Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

Taboo Tattoo is an action oriented, supernatural anime that was brought to us by producers J.C.Staff. When Taboo Tattoo was announced that it was getting an anime adaptation, it had all the promise in the world with Takashi Watanabe at the helm. Unfortunately, it fell a little short of our expectations. Nonetheless, Taboo Tattoo was able to deliver some riveting battles and head scratching moments that surely will not be forgotten. Regardless if you feel the same way about Taboo Tattoo, there are certainly moments that are worth highlighting.

At its core, Taboo Tattoo is a dark anime that blends martial arts, super powerful tattoos, and fanservice reasonably well. The peculiar comedy whether it was intentional or not was an asset to the anime and it ultimately helped shape Taboo Tattoo’s identity. For this particular countdown, we want to exam some of the best moments in this anime. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 10 character moments in Taboo Tattoo.

10. Touko's Misinterpretation

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

Series director Takashi Watanabe has been linked to numerous anime with fanservice that just drips out the sides of your screen. Ikkitousen, Freezing and Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou all come to mind. It may not be as prevalent in Taboo Tattoo but the fanservice is still there and it brings out some rather interesting moments. With that being said, during our selection process for this wonderful list we wanted to showcase some of those ecchi scenes that had us cracking up. Our first choice is a comical scene that takes place in episode six between Seigi and his good friend/guardian Touko.

Seigi had been training hard in his grandfather’s dojo and decided to take a rest inside. Touko came to visit Seigi at his grandfathers with the intentions of sharing her ample watermelon with him. When she arrived she noticed that he was still sleeping. As she looked down on his sprawled out body, she wrongfully got the idea that he was offering himself up to her. She felt that she was shaming herself if she didn’t take advantage of this opportunity. With little hesitation, she straddled him and Seigi woke up to two rather big surprises. Not to be outdone, Touko also felt a presence poking her from below as she screamed; drawing confusing from Seigi’s grandfather.

9. Tamaki Proposing to Yumi

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

This next moment is a little less lewd than the previous selection. However what this scene does is play with you emotionally. As battle preparations are taking place during episode ten, Tamaki and Tom decide to visit an anime convention one last time before they get plunged into the biggest battle of their lives. It was reasonable to think that neither of them would make it out alive, so it was a good time to enjoy what time they had left. So this is where Tamaki meets with his childhood friend Yumi for potentially the last time.

Tamaki and Yumi grew up together at a young age. While they were still young, Yumi was unwillingly separated from Tamaki. An anime convention, years later reunited the two. This is where Tamaki came to the realization that Yumi was now writing manga. Against all odds, Tamaki mustered up the strength and proposed to Yumi. Despite Yumi’s concerns for his well-being, Tamaki assures that he will come back alive and hands her a popular manga that he has yet to read. In doing so, he lets her know that he looks forward to reading it when he gets back. That strong scene gives us a reason to invest into Tamaki from then on out.

8. Ping Pong Proposition

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

The “ping pong proposition” as we have titled it, thrusts us right back to the fanservice. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most ecchi moments in the entire series. The pacing felt strange in episode five and this scene was one of the reasons why. Seigi and Touko were on their way to buy some groceries on a lovely day in town. During their little adventure, they came across series antagonists Arya and Il. Touko demonstrates why she’s Seigi’s guardian and demands that he goes and finishes the shopping while she takes care of Arya. He complies.

Arya and Touko end up at a nearby game store to square-off in an unsuspecting game of ping pong. Touko proposes that if she wins, Arya is to leave Seigi alone. However, should Arya win, she gets to do as she pleases with Touko’s voluptuous breasts. The heated game goes back and forth with each girl seemingly on the same level. Arya starts to take control with each smashing shot, tearing more of Touko’s shirt in the process. This naturally draws a crowd and Arya eventually wins. The outcome resulted in an awkward conversation between Seigi and Arya. While they’re conversing, Arya fondles Touko’s breasts until Arya is satisfied and leaves Touko in a passionate heap.

7. Il Possesses Touko

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

The number seven selection we can say without a doubt takes on a more serious tone. This is the first of several battles that are listed on this countdown. We’re going to start with a doozy from episode three that includes Tom, Seigi, and Touko, well sort of. At the end of episode two, Touko stalked Seigi in order to make sure nothing would happen to him. After Seigi entered Tom and Izzy’s hideout, Touko was attacked outside by Il. This led to a furious start to episode three when the now-possessed Touko smashed down the door with her eyes focused on Seigi.

The turbulent fight rages on when Tom gets stabbed by an umbrella incapacitating him. Seigi is left alone to defend himself against an incensed villain who has bunkered up in his best friend’s body. Seigi avoids getting the sharp point of an umbrella to the eye but not long after that he couldn’t avoid getting stabbed in the left shoulder. When the situation looked grim, Tom was able to activate his tattoo and while he dashed towards Touko, Seigi landed a devastating headbutt that knocked her to the ground. Tom was able to subdue her and remove Il from Touko’s limp body to save the day.

6. Seigi and Arya's Final Showdown

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

Continuing on with this countdown we come to the season finale. This episode has a lot of fighting as you would expect in a final showdown, between Seigi and Arya. The animosity had been building up ever since Touko died a handful of episode prior. The tension was at a fever pitch between Seigi and Arya but unfortunately this episode seemed rushed. We felt that the fight could have been more impactful if it put more emphasis on the aforementioned tension that was built between Seigi and Arya. Regardless of what we thought, the battle between the two was still presentable and it was the climax of the series after all.

The clash between the two beasts was fun; they really had a menacing look to them. The atmosphere was dark and gloomy to really emphasize the emotions in each character. With the help of Arya’s older sister, Seigi was able to thwart Arya and put an end to the mayhem. In the aftermath, Seigi held hands with the brutally battered Izzy and took care of her with the sunrise in the distance. It was a touching moment between those two once you really think of what those characters had been through; Izzy lost her love interest in BB and Seigi lost his best friend in Touko.

5. Seigi vs. Cal

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

Seigi became an older and much more experienced fighter throughout the series with the assistance of Izzy, Wiseman, and BB, most notably. Seigi is confronted with one of his most important fights in Taboo Tattoo. This fantastic battle takes place in episode eleven. Seigi has to stop Arya at all costs and in order to do so, he needs to find her secret location and put an end to her once and for all. The only problem is he’s presented with a super powerful obstacle by the name of Cal.

No big deal right? Wrong! Cal, as you will find out later is an absolute killing machine. Despite Seigi’s training, he found himself in a world of trouble. It wasn’t long before Seigi got sliced deep from her blade. Luckily for Seigi he had BB inside of him and was able to restore himself with his tattoo. Fueled by rage and vengeance Seigi was able to turn the tide and bring Cal to her knees. During the climax, he took a couple shots but she made a critical mistake leaving herself open for Seigi to land a strong blow. This dropped her and ending a monumental fight scene.

4. Il's Assault on Lisa & Allies

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

We’ve now made it past the midway point of the countdown and things are only going to heat up from here on in. Let’s talk about Il for a moment. She may be small in stature but she more than makes up for it when it comes to her savage instincts. Il is known as “Schrödinger's Cat” and is an ass-kicker in her own right. She exemplifies that at the beginning of episode four when she attacks the American specialists head on, by herself no less. She demonstrates her fearless nature and loyalty to Arya and it’s quite intimidating.

Il literally drops in from a helicopter and proceeds to brutally slice and dice every human in that room. She handles them all without very much resistance. Keep in mind that these aren’t your average officers. The one true standout from the pack is Lisa, who gives Il a run for her money in this fast-paced battle. We’re pleasantly presented with swordplay, gunfire, explosions and even environmental interference. The action was fierce and soaked with blood. Ultimately Lisa gets bested by this seemingly inhuman beast and is taken away.

3. Izzy Transfers to Seigi's Class

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

This number three selection is the final ecchi moment on this list. In comes to us by way of episode two. Not long into the episode do we find that Izzy transfers to Seigi’s school and ends up being in the same class as him. Her reasoning is to be able to stay closer to Seigi and keep tabs on him. Much to his dismay, she is immediately welcomed with open arms. When Izzy addresses Seigi in front of the students he draws the ire from every guy there, who is jealous that he knows such a cute girl. Seigi doesn’t see it that way however and he’s having a hard time processing this whole situation.

Moreover, when the teacher leaves the room and Izzy gets up to slip a note in Seigi’s shirt, she teases the guys and tells them they’re in a unique relationship. After hearing that, the male students pick Seigi up and toss him out the classroom window, for goodness sakes! Touko and Izzy have a moment that ends up with Izzy squeezing and rubbing Touko’s breasts. That instance draws the attention of all the males in the room and they watch in amazement. The icing on the cake is when the teacher returns to the room and finds that every guy in the classroom is exhausted and spent from that show they were given. With all the bloody noses, ecchi bits and violent behavior this scene had everything you want.

2. Cal’s Sheer Dominance

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

In episode seven Seigi and Touko teamed up with the Americans to tackle their biggest operation to date. They forged ahead with a formidable crew to potentially obtain and control more tattoos. Backed by the ever emotional “Colonel Sanders” yes, you read that right, the crew looked to thwart any enemy advances. A ravaging storm was taking place at that time, in what appeared to be an omen for the protagonists. The crew bombarded Cal and the rest of the villains by jumping out of a helicopter; in what was one of the more action oriented episodes of the series.

The problem was, the American group had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Immediately Captain Johnson charged at Cal with the intentions of burning her with his “heat” only to run right into the edge of Cal’s blade chopping him in half. Shock set in for his teammates, but before he could crawl any further, Cal proceeded to chop his head off. Seigi then took a shot at Cal; he got sliced for his troubles, so Sanders and Izzy stepped in. They did fair better than the previous two, but Cal was just too much as she cut off Sanders' arm and disfigured his face all with her sword. This scene dripped with violence and it established a true threat.

1. Touko's Death

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments

We’ve now come to the end of the line. Our number one character moment was delivered to us courtesy of episode eight. This moment follows that action packed episode that seen Cal decimate her adversaries. In this unrelenting episode, we have chaos everywhere; Seigi is off being tortured by Arya. Cal is taking on BB, who she happens to have feelings for. And finally, Il is sabotaging the American air support. If it didn’t already look grim for the protagonists, saddle up because it got a much worse.

Touko was on the hunt to find Seigi after she had been grounded from the helicopter that she was in. It was only natural for Touko to be concerned about Seigi since she considered herself to be his guardian. What she found was Seigi down on his knees feeling pain and despair, thanks to Arya. What we couldn’t account for was the next emotional moment. Touko wandered out from the trees and blissfully ran towards Seigi in slow motion. She made her way there with a smile on her face, unbeknownst to her that Il’s source manifested and was right behind her. Touko was completely devoured. The only thing left of her was her hair band that Seigi kept in remembrance of that fateful night. That was such a shocking and powerful moment. It unquestionably deserves the number one spot.

Final Thoughts

That concludes yet another list from Honey’s Anime. As everyone can see from the majority of the selections on this list, the highlights come in the form of violent battles and quirky comedic moments. Taboo Tattoo did offer other aspects for anime fans to enjoy, but we felt these were the most prominent.

What did everyone think of this list? Was anybody shocked at all with some of these choices, or do you feel these moments sum up this series wholeheartedly? If we missed some of your favorite moments make sure to let us know in the comments section below.

Taboo-Tattoo-wallpaper-700x499 Top 10 Taboo Tattoo Character Moments


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