Top 10 Sekirei Character Abilities

Sekirei are super-powered beings from another world who each have their own unique abilities spanning from different elements to enhanced human-like capabilities. They are able to obtain enhanced abilities when their ‘wings’ are released by their Ashikabi, and are also able to awaken their ‘Norito’ abilities which gives a considerable boost to their power in battle.

With over a 100 different types and kinds of Sekirei, you may be wondering which abilities are deemed to be the best. So for this list, we’ll be counting down what we think are the top abilities found within the series.

10. Shiina

At number ten, at the start of this list is Shiina, a male Sekirei who has a calm and kind-hearted type of personality. He dislikes violence and is sympathetic towards other Sekirei even if he is the one who defeats them. His Ashikabi is Yukari who has the complete opposite type of personality, bold and confident. Though Shiina may appear to be weak and incapable of hurting others, he can be merciless if he is ticked off.

Shiina has the rumoured name ‘Death God Sekirei’, the reason for this is simply because his powers are that terrifying and powerful. He has the ability to disintegrate many different things instantly, such as metal and even flesh. His Norito incantation is “By the corpses of my contract completely rot my Ashikabi’s cross!” a truly dark chant befitting of his nickname. With the power to remove anything he wants from existence, and although there are specific limits to his ability, it is one that you would never want to be faced with.

9. Matsu

The next entry on this list goes to Matsu, one of Minato’s Sekirei. Matsu is the intelligence and strategist within the team. She is a genius computer hacker who rarely steps outside to the world and does her part by finding information using her secret set-up at the inn. Matsu is a high-valued target sought out by the MBI because of her skills. She refers to herself as the ‘Wisdom’ Sekirei but is often called the ‘shameless’ or ‘perverted’ Sekirei because of her strange hobbies.

Matsu’s ability is not of a combat type but rather is one that is supportive in the sense that she is able to telepathically access, analyse and even communicate information to other Sekirei. She is a ‘brain-type’ Sekirei that used to be part of the MBI Disciplinary Squad where she identified enemies and gave her assistance in relaying information between the squad members. Matsu’s standard ability doesn’t allow her to control whatever she accesses, however when she uses her Norito, she gains the power to do so in a limited way. Although her ability isn’t powerful in combat, it is a very valuable game-changing ability to have.

8. Akitsu

Up next, we give the 8th place to Akitsu, a lone wolf Sekirei who doesn’t have an Ashikabi. The reason Akitsu doesn’t have one is because of a lab incident that caused her to be winged prematurely, rendering her unable to be winged ever again. Despite this, she finds a partner in Mikogami Hayato who took her in when she escaped the MBI. She was however, eventually able to awaken her wings for a short period of time during the battle of Kamikura Island.

Akitsu has a very cold and melancholic type of personality; her ability is the power of ice, which suits her character very well. She is able to freeze objects and shoot ice projectiles. Akitsu was formerly a single number Sekirei even though her powers are restrained due to her inability to be winged. She cannot awaken her true potential but she is still able to fight on par with other strong Sekirei such as Homura. Her ability to freeze opponents makes her a strong contender in battle and if she could use her full power, she would be a very dangerous Sekirei to fight.

7. Tsukiumi

Moving up the list we have Tsukiumi, who is also one of Minato’s Sekirei. Before she met Minato and the others, she was a lone fighter who believed that she could become the strongest Sekirei without needing to be winged by an Ashikabi. Her personality is one of pride and high moral values; she believed that to become winged, one must sleep with an Ashikabi to acquire it. However, Tsukiumi’s strong values towards marriage made her abstain and avoid the idea of initiating a relationship to gain what she believed was an unneeded power, which she believes she can surpass.

Like her name suggests, ‘Tsuki’ & ‘umi’ (moon-sea), she has the power to control and manipulate water. She is able to summon large quantities of water from thin air and can even shape it to form a sharp blade to cut her foes down. Tsukiumi often uses moves that take the form of an animal such as a serpent or dragon, which makes her attacks look that much deadlier. The power to generate water whenever and wherever she pleases makes this ability an extremely dangerous one, and though the limits of her power are unclear, she could drown her opponents with her unlimited supply of water.

6. Kazehana

At number 6 comes a mysterious Sekirei named Kazehana, who has a secret double-life as a veiled Sekirei and as the Izumo Inn’s regular drunkard. Her nickname, given to her by Miya, is ‘Public Obscenity’ because of the way she acts, which is drunk most of the time. She does eventually become one of Minato’s Sekirei’s and knows a lot about his father, which she doesn’t tell him. Kazehana has a very relaxed kind of personality and is very confident of her natural sex appeal. She may seem like she lives a very carefree type of life, however, she can be serious at times and will unleash her full power on anyone that looks down on her.

Kazehana means “wind flower” which describes pretty much her ability, the power to control and manipulate wind. She is an experienced fighter and also one of the single numbered Sekirei. The power of wind also allows Kazehana to fly to a certain extent. She can generate what appears to be a limitless amount of wind as long as there is air around her; she can blast any enemy away from her. Wind is a terrifying ability because of its invisibility to the human eye and it’s very hard to dodge Kazehana’s attacks, which makes her a strong contender on this list.

5. Homura

Half way up the list comes another one of Minato’s Sekirei who looks like a badass ninja, the Sekirei Guardian, Homura. He is known as the guardian because of his duty to protect Sekirei until they have found their Ashikabi, which is a mission that was instilled upon him by Sahashi Takami. Homura has a calm and collected sort of personality but can be quick tempered when he is reminded of his personal goal to kill Minaka. Homura is male but later develops female-like features when he becomes winged.

Homura is one of the most experienced fighters due to his occupation and has the ability of fire. He is able to produce fire whenever he pleases and can manipulate it in many different ways; like Tsukiumi, he is able to shape his fire into animals. Homura’s powers are unstable; at times he is even able to set himself on fire, however he is able to control himself once Minato wings him. He was often seen as the strongest of the unwinged Sekirei, a title which even Tsukiumi acknowledged. After obtaining his wings, he becomes a truly deadly force to be reckoned with.

4. Yume

The next Sekirei on our list is Yume, one of the single numbered Sekirei who was once the leader of the Disciplinary Squad. She saved Musubi’s life during a military invasion by giving away her core, sacrificing her own life after seeing that Musubi couldn’t experience the life of a Sekirei. Yume’s soul resides in Musubi and awakens when she is in trouble. She is known as the Sekirei of fate and is the ‘defender of love’, Yume fights with a goal to free all the Sekirei. Her personality is very similar to Musubi but is a lot more mature than she is.

Yume is one of the strongest Sekirei to have ever lived; her ability embodies the power of light to create powerful explosions. Like Musubi, she also has immense speed and strength. Her full potential is unknown, as she doesn’t live long enough to display the full extent of her powers However Karasuba, who is one of the strongest Sekirei, sees her as a rival. Yume’s abilities were powerful enough for her to become the leader of the Disciplinary Squad, which makes her one of the top Sekirei’s.

3. Karasuba

In third place comes the black Sekirei otherwise known as Karasuba, she is the Disciplinary Squad leader after Yume and also has the nickname of ‘MBI’s dog’.
She is a single numbered Sekirei and has been part of the Disciplinary squad since the very beginning. Karasuba has a very cold personality as she hates humanity and doesn’t believe in the bond between Ashikabi and Sekirei. She has a very sadistic demeanour as she enjoys killing Sekirei to prove her own power; Karasuba is a widely feared Sekirei because of her tendency to be merciless.

Karasuba fights with a Nodachi, a Japanese great sword. She has incredible power and speed; her skill with the blade allows her to dispel any elemental attacks. She has been known to be able to kill a Sekirei with only one strike and is also rumoured to be powerful enough to destroy half of Tokyo as a by-product of her fight with a strong opponent. Even though she doesn’t apparently possess any elemental power, her sheer strength makes her presence more terrifying than any other Sekirei.

2. Musubi

The runner-up on this list goes to the one and only Musubi, who is the main female protagonists of the story. She is Minato’s first and main Sekirei who appeared to him by falling out of the sky. Musubi has a cheerful and carefree type of personality, and at times is quite childish and naïve. She is seen as very polite, even when engaging enemies and is a very loyal Sekirei who never fails to keep her word.

Musubi’s ability is of physical strength and power; she doesn’t use elemental attacks but mainly focuses on hand-to-hand combat to defeat her enemies. She does, however, develop an energy-based attack that is the power of light that Yume was known to use. She also has incredible speed, agility, stamina and endurance. She is able to stand back up to fight after taking a lot of damage.

Even to Karasuba’s eyes, Musubi is a Sekirei that can one day surpass even Yume. Though Musubi has Yume’s soul, which makes her already incredibly powerful in the first place. Musubi’s punches are incredibly powerful and capable of knocking opponents far away.

1. Miya Asama

At the top of the list, in first place comes the widely feared Miya Asama, who is the landlady of the Izumo Inn. Her reputation in the Sekirei world is second to none as no one ever dares to even get near her bad side. She has the nickname of ‘Hannya of the North’ and is Sekirei #1. Miya was the leader of the first generation Disciplinary Squad but had since retired after her husband died. Miya’s strength is so widely known, that even Karasuba fears her saying that she is from another dimension. She does, however, keep her identity a secret from others in order to live a calm and peaceful life.

Miya doesn’t appear to have any elemental abilities but when it comes to her swordsmanship, she is undefeatable. Aside from having incredible strength and speed, the shock wave from her sword alone is able to sink several battle ships. This was demonstrated during her time as a Disciplinary Squad member when she owned the legendary sword ‘Totsuga No Tsurugi’. The fact that Miya was never winged because her partner Takehito never had any Ashikabi genes makes her incredibly overpowered, just imagine what she could have done if she had been winged. That thought alone, makes her easily the top contender on this list.

That concludes this list for the top 10 Sekirei abilities, what did you think about our list this time? Do you agree? Perhaps we missed out on your favourite Sekirei Ability, if so please tell us about it in the comments below! We’d love to hear your opinion!

If you were an Ashikabi and had a choice in what kind of Sekirei you'd like, which would you choose? One of the many abilities on this list? or perhaps one you’d like to create? Be sure to leave a comment about it!

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