Top 10 Psychic Type Pokémon

Psychic is a strong type in the poké-world, but only a few can truly show its power. Psychic type runs in the blood of the elite because a great number of legendary Pokémon are always mixed with psychic, including the newest legendaries, Solgaleo and Lunala from Pokémon Sun and Moon. Psychic Pokémon are great team players as they have many buffs for themselves or their partners. They usually have a high special attack which makes them a great addition to the party. The only flaw about psychics is their low defense and them being powerless against dark types, who often land very powerful critical hits on our psychic Pokémon due to their high physical attack.

Regardless of whether you're looking for what psychic Pokémon to add to your team for gen 7 or searching for what psychics to train to become the ultimate psychic gym leader in Pokémon Go, here are the Top 10 Psychic Type Pokémon!

10. Espeon

  • Generation: Second
  • Pokédex #: 196

It’s cute, it’s graceful and the Eevee fandom is strong with this one. Espeon is a mono Pokémon, meaning it's only psychic type; you pretty much can't get surprised by its attack pool. What IS surprising about this Pokémon is its speed at 110 and special attack at 130 which accompanied by a favorable nature like timid or modest can actually make it a Pokémon worthy of having around. Another fun detail of this Pokémon is its springiness, the ability Magic Bounce reflects back non-damaging moves making it immune to status changes like Confuse Ray. It can also bounce out its buffs with Baton Pass onto another team member; a move often used after you underestimate its Yawn.

9. Wobbuffet

  • Generation: Second
  • Pokédex #: 202

Wobbuffet is the master of trolls in the psychic realm. With a ridiculous amount of HP, the highest of all psychic Pokémon, it can become a nuisance very quickly as an opponent. Other than his HP, all his stats are pretty pathetic and at first glance, his attack pool seems like a joke, as it can only learn 7 attacks of which none of them do any damage. When facing Wobbuffet, you might think of it as a joke because it’ll never harm you for the first couple of rounds but once you get annoyed by it and decide to kill it… that's where he gets scary.

With Wobbuffet, you kind of have to become a psychic yourself to predict your opponent's moves. Mirror coat to return double damage if you think they will do a special attack, counter if you suspect it's a physical attack and encore if you think they have forgotten about your Safeguard. If you manage to know how your opponent will react, with a little bit of luck Wobbuffet will make sure your rival dies in the stupidest way possible.

Wobbuffet is a great duo Pokémon as it has the ability Shadow Tag, it won't let your trainer switch out, leaving it open to your strong team member for damage while Wobbuffet sits there trolling and feeding off Leftovers. Another dirty trick could be using Quick Claw and Destiny Bond to make sure you deliver the ultimate troll before dying.

8. Lugia

  • Generation: Second
  • Pokédex #: 249

Lugia is a really bulky Pokémon, with that hidden ability, Multiscale, receiving only half damage at full HP, this Pokémon is just screaming “I'll be your fortress”. With a base 154 special defense, 130 defense and 110 speed Lugia gets interesting. You can survive several hits while outspeeding many Pokémon to land some strong attacks like Thunder, Psyshock, and Earthquake. On the other hand, that psychic/flying type leaves Lugia vulnerable to not only psychic weaknesses but easy to target vulnerability like rock, electric and ice. Although it's not a water Pokémon, Lugia is known as the ruler of the sea, thus granting him neat water moves like Hydro Pump and Ice Beam that can come in handy in battles.

The reason why Lugia isn’t higher in the list is because it doesn't exactly stand out much as a psychic Pokémon as much as a flying type. As a legendary bird, it can combine Roost and Spam Calm Mind for ultimate tanking; it can STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) sweet attacks like Sky Attack or Aeroblast but other than that, as a psychic Pokémon, it just doesn't cut it.

7. Gallade

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokédex #: 475

Just like its counterpart Gardevoir, Gallade looks like it came out of a fairy tale. His Mega Evolution -complete with a cape and sword looking arms- completely entitle him as the knight of the psychic type. The convenient mix of psychic/fighting perfectly complements one another as they cancel each other's weaknesses. Fighting cancels his psychic side’s weakness for dark type, and his psychic side cancels out fighting’s weakness to psychic.

Gallade in his normal form was already a great Pokémon, with 115 special defense and 125 attack points, but his attack skyrockets in his mega form, granting him the highest attack power of non-legendary psychic Pokémon. His handy dual type makes him able to STAB powerful offensive attacks like Close Combat and Psycho Cut. Even better, thanks to his previous evolutions being a fairy type, he has access to fairy attacks like Dazzling Gleam, perfect for slaying dragons! This knight is the perfect addition to the team if you want to give your opponents a royal flush!

6. Mew

  • Generation: First
  • Pokédex #: 151

Mew, the pioneer. Although it's the 151st Pokémon in the pokédex, Mew was the first Pokémon ever created, being ‘born’ even before the first Pocket Monsters game. Being the very first comes with perks, in Mew’s case, it has the DNA of all Pokémon, therefore, it can learn ALL the moves in the games (excluding signature moves). In the game, as well as in the anime, Mew is an extremely rare encounter because of its ability to transform into any Pokémon in addition to being able to become invisible. This pure hearted Pokémon isn't only popular in the anime, but it can prove to be quite a useful psychic type in the game.

Mew is a mix-and-match Pokémon, with all stats sitting at 100, it can become anything you want; just add items to boost the stat you want, throw in whatever attack you want and you're ready to go. The reason Mew isn't higher in the list is because it’s very rare to legally get, as you can only obtain it through special events that don't happen often. Besides that, it’s very interesting and fun Pokémon to use in championships and Wifi battles because it’s customisable, every trainer can build it up as it wants, for this reason, every Mew you face as a foe will be unique in its own way.

5. Deoxys

  • Generation: Third
  • Pokédex #: 386

Deoxys is another distinguished Pokémon for its power and ability to change forms. Each form has specific stats that can make it great, either as an agile offensive or tank. Each form he takes makes his appearance change accordingly, matching the stat he’s focusing on. Its attack form, a design not so far from his regular form, both not standing out further than a neat look. Its speed form, with a sharp and slender shape that makes it the fastest Pokémon. And our focus on this list, defense form; this robust looking form grants Deoxys the best defense and special defense of all psychic Pokémon, a shocker for those who seek to defeat your psychic team with strong physical attacks. It’s best to use Deoxys as a tank against practically any Pokémon, as its learn set provides an all around coverage of strong hits against all types.

For its incredible speed and resistance, this Pokémon is often confused for a legendary but it’s actually just a mythical Pokémon, a very rare encounter that if you manage to catch, you’ll be able to show off one of the most powerful attacks available for psychic types, Deoxys signature move: Psycho Boost.

4. Metagross

  • Generation: Third
  • Pokédex #: 376

Gamefreak made a serious mistake when designating Metagross as a psychic/steel Pokémon, this Pokémon isn’t steel, it's pure freaking tungsten! And you know what’s even better? Its base attack points are just 5 points behind its colossal defense as a Mega, and 5 points over in his regular form, scary! To take down this wall you’ll certainly need more than two good and well trained Pokémon and there’s no way around that. Try to defeat it with your strongest Pokémon and you’ll encounter its jaw-dropping double-edged move, Explosion, the most powerful move in all the games, nothing can survive it.

On top of having over 10 STAB moves, powerful attacks like Earthquake, Meteor Mash, and Hammer Arm; it has resistance to 9 types and immunity to poison, wow what a Pokémon! It’s Mega Evolution can be compared or even surpass the power of a legendary Pokémon and the creators know this very well, as they gave it a catch rate of 3 out of 255, making him harder to catch than most Pokémon, just to make things fair!

3. Alakazam

  • Generation: First
  • Pokédex #: 65

Abracadabra, Alakazam! There’s no other Pokémon that represents magic better than Alakazam, and by magic, of course, we mean psychic 😉 . Alakazam has been bending spoons for 20 years, it’s about time this great sorcerer received the respect that he deserves! Nah, that's not the real reason he makes it so high up on the list, it’s because he’s great! I mean look at that speed and mental power! In his new and improved 5 spooned greatness he stands above all Pokémon having the highest special attack and the highest agility of all psychic types (legendaries not included).

So what does Alakazam’s Wonder Room withhold? Surprises! Like Iron Tail without a tail! Attract and Torment, because who doesn’t want that from this old geezer? He can even get Physical with all them punches! Hahaha no, he’s not good with that. Alakazam can turn out terrible in the hands of a bad trainer, as he lacks many things compared to others. Only trainers with Keen Eye can understand how to use him beyond a Psychic spam.

Starting off with his newest trick, Dazzling Gleam to keep dragons tamed, proceed to Protect his Modest Nature, a little Psychic or perhaps a Focus Blast if you wanna keep things interesting and finally agitating that trainer who thought would 1 hit KO you with a Crunch, yeah! Disable baby. With powers like these, you can surely use Alakazam to remind rookies to respect their elders.

2. Gardevoir

  • Generation: Third
  • Pokédex #: 282

“Stunning beauty that will sweep you off your feet” is the best way to describe Gardevoir. At first, she was our delicate psychic princess (or prince?); but as her power grew stronger, our princess from the psychic kingdom was crowned Mega Gardevoir, making her a formidable foe. Now wearing a beautiful fairytale gown with 125 special attack and 115 special defense, she becomes a strong queen looking to defend her party. She’s fighting evil with Moonblast, winning love with Draining Kiss, never running from a real fight, she is the one named… ok, i’ll stop, but you get it.

With Gardevoir you get both a sweeper and a tank, serving as a real powerhouse with all her strong Fairy moves and DOTs, adding to that defensive skills and special conditions, she becomes daunting foe you’d want to dethrone ASAP.

Gardevoir actually has quite the popularity among Pokémon trainers in the anime, being used by over 5 renown trainers throughout the series. She captivated millions with her special shiny sprite in black and most recently amused her followers with her appearance in games like Pokken and Super Smash Bros.

1. Mewtwo

  • Generation: First
  • Pokédex #: 150

It’s no surprise that Mewtwo would be our top in the list. This Pokémon is not only the best psychic type Pokémon but could also be the best in a legendaries list or maybe even number one in the best Pokémon of all times. Mewtwo has the best Pokémon story: a man-made Pokémon created by altering Mew’s DNA to create the ultimate battle Pokémon… engineered by one of the villain masterminds of the poké-world! But that’s something you guys can watch in the first Pokémon movie.

Apart from movies and specials, Mewtwo appears in many Pokémon episodes, mangas, spin-offs and many other games like Pokken, and Super Smash Bros, as well as in the finale of Pokémon Go trailer. This isn’t necessarily the same Mewtwo, as they have mentioned in anime and manga that they have done countless copies and modifications before achieving the ultimate Mewtwo.

Mewtwo was already powerful and famous enough in his regular form, but they HAD TO make him even better with not one, but TWO Mega Evolutions and being the first one out of all Pokémon to Mega-evolve was certainly not a disadvantage. Mega Mewtwo X having 80 points added to its attack bonus while in this form, makes him have the highest attack stat of all Pokémon. Mewtwo Y was the first Mega-Evolved Pokémon and has the strongest special attack of all Pokémon and the highest base stat of all psychics, making it probably the strongest version, it was referred to as Mewtwo’s “Awakened Form”.

Final Thoughts

Psychic Pokémon are quite interesting but a bit hard to use if you don't know exactly what you're doing. To train psychics you really have to think strategy; all psychics can be really good or really bad depending on the trainer. Psychic takes most of its advantages from their secondary type, making the old statement psychic equals low physical defense seem like a bad joke.

If you only want one psychic on your team, it's advised that you either go for a strong wall to tank or a fast sweeper but trying to get one that can do both can totally leave your Pokémon open to strong direct hits. Train your mind, research your skills and polish your defenses to unlock the savage fury of the mighty psychic type. Stay strong, train on and enjoy the Pokémon world!

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