Top 10 Strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon had everyone’s attention last year, and, to put it simply, it deserved every bit of that attention. These last versions of Pokemon have provided a Pokemon game different from any of the others. In some ways, it acts like a mini-vacation from the main series with its island setting, zero gym battles, and hilarious villains. In other ways, it acts as a new frontier for what Pokemon can be. We will have to wait and see which way the creators take it in the future. However, what we can figure out right now is which are the strongest new Pokemon that have been introduced in Sun and Moon and are dramatically changing up rosters in the competitive world. If that last line wasn’t a dead giveaway, then it’s time to be more explicit. Here and today, we are covering the top 10 strongest Pokemon from Sun and Moon.

10. Necrozma

  • Pokedex:800

Necrozma is a pretty incredible specimen of pure Psychic powers. With its respective stats (127 in Special Attack, 138 in Attack, 101 in Defense, 89 in Special Defense, and a 79 in Speed), you have a pretty versatile lead Pokemon to take on any opponent. A part of this is because of Prism Armor, which reduces all super effective moves by 25%, and another part of it is because you can attack with Prismatic Laser, Psychic, Dark Pulse, or Mirror Shot. Oh, and let’s not forget you can use Moonlight to heal, which you’ll want to include in your move set if you want to set up Stealth Rock and slowly peel away at your enemy’s team.

Necrozma does have a couple problems though. The first sticks out pretty clearly when looking at its stats, and this issue happens to be the same as a few others on this list. Its speed is quite a setback. Thankfully, you can curtail that penalty through the use of Automize. The other problem is that Moonlight doesn’t provide quite enough relief, even if you’re taking 25% less damage, to last against multiple STABS from Ghost types.

9. Lunala

  • Pokedex:792

It would be a shame to create a top 10 strongest Pokemon list and not include the legendary Pokemon that grace the covers (yes Solgaleo is a little bit further down the list). Lunala rocks a mix typing of Psychic and Ghost, which is not only an awesome combination, but fit extremely well with Lunala’s design. Okay, enough fanboying about its physical features, let’s get down to stats.

Lunala has its Special Attack stat set at 137, which Makes Moongeist Beam, an already impressive attack, more impressive. This also happens to be the only way to achieve Lunala’s Full Moon phase for a flashy appearance. Back to the stats, Lunala also has an extremely high HP, which when combined with the ability Shadow Shield, its 107 Special Defense and 89 Defense, keeps Lunala in the game for an impressive amount of time.

8. Magearna

  • Pokedex:801

It’s a bit depressing that you can get this legendary through a QR code, because it's a powerhouse and deserves to be caught. At the very least, they gave Magearna a proper story beforehand, where the pokemon was artificially made and presented as a gift to the king’s daughter, which fits with getting it from a code.

Backstory aside, Magearna is a powerhouse competitively. Its Steel/Fairy typing presents only two dangers, Fire and Ground. It also has 115 in both defenses, is able to resist or null 11 more types, and takes very little normal damage. This is extremely useful considering the rather low speed that is set at 65. To prepare for a worst case situation, you can have it learn Volt Switch in order to swap it out quickly. So overall it's a good wall, but that wouldn’t mean much if it didn’t have Fleur Cannon and Flash Cannon to act as great STAB moves.

7. Incineroar

  • Pokedex:727

John Cena has appeared in Pokemon everyone! Well not really, but a cat-doppleganger has appeared, which, despite its wrestler-like appearance, is not another Fire/Fighting starter (THANK GOD). Instead, Incineroar is a Fire/Dark type, which shows that the creators have been listening to the fans.

All of that aside, Incineroar is quite a beast and can shell out some heavy damage. Each of the starters have a lot of competitive ability this time around, but when you want to break some walls, then Incineroar is the way to go. The main reason behind this is its move Darkest Lariat, which ignores all stat buffs. In other words, that Pokemon that has been charging up its defense (or offense) has essentially been wasting its time. In even less words, Incineroar can hit any Pokemon for all its worth with its Flare Blitz Fire-STAB or perhaps with a Cross Chop or Earthquake. Its one true weakness that you will need to navigate about is its dismal speed of 60.

6. Kommo-o

  • Pokedex:784

Kommo-o reminds us why the dragon types were so feared in the earlier generations, with well-allocated stats maxing out at 600. Mixing Dragon-type with Fighting-type produces a monster that is capable of learning two of the best STAB moves out there: Sky Uppercut for Fighting and Outrage for Dragon. Oh, and it also learns Dragon Dance which makes it a fearsome sweeper if its HP can hold out. Other positive moves that will help out are Flash Cannon, Poison Jab, Flamethrower, and Focus Blast, which allows Kommo-o to tackle practically any type of Pokemon.

Kommo-o’s main issue is the mixture of types that can bring the pain to Kommo-o. Now, it does have good stats for both defenses, 125 defense and 105 in special defense, but you need to be careful around flying, psychic, ice, dragon, and fairy, with an emphasis on fairy due to a 4x weakness. It’s not that it can’t handle such types with its diverse move set, but it’s not fun to be facing a fairy on the outset.

5. Solgaleo

  • Pokedex:791

Solgaelo is the legendary for Pokemon Sun and it is simply a beast. Mashing together Steel and Psychic presents a whole lot of benefits. To begin, it gets the ability Full Metal Body, which ignores all stat changes against it and works well with its 107 in Defense and high HP. Then it has Sunsteel Strike to STAB with and it’s around the loopholes of this move that you will build the rest of its moveset (Zen Headbutt makes for a good additional STAB and Wild Charge can come in handy too). There are actually a lot of choices you can make in order to give Solgaleo an advantage over most opponents, which is why it is so high on this list compared to its legendary peer of the night.

However, probably more important than figuring out the moves to give Solgaleo a range of opportunities, you’ll have to figure out how to cover up its 4 normal weaknesses. In particular, Fire and Ground are the two types that you need to be wary of as these types have some powerhouses that can bring you down.

4. Tapu Koko

  • Pokedex:785

Tapu Koko is one of the Guardians in Alola, who happens to be the first one that we meet, and is an Electric/Fairy-type. This awesome type combination fits perfectly with its status as the fastest of the Tapu with 130 in Speed and also leaves it with only weaknesses to Poison and Ground types. Now, if only its other stats were…wait, they are pretty solid. It has an Attack at 115, Special Attack at 95, Defense at 85, and Special Defense at 75. Okay, its Special Defense does leave it a bit vulnerable and its high Attack doesn’t make much sense (because it doesn’t have moves to utilize that power). Besides that everything else is quite beautiful to behold.

If you want to attack, then Dazzling Gleam and Thunderbolt make for perfect STAB moves. To handle Ground types, be sure to include Grass Knot and why not add in Volt Switch for any really sticky situations. In the end, it is a solid attacker that can stay in the game and chip away at your opponent.

3. Wishiwashi (Schooling Form)

  • Pokedex:746

Wishiwashi is essentially Magikarp. It starts out as practically a joke that is completely useless and a pain to level up. However, upon hitting level 20, Wishiwashi performs a miracle transformation that is akin to the power change of Magikarp to Gyarados (from laughing stock to beast). Albeit, Wishiwashi’s transformation is done in a slightly different manner. Its ability Schooling appears, which has everything but HP and Speed blow up, multiplying most of Wishiwashi’s stats by five to seven. It also appears as a terrifying monster whale that barely looks anything like the frail little fish that Wishiwashi starts off as.

Now, this power boost equates to leaving Wishiwashi with 140 in both attack stats, a 135 special defense and 130 defense. This makes it useful as both a sweeper and a wall, especially with only weaknesses in two areas: Electric and Grass. Set him up with Rest/Sleep Talk and it’ll stay around while being able to stab out with pretty awesome power. Beat Up and Aqua Tail work extremely well in dealing deadly power. U-turn also assists when taking on the endless amounts of grass-Pokemon that exist in Sun and Moon.

2. Xurkitree

  • Pokedex:796

The Electric types are truly something to behold in Sun and Moon, and Xurkitree is number one when it comes to electric power. One good reason is that its pure Electric typing makes Ground-types the only real danger. Another good reason for this is its beastly ability Beast Boost, which ups your highest stat when you knock out an opponent. Another, and perhaps the most important, reason is that Xurkitree has a Special Attack of 173! As if the beast couldn’t already one-hit KO most enemies, Xurkitree can lean Tail Glow, which boosts your Special Attack three stages. All you need to do after that is maneuver on down to Thunderbolt and shock your opponent to its death.

Other than that, you just need to focus on how to handle those that are resistant and those that can hurt you. Hidden Power is good for dealing with Ice-types and Grass Knot will help out with the Ground-types. So there you have it. Xurkitree can basically become the ultimate sweeper if you use it wisely.

1. Zygarde Complete Forme

  • Pokedex:716

Zygarde Complete Forme has one thing in particular that makes it a beast unlike any other on the field. It has an HP stat of 216. 216. That just isn’t fair, even with a 4x weakness to Ice and weaknesses to Fairy and Dragon. Just slap on a Rest/Talk set and it’s surviving through most ordeals. We’re talking about an impenetrable wall basically. This cushy health also allows it to easily set up a Dragon Dance or Coil set depending on the nature you want and move set you wish to utilize. Having a set comprised of Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Extreme Speed, and Stone Edge is overpowered to the max, which explains why it has been banned to the Uber tier.

Besides that unfair advantage, it already had quite a bit going for it. 121 Defense, 100 Attack, 91 Special Attack, and 95 Special Defense are strong stats, which allowed it to be an effective player in most battles, especially since it has immunity to Electric and is resistant to three other types.

Final Thoughts

There you have it Pokemon fans. The top 10 strongest Pokemon in Sun & Moon, who cannot be refuted and must be bowed down to as the ultimate party members for any real competitive team…Joking aside, these Pokemon are definitely at the top of the pyramid when it comes to power, but are there any who you think deserve to be on this list? Or what are some Pokemon you’ve been using to deal some significant damage?

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