Top 10 Unique Pokemon in Sun and Moon

We have been publishing various articles with various concepts related to sun and moon including multiple articles talking about and ranking the best new Pokémon of each type. This time though, we are looking at unique. Yes, every Pokémon is different and unique, but this is more about forms, typing, looks, and more. What is unique about the Pokémon on this list? Well, some are form changing, some are uniquely colored, and some have just plain useful/cool abilities that we have not seen thus far. What do you think is unique or should be defined as unique? Let’s take a look!

10. Golisopod

  • Pokede x: 768

Golisopod comes in at number ten for two reasons. First, this Bug/Water Pokémon goes through a massive change with its evolution. It goes from being rather useless as Wimpod, other than its speed, to a large hulking monster as Golisopod. The second unique point is its ability, Emergency Exit. Emergency Exit immediately forces it to switch out when its HP drops below half.

Emergency Exit is a bit of a grab bag that can be either a blessing or a curse. It does allow it to get out of bad situations, but it does prevent you from attacking sometimes. U-turn will let it get that hit in, if it can. But rather First Impression and Aqua Jet will allow it to at least land something before being ejected. If your EVs are set up so you can sponge damage, then feel free to skip the above priority moves. Either way though, Golisopod is unlike what we have seen before.

9. Araquanid

  • Pokedex: 752

Araquanid is next on our list for unique Pokémon from Sun & Moon. Araquanid is actually a Pokémon that you can nab rather quickly and it is great for your journey in Alola. Dewpider can be snatched in Brooklet Hill. Besides the fact that arachnophobes will hate this Pokémon, what is unique about Araquanid is it’s typing for starters. Being Bug/Water means that it does not have to fear much. Flying is not that common online and Rock is somewhat common, but the only real thing it needs to beware is Electric-types. Other than that, it does not have much to fear.

The other unique factor of Araquanid lies in its ability Water Bubble. This powers down all Fire moves by 50%. This ability also powers up Water-type moves by 100% before adding STAB (multiplying by 1.5) This means that Liquidation goes from 85 power to 170 power before being further multiplied by its STAB. Then if that foe is weak to Water, well… you have an easy OHKO on your hands. Araquanid also has a terrifying Moon pokedex entry where it says that small Pokémon who are sucked into its bubble drown. Creepy.

8. Oricorio

  • Pokedex: 741

The form-changing, dancing bird Pokémon is exactly who rolls in next in eighth place. Oricorio is a strange bird located only in Alola and actually has a form unique to each island. With each form change, also comes a type change as well which is a first for the Pokémon series. We do have pokes who change forms such as Deoxys, Giratina, Kyuurem and more, and we do have Pokémon who can be different types like Arceus and Silvally, but none have changed both forms and types before. (This of course is barring mega-evolutions) While Oricorio is not a legendary like that, it is still is pretty unique. Its form changes when it is fed Nectar from a specific island.

Each form holds the Flying-type along with one other typing. Baile Style Oricorio is Fire-type. Pom-Pom Style is Electric-type. Pa’u Style is Psychic-type. Sensu-style is Ghost-type. This means that you can make Oricorio change based on the type you need it to be. Revelation Dance is its signature move, and it is with this move, that the type of the attack is tied to Oricorio’s typing. While it may not be OU material, it’s still pretty unique. It should also be noted that Sensu-style Oricorio’s Moon Pokedex entry talks about it being able to summon the dead and draws upon their malice to attack. Creepy again.

7. Minior

  • Pokedex: 774

Minior is next up and is the meteor Pokémon. Maybe there will be some dramatic backstory where we will be told that Deoxys brought Minior from space but was separated in the atmosphere so that is how Minior ended up in Alola. Who knows for now? What we do know is that this funky space rock Pokémon is pretty cool. Minior has one main form which is the Shields Up version and seven--eight if you count the shiny sprite--core versions.

Shields Up Minior is impervious to status effects and extremely bulky. Much like how the flow of battle changes when Golisopod leaves battle with Emergency Exit, when Minior’s HP drops below half, the brown shields pop off, both of its Attack and Defense stats swap, and its Speed doubles. The theory is, according to the pokedex, that Minior lives in the atmosphere eating dust. This dust then determines the color of the core. It keeps its shields up almost all of the time because without them, the core form will rapidly die. Dark and creepy, this funky Pokémon makes a great addition to your team while you wait on Pokebank.

6. Komala

  • Pokedex: 775

Komala is the new koala Pokémon and to be honest, it is fairly shocking that we have not had a koala Pokémon yet. Anyway, according to its Pokedex entry in Sun tells that it is born asleep, and it will die asleep. It is pure Normal-type which is nothing unique about it. What is unique however, is the ability that it has in Comatose. Comatose means that this Pokémon is always in a sleep-like state. What is special about that?

It can never be put to sleep. Furthermore, due to been in a sleep-like state, statuses cannot affect it. That means it cannot be paralyzed, burned, poisoned, or frozen. Pokémon that try to set up on it, are doomed to fail. Add in a Yawn, and unless your Pokémon is a SleepTalk set, you will not succeed. Not to mention too, while Komala is cute, it is bulky and difficult to kill. Thrash and a Z-power will mean it causes even more trouble. Check it out!

5. Cosmog

  • Pokedex: 789

Yes, we are going to let Nebby out of the bag for a bit. Somewhere Lilie has to be screaming, but who cares. Cosmog is unique for a myriad of reasons. For starters, it is the first legendary that actually evolves. Second, it is utter garbage until you get it up to Cosmoem and then to Sogaleo or Lunala depending on your game. Pure Psychic-type, it learns the two most useful moves in the entire game: Splash and Teleport.

Besides the fact that an internet meme has been born from it, this is the first time in the history of Pokémon that we have been able to get two legitimate copies of the game title legendary. So this is a boon for players as we can now trade away a second legendary after getting the first one we want! That is why Cosmog is tucked into the middle of this list.

4. Salazzle

  • Pokedex: 758

Salazzle comes in next at number four. Salazzle is what you get after raising a Salandit and having it evolve. This is unique in that only females evolve, they are extremely rare, and you will find yourself screaming at your game screen trying to meet one. The next unique point is has is its typing. Salazzle is the first ever Poison/Fire Pokémon.

Salazzle is fast and has a high Sp. Attack meaning that it can do great damage and rather quickly. What is most important, though, about this Fiery Salamander is its ability Corrosion. Corrosion lets it Poison any Pokémon regardless of type. Toxic will still hit Steel-types for those who think they can get an easy switch-in, and other Poison-types as well. While Salazzle may not be the type to soak up hits, it is still worth a spot on your team, and on this list, for the havoc that it can wreak.

3. Bewear

  • Pokedex: 760

Bewear has already made our list for top 5 new Normal-type and top 5 new Fighting-type pokes, and now it is here for this list. If there was a cute list as well, we are sure it would rank somewhere on that list. Bewear is an adorable, teddy bear-like creature that looks like something you would want to hug, but it is in your best interest not to. Why? Well, according to the Moon Pokedex entry, it has killed multiple trainers for hugging them too hard and crushing their spines. Creepy and fun, right?

Bewear gets a nice high ranking on this list, not for the fact that Stufful is a pain in the neck to find, but for its cute design amid an array of rather… different designs this generation. (Bruxish, anyone?) Not to mention too, it looks like it is actually wearing a set of ears rather than it actually having them. And for its rather bulky setup paired with Fluffy, its ability. This is useful because Bewear takes half-damage from all physical moves with this ability as long as they are not fire. Much like Araquanid’s ability, Bewear’s is better as it saves it more time and hassle.

2. Wishiwashi

  • Pokedex: 746

We could all pretend that there is some other aspect as to why Wishiwashi is on this list of unique Pokémon, but we cannot because Wishiwashi is the definition of unique. Schooling makes it so that one Wishiwashi, as long as it has reached level 20, suddenly becomes a school of Wishiwashi in battle.

Its base stats go from 175 to 620!!! As long as it’s HP stays above 25 percent, then this pure Water-type Pokémon is massively bulky and powerful. Wishiwashi in schooling form is also the only Pokémon that even Gyarados is scared of. Apparently, their combined Water Gun is more powerful than Hydro Pump. Well dang! That is why Wishiwashi is #2 on this list. You would also have to be a fool to not be using it at least in-game.

1. Mimikyu

  • Pokedex: 778

Mimikyu is number one on our list of unique Pokémon from Sun & Moon for all the right reasons. Mimikyu is cute. Mimikyu has its own song on youtube. Mimikyu looks kinda like a Pikachu and the backstory says that it wanted to be one and is why it became the way it is. Mimikyu is also terrifying. It was revealed in the anime when Meowth was nearby that it actually bears a deep grudge against Pikachu. We are not talking about battle yet, but in the Pokedex, is says that a scholar who looked under Mimikyu’s disguise was so overtaken with fear and shock that he or she died. It also says of the busted form that if its disguise does get busted in battle, Mimikyu works throughout the night to repair it. Cute and deadly. Our favorite.

Disguise also should be noted. Any and all attacks, on the first time they hit Mimikyu, will not damage it. It will just break its disguise. This then gives it a free turn each battle to set up something like Swords Dance. Weather, Status, and Entry Hazards will damage your HP, but the disguise will remain intact! How awesome is that!? We think so. And that is why Mimikyuu comes in at number one.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it. These are the ten Pokémon that we at Honeys Anime have found to be rather unique. An argument could be made for Silvally to be here, and while it is unique, Arceus just does it better. What do you think though? We love to hear from our readers, so be sure to let us know down below!
By Nagareboshi

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