Top 5 Ghost Pokemon in Sun and Moon

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Oh my gosh, is there anyone else out there enjoying the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game? Well, we here at Honey’s Anime sure as hell are! With the new Alolan Pokemon, Alolan region, and trials to take care of, it’s a wonder how any of us get any work done.

For many of you Pokemon trainers out there, planning the perfect party can be a difficult task. Especially with the new Alolan forms for your old favorites and the new Pokemon from Gen 7. Well, we are going to make it a bit easier for you. On our list today, we are bringing to you the top 5 ghost Pokemon in Sun and Moon. If you love ghost Pokemon, we’re here to bring them!

5. Palossand

  • National Pokedex: 770
  • Generation: VII

Palossand is the evolved form of Sandyghast (Pokedex 769). Sandyghast is able to evolve into Palossand starting at level 42. According to Pokemon Moon’s pokedex, there are bones that are buried beneath the castle that gives Palossand its life, although according to the Pokemon Sun pokedex, Palossand possessed people to change its form into that of the shape of a castle. On top of those rather fearsome entries, Palossand enjoys consuming the life force of Pokemon by capturing them in a vortex.

Palossand seems quite impressive in design at first, but its got decent base stats with emphasis on its defense and special attack starting at respective 110 and 100. Its stats are at its greatest when it has a beneficial nature. Unfortunately Palossand is on the slow side with its speed base stat starting at 35. Palossand is an interesting combination of both ground and ghost type, which makes it immune to Electric on top of Normal and Fighting types that Ghost pokemon are usually immune to. At level 41, Palossand can learn its strongest Ghost move Shadow Ball. Palossand’s greatest move has to be Ground move Earth Power, which it can learn at level 47. What’s great is that Palossand, with its typing, has access to a wide range of TMs like Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Energy Ball, and Stone Edge. It’s a force to be reckoned with.

4. Mimikyu

  • National Pokedex: 778
  • Generation: VII

Mimikyu is a Ghost pokemon wearing a cloak resembling the form of Pikachu. In its busted form, the neck of the disguise appears to be broken. It is said that Mimikyu is disguised because its real form is so shocking it can lead to people’s deaths, so it disguises itself as a Pikachu in hopes of being able to make friends with others. However, Mimikyu actually dislikes Pikachu, as stated in the anime.

Mimikyu is an interesting Pokemon that is both Ghost and Fairy-type, which no other Pokemon shares. With the additional Fairy typing, as a Ghost Pokemon, Mimikyu is immune to dragon moves as well giving it some advantage in battle. Its greatest strength is in its Special Defense which has a base stat of 105, although it has a very low Special Attack and starting HP. Mimikyu also has a fairly decent move pool and the ability to learn many TMs. You may want to consider teaching your Mimikyu moves like Wood Hammer, Play Rough, and Play Rough. Or you can go straight to the TMs and try Hyper Beam, Dream Eater, or Dazzling Gleam. Mimikyu may have a reputation for scaring people, but you’ll love it.

3. Decidueye

  • National Pokedex: 724
  • Generation: VII

Decidueye is the third evolution of the Grass starter pokemon Rowlet (Pokemon #722). Rowlet starts off as a Grass & Flying Pokemon, but by evolving Dartrix into Decidueye starting at level 34, you will find you now have a very interesting dual-typed Pokemon with Ghost and Grass. According to Pokemon Sun’s pokedex, Rowlet can pierce a pebble with its quills from the distance of a football field!

Decidueye’s base stats are fairly impressive with rather high attack power and decent special attack and special defense. Decidueye is immune to normal and fighting attacks and resistant to ground, water, grass, and electric. The most powerful ghost move that Decidueye can learn by itself has to be Spirit Shackle, but Decidueye has a decent move pool including Leaf Blade, Sucker Punch, and Brave Bird. Let’s not forget that its usable Z moves include Breakneck Blitz, All-Out Pummeling, Supersonic Skystrike, and Sinister Arrow Raid. Fairly impressive, don’t you agree?

2. Dhelmise

  • National Pokedex: 781
  • Generation: VII

Dhelmise is an interesting Pokemon whose body is actually seaweed wrapped around an old ship’s anchor and wheel. According to the Pokemon Sun pokedex, Dhelmise is capable of knocking out Wailord with one swing. According to the Pokemon Moon pokedex, Dhelmise’s soul exists in the seaweed in its body floating in the sea until it is reborn as the Pokemon that you see in the game.

With an impressive base Attack of 131 and base Defense of 100, as well as rather strong base Special Attack and Special Defense, Dhelmise is a Ghost Pokemon with one of the best base stats. It is a Ghost and Grass type which makes it resistant to ground, water, grass and electric types. Of course, nothing matters if the Pokemon doesn’t have access to good moves. Dhelmise is capable of learning strong moves like Phantom Force and Power Whip. The signature ability of Dhelmise is Steelworker giving it a boost when it uses Steel type moves, ultimiately making Dhelmise a Pokemon with three types, so you may want to consider including a Dhelmise in your Pokemon party.

1. Lunala

  • National Pokedex: 792
  • Generation: VII

Lunala is one of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and only attainable in Pokemon Moon. It is evolved from Cosmoem at level 53. Lunala converts light into energy, which is said to bring about the darkness of night according to the Pokemon Moon pokedex entry.

Lunala has very high base HP and Special Attack stats starting at 137, but it also has more decent stats overall. As a Psychic and Ghost type, Lunala may not seem very special, but wait until it learns Moongeist Beam, which is the only way to trigger Lunala’s special Full Moon phase. Lunala has the ability Shadow Shield which reduces damage that the Pokemon takes while its HP is full, which makes it that much harder to take down. With its relatively wide move pool and strong stats, there is no reason for Lunala to not earn its spot as #1 on our list of top ghost Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

Final Thoughts

For many Pokemon fans, there was no greater announcement than Pokemon Sun and Moon (aside from Pokemon Go) this year. It’s been twenty years since the initial release of the game, but Pokemon Sun and Moon still shows that Game Freak is willing to deliver a great game.
We were given a handful of great ghost Pokemon this time around including remakes of some of our favorite first gen Pokemon. Do you have a favorite Ghost Pokemon that didn’t make it on our list? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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