Top 10 Sadistic Diabolik Lovers Characters

The story of Yui and the undead Sakamaki brothers might already have come to an end, but their blood-lusting charm is as appealing as ever.

The first season of Diabolik Lovers started airing in September 2013 and the genre mixture of Harem, Vampire and Shoujo soon attracted a very devoted fanbase. These fans were rewarded with a second season in Fall 2015 which introduced new, even more sadistic vampires - after all, the real appeal of Diabolik Lovers lies in the main cast of good-looking yet scary vampires.

Today we want to take the time to honor our favorite Diabolik Lovers characters (from both seasons) by introducing you to the most sadistic and crooked ones of them. Each guy has his own charm, but who will come out on top? Keep reading to find out!

10. Shu Sakamaki

The first character on our list is Shu, the oldest son and head over the Sakamaki household.

While his brothers enjoy pursuing Yui and turning her life into a living hell, Shu doesn’t seem to care about her existence. Nothing can move him and his true intentions and wishes - if he has any - are a mystery. Most often, you can find him lying around, doing nothing while feeling incredibly bored with his life. Even though he should take responsibility for his brothers, he pushes this job onto others.

Shu might be too lazy to torment heroine Yui actively, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a sadist at heart. Since he doesn’t view Yui as a human being, he doesn’t mind if she gets hurt. Shu either pushes Yui away or uses her to satisfy his selfish lust for blood, never thinking about the damages he causes. The always cold and apathetic Shu is our first pick for this list.

9. Subaru Sakamaki

Next up is the youngest of the Sakamaki brothers: Subaru, he delinquent of the family.

Just like his oldest brother, Subaru is hardly seen smiling. He is quiet and likes to keep to himself. He’s also the only one who seems to despise his brothers and would rather not have anything to do with them. Despite distancing himself most of the time, Subaru also has a violent nature. When things don’t go his way he enjoys breaking things and letting his emotions run free.

Subaru is usually able to control himself around Yui. He doesn’t want to trouble himself with the people around him and Yui is just another burden in his life. Still, he cannot escape from his violent temper and when he loses his cool, he becomes as much of a sadist as his brothers. Yui definitely cannot let her guard down around Subaru and that is why he deserves a spot on this list.

8. Kou Mukami

After two Sakamaki brothers, it is time to introduce a character from the second season: Kou from the Mukami household.

Kou’s strongest characteristic is his beautiful face. With his blond hair, blue eyes and inviting smile he’s the most charming of the Mukami brothers and easily wraps everyone around his finger. No wonder that he works as an idol on the side and enjoys the love of many devoted fans. But Kou wouldn’t be on this list if there wasn’t more to him than his charming personality.

Kou has two faces and only acts friendly to earn the trust of the people around him. In reality, he is an extreme sadist who uses his good looks to his own advantage. In his world, only his interests count and the feelings of others mean nothing. Even Yui wasn’t able to look past his mask and it took her some time to see Kou for what he really was - a selfish sadist.

7. Reiji Sakamaki

Coming back to the Sakamaki household, now it is time to introduce you to Reiji, the brain of the six brothers.

The quiet and collected Reiji is one of the last brothers to show any interest in Yui. Due to his strict nature he doesn’t like involving himself with useless tasks and the girl is only a disturbance in his well-planned everyday life. Since Shu doesn’t want to take any responsibility for the household, it is up to the second son Reiji to keep his brothers under control.

Despite his emotionless face, Reiji certainly has a sadistic nature as well. However, the way in which he torments Yui differs from his brothers. He enjoys insulting her and making her feel like her life isn’t worth anything. Reiji exudes an air of superiority and dominance and doesn’t want anyone to tell him what to do. You are certainly better off letting him do his job, otherwise he won’t think twice about using violence to put you back in your spot.

6. Kanato Sakamaki

Every show can profit from a yandere character or two; in the case of Diabolik Lovers we have Kanato, the fourth brother and next spot on our list.

Even though he isn’t the youngest son, Kanato is certainly the most childish one of the six brothers. Not only does he look and talk like a young boy, but he can also never be seen without his stuffed teddy. He might seem harmless at first glance, but his personality is the most unstable one of them all. Small comments or actions can tip him over the edge and trust us, you don’t want to be in the same room as Kanato once he loses his mind.

In the blink of an eye Kanato can turn from a soft-spoken child to an abusive monster. His outbursts might be short, but they are unexpected and especially violent, much to the dismay of Yui. Unlike his brothers, Kanato is hard to read and you can never be sure when he might lose his mind. Being able to switch between two personalities makes Kanato dangerous and earns him a shout-out on our list.

5. Yuma Mukami

The second Mukami brother on this list is Yuma, a well-known troublemaker, selfish rebel and true sadist at heart.

The third son of the Mukami household has a strong personality: he is out-going, loud and likes to make his presence known. Already as a human he was known to be a rebel and this trait only grew stronger once he became a vampire. Now he is extremely violent and dominating and a fitting member of the Mukami family.

In Yuma, you can find a sadistic tendency coupled with a hot temper - a deadly mixture. He actually enjoys what he’s doing and harasses Yui for no other reason than his own enjoyment. Yuma cares about his brothers and can be protective, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t harm Yui along the way.

4. Azusa Mukami

Kou and Yuma aren’t the only new characters introduced in the second season of Diabolik Lovers. Their brother Kanato is equally scary and - of course - equally sadistic.

Even though Azusa is a powerful vampire, he looks rather timid and reserved at first. With his half-closed eyes and slow way of speaking he really seems to be dead. The only time he comes to life is when he encounters pain. Azusa is a sadist and masochist at the same time, and doesn’t mind harming himself or the people around him.

It is this personality trait that makes Azusa dangerous. After all, most characters would step back once their well-being is threatened - unlike Azusa. He’s more than ready to harm himself as well as inflict pain on others. He cannot distinguish between his own emotions and the feelings of others and he harms Yui thinking that she will enjoy pain as much as him. Azusa has a twisted mind and is addicted to pain in order to feel alive again.

3. Ayato Sakamaki

Only three guys remain in our search for the most sadistic character in Diabolik Lovers. Next up is Ayato, the fifth child of the Sakamaki household.

Unlike some other characters on this list, Ayato doesn’t act emotionless or dead inside. On the contrary, he’s the first one to suck Yui’s blood and also seems to love having her around as his new toy. He is vulgar, a trouble-maker and loves nothing more than pursuing and tormenting Yui. A mischievous grin seems to be permanent part of his face.

Ayato’s nature revolves around him being a narcissist and trying to be the constant winner. He hates failing and feeling powerless, that’s why he makes sure that everyone else bends to his will. What makes him more dangerous than other characters are his energy and his competitive nature. He will go out of his way to show Yui his sadistic side and doesn’t mind if he takes things a little bit too far.

2. Ruki Mukami

It is time for the fourth and final member of the Mukami brothers and that is no one less than Ruki, the brain of the family.

Ruki has an aura of confidence and always seems to know what he’s doing. He only trusts his own decisions and enjoys ordering other people around. In his human life he was the son of a rich family and didn’t think twice about the well-being of his servants. This attitude carried over into his afterlife and now innocent Yui is the one who has to suffer under his control.

Similar to Reiji of the Sakamaki household, Ruki acts superior due to his great knowledge and high position in the family. It is natural to him to look down on others and treat people without respect. Yui is merely a tool to him and he tortures and uses her whenever he feels like it. Ruki only has his own goals in mind and doesn’t care if he has to hurt others to get there.

1. Laito Sakamaki

We have come to the end of this list and without further ado it is time to talk about the last Sakamaki brother: Laito.

Laito comes from a highly disturbing and scarring background, so it comes as no wonder that he developed a sadistic and cruel personality as a result. He is extremely perverted and inflicting pain to others in the most vicious ways seems to be his passion. Laito’s cheerful personality is just a mask that hides a dark and twisted soul.

For us, Laito deserves the final spot on this list since he is a pervert and sadist at the same time. He finds his own way of making Yui suffer that goes way further than any of the actions of his brothers. Similar to Kanato, he has a strong personality disorder and you never know what he might do next. He despises disobedience and hands out punishments generously. Laito’s sadistic and perverted personality earns him our last spot.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our top 10 favorite (or should we say feared?) characters of Diabolik Lovers. As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, the guys of the main cast are the charming point of the series and there are more than enough of them for everyone to find a favorite. The second season continued the story of the vampire household effortlessly and gave fans more characters to fall in love with.

Our lists are never complete without your opinions, so let us know what you think of this selection. Who do you think is the most sadistic character in Diabolik Lovers and why? Leave your comments down below!

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