Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

With an awesome mix of fighting and fanservice, Trinity Seven is one of the better remembered of recent harem series. The unique looking art as well as a genuinely funny and interesting protagonist are at least part of what helps it stand out from the bunch, with it's softcore but still very appealing ecchi being the icing on the cake. Although there may not be enough content out yet for a second season, the series did well enough to warrant a movie adaptation which we're all really looking forward to. With the show no trouble producing some awesome action and magical battles either, hopefully the film will give us something really epic to see.

The cast of Trinity Seven are pretty interesting, as virtually every character starts off being overpowered, it's really just a matter of who is the most overpowered. With a fairly detailed system behind how the characters wield their magic, it can be pretty interesting to think about the technicalities of how some of the fights play out, particularly between those who are more evenly matched. So to give everyone a better idea of who to watch out for amongst the Trinity Seven cast, we've put together a list of the Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters, from ninjas to grimoires. So read on to see our top picks.

10. Levi Kazama

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One of the world's sneakiest mages, Levi is the Trinity Seven's ninja and one of the most reliable girls to have around when trouble strikes. Quick to ally herself with Arata, the two get on surprisingly well, with both having a teasing and blunt attitude. She also appears to be one of the few students at the academy who is properly trained for combat, with the others often having to rely on her for protection.

Levi's strength is her ability to take on opponents in 1 vs 1 scenarios, including those who should be much stronger than her, such as Lugh and Liese after becoming a Magic King Candidate. Her mix of speed and ninja arts allow her to outmaneuver her opponents, on top of being able to flat out out-think many of them. Although unconfirmed, she may also be capable of using her Last Crest already which could put her ahead of the rest of the Trinity Seven, bar Liese. Her only weak point currently is that when it comes to crazy powerful finishing moves, she's still fairly reliant on people like Arata or Arin to finish the fight.

9. Yui Kurata

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

A cutie living in her own dream world, Yui proves to accidently be one of the most troublesome members of the Trinity Seven, struggling to control her own powers. As a Cardinal class mage, the only person more powerful than her at the Academy is supposedly Master Biblia himself, hence why she struggles to keep control. Her ridiculous raw power sadly kept her away from others for a long time, but thankfully those days are now over, with her able to walk around normally without sending everyone to sleep.

Yui seems to have some of the strongest area of effect magic in the series, being able to draw all the students of the academy into her dream world at once, as well as previously putting everyone in the academy to sleep. Her main drawback was that she was unable to properly control her powers, though this problem was largely solved after Arata and rest of the Trinity Seven rescued her. As her magic is mainly defensive, it's not certain how well she can hold out in an actual battle, but she's more than capable of protecting others whilst someone else does the real fighting.

8. Astil Manuscript (Sora)

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

The first of Arata's two grimoires, Sora was supposed to keep up the illusion of a normal life for him, after a breakdown phenomenon destroyed the city. Cheerful and shameless, Sora has no qualms going along with Arata's perverse skits, even encouraging him on occasion, as she seems to enjoy how it messes with some members of the Trinity Seven. She's also a self-proclaimed genius, being much more knowledgeable about certain subjects than everyone else. Though she also appears to have no clue as to how some things work, including parts of her own magic.

As we see right from the beginning, Sora is capable of creating and maintaining an alternate dimension, and also protecting Arata from his own Breakdown Phenomenon, neither of which are small feats. A large proportion of her other powers are ones she provides to Arata, including her ability to copy other mage's magic. Her main downfall is that she appears to be quite lazy when it comes to actually looking out for or dealing with enemies, causing the rest of the group numerous problems.

7. Lugh

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

A thief with a serious self-expression problem, Lugh is a member of Iscariot and plays a major role in their attack on the Royal Biblia Academy. Possessing three legendary treasures, Lugh is strong enough to hold her own against members of the Trinity Seven (though perhaps not all at once) making her quite a problematic opponent for the Academy. Along with the confusion regarding Iscariot's intentions, although Lugh is an enemy she doesn't come off as inherently evil, rather just someone fighting for a different cause.

As mentioned before Lugh is in possession of three legendary treasures, which are what allow her to duke it out with the Trinity Seven, despite her apparent lack of a Magus Mode. Though perhaps more than the treasures, her status as the "God of Light" is her most powerful asset, with her being able to move at the speed of light itself. This allows her to avoid almost any attack, physical or magical, though there are of course exceptions to this.

6. Arin Kannazuki

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

The splitting image of Arata's cousin Hijiri, though a bit less smiley, Arin is Arata's self-declared wife, whether or not he agrees to be a different matter entirely. Her blunt and odd personality make her a bit of a mystery to the other characters, as she's quite difficult to interact with and comes out with some very strange lines. At the very least though she's a straightforward girl, reflected in her Chaotic Rune magic, which is pretty much solely used for good old fashioned blowing stuff up.

Despite only being a member of the Trinity Seven, Arin's magic is supposedly capable of matching a Magic King's in terms of raw power. With her focus being purely offensive, she can concentrate fully on dealing damage, which she's gotten pretty good at. Her recent acquisition of the Demon Spear Gae Bolg not only boosted her already strong magic, but added some more defensive abilities to her arsenal, making her less of a glass cannon and more of an actual cannon cannon.

5. Ilias Fragment

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

One of Arata's two loli grimoires, Ilia recently came into his possession after she was defeated by Astral Trinity. Although adorable in her human form, Ilia is quite the terror before her defeat, being originally tasked by Hijiri with detaining him inside a separate dimension. Although he never knew it himself, Ilia had actually known Arata for a long time prior to that, often looking after him in Hijiri's place, because of which she's already taken quite a liking to him herself.

Like Sora, Ilia is capable of creating an entire dimension singlehandedly and holding both Arata and Mira of the Trinity Seven inside. Not only that, but she was able to seal Sora inside a black cube, utilising her as a power source, essentially giving her her own grimoire to use. Although not necessarily more powerful than Sora, Ilia's intelligence allows to her out think her opponents and defeat them that way, in theory at least.

4. Lieselotte "Liese" Sherlock

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

A member of the Trinity Seven gone awry, Liese turned to the dark side after acquiring her Magic King's Element from the Eternal Library and thus becoming a Magic King Candidate, like Arata, in the process. The most perverted out of the Trinity Seven (there seems to be a link between pervertedness and power going on), Liese and Arata get on surprisingly well despite starting off as enemies, though the rest of the Trinity Seven find her a bit much. Being a good girl deep down, Liese is happy to be back with her friends and twin sister after her defeat.

Prior to her Magic King's Element being removed, Liese was by far the most powerful member of the Trinity Seven, and possibly stronger than Arata in a one on one. Though no longer a Magic King Candidate, she remains one of the strongest members of the group with her Logos Art giving her control of time and space, which even in her now weaker state is still pretty crazy. Along with that, she is still able to steal the magic of others and use it as her own, meaning that if given the opportunity she could wield an immense array of different magics by herself.

3. Hijiri Kasuga

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

The girl with all the answers, Hijiri is Arata's cousin and seemingly one of the only people that actually knows what's going on with all the Breakdown Phenomenon that are occurring. Although she saved him before and even gave Sora to him, she's also proven herself to be an enemy on more than one occasion which is confusing, to say the least. We can only hope it's all part of some bigger game that's being played, because she was pretty cute before she turned out to be a crazy Magic King Candidate.

It's suggested that Hijiri may be more powerful than Arata himself, although this has yet to be seen in the anime. Her status as a Magic King Candidate alone means that she should be stronger than the Trinity Seven, though her overconfidence regarding this turns out to be her undoing. Her strongest ability yet, Satan, gives her a new form surpassing Magus Mode, which provides her with an immense amount of power, though seems to turn her into some kind of demon in the process which looks a lot like Arata's Astra Trinity. It's scary to think of what Hijiri would be capable of if she still had both her grimoires.

2. Master Biblia

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

The perverted headmaster of the Biblia Magic Academy, whether he's there for the teaching or just to hang around cute girls we may never know. Quite the mysterious fellow, there's not much revealed about the sly dog yet, apart from his status as a Paladin class mage, and that he's far more intelligent than he lets on. Yes behind those perverted eyes and ability to constantly get his arse kicked, is some kind of magic genius guiding the Trinity Seven from the shadows.

Although we haven't yet seen the true extent of Master Biblia's powers, we do know that he's one of the few Paladin class mages in existence, and that a clash between Paladin class mages could quite well destroy the world as we know it. More often than not he's seen intentionally losing battles in comical ways, likely allowing for the Trinity Seven and Arata to deal with things themselves. We do know that his grimoire "Solomon's Gate", which is only visible to powerful mages, can drive people insane just from looking at it, which is pretty darn crazy in itself.

1. Arata Kasuga

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters

The Magic King Candidate that creates Breakdown Phenomenon by accident, Arata is both the luckiest and unluckiest guy in the series. Exceedingly close to having his body taken over by another being, Astral Trinity, but also being surrounded by so many cute girls, what a life. But he's handling it all pretty well, with his honest and dry attitude doing a surpassingly good job of keeping him alive and making him friends.

Arata only begins to realise his true powers towards the end of the series but they're pretty devastating, with even Ilia not holding a candle to him. The only problem at the moment is that when his true powers are unleashed Astral Trinity takes over, and Astral Trinity is kind of a dick. Apart from that, we've seen that he's also already capable of copying the magic of others with little to no training, a feat that should be impossible, as well as dispelling all magic, and clothing, in a wide area. Looking like the strongest Magic King Candidate about for the moment, it's likely that Arata will exceed the strength of even Paladins like Biblia in no time.

Final Thoughts

It gets a little confusing working out who the strongest character is towards the end, when you realise several of them are capable of basically destroying the world, but we tried our best none the less. There are several girls who would've been nice to put on here, such as the lovely Lilith and the ever aggressive Akio, but with everyone being so imbalanced they didn't quite make the cut. Though from what we hear the manga has some awesome surprises in store for some of the girls, so we'd certainly recommend having a read.

So who would you like to stand beside in a magical battle? With Magic King Candidates, Paladins, lolita grimoires, and a swathe of beautiful girls, it's not an easy choice. Though in all fairness, you may want to stand back and leave them to it, what with the reality destroying and such. But regardless of that, we'd love to know who your favourite Trinity Seven characters are in the comments below!

Trinity-Seven-Wallpaper-2-649x500 Top 10 Strongest Trinity Seven Characters


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