Tokyo Ghoul Review & Characters - Resisting the Urge to Eat

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Resisting the Urge to Eat

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Mystery, Supernatural, Psychological
  • Airing Date : Jul 4th, 2014 - Sept. 19th, 20144
  • Producers : Studio Pierrot, FUNimation Entertainment

Tokyo Ghoul Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

The anime series of Tokyo Ghoul takes place in the city of Tokyo, which is inhabited by mysterious human like creatures known as ghouls. These are supernatural beings that devour humans in order to survive, mainly because their sense of smell and taste directs them towards humans.

Even though they have tried to consume regular food, it proves to be the most disgusting thing a ghoul can ever taste. This is because of the alteration of their taste buds. Although, the one thing a ghoul can enjoy, like a normal person, is coffee!

Society knows of ghouls and fear them of being hunted for food on some unfortunate night. This begins the story of Ken Kaneki, who was on a simple date with a normal girl who loved the same novels as him.

Little did he know, it would be the beginning of his new life as a ghoul, due to some interesting and unfortunate events.

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Who does Tokyo Ghoul cater to?

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime series that will have the viewers guessing the outcome of Kaneki and the difficult situation he faces while living as a ghoul.
The setting is in Tokyo city in present day, where people are mostly active during the daytime and travel in pairs or groups at night in order to be safe from an unnecessary attack.

Like it usual is nowadays.

Anyone who likes gruesome action scenes, as well as a great storyline, will definitely love how Tokyo Ghoul shows the transition from being a normal person, and then a ghoul. Thus, showing how a ghoul can exist in the normal world.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

Tokyo Ghoul has a realistic perspective of how society would attempt to coexist with a monstrous race such as ghouls. While still trying to keep the city safe from those who take advantage of the human race, a police force is there to pass judgement against ghouls who strike fear in the citizens of Tokyo.

The character development in Tokyo Ghoul is based off of a few individuals who want nothing more than to just live in peace. The art illustrations in the series are beautiful and quite graphic when displaying certain scenes. The combat scenes in this series are pretty awesome.

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Tokyo Ghoul Main Characters List

Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki Character

Voice Actor : Yurie Kobori and Natsuki Hanae

Ken Kaneki was originally born a human whose father died before he could remember, and his mother was a workaholic. After his mothers death due to overworked relations, Kaneki lived by himself and read nothing but his fathers books, alone. That was until he went on a date with an surprisingly beautiful girl who shared the same interest as him.

He is pretty much your average sweet and respectful person who generally cares for those around him. Always cautious, and yet naive, Kaneki strikes viewers as an individual you can relate to with an understanding of his morals.

Touka "Rabbit" Kirishima

Touka Character

Voice Actor : Sora Amamiya

Touka is a ghoul who has somewhat mastered the ability of disguising herself as a human. Growing up from a difficult past, she works at a coffee shop that serves as a gathering safe haven for other ghouls to relax and eat.

Touka saves Kaneki's life when he first became aware of his new self, and brought him to the coffee shop in order to enlighten him about the ghoul world he is now a part of. Touka is actually a very kind and respectful individual who always eats the food her friend makes her, even though it is disgusting by nature for a ghoul to eat.

When one of her friends is in trouble, you can count on Touka to be there for them, even if it costs her life. She is a very strong ghoul who has a brother that is equally or stronger than her. No matter what, she's always looking out for her friends and community.

Spoilers Ahead

Tokyo Ghoul Review

Tokyo Ghoul is a very interesting show that has a lot of well thought situations presented in the series. The fact there's a society that coexists with a breed of monster humanoids is incredible. Being introduced to Miss Rize, who was binge feeding in a very infatuated way, was an eye opener. Watching her enjoy the kill that much brought a good perspective for the show.

Tokyo Ghoul is in fact about ghouls in Tokyo, and how they live a pretty intense life. I liked how ghouls can feast on a single soul of who ever they find at the wrong place at the wrong time. When they consume the unlucky person, it provides enough sustenance to last a whole month.

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This obviously has a bad side to it, if a ghoul resists its urges for flesh, they become almost psychotic with the feeling of hunger taking over. This sometimes has the ghouls running wild looking for the nearest available prey. Just knowing this in the first part of the first episode had me hooked. From here on out, the story builds up to the point of feeling sorry for some ghouls and what it means to be a ghoul.

The power a ghoul possesses is superhuman strength and the ability to manipulate their blood for combat. Much like Deadman Wonderland, but on a different level. The Character development in the series is quite good, showing both sides of the story for both the ghouls and the Doves (Ghoul Investigators).

With the interpretation of hearing both sides of a story, it's hard to choose who you feel for the most. Kaneki on the other hand, was unfortunately brought into the world of ghouls who has a very special ability, thanks to Miss Rize. This makes him a very easy target, especially since he hasn't honed his ghoul skills.

ghoul ed 02

So if you had to choose who to feel sorry for, Kaneki is your man. You almost want him to just give in and eat a human so he can have the power and skill to defend those he cares about. Starting with his best friend who was seriously injured and Hinami's mother who was killed by Doves. But at the same time, you couldn't help but feel what he was going through and how he didn't want to admit he was any different from a normal human being. Sigh.

That's when the story takes a different direction, and the thing that puzzles me the most is how all of a sudden, war is breaking out shortly after the death Dove investigator Mr Mado. Who was a crazy individual obsessed with hunting ghouls. This is where the series takes the fast lane and jumps ahead of the story that was originally going on for more than half of the series.

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With the war raging between a group of elite ghouls and the CCG police force, a new character is introduced called the One-Eyed Owl, and she is to be the most powerful ghoul anyone has ever seen. At the same time, Kaneki is being tortured by Yakumo for several days as he cuts off every digit from his limbs and letting a Red Headed Centipede loose on his body where the open wounds are. During this time, Kaneki is going through some crazy psychological thoughts in his mind as he begins to see Miss Rize.

Kaneki's having a discussion with her about whether he should loose any shred of hope for his human side and let the ghoul that he now is take over. He does give in, and when he did, Kaneki broke the chains that bind him and attacked Yakumo in the most exciting way. I felt like this part of his mental state was a great way of showing the viewers what he was going through and why he made the decision to accept the ghoul inside him. With these two scenes, the new character and the defeat of Yakumo, the series ends.

1. Being a ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Being a ghoul
The everyday life of a ghoul is somewhat exciting and yet difficult. With many of them claiming territories for themselves, they are constantly hunted by each other and the Doves.
If you see a Dove, you better run!

2. Insane Characters

Tokyo Ghoul Insane Characters
The characters in Tokyo Ghoul are very unique and insane to some extent. From a murderous ghoul to being an obsessed enforcer, Tokyo Ghoul is packed with intriguing individuals of kindness, honor, and psychotic tendencies.
It's quite the wild ride.

3. Fight Scenes

Tokyo Ghoul Fight Scenes
Tokyo Ghoul is packed with spectacular fight scenes as the ghouls battle it out with each other and the Doves. The ghouls using their blood manipulating skills and super strength, while the Doves use their Quinque to counter the attacks.
It's all about skills and agility in the end.

I do feel the series left on a good note, and when a series ends like that, you can surely expect a sequel to it, which is Tokyo Ghoul √A currently ongoing at episode 9. I'm glad a second season came out for Tokyo Ghoul, because I remember watching Attack on Titan and the series ending with a new extension to the plot. As I waited patiently for the second season to be announced, it never came. Sigh.

tokyo ghoul ending

Overall, I say Tokyo Ghoul is a must watch series for any anime fan, unless you can't stomach the amounts of gore that are in the series. Also, there is a censored and uncensored version of the series, so you'll be able to choose whether you want to take that leap of faith or keep it somewhat clean. You choose!


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