Top 10 Manga Ranking [Weekly Chart 02/29/2016]

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What You Need to Know:

  • Another Monday, another weekly top ten manga ranking fresh off the Oricon charts!
  • If there's one thing we're learning through these rankings, it's that Japanese manga readers are fickle - things look very different this week compared to last week.
  • So which manga sold the most this week? What's worth reading according to Japanese fans? Let's find out!

Top 10 - Top 6

10. Domestic na Kanojo 8

9. Area no Kishi 50

8. Mashiro no Oto 15

7. Moster Musume no Iru Nichijou 9

6. Dear Boys Act 3 21

Top 5 - Top 1

5. Kamisama no Iutoori Ni 16

kamisama no iu toori 16

4. Handa-kun 5 (read about the anime here!)

handa kun 5

3. Ahiru no Sora 43

ahiru no sora 43

2. Diamond no Ace Act II 2

diamon no ace 2

1. Nanatsu no Taizai 19

nanatsu no taizai 19

Source: Oricon

honeys anime character
Woah, what happened this week?! BokuAca and Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama have disappeared!

honeys anime character
The only one still hanging in there is Handa-kun! Shoujo seems to have been replaced with sports, too?