Top 10 Most Interesting Ace Attorney Characters

From murders to framing someone else to sniffing out the truth, we’ve got a list for you. If you love playing detective or trying to figure out the puzzle, then you must be a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series, a game that is nothing but full of puzzles! Who’s the real killer? Is your client really innocent? Can you get that NOT GUILTY verdict? It’s a game that keeps you on your toes.

If you loved Ace Attorney as much as we did, well we have a great list here for you. Today, Honey’s Anime presents to you the top 10 most interesting Ace Attorney characters. From murderers to prosecutors, who do you think we chose as the most interesting Ace Attorney characters and why? Well, you will just have to find out!

10. Misty Fey

Misty Fey was first spoken about in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She was Maya and Mia’s mother, as well as the master of the Kurain School of Spirit Channeling, despite being second in line to inherit the title due to the fact that her powers surpassed those of her older sister, Morgan. Misty was the center of the DL-6 incident and brought shame to her village, so she disappeared from the lives of her daughters never to be spoken of again.

However, in Trials and Tribulations, Misty came back under the identity of Elise Deauxnim. Misty had to come out of hiding as the popular children’s book author to foil a murder attempt on her daughter Maya. With Godot’s help, Misty channeled Dahlia, in an effort to keep Pearl from channeling Dahlia and murdering Maya. Godot then attempted to murder Dahlia in her spiritual form resulting in Misty’s death. Despite being absent from her daughters’ lives for so many years, Misty was willing to sacrifice her life and livelihood to ensure that her daughter lived.

9. Athena Cykes

Athena Cykes is a rather upbeat young girl who shows up in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. As a young girl, Athena was very isolated and lived at the Cosmos Space Center. She avoided people due to her ability that allows her to hear the inner voices of others, a power that Athena uses now as a defense attorney.

At the age of 17, Athena became a defense attorney specializing in analytical psychology after having graduated from a university in Europe. She uses her powers to help shed light on what a person feels because, as a child, Athena was unable to communicate what Simon Blackquill really felt. Athena could not save Blackquill as a child, but her goal was to come back and free him one day. How could a child, who devotes her life’s goal to someone else, not be worthy of our most interesting Ace Attorney characters list?

8. Franziska von Karma

Franziska von Karma debuts in Justice for All where she is a prosecutor who seems to share a bond with Miles Edgeworth. Oh, and her whip. We cannot forget her whip. Franziska is a rather temperamental being who does not hesitate to use her whip on Phoenix Wright and Dick Gumshoe (Poor Gumshoe!). As a child, Franziska was raised in Germany and passed the bar exam at the ripe age of 13. Of course, like her father, Franziska made sure to do everything at her disposal to get a guilty verdict and maintain her perfect record, earning her the title of “The Prodigy”.

Franziska is a fun one as she is completely temperamental and is prone to using her whip to vent out her feelings, however it should be noted that she seems to refuse to whip Edgeworth. She becomes especially angry when her witnesses trip up and make her look bad. However, all in all, Franziska is adorable because she does what she does because she wants to catch up to Edgeworth and be noticed by him once and for all. She just has a brother complex and it’s adorable!

7. Matt Engarde

Matt Engarde comes to us as a defendant in Farewell, My Turnabout, the last case in Justice For All. Matt is an innocent looking idol who plays the Nickel Samurai against the victim’s, Juan Corrida’s, Jammin’ Ninja. Matt does a really great job, too, at playing the hapless fool that he could have fooled many of us. However, as the case took a turn, it was obvious he was not as helpless or innocent as we all thought.

Matt spent much of his adult life and career competing against Juan Corrida. This includes ruining the engagement of Juan and Matt’s ex-girlfriend/manager, Celeste Inpax who then committed suicide. Matt even hired a professional assassin, Shelly de Killer, to take out Juan and then tried to blackmail the Killer. Now that takes a lot of guts. And once the ground crumbles under Matt’s feet (figuratively), Matt takes out his stress by tearing at his face until he bleeds all over. Now you have to admit, Matt Engarde is freaking interesting. And so, Phoenix’s one and only guilty defendant earned his place on our most interesting Ace Attorney characters list.

6. Lamiroir (Thalassa Gramarye)

Lamiroir is a mysterious Borginian singer that debuts in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. She performs at one of the concerts with Klavier Gavin where she becomes the witness to a murder in Turnabout Serenade. Who knew that this was just the start of our journey with Lamiroir?

In fact, it is later discovered that Lamiroir is Apollo’s and Trucy’s mother from two different marriages and identities! Lamiroir is, in fact, Thalassa Gramarye who lost her memories and her sight after getting shot in a magic act. Even more, Thalassa was one of the first to participate in the new Jurist system! While Thalassa seemed to be just the mysterious parent (she never told Apollo and Trucy) and side character, she had a major role in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney!

5. Mimi Miney

Mimi Miney was quite the tricky witness who debuted in Justice for All. In the past, Mimi Miney had been the cause of a malpractice accident where she mixed up medications for the patients resulting in 14 deaths. However, just weeks later, Mimi and her twin sister Ini were in a car accident that resulted in Ini’s death and Mimi’s facial disfiguration. With the help of reconstructive surgery, Mimi ended up taking the identity of her twin, Ini.

This was a bit of a complicated situation and was the first case to involve the use of twins in the Ace Attorney series. Mimi had a lot of remorse for taking her sister’s life with the accident as well as the lives of the patients, but she wanted nothing more than to put her past behind her and live her sister’s life, which involved being a dunce and studying parapsychology while her old boss attempted to sully Mimi’s old name even in death. Mimi was even willing to implicate Maya as a murderer to keep her own name clean. Just what would you do to survive?

4. Simon Blackquill

Simon Blackquill was one of the most interesting prosecutors yet as he entered the courtroom in Dual Destinies accompanied by police men and in shackles. Yes, Simon Blackquill was a dark character who was serving a murder sentence while also acting as a prosecutor. How’s that for an interesting Ace Attorney character?

Simon is so great because he’s completely dark in personality and uses a hawk to torment Phoenix and bring forth evidence. His dark personality is in great contrast to his desperate desire to maintain his murder conviction in order to spare Athena the trauma of remembering about her mother’s murder, and her possible part in it. However, despite Simon’s extremely intimidating appearance, his heart continues to scream his innocence to the little girl inside Athena, and it just breaks our hearts!

3. Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth is a fan favorite and we don’t blame the fans. He comes off very stern, stoic, and strict in all the right ways. However, that’s not what makes Edgeworth the most interesting, although his popularity did give Edgeworth his own spin-offs (which were fantastic, by the way).

Debuting in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix clearly had a history with Edgeworth and his present self, seemed to be distorted compared to Phoenix’s memories of him. As we complete the game, we realize the complexity of Edgeworth as his entire focus is centered on making sure all defendants are deemed GUILTY as his own father’s murderer was released free. Edgeworth wants justice so much that he does not care what means is used to achieve it.

As Edgeworth’s character develops, we see he is more interested in getting the truth out, even if he implicates the District Attorney (whoops). Edgeworth develops more so in the video games the more often we see him and becomes extremely successful. Once he regarded Phoenix as an unworthy rival, but now Edgeworth views Phoenix as a partner.

2. Godot (Diego Armando)

Godot was one of many interesting prosecutors from the Ace Attorney series, making his debut in Trials and Tribulations as the prosecutor resembling Cyclops (X-men) who throws coffee at Phoenix Wright (One of many abusive Ace Attorney prosecutors). At first, all Godot seemed to be interested in was Phoenix’s downfall. He was a man of many mysteries, but merely proved to be a comedic relief once in awhile with his coffee throwing.

However, in fact, Godot was originally Diego Armando, a defense attorney, Mia’s mentor and lover. Armando’s desire for justice led to his attempt to take down Dahlia, which resulted in her poisoning him to keep the truth hidden. Armando fell into a coma for 5 years, had an extensive vision and CNS damage, and his hair turned completely white. However, the worst part was that his coma robbed him of his last moments with Mia and his chance at saving her from her bloody fate.

Some may not remember Godot well, but he had one of the saddest backstories and was related to a lot of the dramas going around in the Ace Attorney series. While some may have tried for revenge, Godot wanted nothing more than to prove that he was a better man than Phoenix, thus proving that he could have the ability to save Mia while Phoenix did not. Godot centered his whole life on that one pivotal idea and it just completely rocked us emotionally.

1. Dahlia Hawthorne

Now, for the most interesting Ace Attorney character ever: Dahlia Hawthorne. Dahlia came to us in Trials and Tribulations as the girlfriend of the defendant that Mia Fey is defending. She’s beautiful, graceful, and so sweet that butterflies flutter about her and the court swoons under her feet. However, who knew Dahlia would come back to haunt us over and over again?

Dahlia Hawthorne is as deliciously evil as our other evil love, Junko Enoshima. At a young age, Dahlia convinced her father to abandon her twin sister, Iris at Hazakura Temple to get rid of her. Then Dahlia seduces her tutor, Terry Fawles, to help her steal from her father with the help of her stepsister, but then turned on Terry to implicate him of her murder. When her stepsister wished to reveal the truth in court, Dahlia did not hesitate to murder her either, nor give Terry poison so that he would die for his love, and leave the case open.

Even after all of that, Dahlia came across Phoenix and pretended to date him in order to take something from him. This resulted in her plot to murder Phoenix which ended up in someone else’s death. THEN after being convicted of murder, Dahlia receives a death sentence and still plots her revenge. In fact, in death, Dahlia’s spirit was summoned and she attempted to take the life of Maya.

Dahlia is a beauty but looks can be deceiving. Dahlia does not care for anyone but herself and while she may be the essence of pure evil, it makes Dahlia the most interesting Ace Attorney character on our list.

Final Thoughts

There were some really interesting Ace Attorney characters on this list, but ten is such a limited number! While we wanted to include Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice, there were other characters who were just more interesting, don’t you agree? Is there a character that you love that’s missing from our list? Please let us know!

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