Diabolik Lovers Review & Characters - That is Where I Met the Six Sakamaki Brothers

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Romance, Mystery, Drama
  • Airing Date : Sept 2013 – Dec 2013
  • Producers : Production I.G, Frontier Works, Idea Factory, Zexcs, Sentai Filmworks, Showgate

Diabolik Lovers Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

Yui Komori is an ordinary girl who used to live with his father, a priest in a church. Due to his journey abroad, Yui is told to go live with her relatives, the Sakamaki family. As she arrives at the mansion, Yui meets the six brothers of the Sakamaki family, but she finds out she has been sent in there for a completely different reason than what she has been told.

Indeed, the Sakamaki brothers are all vampires and are seeing her as another “sacrificial bride”, which means she became nothing more than a prey they will suck the blood out of. At first frightened, Yui will have to discover what is really happening in there and how her father is implicated in her new real life nightmare.

The Sakamaki brothers were born from three different mothers. Shu and Reiji were born from Beatrice, the mother of the triplets Laito, Kanato and Ayato is Cordelia and the mother of the youngest son Subaru is Christa. While living with them, Yui will discover the past of each brothers and learn the truth behind her move out into the Sakamaki mansion.

Who does Diabolik Lovers cater to?

Supernatural, drama, mystery and a drop of romance is what you have in this anime. Only the vampire aspect is enough to remind you of Vampire Knight for those who saw it. Also, this anime is the adaptation of the video game series under the same name, so Reverse Harem fans who want to enjoy the six good-looking Sakamaki brothers should just watch it!

But watch out! If you are expecting a lot of romance and sweet happenings like in Uta no Prince-sama, you will obviously be really frustrated as Yui is physically and mentally abused by the Sakamaki brothers day after day. However, if you like this kind of story where the main character is suffering, you should not miss it.

Even if you are not a real fan of Reverse Harem series, you should really give it a try. The story is interesting and all the mysteries around Yui and the Sakamaki brothers are quite catchy.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

Diabolik Lovers drives you completely into the scary and creepy atmosphere of a horror series like, Another. This atmosphere is present from the beginning until the very end, and is really addictive because it gives you the feeling that anything could happen to the main character.

The story could be simple at first. Yui has been fooled and she is now the prey of six vampires. But this is not exactly that, and the plot gets much more complex as you watch the following episodes. Yui has been fooled, right, but you don't know to what extent until you watch the whole series. Which is not really long as each episode lasts 15 minutes.

Because of Yui's personality, lots of viewers could empathize with her. The poor girl is always tortured, whether verbally or physically, and a lot of people should be touched by the way she is treated by the vampires. Moreover, some of us would even like to be in the same place of Yui, surrounded by all these vampires craving for our blood!

Even if the Sakamaki brothers seems to be nothing more than cruel, hateful, and sadistic characters, the plot will show you more than that. Each one of them are more complex and their personalities are deeper than what you can except at first.

Also, the success of Diabolik Lovers brought the continuation of a second season for this coming fall, so if you're curious and want to know what is so interesting about this series, you should not hesitate and check it out!

Diabolik Lovers Trailer

Diabolik Lovers Main Characters List

Yui Komori

Voice Actor : Rie Suegara

She is a normal second year of high school girl, who is able to see ghosts since her childhood. She is very nice and sweet and, despite her appearances, strong to be able to deal with the situation she was plunged on. Though she is enduring a lot of tough and cruel things, she remains optimistic and keeps smiling at everyone. She really tries to understand the Sakamaki brothers and being kind with them despite everything.

Ayato Sakamaki

Voice Actor : Hikaru Midorikawa

He is the fifth son of the Sakamaki household and the youngest of the triplets, with Kanato and Laito. His mother is Cordelia and because of the pressure she puts on him while he was a child, he became the narcissistic and overconfident type, claiming he is number one in everything. He is the first one of the Sakamaki brothers Yui meets after entering the mansion.

Shu Sakamaki

Voice Actor :Kousuke Toriumi

He is the eldest son of the Sakamiki household, son of Beatrice. Always listening to music, he is apathetic and lazy, despite being the master of the mansion. Because of all the unwanted attention given by his mother and all the happenings in his past, he became the lonely guy type who doesn't take any responsibility. In the first episode, he is the only one who knows about the arrival of Yui in the mansion.

Contains Spoilers

Diabolik Lovers Review

The different reviews or opinions on Diabolik Lovers are really mixed and diverse. Because of the subjects tackled by this show, you can either love or hate it, but you cannot remain silent about this anime.

As Diabolik Lovers is the anime adaptation of the Japanese game under the same name, the ones who are familiar with this kind of stuff should more or less know what it will be about. In the game, the plot differs slightly according to the player's choice and the guy chosen so, of course, we cannot have it all in the animation or it will be weird and completely senseless. At this point, I think the story in the anime is well managed and respectful, as it follows more or less Ayato's route, and the reason why Yui possess Cordelia's heart and not one of the other Sakamaki's wives.

For having played the game, I can say I liked the anime and how the story was managed. Even if you discover this series with the anime, I think it's easy to be hooked just because of the story. Around all these vampires craving for Yui's special blood, our optimistic main character tries to learn about the implication of his father in her relocation, and even if she is given a chance to run away by Subaru – as well as his knife – she stays strong and decides to stay in order to know the truth. And as the Awakening is upcoming, she began to lose consciousness, and has some visions of Sakamaki brothers' past. She also talks about things she is not supposed to know, like Sakamaki Tougo's real name.

The main character is seen as naïve, clumsy or submissive, but I think it's normal and we can't really argue on that point. In almost all the Reverse Harem anime that have been aired until its release day, the main character is not a great example of a strong personality, and I think it cannot be otherwise. The anime is adapted from a Dating Game, right? All the player's choices affect the main character, right? These choices are made in order to seduce the guy we root for, right?

So if you try to put the same system in the anime, you will just have a main character completely neutral or, on the contrary, a schizophrenic character. If I were able to choose, I will keep the neutral one because the schizophrenic type would be quite creepy! And above that, this kind of series is made so the player/viewer can assimilate itself to the main character so there is no need to complain, right?

As for the Sakamaki brothers, they are of course more developed in the game, but once more, you can't reunite everything in the anime and say it is normal. However, each of them is pretty complex and have some issues with their past. When you finally learn the relationship the brothers had with their respective mother's, you are able to understand their own personality, and their creepy aspects are due to that. They were all subjected to pressure, beaten, love in a reaaaally strange way, or asked to kill their mother. So, yeah, they had a pretty tough childhood! Thanks mom for raising your son soooo well!

The character design was really pretty. With that and the soundtrack, you are definitely in the atmosphere of a vampire story, and it could give you goosebumps if you had the idea of watching it in the dark (believe me, I tried...). Also, I should talk about the casting but, well, if you are a Seiyuu fan, the casting list should be enough for you. Anyway, every character is well voiced with a dream team of voice actors. As for Yui's voice actor, it was apparently her first regular character voice and I think she did a good job despite being under a lot of pressure...

For those who hated this anime, they should have their own reasons and I won't argue with them. Even if I liked Diabolik Lovers, I can't help thinking that Uta no Prince-sama is becoming more and more stupid as the anime keeps going (but I won't stop watching it, because I do love the casting!) Whether you liked, disliked or remained unsatisfied with the season premiere of Diabolik Lovers, you should wait and see the second season, which, hopefully, will bring a better adaptation with the appearance of the Mukami brothers!

1. The Sakamaki brothers

They are a mix of all you can have in terms of creepy or hateful guys, but we can't help loving them, right? Whether lazy, harsh, perverse, disturbed, narcissistic or brutal, one thing is sure, they are all 100% sadistic and their relationship with the main character is based on that. When we finally knew their past and their strange relationship with their mother's, didn't you feel sorry for them and wanted to give them a hug?

2. Richter

Almost all the happenings in Diabolik Lovers are caused by Richter. After the death of Cordelia, he is the one who took her heart in order to transfer it to someone else. And he found Yui. Richter transferred Cordelia's heart to her, but he didn't stop there. He also assigned Yui to her foster father and manipulated her so one day she would move into the mansion, become a “sacrificial bride” and make the Awakening occur. And what more? He also manipulates Cordelia so he could one day be the head of the Sakamaki family!? Isn't he the real bad guy of the story?

3. The Awakening

The Awakening, or the main reason why Yui was brought into the Sakamaki mansion. All of Richter's manipulations were arranged to occur in this event to finally awaken and revive Cordelia. Because of Cordelia's heart, Yui's blood is special and has a unique taste, but when the Awakening is at the edge, Yui's blood changes once more and the Sakamaki brothers attraction to it grows more. Cordelia gradually takes control on Yui's body, even if the main character regains consciousness sometimes. When the Awakening is over, Yui's eyes are green, just like Cordelia's were.

Though everyone may not enjoy this series, Diabolik Lovers is still a great success and has its audience within the Reverse Harem or Romance fans. And the awaiting second season is enough to prove its success!

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