Top 10 Most Caring Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters) Characters

Arguably one of the cutest series that aired last season, Gakuen Babysitters is an anime adaptation of a manga by Tokeino Hari with the same title, originally serialized in Hakusensha’s LaLa magazine since 2009. The slice-of-life series take its audience to see glimpses of the happenings in the life of the Kashima brothers—Ryuuichi and Kotarou—who had only recently lost their parents in an airplane accident. Taken in by an old lady whose family had also been in the same accident as their parents, Ryuuichi began attending the Morinomiya Academy while at the same time taking care of not only his baby brother Kotarou but also five other unbearably adorable toddlers at the Morinomiya Academy Babysitters Club.

Gakuen Babysitters is not only a comedic, slice-of-life story about a babysitter club run by teenagers. It is a story about two brothers who just lost their entire family, but managed to find another kind of warmth given by the people that surrounded them in life. Everyone in this series, from the toddlers and babies, to siblings, friends, and parents, are all very nice, kind-hearted people who care so much about one another. For an entire series whose story’s point is about caring and being cared for, we’re trying our hands in ranking the ten most caring characters. It’s going to be hard, but let’s see how we’ll do!

10. Mamizuka Twins

Considering Takuma and Kazuma barely ever go anywhere without their other half, we’re going to put the twins on the tenth place as one. Kazuma, the ever-smiling one, and Takuma, the ever-crying one, are almost inseparable. Of course, they care very much about one another, especially because they’ve always been together since birth. However, both twins are also very caring and considerate to the people around them .When Takuma caught a cold and Kazuma had to spend an entire day without Takuma in the daycare, for example, Kazuma tried to not make the adults worry and played happily with the rest of the kids—at least until nap time was over and Kazuma got so lonely he sat by himself by the school’s front gate to wait for Takuma and their mother to come pick him up.

On the other hand, the meek Takuma might be quieter, but he’s also very caring and considerate of his twin and friends. Despite being scared of playing in the inflatable pool and visibly upset because Kazuma preferred playing in the water rather than getting back to the daycare with him, Takuma still comforted Kazuma and his friends when all the kids were upset after the inflatable pool was rendered unusable by an unfortunate accident with a cat. Both twins were also notably very caring towards their parents—from bravely going together to the convenience store to help their mother buy milk to being patient with their father when he tried his best to make omurice for them. It’s a toddler’s brand of caring, yes, but it’s so adorable and heartwarming you can’t help but say “Aaww,” every time the twins do it!

9. Nezu Chuukichi

When you’re born into a rather family with a lot of children that is struggling with finances, how do you show your family that you care about them? Nezu Chuukichi, best friend of one of the most popular guys in Morinomiya Academy Yagi Tomoya, was born as the second son in a five-sibling family whose financial situation was not great. As a scholarship student at Morinomiya Academy, Nezu had to always stay on top of his studies, but he also had a lot on his plate besides schoolwork. Not only did he have to work multiple part-time jobs to support his family’s finance, he still had to take care of his three younger siblings in his free time. And not once in the series have we ever seen him complain!

Nezu was a very caring person—not only to his family, especially to his siblings who idolized him—but also towards his friends and others around him. We’ve seen him helping out with the local festival committee, sparing a minute to try and help Taka find his toy sword. He invited Yagi to spend time around his family because he knew how lonely Yagi actually was. When Kichi, his younger brother, decided to run away from home because he couldn’t afford a game he wanted, Nezu picked him up without scolding him, instead bringing him said game and gently told him to thank their parents. All in all, not only Nezu is a caring person, he’s also the very figure of a role-model older brother!

8. Inomata Maria

Gakuen Babysitters is an expert in showing how different people showed that they care about others around them in so many different ways. Inomata Maria embodies this the most: despite famously known by other students as awkward, easily-angered, and quick to scold the people around her for doing things they are not supposed to do. As the series went on, we discovered how much Maria actually cared about others and what they think of her. As an awkward girl with no friends ever since she was a kid, Maria never really knew how to express herself and how she cared so much, and somehow ended up getting angry and yelling precisely because she cared. Ah, the charm of a tsundere.

Through the friendships she found, though, Maria slowly learned how to express how much she cared about others around her. Despite not knowing how to deal with children most of the time, Maria was always ready to help the daycare kids, no matter how silly a problem they brought her. Maria was the type to help others in need without thinking twice, but then fretted over whether or not she accidentally did something wrong, or if perhaps she offended anyone. The friendship she developed with Yuki and Kirin helped her become a more honest person in terms of expressing herself.

7. Kumatsuka Kirin

Kirin was a literal ray of sunshine not just for how cute she looked and the adorable the way she talked. She was like sunshine because she was such a good child—always eager to help anyone who needed help, and was almost always the first to extend a hand towards shy new friends, from Maria to Kyouko and even later, Tamako. She cared very much about her friends and parents, the way a toddler could innocently be, and while the things she did to help out didn’t always work out for good, such as that one time when she happily handed her present of bugs to Yuki, her intention was to be a good kid and to be nice to people!

Even at the daycare, Kirin was often shown to be helping Usaida with Midori. When Maria first came to the daycare, crying and frustrated for not being able to deal with the kids, it was Kirin who first came up and comforted her, making them good friends ever since. Kirin also took the role of a good older sister to the other daycare kids, especially to Kotarou and Midori, and always tried to do her best. She might still be an adorable toddler who fights a lot with Taka over the silliest reason, but the way she always tried to be helpful to others around her showed that Kirin is one of the most caring characters in the series!

6. Morinomiya Youko

Another character to prove to you that one could express how much they cared about others in so many different ways: Morinomiya Youko, the owner of Morinomiya Academy, or, if we go by Kotarou’s fond nickname: “Fluffy”, for her sheep-like hair. She was the one who took both Ryuuichi and Kotarou in after they all lost their family in the same airplane accident, and later enrolled Ryuuichi in the Morinomiya Academy, as well as the one who told Ryuuichi to keep taking care of Kotarou by joining the babysitters club.

While Youko always seemed to be very strict with Ryuuichi, Kotarou, and literally everyone around her, Youko was also undoubtedly one of the most caring characters in the entire series. Not only did she take in the Kashima brothers and give them financial security, she took the role of both a mother and grandmother when they were home: taking care of Ryuuichi when he was sick, taking care of Kotarou when Ryuuichi was busy with exams, and even replacing Ryuuichi at the daycare when he had to go solve the fight between Taka and Hayato. She was, by all means, Ryuuichi and Kotarou’s family now, and there was really nothing quite as heartwarming as Youko’s Christmas surprise for Ryuuichi and Kotarou, still strictly but gently, telling Ryuuichi that he should lean more on other people.

5. Saikawa

Ah, the mysterious Saikawa, whose first name we still haven’t found out. Despite technically being Youko’s secretary, Saikawa’s role seemed to be more of a butler instead of a secretary. The difference was that Saikawa didn’t do what he did because he was paid to—he did it because he cared very much about Ryuuichi, Kotarou, and the tiny daycare residents. It is kind of hard to leave Saikawa out of this list, because he was the Mother character in the series; of course, we have the babies’ actual mothers, but Saikawa’s prowess in literally everything really puts him on the top of mothers’ ranking, if such a thing existed!

Saikawa had never been a mere secretary; he was the one who took care of everything at home for Youko, from cooking to cleaning to assisting Youko in her work. Despite seemingly always being chill towards everything in life, Saikawa really cares about Youko, Ryuuichi and Kotarou, and he showed it mostly through the food he cooked for them. He’d brought feasts to the dining table, packed fancy obento for Ryuuichi and Kotarou’s picnics, and took up the challenge of making the kids enjoy eating things they don’t like eating. All of this is, frankly, outside of his salary. And yet, Saikawa was one of the people who was always ready to lend a hand to Ryuuichi and the daycare—when Usaida got sick, he took over the daycare and did his best with the children’s help despite not knowing much about taking care of babies before. It’s no wonder when Ryuuichi likened his effort to making Saikawa happy with the effort a daughter spends on Mother’s Day—in a lot of sense, Saikawa was part of the family he cared so much for now!

4. Kamitani Hayato

Being one of the main teenage boys in the series, it might sound weird to have Hayato on the fourth rank in this list. Just look at him: quiet, carelessly going through his days, seemingly not interested in anything except baseball. Or at least, that was probably the first impression we got of him in the first episode of the series, along with the amusing fact that he would just hit Taka on the head when he got exasperated with his brother. Well, that first impression obviously would get thrown out the window not even five minutes after his first appearance—Hayato showed himself to actually be a very caring person the moment he left everything to help accompany Ryuuichi to the closest pediatrician clinic despite only meeting him less than fifteen minutes ago.

Out of the many older brothers in the series, at the first glance, Hayato perhaps seemed like he was the one who mostly didn’t care about his brother. But as the series went, Hayato proved otherwise—he was resiliently patient against Taka’s numerous pranks and selfish demands, stayed an unexpectedly responsible member of babysitters club when he finally joined, and amazingly sensitive to his friends, and mostly Ryuuichi’s, various predicaments. He also proved to care very much about Taka even though he stayed pretty strict with his brother. Hayato didn’t always explicitly showed that he cared, being a boy with very few words, but he never left Ryuuichi alone in his times of need, always paid attention to the kids when he was with them, and one time even went as far to tell Youko about Ryuuichi needing a new phone when Ryuuichi was hesitant to do so. Not only was Hayato a good brother, he was definitely also a very caring friend!

3. Usaida Yoshihito

Yes, it’s the forever-sleepy, seemingly lazy adult Usaida Yoshihito! Why, do you ask? Because while Usaida’s always shown lazing about the daycare and making fun of Ryuuichi and his friends, he was also the one person who had run the daycare for a long time before Ryuuichi and Kotarou even came to Morinomiya Academy. And considering how much of a handful the toddlers and babies were, it was clear that Usaida didn’t only help out at the daycare because it was a good part-time job for him; he did it because he loved the daycare kids and he cared about them.

It was really easy to miss all the little things Usaida did that showed how much he cared about the kids, the teenagers, and even the parents, especially because Usaida would always play it off like it was nothing. The easiest would be how Usaida always took pictures of the kids on events for their parents who couldn’t always be there (even if he played it off that he would sell the pictures to them instead). There was also that one time when he caught a bad cold, but still dragged himself to the daycare in worry after Saikawa’s emergency call. Usaida was actually a sensitive and caring person, which was why he was always able to guess what’s in Ryuuichi’s head when he’s worrying about something, and was always ready to offer advice and help. His love for the daycare children is really undoubtable.

2. Kashima Kotarou

Which of the daycare kids would you choose to have as a younger brother? A lot of Gakuen Babysitters fans would probably point to Kotarou as an answer without much hesitation. Not only was Kotarou ridiculously, unbelievably cute, he was literally the ideal baby brother—one who loved his older sibling and tried his best to always be helpful and not be a burden nor an inconvenience to his beloved older brother. Quiet, well-behaved, and very kind, even if sometimes he looked too expressionless to actually be Ryuuichi’s younger brother, Kotarou was probably the one in the series who cared the most about Ryuuichi.

As he was still a toddler, there were only so many ways Kotarou could show his older brother how much he cared, but perhaps nothing topped how much Kotarou cared for Ryuuichi more than the scene where he put his everything in squeezing a tangerine to make juice for Ryuuichi who had caught a cold. So much effort for one tiny drop! And yet Kotarou didn’t give up, exactly because he cared so much about Ryuuichi. Not just Ryuuichi, Kotarou was also a very good kid at the daycare who cared a lot about his fellow daycare kids. He’d comfort a crying Taka or Kirin every single time they got upset. He’d hold hands with Kazuma and Takuma when they went out for walks. Kotarou had always tried to help everyone in what little ways he could because he cared, and as we could see, those efforts paid back—even if Ryuuichi was his only family left, Kotarou’s life never lacked any warmth now with his daycare friends and their family.

1. Kashima Ryuuichi

The first place really should fall to our main character: the ideal older brother, the arguably kindest soul in the series, the bashful high school student who loved his younger brother more than anyone else. Kashima Ryuuichi was a person who cared for many and perhaps too much, to the point that everyone around her, and quite surely most of the audience, would want to protect him at whatever cost. Good with kids, always considerate to his friends, and tactful with the adults, Ryuuichi was the person who would always put others before him, always tried to help others around him, that he sometimes forgot about himself. Guess there is a drawback to have cared too much, huh?

Not that Ryuuichi ever regretted it, though. His love and care of Kotarou is unquestionable—we’d seen Ryuuichi reject girls’ confessions because he wanted to focus on raising Kotarou, and we’d seen him choose to half-drown in sea water in attempt to hold Kotarou up and out of it. No one should doubt how much he cared for the daycare kids, either—he’d chosen to stay in the babysitters club despite being lonely that he didn’t get to spend as much time with his friends like other high school students did, and he’d always prioritize the daycare kids no matter what. It was obvious that Ryuuichi was also a caring friend—he helped Maria to be more comfortable hanging out with kids and making friends, he helped Hayato mend his relationship with his father a little, and visited everyone who caught the flu to bring them cherry blossom petals after a hanami that got cancelled. Being considerate is literally what Ryuuichi was made of, and the fact that he was such a good caretaker put him on top of this list!

It is exactly because Gakuen Babysitters is filled with caring characters who treasure one another and would never hesitate to help each other that makes Gakuen Babysitters such a warm and emotionally fulfilling series. Yes, it is almost unbearably cute, and yes, it is a heartwarming story of siblings, but at its core, Gakuen Babysitters sends a simple message to the audience: be kind to others. Care for them, and be considerate. Just like Ryuuichi and Kotarou, who give so much because they care, but in turn receives even more because everyone cares about them as well.

What do you think about Gakuen Babysitters and their characters? Let us know in the comments!

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