Top 10 Villains in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) [Updated]

Since our previous edition from August 2018, fans of Boku no Hero Academia have recently been treated to a fourth season and a movie. Naturally, we felt it was time to update our Top 10 villains List. Some villains want power, others want to put heroes out of business, and there are others that want to see the world burn. Without a shadow of a doubt, that is true for all villains in just about every superhero story, but Boku no Hero Academia gives it its own unique spin by masterfully balancing the qualities of American comics and Shounen manga. So who are some villains that define that? Read our picks to find out!

10. La Brava

Kicking off this list is La Brava, Gentle Criminal’s sidekick. She may look like she still belongs in the fifth grade but from what her flashbacks show, she at least graduated junior high school. As a villain, her motivations are much purer (and childish) compared to the likes of Tomura, Overhaul, and All For One. After being rejected and teased by the boy she liked when she was a junior high student, she felt dejected and ended up secluding herself.

After catching one of Gentle Criminal’s earlier videos, she instantly felt a connection with him and sought to be his sidekick. So, what is it about her that makes her dangerous? As crazy as it sounds, her quirk gives her the ability to make the person she loves much stronger. Thanks to her power and devotion to Gentle Criminal, she shows that not all villains are inherently bad people, just misguided and eccentric.

9. Gentle Criminal

Upon the final act of season four, Izuku faces Gentle Criminal. While he isn’t in the same league as Tomura, All For One, or Overhaul, he’s a villain that’s good for downtime. He’s the type that wants to commit crimes for the sake of attention as he puts videos of them on the internet. The theatricalities of Gentle Criminal are more akin to the classic villains you see in Batman, but he’s a very good test for Izuku to show how he’s grown as an individual. Elasticity, his quirk, allows him to give anything he touches elastic properties, including air. It allows him to make his grand escape and cause distractions in order to get any pursuers off of him.

Like some other villains, he wanted to be a hero. During his youth, his attempt to save a window washer caused an unfortunate accident and he was shunned by society. When a former classmate didn’t recognize him, he snapped. Like many villains, he is driven by his ego but he isn’t seeking power or dominance. Even though his crimes may not have the same cataclysmic effects as others, his plan to invade UE does nothing more than ruin the hard work of teenagers who want to enjoy their school life.

8. Himiko Toga

While Sailor Moon made the traditional sailor-style uniform a hero costume, Himiko, as a villain, perverts that trope. While her uniform makes her look like any other average Japanese teenager, her twisted personality and expressions say otherwise. In essence, just like how Superman has his Bizarro, think of Himiko as Sailor Moon’s.

Toga’s quirk allows her to be seductive and manipulative and she has a sick idea of what love is by showing sadistic tendencies. What makes her most dangerous, however, is that thanks to her quirk allowing her to take the form of another person, she could be right by you at this very moment, ready to strike at the drop of a dime. Even without her quirk, she’s still a skillful combatant, most notably with knives!

7. Shin Nemoto

While Shin is small in frame, his plague doctor costume, mastery of firearms, and mind games are what make him a formidable opponent. While he may not be physically imposing, his mind games are what makes him dangerous. This is accompanied by Confession, his quirk, which makes an opponent truthfully answer his questions. Most of the time, he doesn’t need to use his quirk to get inside someone’s head, though, he just needs to get his opponent on their knees and then tell them that they’ll always be a failure.

6. Rikiya Katsukame

Boku-no-Hero-Academia-Wallpaper-5-700x368 Top 10 Villains in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) [Updated]

As you’ve probably seen in all movies about organized crime, there always has to be an enforcer, and that comes in the form of Rikiya. If the world of Boku no Hero Academia wasn’t full of people with quirks, you’d swear he was a product of some super steroid experiments from the former Soviet bloc. Even without his quirk (which allows him to steal the energy force of people he touches), he is naturally capable of destroying objects with his freakish mass, and can easily take out a squad of cops.

5. Tomura Shigaraki

Yes, Tomura is another returning villain but if Izuku needs a true villain, it’s certainly this guy. As you most likely know, what makes him a great villain is that he has the quirk that instantly defines that, Decay. Meaning that anything he touches crumbles. Of course, he also has the appearance to make the gimmick work as he conceals his body with a bunch of hands.

He’s a nihilist who wants nothing more than to see the world burn. Not only does he have a deadly quirk with a disturbing outfit, as the leader of the League of Villains, he is also charismatic, manipulative, and an excellent strategist to the point that he has broken through UE security protocols on a handful of occasions!

4. Nine

As opposed to being from the manga or the anime series, Nine is the main antagonist of the Heroes: Rising film. He wears a life-preserving/performance-enhancing mask akin to Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, but he has a slim body, long hair, and wears a light gray business suit. Compared to other villains like the nihilistic Tomura, he’s more of the Darwinian-type. He believes in survival of the fittest so his goals affect just about everyone!

What makes him a dangerous villain is that he had two quirks. His primary quirk is Weather Manipulation and based on the name, it’s easy to conclude what it means. Due to how powerful his quirk is and how it has affected his body, he relies on his secondary quirk, All For One, which allows him to steal almost ANYONE’s quirk!

3. Stain

Stain is another mainstay who was prominently featured in season two. What makes him stand out is that he’s more of an anti-villain who is fed up with heroes who do it for fame and glory. In a sense, he is more honorable compared to the main villains of this franchise. Despite his sadistic methods of killing or causing bodily harm, he doesn’t wish to hurt innocents or see needless bloodshed unless they get in his way or fulfill his purpose.

Stain’s kill count against pro heroes is pretty high and he has permanently injured many others, most notably, Tenya’s older brother. Even without his quirk (which allows him to paralyze anyone if he has tasted their blood), he’s a merciless assassin who is deadly with any kind of blades in his hands. In the end, people should be pleased that Stain largely restrains himself based on his morals. If he didn’t, who knows what would truly be capable of as an all-out villain.

2. All For One

While he has been out of commission since season 3, All For One is still a close second on this list. As you can obviously tell, All For One is the reverse of One For All which speaks to not only the contrasting abilities of the quirks of this section’s titular villain and All Might, but how they’re applied and their personalities. One For All is how one person fights for everyone, while All For One is taking everything for oneself. To top it off, other than One For All, All For One can steal the quirks of other users and make them his own in order to be equal to All Might!

What makes him a top villain is that he was All Might’s greatest rival. Prior to the beginning of the series, they had an epic battle after which neither man was ever the same afterward. All Might received a life-threatening injury which depleted how much he could use his powers, while All For One was mostly confined to life support. In their final battle, it took All Might everything he had to defeat him once and for all. The fact that he retired All Might is pretty much all the reason you need to put him at number two.

1. Overhaul

At number one, we have the star villain of season four, Overhaul, who serves as the leader of the Shie Hassaikai organized crime syndicate. While he may not be as big a threat as All For One, what makes him number one isn’t his deadly quirk but how he exploits and abuses Eri, an innocent little girl, to produce bullets that can erase a person’s quirk. He did this by confining her to some pretty deep parts of his compounds and subjecting her to severe bodily harm.

While most villains love destruction or plotting to defeat All Might, Overhaul is the first villain the audience and our heroes see that harms a child to the point of traumatization through sick torture. As for his quirk, it is partially similar to Tomura’s in that he can destroy anything he touches, but it’s mostly about re-shaping its molecular structure. So anything around him can be a weapon or a trap, and he can even fuse with his subordinates to make some crazy forms!

Final Thoughts

As the saying goes, many heroes in pop culture are defined by their villains. Who would Superman be without Lex Luthor, or Batman without his rogues’ gallery? The villains in Boku no Hero Academia serve the same purpose. They provide us the other side of the coin. The series also shows that, like being a hero, no one can become a villain overnight, or can they? Can one bad childhood or one bad day really turn someone into a villain? As seen with Gentle Criminal, that’s something to consider. Then there are others who are just evil for the sake of being evil such as All For One. Finally, there are those who are just downright wicked because they were raised that way such as Overhaul.

Just like in the Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, should society really start to pay attention to those that truly need help? Or are these individuals responsible for their own actions? As demonstrated both in Joker and Boku no Hero Academia, there are instances where such individuals who wish to commit harm for whatever reasons need immediate intervention and it could help them. For others, we will never know why they turned out that way and just need to be locked up. So what do you guys say? What makes a good villain in Boku no Hero Academia? If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment!

Boku-no-Hero-Academia-Wallpaper-5-700x368 Top 10 Villains in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) [Updated]


Author: Justin "ParaParaJMo" Moriarty

Hello, I am originally from the states and have lived in Japan since 2009. Though I watched Robotech and Voltron as a child, I officially became an anime fan in 1994 through Dragon Ball Z during a trip to the Philippines. In addition to anime, I also love tokusatsu, video games, music, and martial arts. よろしくお願いします

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Often in media, we see heroes as the quintessential theme to any story about good and bad. The heroes are the characters we root for and want to succeed because ultimately, they stand for what is considered just and good. However, a true enthusiast of any story about heroes will no doubt tell you there’s a very important element that needs to be equally important as the good guy. What is this often-forgotten theme in a story about heroes? Simple folks, villains…the villains can make or break even the best story if not done properly.

Boku no Hero Academia has tons of heroes, but without some of the roster of villains, the show just wouldn’t be the same. We here at Honey’s Anime decided to take the best villains of Boku no Hero Academia—with a focus on the anime adaptation—and rank them from worst to absolutely pure evil. If you want to see who we considered the worst of the worst then join us as we examine the Top 10 Boku no Hero Academia Villains. Who will be crowned the number 1 best of the worst villains? Let’s find out together! Also, side note folks, there will be some minor spoilers to come…proceed with that in mind.

10. Sludge Villain

Introduced in the first episode of Boku no Hero Academia season 1, we see a strange creature that terrorizes the town. Titled the Sludge Villain, this strange goop-like enemy appears before Deku—Izuku Midoriya—and Katsuki Bakugo which in turn sets the series in motion. The Sludge Villain isn’t around for longer than one episode—which makes sense since All Might crushes him—but he makes Deku realize that his future as a hero isn’t just determined by strength or how powerful a Quirk is. We don’t think Sludge Villain will ever be considered the strongest or most popular Boku no Hero Academia villain, but we recognize his importance as a basic villain and how one man—creature in this case—can change a person’s future for the greater.

9. Atsuhiro Sako

The League of Villains is a big element that comes into fruition during the third season of Boku no Hero Academia. These strange—and partially unknown—villains seem to bond together not for just causes but to create terror and fear wherever they go. One of the members of the League of Villains is Atsuhiro Sako whose Quirk is called compress. Sako uses this compress power to capture Bakugo and we see that even the strongest can be captured by his strange Quirk. Sako we know will be feature in more episodes in the future and we only have to wonder how much more damage he can do if he should capture stronger heroes and thus make them incapacitated.

8. Himiko Toga

At first glance, Himiko Toga just looks like a cute high school girl. However, fans of Boku no Hero Academia should realize that behind her cute demeanor and appearance lies a truly terrifying villain who seeks blood from her enemies. From the manga, we do know the true—and scary—power Toga has with her obsession with blood and draining it from her enemies. As of now though, Boku no Hero Academia has kept Toga’s skill in the unknown category and we shall do the same. Just be ready, folks, Toga might be cute and just semi-crazy now but when her true power is revealed in due time…she will show her status as a villain and we may even have to rank her higher on this list.

7. Dabi

Continuing with the League of Villains our number 7 spot goes to Dabi. Similar to other fire related heroes like Shoto Todoroki and his father, Endeavor, Dabi’s Quirk seems to be all about fire. Known as Cremation, Dabi can literally cause anything he touches to combust into flame and can even shoot out fire from his hands making him capable of close and distance fighting. As a villain, what makes Dabi worse is that he seems to be cool-headed under pressure and even when his plans during the attack on the training camp go wrong, Dabi just maintains a stoic expression. Dabi isn’t the main leader of the League of Villains, but from how he acts and his level of skill/intelligence, it wouldn’t be hard to see him being a side leader or even taking over if he must.

6. Kurogiri

When Kurogiri was first introduced in Boku no Hero Academia, we didn’t really know what to think of the sharp dressed walking fog villain. Yet, it didn’t take long for us here at Honey’s Anime to realize that Kurogiri was more than brawn and might like the other League of Villain members. Acting as guard for another villain—Tomura Shigaraki—Kurogiri seems to be the one who is most willing to adjust when things go astray thanks to his quick escape Quirk called warp gate. Kurogiri is the perfect example of a villain with more than strong powers. A villain willing to assist even the most deranged allies—in this case we mean Tomura—is a scary threat in of itself. The heroes better watch out for Kurogiri, as calculating as they can be, Kurogiri can always use his warp gate to destroy even the best laid out plans…

5. Muscular

Strangely enough in Boku no Hero Academia, we often only see villains as cruel individuals who ironically only cause mayhem but often are trounced before they can kill innocents. Then you have Muscular of the League of Villains and you realize that there are indeed some dark/evil villains in the Boku no Hero Academia series. Muscular is a well-known villain for killing several heroes—two of which were the parents of Kota who Deku saves during the summer camp incident—and not showing an ounce of regret or remorse. Even when Muscular runs into Kota, he doesn’t feel bad for ruining a child’s life forever but revels in the fact that he can end the whole family’s life after defeating Deku. Luckily, Deku rises to the challenge and wins against Muscular, but it shows that in Boku no Hero Academia there are some truly horrible villains who are far from walking jokes…

4. The Nomus

At number 4 on our list of the Top 10 Boku no Hero Academia Villains, we actually kind of cheated slightly. At the end of the first season of Boku no Hero Academia, we see Nomu, a biologically created villain with powers that give All Might a run for his money. In season 2 and 3, we learn that there isn’t just one Nomu but several dozen all with different powers, skills and altercations. Thus, we give the number 4 slot to all of the Nomus so far introduced in Boku no Hero Academia. Sure, these creatures aren’t super smart and they can be bested by enough brute force. However, we do see that multiple Nomus are a threat to most heroes and we can only bet they will be back in greater numbers later in the series. Maybe that foreshadowing image in episode 1 of Boku no Hero Academia is an army of Nomus against a stronger Deku? We will have to wait and see.

3. Tomura Shigaraki

Every powerful group needs a strong leader and the League of Villains has one of the strongest in the form of Tomura Shigaraki. Tomura is an odd villain covered with hands on his appendages and on his face but his true oddness comes in the reality of his Quirk, decay. With decay, Tomura can cause anything he touches—with his entity of his hand—to literally decay and wither. While this doesn’t make Tomura a good long-range combatant, it makes him a fearful foe if he should get even semi-close to his enemy. Though, the real fear factor to Tomura Shigaraki is the fact that out of all of the characters in Boku no Hero Academia he is by far the most deranged and cynical. Raise by All Might’s nemesis—All For One—Tomura lacks empathy and just wishes for heroes to be completely eradicated from the planet. Tomura has already shown to be a powerful enemy in Boku no Hero Academia and we know that when he reappears later things will not be good for our heroes…

2. Chizome Akaguro AKA Stain

When the anime adaptation of season 2 of Boku no Hero Academia was airing, manga fans kept shaking in anticipation of a villain that would appear near the end. We didn’t quite understand the hype behind one character when Boku no Hero Academia is filled with amazing heroes/villains, but we soon realized the gravity of our mistake. Known as the hero killer Stain—full name Chizome Akaguro—this sword wielding villain made for some of the best moments of season 2 without a doubt in our minds. Stain and his Quirk bloodcurdle, allowed for the blood of his cut victims to be paralyzed for up to several minutes making him a strong villain in every sense of the word. If it wasn’t for the intervention by Deku and Shoto against Stain when Tenya Iida sought revenge for his brother—a hero named Ingenium—Tenya may have suffered a similar fate. Stain went down after a long battle that required the boys to utilize the best of their skills but Stain went down with a bloodcurdling scream and aura that showed the true nature of killers in the world of villains. One could almost wonder who would topple Stain on our list of the Top 10 Boku no Hero Academia Villains but there is one that we haven’t fully mentioned yet.

1. All For One

That’s right folks, coming in at number 1 is the infamous nemesis of All Might known as All For One! While every villain and hero in Boku no Hero Academia has one and only one Quirk, All For One has an exception to that rule with his Quirk titled after himself. All For One can absorb other Quirks and use those powers for himself which makes him the ultimate villain for All Might. Season 3—which is still currently airing as of this article—had the grand climax of All Might versus All For One and the end results were All Might winning but equally facing a grand consequence of the battle. We won’t spoil that moment as it’s a battle that NEEDS to be seen, but we will say that All For One is perhaps the scariest villain in all of the Boku no Hero Academia. What’s worse is that All For One isn’t dead—despite damages that should have killed him in a previous battle against All Might—so we may one day see him return and face off against Deku. Though we won’t lie, folks, that is a battle we hope to see in Boku no Hero Academia.

Final Thoughts

While we don’t root for the bad guys, we do love when a good villain goes up against a good hero. When a creator makes an enemy that has drive, power and a reason for being bad it just creates the ultimate setting for a hero versus villain scenario. Do you guys and girls agree with us? Tell us what your thoughts are about villains and also mention what you thought of our Top 10 Boku no Hero Academia Villains list in the comment section below. For more articles like this one be sure to also keep checking out our hive daily here at Honey’s Anime.

Boku-no-Hero-Academia-Wallpaper-5-700x368 Top 10 Villains in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) [Updated]


Author: Aaron

Hey everyone I’m Aaron Curbelo or Blade as I’m called by my YouTube Subscribers. I’ve been an anime/manga fan since I was a young kid. In terms of anime I have watched nearly a thousand shows and have read hundreds of manga series. I love writing and honestly was so happy to join Honey’s Anime to get a shot to write articles for such a wonderful site. I’m a firm believer in respect in the anime community being the most important embodiment we should all have. We all love anime and we have varying opinions of series but we should respect one another for those differences! Life is too precious to spend it making needless arguments in a community that should be the shining example of loving an amazing medium. I hope as a writer for Honey’s Anime I can bring you folks some amazing articles to read and enjoy!

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