Top 10 Lovable Toradora! Characters

Toradora! is a romance comedy anime that is filled with many different and unique characters. The anime is extremely cheery and most of the characters have a lovable trait to them. Despite not being a main character, some of the minor characters will have you squealing over them as well! That is why today, we will be counting the Top 10 sweetest Toradora! characters. These are the adorable and lovable characters that make you go: “d'awwww…”

10. Maya Kihara

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Maya is the outgoing girl in the clique. She is usually seen hanging around with her friends. Maya is also extremely fashionable and places a lot of effort into her appearance. Maya is quick to make friends and became fast friends with Ami Kawashima. She is also known to have a crush on Yusaku Kitamura and often will try any methods to prevent Taiga from approaching him.

Being outgoing, Maya will often try to please people. Her approachable nature makes it easy for her to be friends with anyone. She has an aura of pleasantness surrounding her. Maya’s fashion style is geared towards cute outfits which awards her a lot of points as a whole. The way that she holds a secret crush and tries her best to hide is also extremely cute to watch.

9. Yuri Koigakubo

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Yuri is the homeroom teacher of Ryuji and Taiga's class. She is a dedicated teacher and is highly concerned with the welfare of her students. At the age of thirty, Yuri is still not married. This often caused Yuri to be overly concerned with her future and she often feels depressed. In one instance, this was further aggravated when Taiga seeks her out for relationship advice.

Let's be honest, everyone character in anime looks young. The same applies for Yuri-sensei. She doesn't look the least thirty and still has a kind and warm smile. Despite bearing the burden of not being able to marry, Yuri still treats her students kindly. This only makes you wonder why someone such as her is still not married. Her warmth and kindness itself should be one of her strong points to say the least.

8. Inko

Toradora-Wallpaper-583x500 Top 10 Lovable Toradora! Characters

Inko is the pet parakeet of the Takasu family. Her name literally means Parakeet in Japanese. Inko looks sickly despite acting relatively healthy. She struggles to say her own name often but clearly understands the flow of conversation between Ryuji and his friends. Inko is even able to respond directly to the conversation at times! She speaks while stuttering leading many to believe that she may be mentally deficient.

Inko - mentally disabled parakeet or secretly a genius animal? Inko provides a good breather to the show and has always been this comic relief. At certain points of the anime, Inko can even spur the characters in decision making. Inko's attempts to speak and communicate are extremely adorable as well. Despite being a minor character, she is one of the lovable side characters in Toradora!.

7. Sumire Kanou

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Sumire is the president of the student council of the school where Toradora! takes place. She is extremely smart and authoritative. With Yusaku as her Vice President, they ran the school efficiently. She aspires to be an astronaut and will have to travel to America in order to fulfil her dream. Secretly though, she harbours feelings for Yusaku but chose to conceal it because of her dream.

Despite having an iron front, Sumire is actually a very considerate person. She fully accepts her role as a president and will not falter under pressure. Despite the tough exterior, she has been continuously shown to be kind and caring towards her school mates. This is clearly evident where she hides her feelings even though she had feelings for Yusaku due to the fact that she knew that Yusaku would follow her and she did not want to be a bother. Her softer side gives rise to the definition of gap moe and this love story can just be as good as the relationship between Taiga and Ryuji.

6. Ami Kawashima

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Ami is a model and is often the envy of others for being gracious and kind. The truth however is that this is all merely a facade conjured up by her to make people envy her. Her true personality is that of an egotistical and arrogant individual with an extremely sharp tongue with the purpose of insulting others. Constantly butting heads with Taiga, no one truly knows of their relationship as it has always been one of a love-hate relationship. As her character develops in the series, Ami becomes quite supportive of the group of people she can now call her friends and will act for the sake of them.

When Ami was first introduced, she was instantly hated for her two faced personality. In the midst of the blossoming relationship of Taiga and Ryuuji, Ami would often toy with Ryuuji in an effort to make Taiga confused. It was not only towards the end where her intentions were revealed. Had it not been for her actions, Taiga would probably never know her true feelings to Ryuuji if Ami had not antagonized her and caused her to feel jealous.

5. Yusaku Kitamura

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Yusaku has an odd personality alongside Minori. He became the Vice President of the school after his initial confession to Taiga was rejected. Eventually, after working with Sumire, he soon developed feelings for her. Yusaku is one of Ryuuji and Taiga's friends and is highly perceptive of their feelings towards each other. Even though he possibly might have known that they are chasing other people, the actions he initiated are often to bring the duo closer to each other.

A close friend of Ryuuji, Yusaku never doubted Ryuuji and saw his good points. This is the ability of Yusaku to discern the true character of an individual. Although secretly he felt hurt by the rejection of Taiga, he holds up a brave front by always maintaining a positive attitude even around her. Had Taiga not decided to peek at Yusaku's, she would never have known the sadness that he is keeping to himself. Fans will know which scene we are talking about. Likewise, similar to Ryuuji, Yusaku is able to put the needs of others before him even if he has to take a bullet for it.

4. Minori Kushieda

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Similarly, Minori is an odd character like Yusaku. It is almost as though as they are the female and male equivalent of each other! Minori is always cheerful and optimistic as well as being the the crush of Ryuuji. Despite being a klutz at times and outwardly brash, she is just as about perceptive as Yusaku, being able to see the developing relationship between Taiga and Ryuji as well as not being tricked by the facade of Ami. Throughout the series, it is implied that Minori keeps her feelings to herself as well and that she does in fact, all along loved Ryuuji. For the sake of her best friend however, she willingly lets him go.

Minori is usually silly most of the times. A highly unorthodox character, no one can predict what she will say or do next. Perhaps it is true that she does all this in order to hide her feelings from others and not to be a bother to them. What makes her particularly endearing however is the ultimate sacrifice that she made - letting Ryuuji go for Taiga because her best friend was hurting the most. She did not just allowed it to happen, she encouraged it while all this time it was killing her on the inside and for that one moment in the entire series, she broke down. That is the extent of their friendship.

3. Yasuko Takasu

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Yasuko is the mother of Ryuji. She is the only parent to Ryuji as his father left him before he was born. Nevertheless, she single-handedly raised Ryuji as well as supports the family financially. She works as a club hostess and often returns home late. Due to the circumstances from her pregnancy, she was not on good terms with her parents. As such, she could only rely on herself to support herself and Ryuji.

The sacrifices that she undertook are valiant in nature. Taking care of a child is no small feat. Yet however, she does it with a smile. Yasuko's childlike personality is the main reason for her attractiveness. Due to her personality, she provides a warm and friendly family for Ryuji. Whenever Ryuji needed advice, Yasuko possess the experience and wisdom to guide him. The relationship that she and Ryuji possess is not only of a mother and son, but the relationship of being good friends. That is the sweetest bond between a mother and a child.

Toradora-Wallpaper-583x500 Top 10 Lovable Toradora! Characters

2. Aisaka Taiga

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Known throughout the whole campus as the Palmtop Tiger, this is a play on words on her name as well as her feisty personality. Taiga is easily angered and got off on a wrong start with Ryuuji. Her only friend at that time was Minori. She lived a lonely life with no parents until the Takasu family started inviting her for dinner. She has a crush on Yusaku and worked with Ryuuji to get the attention of their crushed since Yusaku was Ryuuji's friend while Minori was close to Taiga.

The most definitive trait about Taiga would have to be her tsundere personality. Everybody loves a good tsundere and Taiga is no exception! It took her that many episodes before she realised her love for Ryuuji. When caught in an embarrassing situation, she is easily flustered which is not typical of her usual feisty trait. The character development for Taiga would also be a reason on why she is so lovable. Throughout the series, she eventually found people that truly cared for her unlike her father who abandoned her. Progressively, you can see that her remarks and retorts were getting less harsh and she started to smile more often.

1. Ryuuji Takasu

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Due to his eyes, Ryuuji has an extremely intimidating look. Many are often too afraid to approach him due to this. In spite of this however, Ryuji harbours no ill-intent towards anybody and is not at all a delinquent as everyone painted him out to be. Not only that, Ryuji is actually very kind and considerate and excels in housework (because he is a neat freak). He originally has a crush on Minori Kushieda and often seeks Taiga's advice in addition to working with her to get the attention of their crushes.

Ryuuji is actually a very suitable candidate for a boyfriend. He is genuinely sincere in helping others and often goes out beyond his way for others. This is especially so in the relationship between him and Taiga. More often or not, he is more dedicated to ensuring Taiga's well-being and success in chasing her crush. The pursuits of Taiga's became more relevant than his own pursuit. Perhaps maybe even as a bestfriend, Ryuuji can even be the responsible wingman that you've always wished for.


Toradora! is filled with many lovable characters, each with their own respective adorable traits. What kind of traits defines a sweet and pleasant character? Is it the way they express themselves? Or is it the way they approach their crush? Let us know who your crush in Toradora! is and what makes them especially sweet and lovable. Who is your favorite Toradora! character? Share with us in the comments section below and we will see you next time.

Toradora-Wallpaper-583x500 Top 10 Lovable Toradora! Characters


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