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The realm of otome games has had a few interesting anime adaptations in recent years. Sometimes, we girls like to imagine how would it be like to have many admirers to choose from. And what would be better than gentlemen admirers who treat us like ladies? That is partly why Victorian England is so popular in anime adaptations.

o, Code:Realize:Sousei no Himegimi reimagines Victorian England, immersing it in an otome game. Cardia Beckford is literally a powerful energy source desired by many, but her confined life turns a 180 degrees turn when Arsene Lupin and his gang kidnap her. Now that she has friends and can explore the world, she will receive the attention of many mysterious characters. Let’s review a few of the best Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi Characters!

10. Delacroix II

Victorian England screams gothic motives and characters. That is why we had a vampire in Code:Realize. He is the son of Dracula Delacroix, but when his father dies, he adopts the name Delacroix II. Of course, due to the fact that Van Helsing had a hand in the extermination of vampires, Delacroix II holds a grudge towards Van Helsing.

Despite his troubled past, Delacroix II kind of gets along with Arsene Lupin and his friends. Impey calls him “Delly”, and Delacroix II considers that Sisy will be part of his army when he gets his revenge against humanity. So… friend or foe? Delacroix II might look harmless, but we don’t know his real intentions...

9. Alexandrina Victoria

Time to introduce the Queen of Code:Realize! Em… we should clarify that Alexandrina Victoria is the Queen of Britain in this anime. When she appears, Alexandrina Victoria steals the attention with her over the top fashion. However, Alexandrina Victoria is not to be taken lightly, as she is perfectly capable of ruling the nation.

As one of the most powerful characters in Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi, Alexandrina Victoria has access to many secrets (and some of them are fatal, right, Victor?). She will only give enough information to her subalterns. If they complain or become too ruthless, Alexandrina Victoria will threaten them without erasing the smile from her face. Just don’t cross her or you will eventually suffer the consequences, ok?

8. Herlock Sholmes

Let’s continue with a character that we are sure has raised a few eyebrows. If most of the Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi characters have received names based on literary characters, why does Sholmes has this distorted name? Well, it turns out that he is based on a character by Maurice Leblanc, the same author who created the original Arsene Lupin! Leblanc based his Sholmes on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, but as you can see, copyright existed back in that time.

Anyway, the Herlock Sholmes, in Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi, is a brilliant private detective who works for Scotland Yard. Always calm, he keeps his private and public personas separated. However, it is because of this reason that we don’t know a lot about him. Sholmes is way too mysterious and will never open his mouth without careful consideration first.

7. Impey Barbicane

Meet the engineer of the team! Impey Barbicane is based on the character of the same name from Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon. This version of him is muscular, red-haired and green olive eyed, though. Unsurprisingly, Impey always carries his tools and is capable of repairing any machine. He is also flirty.

Among Cardia’s friends, Impey is probably the most child-like and carefree. His confidence helps him to stay calm and positive in all sorts of situations… even when Van Helsing was pointing his guns at them, for example. Impey is also compassionate, as could be seen when he gave Sisi a prosthetic leg despite the fact that Sisi doesn’t like Impey. All in all, our engineer keeps smiling even though the team sometimes considers him too positive to be true. Still, have you noticed that we don’t know much about his past? That’s mysterious...

6. Finis

We are getting to the top with one of the antagonists. Although at first sight, Finis looks like a girl because of his buns, but Finis is actually a guy. In fact, he is Cardia’s younger brother and the second son of Isaac Beckford! His role in the story is as head of Twilight, the intelligent agency committed to capturing Cardia.

We meet Finis in the first episode, but we do not get to see much of him. His intentions are revealed so slowly that it is difficult to understand why he is fixated on Cardia at first. Most of the time, Finis functions as the creepy, mysterious villain. However, his great moment comes when he forces Queen Alexandrina Victoria to flee.

5. Saint Germain

Meet the only character in Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi who is based on a real person! Saint Germain was actually a noble who lived shrouded in mystery. Therefore, his anime counterpart had to also be shrouded in mystery. That’s why we don’t know much about Saint Germain!

Other than being generous towards Cardia and the gang, we can only assume Saint Germain is kinda always there observing them. He is apparently amused by their adventures! However, Saint Germain rarely reacts without calmness… for example, when his art collection is in danger. Other than that, Saint Germain is a mystery until the episodes advance and we meet the mysterious members of Idea.

4. Victor Frankenstein 8

In any well prepared team of survivors, we need at least one doctor or scientist. This is the function that Victor Frankenstein plays. He is probably the sweetest and most caring of the guys who surround Cardia. However, he is also a super genius who always tries to use diplomacy first to confront the enemies.

Perhaps because he is always so kind, we don’t think too much of Victor at first. Nevertheless, he turns out to be an extremely important character in the plot. Why did he run away from the government? Why are they still searching for him? What does he have to do with Delacroix II? What other secrets is he hiding?

3. Cardia Beckford

Here we have the protagonist of the show. The beautiful and innocent Cardia Beckford is the daughter of Isaac, who has kept her imprisoned for two years, or at least that is as far back as Cardia’s memories go. This lady with princess-like clothes and shiny aquamarine eyes is kidnapped by Lupin in the first episode of the story. Out of her wish to find her father and to get rid of the poison that runs through her body, Cardia joins Lupin’s gang.

Being inspired by an otome game, we don’t have many female characters in Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi. It is also due to this reason that Cardia is not extremely noisy nor does she have a well defined personality. She is more like a sleeping princess who is taken care of by the male cast. However, it is her who possesses the energy source that everyone else is hunting down in the show. How can Cardia get rid of it and become a normal human? That is the great mystery of Code:Realize!

2. Abraham Van Helsing

If we had Delacroix II in this story, then we definitely needed a Van Helsing here. Who does not remember the classical vampire hunter in Bram Stoker’s novel? Anyway, the Van Helsing in Code:Realize Sousei no Himegimi is a handsome blond guy who originally worked for Twilight. However, convinced by Victor and the rest of the gang, Van Helsing joins them to go against the terrorists!

Van Helsing is the most serious of Cardia’s teammates. Trained in the British Army, he is considered a human weapon. Nevertheless, the most mysterious thing about himself is that Van Helsing is not loyal to any party in particular. Van Helsing is looking for someone to settle a score with, but the details are unknown.

1. Arsene Lupin

We finally have reached the last spot in the Top Ten Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi characters. This place should not be for anyone but Arsene Lupin, inspired in a gentleman thief created by Maurice Leblanc. Always dressed stylishly, Lupin steals from the rich and evil. However, his particular role in Code:Realize is to steal and protect Cardia.

How could we forget the first time Lupin appears in front of Cardia? That is a hero’s entrance! He even tells her he is going to steal her heart. And well, once both interact a bit, we discover that Lupin is a warm hearted and down to earth guy who prefers to get what we wants with trickery instead of violence. He also has a sad and mysterious past that makes him empathetic towards others. For being both enigmatic and kind, Arsene Lupin is at the top of this ranking!

Final Thoughts

Anime inspired in otome games might not be the most memorable of all, but they surely make us have a good time. In Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi, we learn that despite being considered monsters by some, there will be others who appreciate us for who we are. And who knows? Maybe one of them will be our very special Lupin 😉 Or would you prefer to be stolen by another character? Do tell us in the comments! See you soon!

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