Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

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Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Pokemon will always be the franchise that resonate in the hearts of every individual due to its wide variety of characters to admire. Since there are so many Pokemon that exist now in the ever growing universe, we thought it would best to shed some light on the actual characters that use these Pokemon in battle. In this article we will be taking a closer look at our top ten extremely kawaii Pokemon characters for you to check out. The Pokemon series is a long one, so we've come up with a list of characters that have been seen throughout various parts of the series. When we say extremely kawaii we don't just mean in appearance, but even more so in the personality of the characters. So with all that being said, let's hop right into our top ten and we hope that you enjoy it!

10. Shauntal

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Floating in at number ten is Shauntal who is a Master-type Ghost Trainer and a member of the Unova Elite Four. Purple is definitely the color of choice for Shauntal as most of her attire consists of dark and light hues, along with shades of pink to compliment the coordination. She is extremely kawaii due to her very nerdy look which a lot of us tend to like. Shauntal comes across as aloof but is very intelligent as she tends to be more focused on studying Pokemon than catching them. Despite her petite figure she is very curvaceous and doesn't mind showing a little skin.

Shauntal is a story teller, since she really enjoys to write a lot in her notebook that she carries around with her. Shauntal's fascination with Ghost-type Pokemon are what inspire her to come up with stories to write, but also when battling with other trainers. Her favorite Pokemon Jellicent is an extremely cute Pokemon who looks like a big pink puffy toy that you could just throw around and have fun with. Shauntal and her Pokemon definitely shine in their own way and that's why we decided to place her on our top ten.

9. Bianca “Beru”

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Bianca is all about coordination as you can see in her style, where she is wearing an orange jacket, green pants, orange shoes, and a green hat. Everything down to the white ribbon on her hat is just immaculate, and that is definitely worthy enough to put her down on our number nine spot. It's hard to put pieces of clothing together but Bianca just makes it look so flawless with every color just standing out in the right order. She resides in the Unova region as an aspiring Pokemon trainer, and works as an assistant Pokemon Professor in Black and White 2.

Bianca makes a number of appearances throughout the anime, where she plays a friendly rival to Ash and occasional traveling companion. Despite her sharp sense of style, she doesn't seem to carry that habit over when it comes to her behavior. Bianca is known to be quite clumsy and acts in a hasty manner, but deep down she genuinely cares for all of her Pokemon as well as friends she makes on her journey. If you're into fashionable and kawaii characters then Bianca is definitely your choice for a Pokemon trainer!

8. Caitlin

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Caitlin is one cute looking character because of her unique style and energy she brings to the series. She is a Master Psychic-type Trainer and member of the Unova Elite Four. She first appeared in episode 90 of the Best Wishes series, where she took part in an exhibition match in the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup. Caitlin's style is so angelic as her hair just flows freely and her dreamy face in battle just leaves you in awe. It reminds you of a fairy tale princess in a way, since she is so well kept and her demeanor is elegant. While Caitlin doesn't make much of an appearance throughout much of the series, she does play a major role in the games which we highly recommend you play if you haven't already.

In the anime Caitlin’s hair is long and wavy which goes down almost all the way to the floor, while she wears a large fluffy, pink and pale hat. Caitlin’s eyes are a sharp vivid blue and her skirt is long with a matching pink transparent cape.

7. Skyla

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Number seven on our extremely kawaii list of Pokemon characters is Skyla. She is the gym leader at Mistralton Gym and specializes in flying-type Pokemon. Whoever can defeat her will receive the Jet Badge as their reward. Skyla shares somewhat of a similar appearance to popular character Mega Man in that they both wear a lot of blue, and very similar patterns. She made her anime debut in episode 67 of the Best Wishes series where we learn that she is a strong passion for flying and that her battles are called “Air Battles”, in which she visualizes a battle out in her mind and can decide who wins without actually battling. Quite an interesting trait for a cute lady.

Skyla wears a patterned blue shirt along with a matching skirt, with blue gloves. Everything about her is pretty much blue even down to her wonderfully adorable eyes. The major selling point that makes her worth of our top ten is that she is so carefree in her life, letting nothing get in the way of her passions. Skyla’s smile and jubilant attitude just bring out the best in everyone, while her competitive spirit shines in battle especially when she faces off against Ash for the Jet Badge. Since we don't want to spoil much of the show for you, we suggest you watch the rest to find out who wins.

6. Iris

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Flying in at number six is Master Dragon-type Trainer Iris. She is one of Opelucid Gym's leaders, and she gives out the league badge to whoever can prove their strength. Iris is really stylish and almost always seems to be decked out in some princess-type gear that truly stands out. She wears a pink and white gown with a crown shaped in the form of cat ears, but other times just a pink and beige dress. She made her appearance in the Pokemon Black and White series and was the former traveling partner of Ash in the anime. Her goal was to become a master trainer and so she set out on a journey in order to seek growth and knowledge.

Iris is an extremely self reliant character who works extremely hard to ensure the best outcome for her Pokemon. In the anime she is known to swing on vines and eat berries, but is extremely fearful of ice-type Pokemon. Her quick thinking and agility get her out of tough situations as in episode three of Best Wishes, where she was able to save Ash from near death. Iris is not only cute on the outside, but is kind hearted and nurturing within.

5. Shauna

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: January 10, 2010 – June 20, 2010

Shauna is so lovable from the minute you glance your eyes on her, since she just enjoys battles and solving puzzles along her journey. She is close friends with both Clemont and Eureka who tend to act as support for Shauna when in trouble. We see Shauna's first appearance in episode 39 where she is joined by two other trainers at the camp, along with Ash and the crew. Shauna’s appearance is very fashionable as she wears a pink and black t-shirt, along with a short jean skirt, and pink heels. She also carries her small pink bag which holds all of her Pokemon. Much like Aria on our list, Shauna is a Pokemon performer and is a rival of Pokevision's Serena.

The style in which Shauna keeps her hair is quite extraordinary since it truly defies all means of gravity, either that or she uses extra strength gel to keep her hair from falling. Her great sense of style and high energy is enough to put her down on the top five of our extremely kawaii list of Pokemon characters

4. Aria

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: September 27, 2014 –December 20, 2014

Aria has made her appearance on more than one occasion in Pokemon, and we can most certainly see why. She is a famous Pokemon performer and is the current Queen of Kalos. Aria made her debut in episode 21 of the XY series, during a Pokevision video. She reappeared in episode 40 where she decided to become a full time Pokemon performer, and embark on new adventures. Aria is pretty much all over the place in the entire series, even taking on a different persona so that she could battle with other Pokemon trainers.

Overall Aria is a joyful, energetic and cheerful girl who takes pride in her passion to entertain. What makes her so kawaii is that no matter what obstacle she encounters, she always manages to leave with a smile which just makes you want to hug her. Aria’s mastery of being able to inspire and motivate others is what makes her such a popular figure, and also the reason why we had to add her to the list. When she goes into battle her Pokemon are usually the type who are very pristine in their appearance such as Aromatisse, who looks like a pink princess and very similar to when Aria wears her ball gown. Check out more of Aria and her extremely kawaii antics in the latest Pokemon series!

3. Molly

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

When you take a look at Molly's extremely kawaii face, you immediately just want to squeeze it. Her big round blue eyes with the round puffy face just make you want to gush with joy. She also tends to use Pokemon who are also very cute in their presentation such as Phanpy, and Teddiursa. Molly is the main protagonist in the feature film Spell of the Unown: Entei, where Entei was created out of her desire for companionship and served as her father figure while her real father was trapped in the Unown dimension. In the movie Molly is seen to have two forms, one in her youthful adolescent state, while the other shows her in a more teenage form.

Both of her states are extremely kawaii because she still maintains her integrity and youthfulness throughout, and is cheerful when around her Pokemon. We hope that you get a chance to check out the movie because it's truly a heartwarming experience to watch, and you get to see Molly in action alongside her Pokemon.

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

2. Jasmine

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

It was hard to decide on the second kawaii character for our list, but we managed to choose Jasmine to take the silver medal. Jasmine first appears in the Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal series as the gym leader of the Olivine Gym. She specializes in steel-type Pokemon which is what her gym caters to. She generally is very shy but in a very cute and innocent way, making her very likable among many. Her style is also very kawaii as well since she sports a green and white dress while standing in the very popular Pigeon-Toed position that many girls in Japan often do.

She made her anime debut in episode 208 of the Pokemon series, where Ash makes his way to the Olivine City Gym where he encounters Jasmine for the first time. Unfortunately Ash gets turned down initially by Jasmine as she decides to take care of an injured Pokemon. She truly does love Pokemon and shows a compassion for everyone around her, however she isn't the best when it comes to showing her feelings. Despite all of this, she is such a bright and adorable character and we couldn't help but shine some of the spotlight on her.

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

1. Eureka

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Coming in at number one for the most kawaii Pokemon character is none other then Eureka. Eureka is the younger is sister to Clemont and the two follow Ash on his journey to becoming the Pokemon master. Just by looking at her you can see why we chose to crown her as the champion, because she is so kawaii in so many ways. She is an aspiring Pokemon trainer and looks up to Ash for inspiration. She made her debut in the Pokemon XY anime series, and since then she's become a very popular character in Japan. In the most recent episode of Pokemon XY&Z Eureka is sporting a pink snow outfit and she resembles that of a small baby when she runs around in it.

She is always cheerful and excited to encounter new Pokemon along her adventure. Her child-like characteristics make her such a lovable person to watch, since she almost always finds herself in a very weird yet funny situation. She tends to always show compassion to both Ash and Clemont since the two of them are mentors to her growth and maturity. In episode 59 in Pokemon XY she drew an extremely kawaii photo of the group's Pokemon which made our hearts melt with joy and awe. Eureka is such a wonderful character and a great role model for the younger audience since she almost always shows respect for everyone around her, and does her best to improve as an individual.

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Closing Statement

So that about wraps up our top ten extremely kawaii Pokemon characters list, and we hope that you found this journey to be quite enjoyable. Honey's Anime always appreciates your support because we couldn't have done this without you. We encourage that you let us know who else you feel deserves a spot on our list, and be sure to leave them down in the comments section down below. Perhaps someday you just might see your chosen Pokemon character on our list, and we'll be sure to give you a shout out when we can! Until next time, for your sweet anime fill, always keep it locked here at Honey's Anime. See you again soon!

Aria-pokemon capture-20160713025849-636x500 Top 10 Extremely Kawaii Pokemon Characters


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