Top 10 Lethal Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Nowadays there have been a lot of anime in the shounen genre. That is why for us viewers, it is hard to find something in this genre that is so original that it can take our attention away immediately. Although a bit hard to find, there are shounen anime that follow some basic cliches of the genre but still manages to pull it off with some twists and turns here and there. That is basically what Seven Deadly Sins is or Nanatsu no Taizai if you would like to call it in another way.

Comedy, fantasy, adventure and action is what Seven Deadly Sins can offer us. What is unique about this anime is that our main heroes are already very strong enough to the point where you can call them overpowered. It is fascinating to watch and wonder if there are even enough hardships for them that they might handle with them being such strong characters already. What is so great about this anime is that the winner doesn’t win because of how powerful they are, but how they answer the situation at hand to prevail.

Today, we will list our Top 10 Lethal Seven Deadly Sins Characters. This is not to show who is the most powerful or the strongest, it is to show how dangerous and destructive they can get based on their abilities, intentions, past atrocities, and present actions. As of now, the manga is still ongoing so this list might be changed, but this list is purely anime-based only so heads up for spoilers! Without further ado, let's start our adventure of the list!

10. Dreyfus

Along with his friend, Hendrickson, he is also a great Holy Knight who conspired to make the holy war a reality. But compared to the both of them, Dreyfus has more honor and is willing to right the wrongs that he has done. He is the little brother of Zaratras which is the source of his envy and also the one he killed before at the start of the series with Hendrickson. It is the catalyst on why the Seven Deadly Sins were deemed as traitors of their kingdom.

In the anime, his abilities as a whole are not yet shown that much. But since he is a Holy Knight, we can say that he is very powerful as he is respected and feared by those who serve under him. One proof of this how he defeated Diane instantly without much effort. His ability is called break that crushes a person’s technique and can impose on anyone who falls victim to it. He takes this spot for causing our heroes to be branded as traitors and enslaving his countrymen just for the sake of a war that is not worth it.

9. Gilthunder

As the son of the Great Holy Knight Zaratras and a short apprentice of Meliodas, it’s no wonder why Gilthunder will be on this list. After all, Gilthunder (who is several miles away from the town) almost wiped out the entire town of Bernia using a spear alone. Now that is some great feat to do for a young knight such as him.

He now appears to be serious and aloof most of the time in contrast when he was a child who was filled with innocence and happy smiles. He would do anything, even pretend to be a villain, just for the sake of Margaret whom he loves and whom he swears to protect since their childhood days. Gilthunder is one fatal enemy due to his high intelligence, strength, and skills. Especially with his lightning magic that can deal a lot of heavy damage to a lot of people, moreso, to a single person.

8. Diane

Giants are typically feared due to their large bodies that can squish a normal person like a pancake. In king’s case, he doesn’t care if Diane stands 30 feet high, towering him a lot when it comes to height. Just like the king, we also can’t help but love this giant. She is after all adorable, cute, friendly, mixed with her willfulness and fierce personality. She is the Serpent’s Sin of Envy, and true to that, she tends to get jealous to whoever is close to Meliodas. Diane is a very delicate, selfless and caring person, but once she shows her silly tantrums, things can get a little bit out of hand.

Being a giant, she showed us immense strength, that can be compared to Ban and Meliodas. Despite her big stature, she is fast and agile. With Creation as her ability, she can manipulate the Earth to her bidding. To make it even more powerful, she uses her Sacred Treasure War Hammer, Gideon. Just imagine her using her ability in a certain place, wouldn’t it be frightening?

7. Helbram

Helbram is introduced to us disguised as a man named Aldrich, who is valued by being a direct subordinate of Hendrickson. In reality, he is a fairy that King considered as his best friend. Helbram initially loved humans and wanted to know more about them, until an incident occurred where he saw his fairy companions dying at the hands of humans. After seeing the cruelness of the mere mortals, he swore that he will wipe them out and started a killing spree for five hundred years.

He is a good fighter, being quite a challenge for the King. As he is a fairy, he can transform and levitate at his own will. Link is his most special ability that lets him borrow the abilities of those around him. This ability can be alarming during fights as it is hard to follow what techniques he has hidden up sleeves. Helbram is shown to be very savage and brutal towards his opponents and subordinates alike. He doesn’t care how many humans die, as long as he meets his goal at hand.

6. Gowther

Gowther is another member of the Seven Deadly Sins that represents the goat’s sin of lust. Not much is known about Gowther’s past. All that we are presented with is that he is naive, emotionless, and has this ominous feeling about him. He's a complete mystery hence the reason why he is on this list. In the anime, it was told that Merlin created a specialized enchanted armor for Gowther in order to control most of his reckless power, so we can safely assume that our Sin of Lust has yet to show his true capabilities.

He may look fragile at first, but just like some of his sin companions, he is able to fight and defend himself in battle amazingly. Gowther may have one of the most dangerous ability out of all the Sins as he controls the mind using his invasion ability. Just as Dreyfus said in their fight, Gowther is still considered as one of the most dangerous Seven Deadly Sins members due to this ability. With invasion, he is able to give tactical strategies in the mind of his comrade's and he is also able to see the memories of the minds he chooses to enter. He can also alter their memories, and can trap a person in their own mind forcing them to break mentally.

5. Merlin

Our mage, Merlin, is the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony to the Seven Deadly Sins. She is known as the greatest mage in Britannia by defeating Vivian who is Liones powerful mage. As one of the characters who showed up late in the series, there is really nothing to say except for her being the cause of why Meliodas was knocked out after he issued an order for the Sins to disperse. But with her short screen time, she has presented us some of her abilities that are definitely deadly.

During the fight in Liones, she can produce incredible illusions and can cancel out another mage’s magic instantly. She seems to also have high resistance to magic attacks and is able to teleport with ease.

4. Ban

Ah~ The “Undead Ban”. He is probably the most favorite in the series by its viewers. Why not? A childish person who has masochistic tendencies with immortality? Now that’s somewhat new. Putting that aside, his character as a whole is what makes him an engaging character. Despite him being greedy, violent and frivolous, he has shown to be more of a passionate person who cares for those important to him. He is the third Sin to show up in the series bearing the Fox’s Sin of Greed.

Able to fight on par with Meliodas says a lot about his strength. Did you see what Meliodas and he did to the Baste Dungeon? Mind you, they weren’t even very serious at that time, they were acting like kids for their reunion. Fox’s Sin of Greed can be intimidating and with him being immortal he can be scary to face with his child-like attitude. He is agile, flexible, powerful and has a good perception when it comes to fighting. Snatch is his most basic ability that allows him to steal objects and other people’s physical attributes, gaining more strength and speed. Thus, making the person weak almost instantly. It should be noted that Ban still hasn’t gotten use to his Sacred Treasure. If he did, he’ll be a more lethal character than he already is.

3. King

Now this is one character you wouldn't want to be on his bad side. King, or known to his people as Harlequin, is the King of Fairies and guardian of the Fairy Forest and its Fountain of Eternal Youth. As the member of the Seven Deadly Sins, he represents the Grizzly Sin of Sloth. Among the group, King is the most sensible one, often the target of his companions mischievous antics. He is emotional, gentle, caring, and humble, which makes him a formidable opponent once you upset him as he only gets stronger when he is fighting for others.

When it comes to brawls, we can say that King is the weakest. But with his excessive amount of magical power coupled up with his fairy heritage and his Sacred Treasure Chastiefol, he is a beast! It was noted time and time again that King has become more powerful than he was in the past. He can levitate and transform to his liking and has proved that despite being physically weak, he is robust, fast and can tolerate heavy attacks. His spirit spear, Chastiefol, can have many forms and ranges from different types of weapons for offense and a pillow for defense. With destruction only a flick of his finger away, it is obvious that King is someone you surely cannot mess with.

2. Hendrickson

As the main villain of the first season’s anime, he is the cause of the so-called “New Generation Holy Knights” of Liones, which consists knights who consume demon blood in order to get stronger albeit with a price. Hendrickson believes that a holy war must take place as it is the only time that his order will have a purpose. With his evil intentions in mind, he is willing to lock his country’s royal family, to enslave people and to awaken the demon clan for the Holy War to happen.

If not for the Seven Deadly Sins and their comrades, Hendrickson’s plan would cause a lot of damage not only to the country of Liones, but also with its neighboring countries. As a great Holy Knight, Hendrickson was already powerful. But now with the demon’s blood flowing in him, he can be more dangerous than ever before. He has a lot of techniques that can be weary but his most terrifying abilities that are shown in the anime is his Acid Ability and Dark Snow ability. The latter having a destructive substance that eats away a person’s flesh and the other giving instant death upon contact with his dark snow. Being a victim to those two techniques is really not the most pleasant at all.

1. Meliodas

He may be our main hero of the show, but we didn’t choose him because of that, he gained the right to be number one. Meliodas was the first Sin that Elizabeth encountered in the show. Looking like a child, this guy is actually older than that. It’s hard to believe but he is more than 3000 years old and is the so-called “captain” of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Meliodas appears to be whimsical, calm, perverted (Only with Liz and Elizabeth) and collected most of the time, but he has problems when he goes too deep into a rage. He represents the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath due to him being out of control years back. He gains to be our number one not only with his demonic decent and his high-end abilities, but because his wrath alone is the most lethal yet. After seeing the death of his beloved Liz, he went on a rampage, wiping out the kingdom of Danafor from existence. Until now, he still has a hard time of controlling his anger when triggered. This causes the other characters to act highly on guard and try to stop him as soon as possible when it happens. Now aren’t we just thankful that he is on the good side?

Final Thoughts

Well... Well... Well... If you have been following the manga, as we said earlier, this list is subjected to be changed because Seven Deadly Sins has a lot of lethal characters walking and floating around its widespread world. Hopefully, we can see and learn about them in the upcoming season 2 + OVA this summer so better put it in your anime watch list now. Thank goodness we can see more of this anime with its seat on the edge fast action scenes, hilarious funny moments, sweet times, and a whole lot more.

So guys, and ladies, do you agree with this list? Which characters in the 1st season of the anime deserve to be here and why? Want to re-ranked them? Write it in the comment section down below and tune in for more anime related articles at Honey’s Anime!

Ciao! Now Signing off~

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