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Pokemon is a franchise that has consumed fans since its start, extending beyond merely video games and anime to create an entire culture that spans across ages and countries. Even people that claim not to enjoy the Pokemon lifestyle can still recognize a Pikachu when it is in front of them, showcasing the wide impact Pokemon has. In Pokemon, two of the biggest objectives are collecting as many different types of Pokemon as possible, and becoming a Pokemon Master by defeating the Elite Four in a strenuous back-to-back battle. Therefore, most Pokemon Trainers aspire to acquire Legendary Pokemon. Pokemon such as Lugia or Mew-Two are revered to a nearly god-like level, and coveted by all; often Trainers hoard their sole Masterball for the sole purpose of claiming one of these deadly Pokemon.

However, Legendary Pokemon are not the only powerful Pokemon in the game. Often, non-Legendary can possess stats just as incredible, and learn moves that can decimate a variety of foes. And yet, in a world with seemingly endless number of Pokemon to capture, it can often be hard to determine which Pokemon is the best option to train for you team. No proper Pokemon party should be considered complete until at least a few of the options mentioned below are captured.

10. Hydreigon

  • Pokedex: #635
  • Generation: V,VI

The high Special Attack that Hydreigon boasts is enough for it to begin the list of the strongest non-Legendary Pokemon. As a Dark-Dragon type, a deadly combination against a variety of different other Pokemon types, Hydreigon can be taught a variety of moves that are deadly when fighting against other Pokemon. For example, it can learn Fire, Steel, and Poison type moves, as well as the Dark and Dragon type moves it specializes in.

Hydreigon is extremely well-rounded in terms of stats; its regular and Special Attack are impressive and its defensive stats are formidable. While lacking a fatal level of Speed, its other strengths more than make up for its slowness. Additionally, while Fairy type moves are extremely effective against it, it is immune to Psychic and can often be immune to Ground type attacks as well, if it possesses the ability Levitate.

9. Gardevoir

  • Pokedex: #635
  • Generation: V,VI

Every good Pokemon party needs a powerful Psychic-type in order to take down the Elite Four. It’s certainly possible to take down a Leader without one, but get a Pokemon with high Special Attack that has learned the move Psychic, and it’s not out of the question to take down a foe’s entire team without pausing. Oftentimes, the only limit is the move’s PP of 10, rather than a good defense from an opposing Trainer. Gardevoir is a perfect example of that kind of limitless ability.

With flawless Special Attack (which makes Psychic incredibly effective against almost every foe) and great Special Defense, as well as high Speed, Gardevoir’s weakness against psychical attacks can certainly be overlooked. In addition, in newer versions, Gardevoir is now a Psychic-Fairy type Pokemon, a deadly combination that places it at number 9 on the list of top 10 strongest non-Legendary Pokemon.

8. Snorlax

  • Pokedex: #143
  • Generation: I, II, III, IV, V, IV

Snorlax is a heavy-duty, unflappable Normal type Pokemon that has the cushion to handle any type of attack. It is sturdy; as a Normal type, it is hardly affected by any specific type of attack. Its speciality is to endure; with its high HP and the ability to restore its health while resting, Snorlax is the kind of Pokemon that is perfect for the moments when the rest of your team has been wiped out.

Rare and difficult to capture, adding a Snorlax to your Pokemon party is quite an admirable feat, and one that is rarely regretted. As one might expect, its speed is quite low, but that stat hardly matters when it comes to battle. Especially compared to the rest of the Pokemon on this list, which mainly are comprised of the super-effective Dragon type, Snorlax stands out. Its combination of power, defense, and stamina make it a must-have for any Trainer, and a perfect addition to the list of top ten strongest non-Legendary Pokemon.

7. Salamence

  • Pokedex: #373
  • Generation: II, IV, V, VI

A Dragon Pokemon is almost always a good addition to your team of Pokemon, and Salamence is no exception. A formidable Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon, Salamence possesses unreal Attack stats, as well as an impressive speed. Its Special Attack is also fearsome, allowing it to steamroll over any type of foe that challenges it.

It is an offensive powerhouse, loaded with high Attack and Special Attack. Its move pool is also no joke, including powerful attacks such as Hydro Pump, that can be effective against a variety of other Pokemon. Salamence often can obtain the special ability of Intimidate, which cuts the foe’s Attack by 50%. This ability, paired with Salamence’s own high levels of Attack, make it terrifying to fight against, and a must-have for your own party.

6. Tyranitar

  • Pokedex: #248
  • Generation: II, III, IV, V, VI

If looks could kill, Tyranitar would certainly be number one on this list. Luckily for Tyranitar, it also is equipped with an astounding level of power and stamina, placing it as number 6 on the list of top 10 strongest non-legendary Pokemon. It sacrifices speed for its skill and strength, but the compromise is well worth it. A Rock-Dark type, Tyranitar is especially effective against pesky Psychic type Pokemon, but its strength alone gives it the ability to wreak havoc on nearly any opposing type.

During a Sandstorm, its already staggering levels of Special Defense are increased, creating an intense environment of nearly unstoppable power for the Rock type Pokemon. Tyranitar possesses a total base stat of 600, one of the best numbers possible. It is capable of taking a large amount of hits without being knocked out, and can be trained to learn impressive moves to fully counter against an opponent.

5. Garchomp

  • Pokedex: #445
  • Generation: IV, V, VI

Possessing high Speed, high HP, and high Attack, Garchomp is effective in landing hits and making the first punch count. As a Dragon-Ground type, Garchomp is cemented as number 5 on the list of the top 10 strongest non-Legendary Pokemon. Using its speed and strength, Garchomp is capable of taking down nearly any foe that attempts to block its path.

The move selection options are also widely varied, especially in regards to countering any weaknesses it might possess. For example, it can learn the move Fire Fang, which can help end a match against a potentially deadly Fairy or Ice type Pokemon. It can also be taught the traditional, reliably powerful Dragon type moves such as Outrage or Dragon Rush. Resourceful and full of strength, Garchomp is a Pokemon that should never be taken lightly.

4. Metagross

  • Pokedex: #376
  • Generation: III, IV, V, VI

Perhaps one of the most unique Pokemon on this list, especially in terms of type, Metagross is a terror to see in another Trainer’s party, and an invaluable resource to collect for your own. A Steel-Psychic type, Metagross is sturdy yet effective. Due to its unique Pokemon type, it can be quite difficult for foes to find moves that can truly even be a bother to a Metagross. Even Fairy-type moves are ineffective against a Metagross.

Statistically speaking, it has extremely high levels of Attack and Defense, with slightly lower levels of Speed and Special Attack and Defense. It can learn moves effective against almost any type of Pokemon, such as Shadow Ball and Meteor Mash, as well as the ever-deadly Psychic. Though difficult to catch, it is an addition that is well worth the effort investment.

3. Blaziken

  • Pokedex: #257
  • Generation: III, IV, V, VI

An intense combination of Fire and Fighting types, Blaziken battled its way to the top of the list of top 10 strongest non-legendary Pokemon. Mixing the intensity of Fire and the durability of Fighting, Blaziken is a popular starter Pokemon that pays off.

While an already blindingly fast Pokemon, Blaziken’s natural speed combined with Speed Boost makes Blaziken unstoppable. With moves like Jump Kick, an overpowering Fighting type attack, as well as Flare Blitz and Shadow Claw, Blaziken’s moveset is killer. Although it is a seemingly benign Pokemon, especially in appearance compared to the rest of the Dragon type Pokemon mentioned on this list, Blaziken can sneak in and destroy an entire time in one sweep. Not to be taken for granted, Blaziken is a must-get for any series Trainer searching for the most powerful Pokemon.

2. Charizard

  • Pokedex: #006
  • Generation: I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Nearly everyone’s favorite starter Pokemon (sorry Bulbasaur, but it’s the truth), Charizard has a collection of powerful moves and a high variety of base stats that land it securely at number two on this list. It is a Fire-Flying type, despite often being mistaken for a Dragon type Pokemon, that has great Defense and high Attack stats.

While it can be unruly when being raised, and aggravatingly ineffective against the beginning Gyms, it inevitably proves to be an investment well-worth the time and effort. It can learn scorching Fire type moves such as Overheat and Blast Burn, as well as moves such as Earthquake or Fire Punch, that can eliminate any potential Water type Pokemon threats. Additionally, unlike the majority of Pokemon mentioned on this list, Charizard is with you from the start; its power grows as you do, proving strength in battle the entire way, and placing it as second on the list of most powerful non-Legendary Pokemon.

1. Dragonite

  • Pokedex: #149
  • Generation: I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Any good Pokemon team can be improved with the addition of Dragonite. While perhaps not as intimidating in appearance as a Tyranitar or a Salamence, Dragonite is arguably the most desirable, and the most powerful, non-Legendary Pokemon. A Dragon-Flying type, Dragonite is a well-rounded Pokemon that can learn a variety of seemingly unstoppable attacks. While a Dragonite possesses Speed stats slower than average, it’s high Attack and Special Attack levels, in addition to a well-above average HP and Defense, more than make up for its slower speed.

Dragonite can also be taught an immense amount of powerful moves, capable of decimating a foe, such as Outrage, which can quickly take down nearly everything except a Steel-type or a Pokemon possessing extremely high defensive stats. It can also be taught Earthquake even as a Flying type Pokemon, which is a highly effective attack for completely KOing another Pokemon. The amount of moves it can learn is also extremely versatile, even including direct opposites move types such as Water and Electric types. Overall, a Dragonite is skilled enough to rival even the most terrifying of Legendary Pokemon.


While the Legendary Pokemon are certainly lauded for their rarity and skill, they are by no means the only powerful Pokemon that exist. Each of the Pokemon on the list above can rival a Legendary; a well-trained Dragonite can demolish nearly any foe while a Snorlax can outlast whatever an enemy attempts to attack with. A serious Trainer should do their best to collect any number of these impressive, non-Legendary Pokemon. However, in a game with as many options as Pokemon, it is quite difficult to narrow down the best of the best. So let us know in the comments below what other Pokemon deserved to make the list of the 10 best and strongest Pokemon!

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