for the worst student. After these premises, don't expect a clumsy protagonist, nor a self-deprecating one. Tatsuya, in spite being a “weed”, will show everyone his worth, completely changing the caste system of the school, and gaining admiration and consent.

The supernatural part, in this anime, is given by the magic. In Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei's world, magic has developed so much so that it became a science. Within this background, the romance part is mostly all up to Tatsuya's sister, Miyuki. She is in love with his brother, and it's a kind of love resulting in a deep admiration towards all what Tatsuya does. We can understand why, though: he is a “weed”, but through his actions, he manages to gain approval even among the “bloom” students. Miyuki loves him and keeps on showing her love in every way, like for example when someone belittles Tatsuya and she gets angry in his place, or in the way she defends him. She is on cloud nine whenever someone asks her about his brother, and gets jealous when Tatsuya interacts with other girls. Aside from Miyuki, to complete the romance frame, there are other characters finding love as well.

9. Kamigami no Asobi ~ Ludere Deorum ~

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2014 – June 2014

Let's go on with a story revolving around six beautiful gods. Protagonist of this story is Yui Kusanagi, a high school girl who wakes up in a strange, yet beautiful school, in a place she doesn't know, and suddenly is summoned by... Zeus. Yes, Zeus explains her the situation, and why she is there: since these six gods don't know what love means, act selfishly, or did something bad in the past, Yui’s task is to teach them what love is. This is how the adventure for the cute Yui starts! An experience that will change her life, and will teach her what even she didn't know about love.

Is there a need to mention where the supernatural part lies? We're talking about a high school where gods attend lessons! They can even switch to their true god form, and you will see their powers and the way they deal with what they are. Yui has to teach them how to love, but it's difficult. Aside from Apollon and Balder, who instantly are infatuated by Yui, the other four gods are obstinate and don't want to befriend anyone. Yui will go through a lot of hardships, and slowly but surely, in the end she will manage to teach them the importance of creating bonds with others, and even how to face the scary things from the past. When the course ends, and everyone gets a degree, it's time to say “goodbye”, and that's when Yui will understand that she taught them love, while love was being taught to her!

8. Loveless

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2005 – June 2005

Here we have our 8th position, with a delicate and deep anime that can make you cry. Aoyagi Ritsuka, a twelve-year-old boy, is in a very dark period of his life: his brother, Seimei, has been killed and the only family member remaining is an insane mother to deal with. It's when he meets Agatsumi Soubi, that Ritsuka's life changes. Soubi is a mysterious twenty-year-old guy who introduces Ritsuka to the world of fighters and sacrifices: two people with the same name fight together, one is the “fighter” and the other one is the “sacrifice”. Meaning one fights, while the other one protects. As he gets to know Soubi day after day, Ritsuka discovers that he and his dead brother had the same name – Beloved – and fought together. Ritsuka can't shake the feeling that Soubi knows more about his brother's past, while Soubi needs help to discover what actually happened to Seimei. That's why when Soubi asks Ritsuka to become his “sacrifice”, even though they have a different name – Ritsuka's name is Loveless – Ritsuka accepts.

This touching anime explores deeply the meaning of “love”, meant in all its aspects, and has a supernatural part given by the super-power that every couple develops. Ritsuka is at a difficult stage of his life, as his brother's killed. Soubi faced the death of his beloved comrade. As the two meet and decide to fight together, we slowly discover how much Soubi loved and admired Seimei, and how much he struggles to go on. While Ritsuka, on the other side, tries day after day to deal with his feelings changing. He knows that Soubi belonged to Seimei, but he feels something for him and it's difficult to accept it. Soubi, instead, although he cannot forget Seimei, starts to see in Ritsuka something that reminds him of Seimei. From the loss, a terrible tragedy that involved both, a beautiful feeling blossoms. The final of this anime remains open, as the manga keeps on going, but if you are searching for a good, non-conventional, supernatural, romance anime, this is just the right choice!

7. The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: October 2011 – April 2012

Let's move on to the 7th position with a twisted yet amazing story revolving around a lonely boy whose name is Yukiteru Amano. He isn't popular, nor funny. Nothing is peculiar about him, or worth saying. In his loneliness, he writes a diary on his phone, and speaks to his imaginary friends: Deus Ex Machina – the God of time and space – and his servant called Murmur. The situation changes when, one day, Yukiteru discovers that his phone is actually a future diary. He, and other eleven future diary's holders, are summoned by Deus Ex Machina, who actually exists, and a deadly game begins. The eleven diary holders will have to kill each other, and the winner will become the new god of space and time! When in this messy situation, Yukiteru meets Yuno Gasai, things get even more interesting!

Yuno Gasai is a “yandere”. You can learn more about yandere here ( To Yuno, Yukiteru is an amazing boy. She sees in him what anyone else can't see. The feelings she has for him are so strong that she will be willing to do crazy things, in order to protect him and guarantee him the victory. She will become his shield, and will fight putting her life on the front line, while Yukiteru will do the only thing he can do: he will cry and hide behind her.

This anime can keep you glued to the screen, with baited breath. The supernatural part is interesting as it shows time and space alterations, and the romance is all up to Yuno and his obsession for Yukiteru. Furthermore, Yuno is a character full of mystery, and it's impossible not to wonder what her true colors are. You will constantly have opposing feelings towards her: does she really love Yukiteru? Why is she doing this? Is she hiding something? Until the epic, unexpected ending, that will leave you with your mouth wide open!

6. Shakugan no Shana

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2005 – March 2006

Yuuji Sakai is just your average high school boy with normal friends. His life is just a normal life, with nothing really interesting happening, as the days go by. That is, before his daily routine is destroyed by something that he would have never expected! One day, he and other people, are assaulted by a monster – Denizen – who can turn people into “torches” before finishing them off. When everything seems lost and he is about to give up hope, someone appears to save him. His savior is a mysterious girl with eyes and hair as red as fire, who manages to push the monster away with her sword! Yuuji doesn't know that this is just the beginning of a nightmare. In fact, the girl – Shana – will reveal to him a terrible truth: he is already dead and the life he is living is just fiction, and his time is running out!

In this anime, romance and supernatural parts coexist perfectly. Shana fights against the Denizens and the other enemies with her magical sword, and helps and rescues Yuuji. She sticks to her mission loyally. Even though she acts all careless and is hot-tempered, and even though she seems not to stand Yuuji and his attachment to a life he has already lost, you can clearly understand she is in love with him. He, on the other side, seems incapable to understand a girl's feelings. Another important character in this anime is Kazumi Yoshida. She is in love with Yuuji, and struggles to try not to lose her beloved person, so much so that she will be willing to face a world she doesn't belong to, just to shorten the distance that has grown between them!

5. Inu x Boku Secret Service (Inu x Boku SS)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2012 – March 2012

Shirakiin Ririchiyo, heir of the Shirakiin lineage, feels the need to live alone. She is tired to keep on living under her family's protection, so when she decides to start living alone, her family allows her. The only condition is that she will have to live in the “Ayakashi Kan” mansion. In that place, only the ones with supernatural powers can access, and each of them must be accompanied with an agent of the Secret Service – SS. Although she refuses Miketsukami Soushi – her agent – in the beginning, later on she will discover that he is the Fox Spirit, who was rescued by her in the past. He wants to show her his gratitude, and his has nothing to do with the girl's family, nor with obligations...

Basically, this anime is about two people who despise their own existences: both with a painful past, which led them to feel lonely and not worth being loved. Both of them, year after year, have managed to create their own defenses. Ririchiyo becoming hot-tempered and careless, Miketsukami hiding behind a fake smile. This dramatic setting, is counterbalanced with gags and other characters who are funny and easygoing. The supernatural part, is given by the way every character can use supernatural powers; having spirits or demons living inside their bodies. Nevertheless, the most interesting thing, is the bond that will blossom between Miketsukami and Ririchiyo. Their relationship will cure their inner wounds, and they will slowly grow fond of each other. Well, don't you agree it deserves this 5th position?

4. Guilty Crown

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: October 2011 – March 2012

It's the year 2039, and Japan is subjugated by the GHQ organization, after the “Lost Christmas”, a tragedy happened ten years before, resulting in the outbreak of the “Apocalypse Virus”. Opposing the GHQ, a resistance called “Undertaker” appears, led by Gai Tsutsugami. Ouma Shuu is our 17-year-old protagonist. He has a peculiar ability – the Power of Kings – with whom he can extract weapons from other people's bodies, but he wants to stay out of trouble, so he hides his power. However, one day, he meets Inori Yuzuriha, a member of the resistance. His power can become useful for the resistance, so as unwilling as he can be, he will be dragged in a war that will put his life on the front line and will make him understand that without great sacrifice, nothing good can be born.

What is eye-catching about this anime, is the way the feelings between Shuu and Inori slowly grow. In the beginning, you can only feel that Inori is using Shuu, taking advantage of his admiration for her. Slowly but surely, everything starts to change. Inori is a dramatic character, almost impossible to figure out. Nevertheless, Shuu will manage to find a place in her heart, and she will do the impossible to protect him, going as far as to do the greatest sacrifice. As for the supernatural part, this anime is full of action moments, where Shuu will use his powers and will extract every kind of weapon from his friend’s bodies. The interesting part is that every weapon represents the true essence of the person, so what Shuu does by extracting weapons is to show and to see a person's true colors.

3. Sword Art Online

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: July 2012 – December 2012

When in the year 2022, a role-playing game called Sword Art Online is announced, Kazuto Kirigaya – alias Kirito – who is a game enthusiast, happens to be among the few lucky ones to be able to play the game before it's launched. This game is developed in a particular way: via “NerveGear” – a new technology – it is possible to control the avatar using only thoughts. In the game's world, everything's amazing: the medieval setting, the weapons, the monsters. What's more, everything seems incredibly real. Kirito's life turns into a nightmare when he discovers a shocking truth: the only way to log out, is finishing the game, and a game over means the death of the player. Kirito will have to act smart, create his own party and fight to get out of the nightmare. The situation will take an interesting turn when he meets Asuna Yuuki, the girl who leads a group trying to escape this terrible game.

In this anime, every common game player who just loves to play games, turns into an actual warrior. The scarier thing is the thought that a game over, corresponds to an actual death. That's why everyone will fight angrily to escape and go back to everyday life. It goes without saying that from the moment our protagonist logs into Sword Art Online's world, everything turns out to be supernatural. In fact, fights, monsters, and power ups will characterize the entire story. As for the romance part, you will see a deep feeling growing between Kirito and Asuna. They will try to protect each other, and since the beginning, a special bond will blossom. Whenever one will feel down, the other one will become the reason to fight for! Through struggles, trouble, and a mission that seems everything but possible to be accomplished, their bond will guide them through the way out, with an ending that will touch you deeply!

2. Natsuyuki Rendezvous

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: July 2012 – September 2012

And here we are with our 2nd position. We really had to give it to this little masterpiece among the supernatural, romance anime! Natsuyuki Rendezvous is a touching story, revolving around Rokka – a florist –, Hazuki – who falls in love with her at first sight – and... Shimao, her dead husband. Hazuki, hoping to be able to start something with the cute Rokka, will become a part-timer to her flower shop, but what he doesn't know is that Shimao, Rokka's dead husband, as far as he's dead, left his spirit in Rokka's home. Hazuki is the only one able to see him, but this will become a strange love triangle where Shimao will do anything to push Hazuki away.

In spite of the premises, that make this story look like a crazy comedy out of the ordinary, this anime will shake and touch you deeply. Love, in this anime, is treated in all its aspects. Shimao loved Rokka so much so that he couldn't leave her, even though he is gone. Hazuki is in love with Rokka, and will have to compete with a person who is physically gone, but whose spirit is still there, and Rokka... Rokka is as sweet as honey. She is a woman who lost her husband due to a bad illness, and yet she managed to keep herself together. She is still grieving, so she has contrasting feelings towards Hazuki, because she feels like betraying Shimao. This anime tells an important thing; love is stronger than anything. Rokka realizes that even though it doesn't feel right, it's possible to move on after a loss; Hazuki will learn that he cannot be a substitute for Shimao, so it's useless to compete; and Shimao... Will realize that he just wants Rokka to be happy, and will watch over her from afar.

1. Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2012 – December 2012

Here we have our 1st position! Kamisama Kiss is a cute story revolving around a girl, Nanami Momozono, who found herself in a terrible situation. Her father, who is a gambler, one day disappears from her life in order to evade his debts. His father's departure, leaves Nanami without a home and without money, but Nanami is not the type to remain crying in loneliness! When she saves a mysterious man – Mikage – from a dog, seeing her situation, he decides to give her his home. She can't believe her luck! She follows the indications Mikage gave her, and when she arrives... Nanami realizes that the place is a shrine! While she thinks she's been tricked, a boy with fox's ears appears in front of her! He is Mikage's former servant, Tomoe. From there on, some circumstances will lead Nanami to become the shrine's Land God, and with her new role, trouble will arise!

This sweet anime has the capacity to make you laugh like crazy, and yet touch you deeply. Seeing Nanami's daily life, you can't help but cheering for her when she is bullied at school, or when she remembers her past. However, her sparkling character will give you very hilarious moments! When she has missions as the Land God, she will meet the other gods and, in spite being a mere human being, she will demonstrate that she is worth that role. Living with Tomoe, she will develop a tender feeling towards him, and even though in the beginning her love will be one sided, she will never lose her resolution. Tomoe, on the other hand, will try to deny her feelings for her, but something is blooming within him as well. His love will be less flashy than Nanami's, but he will be an ally, a friend, and a shield for her. So, what do you think? Didn't it deserve our 1st position?

And so, our list comes to an end. We know, we know there are tons of other romance supernatural anime that were worth our ranking, but we could choose only 10. We chose these, among all of them, because we believe that they have various contexts and can be liked by everyone according to their own tastes. If you have recommendations, or any remark, please don't forget to comment below and let us know!

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