Top 10 Normal Type Pokemon

With the many types of Pokemon available in the Pokemon world, normal Pokemon are regarded as, well, normal and therefore, a boring choice. Who wants normal when you can have unique and cool ones, right? Nonetheless, there are always exceptions to most things. There are several Normal Pokemon that stood out and impress us with their impressive stats, abilities, and whatnot. Normal is just a type and does not define the Pokemon as an uninteresting choice! These are some of our favorite picks which may change your thoughts about Normal Pokemon:

10. Ditto

  • Pokedex: #132
  • Generation: I

Ditto is a transforming Pokemon that is not known to evolve. It is genderless and can breed with practically any Pokemon except for those in the Undiscovered Group. Ditto’s specialty is its Transform ability but at times, it may not be able to transform perfectly just from memory so some details may turn out to be wrong.

Ditto looks like a light purple blob which probably stems from laziness in the designing process. Love drawing but aren’t artistically talented? Bet you can still draw this Pokemon perfectly. Ditto isn’t really a “Normal” type though as it is pretty much every type of Pokemon, or no type at all. This is because Ditto can morph itself into any Pokemon! It can also morph into other physical objects.

9. Bouffalant

  • Pokedex: #626
  • Generation: V

Bouffalant is a Bash Buffalo Pokemon with a very eye-catching afro. Bouffalant is territorial and does not welcome intruders so it would attack them with head-butts. It was shown in the anime that Bouffalant would not attack anybody sporting an afro. Bouffalant’s headbutts are powerful and its afro acts as a helmet which absorbs damage.

From its appearance, Bouffalant obviously looks like it has high defense and high attack power. It also looks like it has great speed but that is not the case, unfortunately. Bouffalant’s Head Charge deals massive damage and it is one of the strongest moves in Pokemon which only belongs to Bouffalant! The attack has its setback of 25% damage though.

8. Staraptor

  • Pokedex: #398
  • Generation: IV

Staraptor is a Predator Pokemon and it is a combination of Flying and Normal types. It evolves from Staravia which evolves from Starly. Staraptor resembles a large bird of prey. It has a comb of which it is fussy about, and it is also used to scare off enemies. Staraptor can be quite aggressive and relentlessly attacks its enemies despite being wounded.

Staraptor is a flying Pokemon but it also learns Close Combat. It has high attack and speed stats which makes it a really badass bird Pokemon. It has some powerful moves such as Brave Bird, Aerial Ace and Final Gambit. This Pokemon may not look unique but it is indeed worthy and reliable!

7. Snorlax

  • Pokedex: #143
  • Generation: I

Snorlax is a Sleeping Pokemon which has an iconic presence in Pokemon Generation 1 where it can be found sleeping at inconvenient places which forces players to wake it up in order to progress through the game. Upon awakening this sleepy beast by using the Pokeflute, players would be delighted to find out how amazing this Pokemon is despite its laziness and gluttony.

Snorlax is a really popular Pokemon due to its capabilities and cuteness. Due to its immense defensive stats, HP, and attack power, Snorlax is a popular choice to defend gyms in Pokemon Go. With its excellent stats, Snorlax is an ideal tank Pokemon which players like to add to their teams.

6. Regigigas

  • Pokedex: #1486
  • Generation: IV

Regigigas is a Colossal Pokemon which is golem-like. One of the obvious indicators of why Regigigas is among the best Normal Pokemon is that it is also a Legendary Pokemon. The Pokemon would only comes to life when 3 essential Pokemons are gathered, which are Regirock, Regice, and Registeel at the location where Regigigas sleeps, which are Snowpoint Temple, Twist Mountain, or Island Cave.

Regigigas may not be convenient to use in all kinds of battles due to its ability known as Slow Start which gives it a disadvantage in the beginning. Slow Start would cut the attack and speed of Regigigas into half for 5 turns, so it is more vulnerable during that period. However, once the 5 turns are over, Regigigas would use its powerful move called Crush Grip to crush its opponent.

5. Mega Kangaskhan

  • Pokedex: #115
  • Generation: VII

Kangaskhan is a Parent Pokemon that is not known to evolve from any Pokemon. The species only comprises of females and has no male counterpart. Kangaskhan is already a powerful Pokemon, but it can become more powerful and Mega Evolve into Mega Kangaskhan! The Mega Evolve requires the use of Kangaskhanite that can be found in locations like Glittering Cave, Pacifidlog Town and Battle Tree. Similar to a kangaroo, it has a pouch on its belly for the purpose of carrying its baby.

Mega Kangaskhan has a strong nurturing tendency and is very protective of its baby. Hence, it can be said that Mega Kangaskhan’s power is derived from its love of its child. Mega Kangaskhan has an astonishingly high base stats of 590. Moreover, the baby can also attack to protect its mother! Due to the overwhelming power of Mega Kangaskhan, it is banned from certain tournaments, which confirms how strong this Normal Pokemon is!

4. Arceus

  • Pokedex: #493
  • Generation: IV

Arceus is an Alpha Pokemon and also a Mythical one, which seems kind of inappropriate to classify it as a Normal Pokemon. Arceus is also referred to as “The Original One” that is rumored to be responsible of creating the entire Pokemon Universe. If that’s the case, Arceus is like a god. But like how Kami (God) in Dragon Ball is not the most powerful character, Arceus is not the most powerful Pokemon either in our opinion.

Arceus may be a Normal type but it can change to other type when it holds a Plate. Hence, it can be said that Arceus is classified as Normal for the sake of neutrality. This God of Pokemon has a total stats of 720. Its signature move, Judgment, cannot be learned by any other Pokemon. Judgment is a move that allows Arceus to flexibly adapt into the type based on the Plate it holds.

3. Porygon-Z

  • Pokedex: #474
  • Generation: IV

Porygon-Z is a Virtual Pokemon that evolves from Porygon2 which evolves from Porygon. Although virtual, it has a physical body. It is one of the few man-made Pokemon in the game. Additional software were given in order to increase the abilities of Porygon-Z. The initial purpose was to allow Porygon-Z to travel through alien dimensions but an error happened which caused Porygon-Z to behave strangely.

Porygon-Z is among the few Pokemon that is able to inflict real damage to the real world. It has been known to cause seizures in children. While it is unstable, it has tremendous power which makes it a powerful weapon. Of all the Normal type Pokemon, Porygon-Z has the highest Special Attack. It has a plethora of useful moves such as Tri Attack, Conversion 2, Download, and Nasty Plot.

2. Blissey

  • Pokedex: #242
  • Generation: II

Blissey is a Happiness Pokemon which evolves from Chansey, that evolves from Happiny. On its belly is a pink pouch which holds an egg that will make the person who ingests it be happy, pleasant, and caring. Besides that, it can use its fur to sense sadness and illness in others, and it will attempt to nurse the person back to health. Blissey is an urban Pokemon and a female-only species.

Blissey is a pink, cuddly-looking Pokemon that it is hard to imagine it being one of the best Normal Pokemon. Something so cute and happy couldn’t possibly be very useful in the Pokemon world, right? Blissey has very low attack and defense base stats. However, it has very high HP and special defense base stats. Blissey has the ability to heal itself using Soft-Boiled so it can really annoy the opponents as it is difficult to be killed.

1. Slaking

  • Pokedex: #289
  • Generation: III

Slaking is a Lazy Pokemon that evolves from Vigoroth, which evolves from Slakoth. It looks like a combination of ape and pig… in such an uncute way. It is regarded as the laziest Pokemon that always spends its time sleeping and lazing around. It only moves when there is no more food. While Slaking is resting, it saves energy but it can release all the pent up energy all at once.

Some people are lazy yet they are successful. Slaking is the embodiment of that in the Pokemon world. Slaking is lazy but it is arguably the most powerful Normal Pokemon that it is a wonder how a non-legendary Pokemon could have such power. Compared to all non-legendary Pokemon and non-Mega Pokemon, Slaking has the highest base stat. It also has the highest Attack base stat among all Normal Pokemon. Moreover, it can use Slack Off to heal half of its HP. Its ability, Truant, has the handicap of having to skip every other turn in battles simply because this Pokemon is too powerful that it would be unfair to not have this disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best Pokemon, many fans would have different opinions. We expect that not all our readers will agree with our choices, hence convince us in the comments section below if you have different opinions.

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