Top 10 Steel Type Pokemon

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Steel; the hardest of metal alloys that ancient civilizations could use in their daily lives. Even today, it is the toughest commercially available material used to coat the outer layers of vehicles and vessels. It is so strong that bronze and iron were cast aside to make way for the new steel swords. When steel type Pokemon became a reality, they lived up to their namesake. Each and every one of them is able to take extreme amounts of damage.

The steel type is usually paired with another, allowing said Pokemon to not only tank a large amount of attacks but to dish out plenty of damage in return. With the new ultra powerful fairy type on the scene, steel remains one of the strongest defensive types with its ability to resist fairy attacks. This places steel above other defensive types like rock types.

Now, enough waxing poetry about the toughness of steel, let’s begin with the list.

10. Dialga

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 483

Dialga is the legendary Pokemon of time. It is not just steel type, one of the most defensive types, but dragon as well, one of the most offensive types. It personifies both types equally well, being able to take high amounts of damage and dish plenty in return. Dialga also has the Roar of Time attack, allowing them to rend anything that doesn’t have dragon type into little bits.

So why is it at the top? It’s way too powerful. If Dialga is used in the story mode of Pokemon, you basically don’t need anything but Dialga anymore. Nothing can possibly stand up to it, not with it resisting so many types of attacks. It’s so powerful that it’s relegated to the uber tier in multiplayer, which is basically a ban list.

There’s such a thing as too amazing.

9. Steelix

  • Generation: Second
  • Pokedex: 208

Everyone remembers how impressive Onyx was in the earlier episodes of Pokemon. Pikachu had just been fresh from frying a bunch of Spearows with a single thunderbolt attack and was geared up to take down Brock, the first Gym leader. When Brock brought out Onyx, it was large, imposing and even undefeatable by our protagonist’s Pokemon.

Over time, it’s become effectively worthless, what if so many Pokemon being able to do the same thing but better. Hence, it received the evolution of Steelix and Mega Steelix. Steelix is known to be one of the best stealth rock setters, allowing it to place many entry hazards for your opponent. Coupled with its typing, Steelix is able to counter many commonly used Pokemon and stone *ahem* steel wall them quite effectively.

It’s not the unstoppable monolith it once was, but it still does a pretty fine job of it.

8. Magnezone

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 462

After hours and hours of battling with useless magnemite that bad guys keep using for some godforsaken reason, we finally get a final evolution that isn’t just 3 magnemites stuck together. Presenting Magnezone, the big hunk of magnetic steel floating in the air, ready to make it a bad day for other steel types.

If there’s one thing Magnezone does well, is that it can make it an absolute chore to fight for other steel types with its magnet pull ability. This disallows other steel types to switch out when they most need to, forcing them to pound uselessly on this giant floating fortress of electricity and steel. Even Steelix would flee at the sight of a Magnezone, not that it could.

7. Aggron

  • Generation: Third
  • Pokedex: 306

Aggron is basically a better Steelix. It does everything Steelix can do but better. It’s steel-rock type and has overall better stats than Steelix in addition with a better move pool. Anything Steelix can do, Aggron can do ten times better. Furthermore, since mega evolutions became a thing, Aggron got one as well.

Its mega evolution allows it to become a pure steel type, a rarity. This gives it a high physical defense and a ton of resistances that dual types usually don’t enjoy. It does suffer from a large amount of drawbacks that typical steel types suffer from, like low speed. But it just looks so freaking cool!

6. Empoleon

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 395

Does anyone understand the logic of a steel coated penguin? No? Well, it’s awesome regardless. Empoleon is the final evolution of the adorable Piplup, changing from a pure water type into a dual water-steel type. Like many other steel types, this allows it a large amount of resistances to various types of Pokemon but has the unfortunate effect of neutralising its fire resistance.

Empoleon has a high special attack stat, allowing it to utilise its water type to full effect, and can do many support moves as well. Unfortunately, it ranks rather low as a water type and is often filled with a better water type in return. However, for what it’s able to do, it does well. Besides, it looks really cool.

5. Skarmory

  • Generation: Second
  • Pokedex: 227

What’s more terrifying than a Fearow using Brave Bird on your face? A Fearow coated entirely in metal using Brave Bird on your face. Skarmory takes the best of flying type, speed, and occasionally high damage, and the best of steel type, high physical damage, to make an impressive package overall.

Skarmory can take hits like a boss and has such a versatile move pool that people are still arguing about what moves are best to fit the four slot limit to this day. Whether as a support or offense type, Skarmory can do many things that players need it for, giving it much flexibility in battle depending on the situation.

4. Aegislash

  • Generation: Sixth
  • Pokedex: 681

Aegislash is a unique Pokemon that has arrived in the later generations that is not only unique in its typing but its ability as well. Stance Change allows Aegislash to change from blade to shield form and vice versa. The shield form in particular greatly reduces the damage it receives from other Pokemon. If used effectively, Aegislash can even take on legendary Pokemon like Xerneas and Deoxys.

Its major drawback is how fragile it is for a steel type, only able to really tank hits if it’s shifted into shield form. This makes it a poor pick for rookies and even players who are experienced at Pokemon. It is definitely not a jack of all trades and is only recommended for someone who really knows how to use it.

3. Mawile

  • Generation: Third
  • Pokedex: 303

What? Mawile? You mean that useless trash from Emerald that does nothing but hinders you in the same way that Zubat does? Who even remembers what a Mawile is? It’s hard to even tell if the black bit or the yellow bit is the head of the sodding Pokemon. Nobody likes Mawile, period.

Then, everything changed when the X & Y nation attacked.

Mawile gained a mega evolution, which allows it to absolutely wreck everything. After it’s mega evolution, it has gained the highest attack stat in any game, period. When paired with its dual typing of fairy-steel that allows it to resist many of the types that exist in the game. Mawile can take hits from near anything and return damage with a vengeance, with the ability to knock out a Mewtwo in a single Sucker Punch.

2. Lucario

  • Generation: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 448

Unlike the above, Lucario was always one of the cool kids on the block. It was the Pokemon that could use aura in the Pokemon world and its attacks like aura sphere and close combat placed in the halls of fame amongst the many fans of Pokemon. However, the truth is, Lucario is not that strong. It could get walled quite easily and is fragile if hit by something it doesn’t resist.

Then it got a mega evolution.

Anything that can be said can be summed up in the following; swords dance, swords dance, swords dance, close combat. From here on out, everything dies instantly. Because its Mega Lucario, the Chuck Norris of Pokemon.

1. Metagross

  • Generation: Third
  • Pokedex: 376

Remember that prick you were forced to chase around in Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire? He becomes the final true champion after you’ve defeated the Elite Four, standing on the same level as the likes of Cynthia and Red. Arguably the scariest thing that he has is his Metagross, a floating ton of steel that has psychic abilities.

Imagine punching a steel wall that can turn your mind into soup. It then proceeds to mega evolve and use its vicious claws to tear you limb from limb. To add insult to injury, it then Meteor Mashes against your scattered remains, eviscerating your corpse from this world. That is Metagross, fear it.

Final Thoughts

Steel types had a bad rap in the past. But with later generations, it has gotten many strong Pokemon and even mega evolutions that have allowed it to stand against some of the strongest types of Pokemon like dragon and water. When paired with another type, it allows for a large variety of builds that the Pokemon can pull off, whether it be a defense of offense. Steel is might.

And in Pokemon, might makes right.

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