Top 10 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

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With 2016 coming up, the third season of Tokyo Ghoul is just around the corner. For that reason, we mean to go over some of the characters that will surely be in the spotlight next season. I’m specifically talking about the strongest characters in the show.

Between ghouls and CCG ghoul investigators, there are literally dozens of powerful characters in the Tokyo Ghoul series. However, only the most fearsome and skilled get to be on our list, regardless of their race, age or gender. We don’t even discriminate little girls, as long as they are tough enough.

One thing though, this list is based on characters and fight scenes of the anime’s first two seasons (the manga and the events that take place after the Anteiku Raid Arc are not taken into account).

Without further delay, I give you my Top 10 strongest Tokyo Ghoul characters!

10. Hinami Fueguchi

  • Rank: Unranked
  • Alias: “Daughter”

Hinami-chan is a 13-year old ghoul girl who takes refuge at Anteiku with her mother after Jason threatened her father’s life. She has a very tragic childhood. Her father was killed by CCG investigators (Mado and Amon) who were after Jason. A little time after that, she also witnessed her mother being killed in an alley with the quinque that was made of her father’s kagune. Luckily, Kaneki was there to at least cover her eyes.

One would think Hinami-chan is no threat whatsoever, considering she’s such a little girl and her parents were killed so early in the show without even putting much of a fight. This ghoul brat has a trick up her sleeve though. She’s inherited the best of her parents, and I’m not talking about their eyes.

Unlike most ghouls, Hinami’s got a double kagune, her father’s rinkaku and her mother’s koukaku, giving her a perfect combination of offensive and defensive power. With this, she was able to take the experienced CCG investigator Kureo Mado by surprise and defeat him to save Touka’s life. She may seem harmless, but she’s a powerful opponent to anyone who dares to upset her.

tokyo ghoul Hinami Fueguchi wallpaper 2

9. Juuzou Suzuya

  • Rank: Special Class Ghoul Investigator
  • Alias: “CCG’s Jason”

Juuzou is a childish yet sadistic 19 year old special class ghoul investigator. As such, he’s one of the most brutal and savage when fighting ghouls. He was raised by Big Madam, a sadistic ghoul who tortured him and trained him as her human pet. As a result of such a traumatic captivity, Juuzou can’t feel any fear, pain or empathy at all. These traits are, however, what makes him such a fearsome ghoul investigator.

He’s absolutely merciless when fighting and he even seems to find joy in killing ghouls. Due to his hard training and his time among ghouls, he knows exactly how to fight against them, so much that he almost seems to be invincible. Juuzou’s prowess in combat nearly rivals with Arima’s, although he’s still too young and reckless, and has much to improve.

wallpaper tokyo ghoul  Juuzou Suzuya

8. Yukinori Shinohara

  • Rank: Special Class Ghoul Investigator / Investigation Commander
  • Alias: “The Invulnerable Shinohara”

Shinohara is a middle-aged special class investigator, one of the most experienced ones and a natural leader due to his charisma, protective nature and his remarkable combat skills. He’s a big guy who’s always smiling and on a good mood, which makes almost everyone at the CCG like him as much as they admire him. This good guy is a beast when fighting ghouls though.

The invulnerable Shinohara earned this nickname after defeating the powerful ghoul Arata Kirishima (Touka’s father) and making a quinque armor with his kakuja. This armor, named Arata after the ghoul, in combination with his tremendous strength, makes him a most formidable opponent to any ghoul, even those of SSS rank.

Yukinori Shinohara tokyo ghoul wallpaper

7. Tatara

Tatara tokyo ghoul
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Alias: None

Tatara is an intimidating ghoul that’s often seen next to Eto. He is one of Aogiri Tree’s leaders, and as such we can only imagine how powerful he is. He should probably rank higher on our list but we only know and have seen little of him so far.

His ghoul rank has not been stated by the CCG, but I think it’s safe to believe he’s somewhere between SS and SSS. Tatara appears as one of Aogiri’s masterminds, controlling and planning the group’s movements. He’s always composed and confident, which can be interpreted as a proof of his hidden power.

The few times he’s been seen fighting, he shows to have lightning speed and a powerful offensive kagune (either rinkaku or bikaku). He was also capable of eliminating an entire CCG squad by himself at the Anteiku raid without even a single scratch (which implies formidable regeneration skills).

Tatara tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul

6. Kaneki Ken

Kaneki Ken tokyo ghoul
  • Rank: SS ghoul
  • Alias: “Eyepatch” (“Gantai”), “Centipede”

Halfway on our list we have our hero, Kaneki. Once a human, he had Rize Kamishiro’s ghoul organs transplanted to him, thus becoming a half-ghoul. Since Rize was one of the most powerful and savage ghouls out there (probably even stronger than Jason), Kaneki seems to have inherited her power, her big appetite and her twisted personality.

In time, Kaneki grows more and more powerful as he accepts his ghoul nature. His human side, however, makes him soft towards humans, thus he only eats ghouls. As we get to know halfway through the second season, ghoul cannibalism sometimes results in ghouls developing a kakuja (a second and more powerful kagune, often covering the ghoul’s face or whole body).

Before growing his kakuja, Kaneki was able to defeat formidable opponents, such as investigator Amon and ghouls Ayato and Jason. With his kakuja he was capable of beating special class investigator Shinohara, even despite the fact that he loses his mind when using it. Of course, he’s still no match for SSS ghouls and the more experienced SS ghouls.

Kaneki Ken tokyo ghoul wallpaper

5. Matasaka Kamishiro

Matasaka Kamishiro tokyo ghoul
  • Rank: SS ghoul
  • Alias: “Shachi”

Little is known of Shachi so far, other than the fact that he’s one of the strongest ghouls, to the point of being compared to Noro and even to SSS rank ghouls. He’s a muscular middle-aged man with long hair and a frightful look. He is as powerful as he looks and he’s well trained in martial arts, which is rare among ghouls.

We’ve only seen Shachi fighting Kaneki, but there’s a lot we get to know about him from that fight. It’s not a minor detail that he was the first (and the only one so far) to defeat Kaneki after he accepted his ghoul nature. In that fight, Shachi shows his astonishing speed, considerable strength and unique kagune. It seems that only few could be able to stand against him.

Matasaka Kamishiro tokyo ghoul wallpaper

4. Noro

Noro tokyo ghoul
  • Rank: SS ghoul
  • Alias: “Noroi” (meaning: “curse”)

Noro is one terrifying SS rank ghoul. Everything about him is intimidating and awe-inspiring. He’s quite tall, has his long hair tied up in a ponytail and is always wearing a robe and his scary mask featuring a big mouth with giant teeth and no eyes. He’s never heard speaking and he always seems calmed.

His most salient feature is his extraordinary ability to heal, which is impressive even for ghouls. Noro’s regeneration is so remarkable that he was able to stand all of Tsukiyama’s, Uta’s and Yomo’s attacks without offering any resistance. He even regenerated without difficulties after having the upper part of his body knocked off. He’s a monster indeed

Noro tokyo ghoul wallpaper

3. Yoshimura

  • Rank: SSS ghoul
  • Alias: “Kuzen”, “One-Eyed Owl” (fake)

Yoshimura is the manager at Anteiku café. He helps ghouls who refuse to kill people. He’s a wise mentor for young ghouls and provides them guidance to co-exist with humans. In his old days however, he was known as Kuzen, a ghoul mercenary who was hired to kill ghouls and humans alike.

After meeting Ukina and falling for her, Yoshimura stopped killing and started a peaceful life trying to blend in with humans. Yoshimura’s power rivals that of the One-Eyed Owl but he only fights when he has no other choice, which is usually to protect his daughter (the real One-Eyed Owl). He’s capable of wiping out entire squads by himself, and even stood against Kuroiwa, Shinohara and Suzuya simultaneously.

Yoshimura tokyo ghoul wallpaper 2

2. Eto

Eto tokyo ghoul
  • Rank: SSS ghoul
  • Alias: “Takatsuki Sen”, “One-Eyed Owl” (real)

Eto is the half-human half-ghoul daughter of Yoshimura. She’s one of the leaders of Aogiri Tree and the real One-Eyed Owl. She’s often seen wrapped in bandages wearing a hooded robe. As her alter-ego, Sen Takatsuki, she’s a prolific writer and a best-selling novelist admired by many (including Kaneki and Hinami-chan).

At the Anteiku raid though, Eto showed her true ghoul form as the One-Eyed Owl, inspiring fear even on the bravest and most experienced ghoul investigators. She’s a huge sadistic monster who takes great pleasure in killing and harming CCG members. She’s so strong and resistant that she could take both Shinohara and Suzuya without much trouble.

Eto tokyo ghoul  wallpaper

1. Kishou Arima

Kishou Arima tokyo ghoul
  • Rank: Special Class Ghoul Investigator
  • Alias: “CCG’s Reaper”

Special class ghoul investigator Arima is a legend among both CCG members and ghouls. His prowess in combat has no equal, which has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow ghoul investigators. As we can see in the OVA Tokyo Ghoul: Jack, Arima has been fighting ghouls since he was very young. The undefeated ghoul investigator is always calmed and composed when fighting ghouls.

He looks confident and never shows any sign of hesitation. Arima is not only fast and skilled, he’s also quite resourceful and always finds a way to defeat his opponents (like piercing the floor with his blade quinque to injure Jason and save his friend, Fura Taishi). He can use a variety of complex quinque weapons and he’s so powerful indeed, that he forced the One-Eyed Owl to flee from battle.

Kishou Arima tokyo ghoul wallpaper

tokyo ghoul ending

This is it for our list of strongest Tokyo Ghoul characters. I know it’s always a debatable and polemic thing to choose the most powerful characters on a show, which is why I encourage you to tell me if whether you agree or not with these selections.

Some other strong characters that were considered but didn’t make it on the list are Rize Kamishiro (she does live inside Kaneki, so in a way she’s here), Jason, the Gourmet (Tsukiyama), Yomo, the Devil Ape (Koma), the Black Dog (Irimi), rank 1 investigator Amon and special class investigator Kuroiwa.

With the third season coming, this list is probably going to see some changes and we can’t wait to see how strong the characters will be. I personally wish to see more from Noro and Tatara, and to see Kaneki rise as the strongest ghoul ever.



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