Top 10 Smartest Detective Conan Characters

Detective Conan, or Case Closed, is a highly successful long-running series that does not seem to be ending anytime soon. The readers always wonder how the mangaka, Gosho Aoyama, manages to come up with new ideas every time, it is as though he could successfully commit a crime without leaving any evidence which points to him. In a detective series, there are many difficult cases to be solved, so many smart characters are expected to pop up in the series. It is pretty difficult to ascertain which characters belong to the Top 10 Smartest Detective Conan Characters in the series, but we have tried our best to come up with this list. Enjoy!

10. Hiroshi Agasa

Hiroshi Agasa is commonly referred to as Professor Agasa in the Detective Conan series. He is an inventor who has created many kinds of inventions including the gadgets for Conan. Many of his inventions are video games which the Detective Boys are often delighted to try out. Hiroshi Agasa is also the closest neighbor of Shinichi. When Shinichi shrunk into a little boy, Agasa is the first person whom Shinichi confided in!

Who says that only the ones who could solve cases are intelligent? No doubt, Detective Conan is a detective series, but there are different types of intelligence to be appreciated in this series. Professor Agasa has invented several gadgets which are useful in aiding Conan to carry on his detective work in secret. Therefore, helping Conan to establish his new identity and help to hide his true identity!

9. Eri Kisaki

Eri Kisaki is the mother of Ran Mouri and the wife of Kogoro Mouri. She lives separately from her husband and establishes her own law firm. Besides that, she is very attractive so there are many men who are attracted to her. Despite that, she still has feelings for Kogoro Mouri so she usually turns down the men who express their liking to her. She has a cat named Goro which is named after Kogoro.

Unlike Kogoro Mouri, Eri is very reliable and intelligent. She is very observant and has a keen eye for details. She has shown her prowess in solving criminal cases several times in the series. Therefore, she is a capable detective in her own right even though she is a lawyer by profession. At times, she could be even faster than Conan in analyzing the crime scene, such as during a case in which Kogoro was suspected to be the murderer.

8. Ai Haibara

Miyano Shiho was the scientist who invented APTX 4869, the drug that shrunk Conan into a little kid. Like the others in the Black Organization, she was given a name based on an alcoholic drink, and thus she was called Sherry. Sherry took the APTX 4869 in a bid to commit suicide but ended up being shrunk into a little girl which allowed her to escape from the Black Organization.

Similar to Hiroshi Agasa, Ai Haibara is also an inventor. She created APTX 4869 at the age of 18 for the purpose of killing people without leaving any traces in the body. However, the drug turns out to not end one’s life but make a person younger instead, as evident by Conan and Ai’s shrunk bodies. Although the effect was created by fluke, many other great inventions in the world are created by a fortunate stroke of luck anyway, so Haibara can be considered a genius for creating such a miraculous drug!

7. Kaito Kuroba

Kaito Kid is internationally famous for being a magician and a thief who steals really precious treasures. He is wanted by the police worldwide, but because of his unique gadgets and superior disguising skills, he manages to get away easily every time. For this reason, he has developed quite an arrogant and overconfident attitude. He also has an appearance that is very similar to Shinichi Kudou!

Even though Kaito Kid is rather intelligent and that he always manages to escape from being caught by the police, Conan often outsmarts him. The only reason Conan cannot capture Kaito Kid is due to the most advanced gadgets that Kaito Kid has. It is a mystery where he got those unique gadgets from. Perhaps he got them from Professor Agasa?

6. Heiji Hattori

Heiji Hattori hails from Osaka and has a thick Osaka accent. He is a high school detective who is known as the Great Detective of the West. As Shinichi Kudou is touted as the Great Detective of the East, Heiji considers Shinichi to be his rival. Therefore, Heiji showed up at Mouri Detective Agency to find Shinichi and have a showdown of wits.

Heiji Hattori’s intelligence is about the same level of Shinichi’s, but the latter is slightly more intelligent. In the showdown of wits, Heiji was defeated by Shinichi. Heiji is not too shabby himself as he managed to uncover Conan’s true identity, making Heiji the first person to do so. From then onwards, Heiji often teams up with Conan to solve cases, and also help Conan to hide his identity.

5. Conan Edogawa

The main star of the series, Shinichi Kudou turned into a little boy after being forced to swallow a drug known as APTX 4869. He adopts the alias Conan Edogawa and continues his detective work, mainly by putting Kogoro to sleep and then mimicking his voice to make it seem as though Kogoro is the one who solves the cases. In the meantime, he also wants to hunt down the Black Organization that causes him to be a little boy.

Despite being in a child form, Conan still retains his intelligence which enables him to solve cases. Besides his keen attention to detail, he also knows a lot about a wide range of subjects which is attributed to tons of reading. However, it seems like he does not possess much musical intelligence due to him being tone deaf. Throughout the series, Conan has solved many crime cases but at times, there are other characters who outwit him.

4. Gin

Gin is a high-ranked member of the Black Organization. He is always seen with another member, Vodka. Gin is the one who forcefully fed Shinichi with the APTX 4869 drug. Gin is very loyal to his boss and does not go against the Black Organization’s orders. He is a merciless person who does not seem to have any qualms about killing or threatening his fellow teammates.

Unlike Vodka who easily falls for traps, Gin is highly perceptive with great deduction abilities. He could identify Ai just from a single strand of auburn hair. Other than that, he also has good instincts. Many times, Conan goes after Gin, but Conan almost always gets into trouble as Gin is always able to suspect something amiss.

3. Akai Shuichi

Akai Shuichi was an FBI who managed to infiltrate the Black Organization and given the name Rye. While he was with the Black Organization, he dated Akemi Miyano, who was the sister of Ai. The reason he dated her was to get more information but he ended up falling for her, and so he broke up his relationship with Jodie.

Akai Shuichi infiltrated the Black Organization successfully and managed to keep his spy identity a secret. The reason his cover was blown was not due to his fault, but his colleague named Andre Camel. Despite that, he was smart enough to predict what the Black Organization would do to him, so he managed to fake his own death.

2. Yuusaku Kudo

Yuusaku Kudo is the father of Shinichi Kudo. Yuusaku is a renowned novelist and his bestselling series is Night Baron, which is about a phantom thief who wears a white mask. Yuusaku’s great intelligence proved helpful to the police, and he often assisted them in solving cases. But ultimately, his ambition is to be a writer so he ends up pursuing that passion.

Yuusaku’s deduction ability is definitely greater than Shinichi’s, and it had been demonstrated a couple of times that he managed to solve a case way earlier than Shinichi was able to. Besides that, Shinichi cannot figure out the identity of Night Baron which is the main character of the bestselling series by Yuusaku. With Yuusaku’s intelligence, he really should be spending more time helping his son to find out more about the Black Organization, but that would mean the Detective Conan series would end really fast!

1. Anokata

Anokata means ‘that person’, and it refers to the mysterious boss of the Black Organization. Not only is the name unknown, but the gender is also not revealed in the series yet. Anokata communicates with the other members of the organization via text messages. It appears that the boss is close to Vermouth and Gin.

While there is not much known about the boss of the Black Organization, it is safe to say that he or she would be a pretty smart individual. Otherwise, why would Gin and the rest of the organization follow the orders of this one person? The series is after all named Detective Conan and not Crayon Shin Chan. It would be a huge letdown if it is revealed that the boss is actually a doofus like Kogorou Mouri instead of a proper, professional, and highly intelligent person.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, there are much more intelligent characters in the Detective Conan series. We are pretty sure that our list would not be completely agreed by all of you. If you think that we have made a mistake in our list, then leave your comments below on whom you think should have been on the list.

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