Top 10 Slice of Life Manhwa [Best Recommendations]


Life is an interesting concept in not only real life but in manhwa especially. The slice of life theme can be almost used in everything from romance stories to psychological tales and really create interesting and deep narrative. Honestly, if you look at manhwa as a whole, you’ll see a large amount of manhwa have the slice of life sub-genre which means there are hundreds of manhwa that are technically considered slice of life stories. What that means for readers is that finding the best of the best slice of life manhwa might be an extremely gruesome task. However, we here at Honey’s Anime pride ourselves on making your life easier by making lists like this one. Indeed, you’re not mistaken we’re looking at Top 10 Slice of Life Manhwa.

As per the usual when it comes to our top ten lists, we’ve scoured the internet and spent many hours finding the best stories. Our research has come out successful and we’re happy to share our newly gained knowledge with you amazing people. Some of the slice of life manhwa we’ve selected have stories talking about the concepts of second chances in life and stories of romance that face many challenges but still blossom. We’re sure that within this beautiful list you’ll find an amazing slice of life manhwa to read. With that, you know it’s time to enter our list of slice of life manhwa; we hope you enjoy it.

10. I Wish…

  • Manhwaga: Hyun, Ju-Suh
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published Date: 2000- 2008

Be very careful what you wish for let Jin Ryu be the perfect example of this. When her family leaves her behind for Hawaii, in frustration, Jin makes the statement that she hopes their plane doesn’t arrive. Jin’s comment became her wish and her family dies en route. Hoping to somehow bring them back, Jin meets the powerful magician named K who claims he can bring them back. The only cost is that Jin must work as his assistant.

I Wish…that phrase is something everyone says. Who doesn’t want their wishes fulfilled by some magical force? That being said, as we learn in this dramatic and romance-filled slice of life manhwa named I Wish, that phrasing can indeed have some unforeseen consequences. While I Wish by the manhwaga Hyun Ju-Suh seems almost laughable to be on a slice of life manhwa list, it makes sense when there is a real life message sewn into the narrative. Our Top Ten Slice of Life Manhwa list starts off with I Wish, something we know you’ll agree with if you check it out.

9. Familyman

  • Manhwaga: Jung, Pil Won
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published Date: Aug, 2009- May, 2010

Gang-Ho was a hardworking family man. Barely sleeping more than a few hours a day, it seems that eventually his work would catch up to him. During a horrible fire, Gang-Ho had half his face burned horribly and his work place let him go. Now jobless and afraid his family, especially his young daughter, will be scared of his scars, Gang-Ho comes up with an idea. He begins to wear costumes and poses as Gugu-man, a superhero.

First we need to say it: Jung Pil Won, we commend you. Your work in regards to Familyman is what we love about slice of life manhwa. The cute art and impressive narrative make you feel for Gang-Ho and truly sympathize or even empathize with his issue. There wasn’t a single moment that passed in this 3 volume manhwa that we didn’t feel for these characters and that’s why it had to be on our list. Hopefully you’ll check out Familyman as we know you’ll love it.

8. My Heart is Beating

  • Manhwaga: Ha, Il-Kwon
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Sports, Slice of Life, Psychological, Seinen, Gender Bender
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published Date: Jun, 2009- Nov, 2009

We know it’s hard to resist temptation but let Bae Sugu be a shining example of letting your temptation get the best of you. Bae’s one major drive in life is swimsuits and you can already guess that causes him some trouble. However, Bae’s swimsuit love isn’t perverted, despite what most would think and it doesn’t help when he’s caught taking pictures of girls in swimsuits by a pool by his teacher. Given that he would otherwise face possible expulsion which could hurt his dad, the vice principal, Bae takes an offer given by his teacher to avoid trouble. However, this so called offer isn’t exactly normal…

We won’t spoil what Bae has to deal with in My Heart is Beating by Ha Il-Kwon. In this silly slice of life manhwa, readers will enjoy comedy, romance, sports and a whole slew of genres. While it may seem My Heart is Beating contains too many genres, all of them work in tangent with one another and we feel that’s because of the slice of life theme infused in by Ha Il-Kwon. We have to wonder would we take the deal the homeroom teacher offers Bae? Actually here’s a question for you folks, would any of you? If you want to know the answer you’ll have to read My Heart is Beating, see what we did there.

7. Orange Marmalade

  • Manhwaga: SeokWoo
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Vampire, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 8
  • Published Date: Feb, 2011- Dec, 2013

Vampires exist?! In Orange Marmalade, vampires are indeed a real entity but the human race requires them to be kept away from the public. The vampires hide themselves and drink pig’s blood in lieu of human blood. Ma Ri Baek a young woman who just so happens to be a vampire herself, wishes to lead a normal life but is finding that goal very difficult to accomplish. Luckily for Ma, she is about to run into Jae Min Jung and this odd vampire slice of life will truly get underway.

Manhwaga SeokWoo’s Orange Marmalade may be about a vampire and human romance but the concepts of segregation and stereotyping are real themes handled well in this manhwa. If the amazing art doesn’t capture you, the brilliant characters such as Ma Ri Baek will. Her struggle to live a normal life will be what makes you feel for her and route like we did that things work out. While we do know if they work out or not we won’t spoil that for you. That being said why not check out Orange Marmalade to find a truly great slice of life work?

6. The Friendly Winter

  • Manhwaga: Lee, Jun
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Psychological
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published Date: Oct, 2011- Feb, 2013

Han Da-Jeong has an odd growth disorder. While Han is 19 years old, her looks don’t match it as she has the appearance of a child. Ironically enough, her fate has her run into Kim Min-seong who is a 17 year old with the mind of a child. These two strangers will find their worlds colliding with one another rather quickly. The only question is can they face the challenges the world sets before them?

The Friendly Winter is an endearing slice of life manhwa from the manhwaga Lee Jun. Both of these ailments are actually similar to real life concepts and that’s what makes The Friendly Winter so intriguing. The beautiful tale of these two characters really grips at the readers’ hearts and we loved it. Slice of life works usually don’t often include people with disabilities; that’s why The Friendly Winter is such a refreshing manhwa to read. Seriously we really recommend Lee Jun’s The Friendly Winter with two thumbs way up.

5. My Young Cat and My Old Dog

  • Manhwaga: Cho
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Seinen
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published Date: Apr, 2011- Jan, 2013

Most people forget animals have their own lives like humans. They live, breathe, grow with their owners, and face their own issues internally. Separated into multiple episodes, My Young Cat and My Old Dog talks about some of the manhwaga’s own pets as well as several others. Cute and charming, this manhwa truly is meant for those who own pets. The world of pets has never been more interesting thanks to My Young Cat and My Old Dog.

Manhwaga Cho has captured the beauty of animals in such a cool slice of life story less about humans and more about pets. The cute art and story will appear truly those who own cats and dogs or just pet owners in general. This short series’ only weakness is that it’s not longer. Seriously we wished it was longer. We think people do forget that slice of life is able to apply to large ideals. Luckily for those who forget, My Young Cat and My Old Dog reminds you and you won’t be complaining.

4. About Death

  • Manhwaga: Sini- Hyeono
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Psychological
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published Date: Sep, 2012- Feb, 2013

If you met God when you died, what do you think you two would talk about? In About Death, God talks to several souls who have passed on from the world or are nearing the final destination. Each character talks about their life and begins to dwell on the successes and failures they all have dealt with. With amazing art and BGM that plays for each chapter, About Death is one manhwa that makes you truly think about these few question. What does death mean truly, is it really the end or a new tale?

Slice of Life needs to focus on the lives of characters that are in any story, which is perfectly realized in About Death. From the very first story to the several others you’ll read, you’ll see how various characters played their lives out and all while realizing that most are very similar to the real world way people live. Manhwaga Sini and Hyeono really accomplished one of the best slice of life and psychological manhwa we’ve read in some time thanks to their teamwork. If you love the slice of life genre, can’t go wrong with reading About Death…just bring some tissues you may need them.

3. Cheese in the Trap Season 1

  • Manhwaga: Soonkki
  • Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published Date: Jul, 2010- May, 2011

Some of us here at Honey’s Anime know taking a break from college is tough. However, it gets a lot harder when you’re like Hong Sul. Thanks to her work ethic, Hong somehow annoyed Yu Jeong, a well-known senior at her college. After this event, Hong’s year at college becomes a living nightmare and she knows it has to be Yu’s fault. So if that is the case, why is Yu now suddenly acting all buddy like with Hong?

Oh slice of life manhwa, you make some weird stories with romance. We won’t lie this won’t be the oddest romance manhwa you’ve read—we’ve saved that for next—but Cheese in the Trap Season 1 is indeed an odd series. The struggle Hong faces remind us of our days in college and most will empathize with her. Soonkki throwing in the comedy, mystery and romance elements make this slice of life very unique and a truly gripping read. Check out Cheese in the Trap Season 1 and be enamored with some great art and a truly fun story.

2. Something About Us

  • Manhwaga: Lee, Yunji
  • Genre: Romance, School, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: N/A
  • Published Date: Oct, 2014- Oct, 2016

Ever been in school and or work, and see an odd pairing? You know they are apparently friends or something more but it seems that they really shouldn’t be. In Something About Us, the story follows Han Woojin and Doh Gayoung, two friends who seem the complete opposite of one another. Most of their friends and family members think they are a couple. They however don’t see it that way. What truly awaits these two is an interesting romance and slice of life tale that seems fitting for these quirky two.

In many ways we’re reminded of an old television show called the Odd Couple when we read Something About Us. These two so called friends are filled with things to say and show their weird relationship constantly to the audience. However, their struggle to find common place with one another is a pleasure as Something About Us is such a fun slice of life manhwa. Lee Yunji should be commended for taking a usually cliché romance plot and twisting on its head. If you love your romance and slice of life filled with cute and comedic tones, then you’ll probably enjoy Something About Us.

1. Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love (See, Hear, Love)

  • Manhwaga: Go, Yeong-Hun
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Seinen
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published Date: Oct, 2010- Aug, 2011

Min Geun Soo was beginning to find true success in the comic business as an artist when Min’s eyesight eventually began to fail and eventually he lost it completely. Meaning to commit suicide as the pains of life get to Min, he is fortunately rescued by a fan of his work. The young girl named Sori Jhun is deaf but loves Min’s work and the two soon fall in love. However, their relationship won’t be a smooth one and it will be up to them to deal with their weaknesses together.

If you read this story and cry, don’t worry, we’re right there with you here at Honey’s Anime. Manhwaga Go Yeong-Hun has made easily one of the best—if not the best—slice of life manhwa we have ever gotten the pleasure of reading. Each moment and page of Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love is filled with a scenario you can almost envision being real and we love that. Heartwarming, beautifully written and illustrated and just an absolute amazing piece of work, we can’t recommend Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love any harder than right now. Now what are you waiting for? Go and read this manhwa as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Stories can be about everything under the sun in the world of manhwa. The beauty is that no matter what story is being told, something about pets or about love, those elements are strengthened by the slice of life genre. You can almost sympathize more with a story knowing full well that it’s trying to convey a real life emotion or story. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime love slice of life and hopefully if you weren’t a fan or are one, some of the titles above will be very pleasing to read. As always we would love to hear your voice, comment down below to let us know what you liked or what you think could have been on the list. As always be sure to keep coming back to our site for more recommendation lists just like this.

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