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It looks like we simply can’t leave Pokemon for a long time, right? Maybe because Pokemon does not leave us easily either. While we are (still) anxiously waiting for Pokemon Sun/Moon, why not go on a trip back down memory lane? Pokemon is much more than a game. The anime is still ongoing and has offered us all sorts of interesting stories. So, let’s remember our favorite characters together! Let’s see who is the very best!

10. Gary Oak

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

Let’s start with one of the most antipathetics, shall we? We have to mention Gary because he was there since the beginning of the Pokemon anime. Gary is Professor Oak’s grandson and first ever rival for Ash. Gary is a selfish, arrogant know-it-all… but he is also a talented Pokemon trainer. He advances quickly on the Pokemon ranks and becomes one of the bests in the Kanto area.

Ash is so obsessed with defeating Gary, that we get news about him constantly. Ash also tries to defeat him several times, being comically unsuccessful. And although in the end they recover their friendship, Gary is still shown around in the Pokemon world. Now he might not be a rival, but he still is a Pokemon expert and a little bit more likeable.

9. Samuel Oak

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

Professor Oak had to be by the side of his grandson. This scientist is one of the most recurrent characters in the entire series. Professor Oak is in charge of the Pokemon Center of Palette Town, and is well known beyond the Kanto Region. He is responsible for overseeing the Pokemon trainers from Palett Town and their Pokemons.

Professor Oak is also an expert on Pokemon relationships, that is why he tries to foster such relationships between Pokemons and Trainers. This scientist is so memorable that we wonder if any Pokemon fan cannot identify him. He is somewhat cool for a man his age, and has had his hilarious moments. So don’t worry, we will have yet more of Professor Oak in forthcoming anime episodes.

8. Mewtwo

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

The anime, games, and overall franchise is called Pokemon for a reason. Among the hundreds of critters that we can catch, some of them had to be more memorable, right? This is the case for Mewtwo. He was even a protagonist in a Pokemon movie because the guy is so epic!

Mewtwo was a clone made from a Mew. He became a different Pokemon species because his DNA was modified. That is why Mewtwo is slightly anthropomorphized. Highly intelligent but also raised to be ruthless, he is one of those Pokemon you would not like to cross unprepared. Mewtwo eventually learns to get along with humans thanks to Mew. This is fortunate, because the few battles we have seen with him are great!

7. Brock

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

But let’s get back to the comical characters, shall we? Brock was not only part of the games since the beginning, he was also in the anime for a long period! Brock is the Gym leader of Pewter City. He had a double objective to join Ash: to become a better Pokemon Breeder and to search for girls… especially if they are the Jenny officers or Joy nurses. He even can recognize differences between all of them o.O

Brock is several years older than Ash, so he usually advises other Pokemon trainers. He is also an expert cook and caretaker. In general, Brock is a capable human being as long as a beautiful girl is not in sight. For all those comical and tender moments he has given us, Brock definitely is one of our Pokemon memorable characters.

6. Red

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

The first Pokemon games are still treasured by veteran fans. That is why when the spinoff series Pokemon Origins was announced, everyone was waiting anxiously for it. Red, our protagonist, turned out to be one of the best characters in Pokemon ever. He has all the flaws of an enthusiastic teen, as he is clumsy, insecure and inexpert. Nevertheless, Red also has the guts and the maturity to accept the Pokemon as friends.

Red is a prodigy, as he easily defeats Brock back when he was a newbie. Red also managed to enter the Hall of Fame when he won at the Indigo Plateau. He even captured Mewtwo! It doesn’t matter how you look at Red, he is a champion in the Pokemon world.

5. Charizard

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

We are referring to the Charizard on Ash’s team. When he was a Charmander, he was abandoned by his original owner (Damian) so that he could toughen up. Poor Charmander almost had his fire go out during a storm, if not for Ash and his friends. When Charmander realized Damian had a despicable personality, he decided to stay with Ash, becoming his fifth Kanto Pokemon and one of the most important Pokemon on his possession.

When Charmander became Charizard, he no longer listened to Ash’s orders. He was like an adolescent, so Ash had to learn how to control him and win his respect. Ash would not regain some control on him until the incident with a Poliwrath who encased Charizard in ice, almost killing him. Ash had to nurse him back to health throughout night, but the effort paid off. Since then, he has been a loyal companion in his adventures. How not to remember this rebel Pokemon?

4. Team Rocket Trio

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

It hardly passes an episode without listening to the comical gags from Jessie, James and Meowth. In reality, the Team Rocket is a whole criminal gang with hundreds of members, but the Trio remain a great legend of failures :p So, we definitely can not ignore them. They have been in the Pokemon anime since the very beginning trying to steal Pikachu.

Let’s remember that, in order to become a memorable character, we need them to be tridimensional. At first, the Team Rocket looks and behaves in straightforward ways, but as the series progresses, we learn a lot about their backgrounds. Evil is not built in a day, apparently… and they end up being an adorable team of outcasts. Their Pokemon evolve, their personalities change (amid a little) and they even have small victories along the way. Pokemon would not be the same without the Trio 🙂

3. Misty

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

She is perhaps the most popular female Pokemon trainer. An aspiring Water Pokemon Water, Misty also functions as Gym leader in Cerulean City. She is also the smallest of four sisters, with a tomboy attitude. Misty has a rather accidental first encounter with Ash, who takes her bicycle to rescue Pikachu and ruins it in the process. Thus, Misty follows him to get a repayment.

The relationship between Ash and Misty is simply hilarious, full of childish quarrels and the occasional jealousy. It is a much missed piece in later Pokemon seasons. Misty has done cameos in the Best Wishes series and even mentioned in the Diamond and Pearl series. But well… we fans still hope Misty will make a come-back, like other Pokemon trainers had done.

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

2. Ash Ketchum

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

Here he is, Pokemon trainers. The protagonist of the Pokemon anime in person. It is impossible to ignore Ash in the Top ten, because Pokemon is about his quest to become the best Pokemon Master. Yes, he is ignorant and adamant in episode 1. The guy has gone through a lot and has gotten a little better with time. Ash is far away from the “honor” victories he had in Kanto (where he didn’t technically win).

Nevertheless, Ash has a never fading enthusiasm that is rare to find. He has travelled far and wide, finding the most strange of critters. His approach towards Pokemon by befriend them is looked down by many. But Ash has proven to have an unbreakable bond with his Pokemon that has saved lives and won battles. Ash has become a symbol of our childlike curiosity and enthusiasm for more adventures!

1. Pikachu

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

And finally, who in their right minds don’t know who is Pikachu? His cute, fluffy, bright yellow image has been seen all around the globe. Anyway, this entry is for Ash’s Pikachu, because no two Pikachus are the same.

This little critter had a bad temper when he and Ash met. As what usually happens when Ash befriends Pokemon, he saves Pikachu from some Pidgeys, winning the furball’s loyalty. Since then, Pikachu has become Ash’s best friend and the leader of his Pokemon. He shares a lot of the characteristics of Ash: his curiosity, his enthusiasm and his battle will. Pikachu also has shown concern for other Pokemon, especially Misty’s Togepi. Plus, he is powerful and willing to electro-shock anyone who is unpleasant. For being the perfect balance between power and cuteness, Pikachu is the chosen one!

Final thoughts

What do you think about our memorable selections from Pokemon? It was really hard to select just ten from such a long series. So please, forgive us if we left your favorite out. Or even better, please comment who else is a memorable Pokemon character. Who else deserves a place on the hall of fame? We will be awaiting for your comments as always. Don’t hesitate to suggest us about other unexplored aspects of Pokemon in our articles too. See you soon!

Wallpaper-Pokemon-2 Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon


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