Unboxing Limited Edition Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 2 (Black Moon Arc) Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

Interviews, design works, storyboards and tons of extras!
DVD/Blu-ray Info
  • Format: DVD and Blu-ray
  • Anime Studio: Toei Animation
  • Anime Licensor: VIZ Media
  • Release Date: February 28, 2017
  • Price: MSRP $79.99 U.S. / $93.99 CAN
  • Language: English (Dubbed), Japanese (Subtitled)
  • Genre: Magic, Romance, Shoujo
  • # of Discs: 2 DVDs, 2 Blu-ray discs
  • Official Website: www.VIZ.com

Bonus Content: Digital art gallery, clean opening and closing segments, a special interview with Momoiro Clover Z, 6 full-color collectible art cards, premium full-color art booklet featuring episode summaries, character designs, storyboards and more!

About Limited Edition Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 2 (Black Moon Arc) Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

More than 20 years after Sailor Moon’s original release in 1992, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal was received with mixed feelings from fans when it first came out in 2015. But that didn’t stop the franchise reboot from making a big splash in the anime world!

This Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, in particular, includes the full second season (Episodes 15-26), which tackles the Black Moon arc. The sailor scouts’ lives are kept as interesting and full of adventure as ever when a mysterious pink-haired girl shows up, along with other visitors from space, to take the Silver Crystal from Usagi. Can Usagi deal with these threats on her own? Or will someone come to help her? Well, thanks to VIZ Media, now you can find out in HD, in the comfort of your own home, and with a bunch of extras to make your experience even more exciting.

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On the Outside

From the moment you lay eyes on this Blu-ray/DVD set, you are met with an elegant white chipboard box with a victorian-style pattern in gold with intricate moon and vine designs. Right in the center, the Sailor Moon Crystal title in gold lettering and framed by pink roses. Of course, the Barbie-like Sailor Moon profile we’re all familiar with is front and center. Certainly fitting of the “Pretty Guardian”!

The box containing all four discs (2 DVDs and 2 Blu-rays) has the same cover as the standard editions. It showcases the Silver Crystal floating in the middle of the Sailor Scouts; Usagi on top, Chibiusa below, Mercury and Venus to the left and Mars and Jupiter to the right. All in the contemporary art style that refreshed the franchise.

On the Inside

Inside, you will find 2 DVDs and 2 Blu-ray discs housed in two dual disc holders. The first DVD features a foil print of the Silver Crystal in pink and contains episodes 15 through 20. The second DVD has a purple version of the crystal and includes episodes 21 through 26; it’s also home to the DVD extras.

The first Blu-ray disc is decorated with pink flowers, a pink moon, pearls, and a leaf pattern around the edge. Blu-ray 2 boasts a beautiful view of Earth from outer space with the Silver Crystal in the top center and a variety of jewels floating at either side. Like the DVDs, Disc one houses episodes 15 to 20, and disc 2 has episodes 21 to 26 plus extras. And if you look behind the main cover, you’ll find a surprise black and white illustration of Usagi with an amazing cityscape and a huge moon in the background!

Besides the aforementioned DVD/Blu-ray box, this Limited Edition box set also comes with goodies!
Premium Full-Color Art Booklet

With a cover that matches the main box perfectly, this booklet includes all kinds of stuff!

  • Episode summaries are accompanied by beautiful artwork from the series and memorable quotes from each episode.
  • Interviews with the English voice actors bring us a glimpse behind the scenes and allows fans to get to know their favorite characters’ voices.
  • Design Works, which include character and background art, alternate with the voice actors’ interviews, giving fans something new and interesting on every page.
  • Original storyboards and lyrics to both the opening and closing songs in Japanese (kanji/hiragana and romaji) and English finish the booklet with a bang!
  • Full-color collectible art cards: As if that wasn’t enough, this Limited Edition set comes with six beautiful art cards! Chibiusa, Black Lady, and Sailor Mars get their own cards, while Usagi shares two of them with the rest of the Sailor Senshi, and another one frames Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. All of them glossy and with a back that matches the main box. All your friends will be so jealous!

Bonus Features

Once you get to the actual discs, there are even more goodies, but in digital form!

  • Clean opening and closing: The 2nd DVD and 2nd Blu-ray both include the opening and closing themes with the option to have English subtitles, Romaji subtitles, or none at all.
  • Digital art gallery: If the art cards and artbook aren’t enough for you, the 2nd Blu-ray extras have got you covered. Here you can find an art gallery including images of all the scouts we’ve come to know and love up to this point in the series.
  • Special interview with Momoiro Clover Z: The 2nd Blu-ray extras also bring us the Japanese pop group who perform the series’ theme songs, Momoiro Clover Z, along with footage from their arrival and performance at Anime Expo 2015 in Los Angeles!

Honey’s Final Verdict

All in all, if you’re a diehard fan of the Sailor Moon franchise, especially the current reboot, you will absolutely enjoy this Limited Edition box set. Nothing compares to watching your favorite anime in crisp 1080p HD, and when you combine that with all the extra info and goodies you get, there’s really little else a hardcore Moonie could want!

But you don’t have to be a huge Sailor Moon fan to enjoy this, any anime fan who loves collecting would greatly benefit from this exquisite box set. Personally, the word that keeps coming to mind when looking at the box and its contents is simply “beautiful”. This box set would make a wonderful addition to any anime collection! So, if you want to get in on this beauty, go to VIZ Media’s website and order yourself a copy! And while you’re there, you can always complete your collection (if you haven’t already) and get all the original series volumes as well.

Hopefully, this review was helpful to you in deciding which version of the Moon Arc set you want to buy! Do you already own this box set? What did you think about it? Do you wish it came with some more extras? Let us know in the comments below!


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