Top 10 Worst Islands on the Grand Line

Last time, we brought you the Top 10 Vacation Spots on the Grand Line to ignite that sense of wanderlust, and maybe some One Piece nostalgia. However, we realise now that we failed to mention the more harrowing side of the Grand Line. And while there are fantastical vistas and curious corners, one wrong step and you’ll find yourself in a hell-scape of unimaginable proportions. So take heed of our list of Top 10 Worst Islands on the Grand Line, because we all know (in painful detail) just how rough these waters can get!

Spoilers Ahead!

10. Ennies Lobby

Ennies Lobby, the Judicial Island, is a marine strong-hold and the last port before Marine base G-1 and underwater prison Impel Down. So it’s quite literally the spot between the rock and the hard place. An oddity in itself, Ennies Lobby is an island where there’s never a night. In addition to the never-ending daytime (RIP to the 9-5 workday) the island hangs over a waterfall that flows into a bottomless abyss (and with how things work in One Piece, we’re betting the abyss stares back). Additionally, Ennies Lobby is home to the justice of the World Government, meaning it’s usually teeming with Marines, dangerous intelligence officers of CP-9, and the worst criminals awaiting trial so tensions are usually running high.

Furthermore, the island was the target of a Buster Call, a military attack where five Vice-Admirals and a fleet of ten ships arrive at the target location and literally wipe it off the map, with no survivors. While we don’t know what became of Ennies Lobby after the Buster Call, it’s safe to say that restored or razed, visiting would be a drag.

9. Marineford

Marine HQ is nobody’s idea of a picnic, especially if Akainu is around. A veritable fortress, Marineford is a crescent-shaped island that isn’t just Marine Base G-1, but also the reporting location for the Fleet Admiral and the three Admirals (read: forces of nature). Only accessible through the Gates of Justice, the island is composed of brick and steel, and chock-full of cannons and other weaponry. There is literally no breathing space on this military base, so we can’t fathom why anyone would ever want to visit. Not to mention, after the Summit War, this grand fortress was essentially reduced to rubble.

So yeah, a bunch of gung-ho marines, deadly logia-type Admirals, and a Fleet Admiral who can turn into a giant, gold statue… There’s really no upside here. Plus, with the Gates of Justice, there’s also no escape.

8. Namakura Island

Namakura is called the Land of Poverty. Its capital is Harahettania, which literally translates to “I’m hungry.” And boy, does this island live up to its name. A Barren, rock-filled land with little greenery, Namakura really brings new meaning to the term depressing. The houses are dilapidated and the residents are so starved and desperate that they’ve taken up Satan-worship to try and remedy their circumstances.

Constant raids from the Longarm Tribe and crippling poverty have made these people so desperate that they believed that they could summon a demon by offering up their undergarments to better their fortunes. If you end up here, we guarantee you’ll be stuck with an empty wallet (thanks to the raids) and an even emptier belly, so it’s best to just steer clear.

7. Boin Islands

This next island is literally the opposite of Harahettania. Just like the Totto Land Archipelago, the Boin Islands are an all-you-can-eat buffet. That’s right, these islands grow food. From fresh fruit, juicy steaks, to delectable desserts, you don’t even have to cook on the Boin Islands since everything grows pre-prepared to satisfy any and all cravings. It sounds quite splendid until you take into account that the islands are carnivorous and they use food to attract and fatten up their prey before pulling a Venus-flytrap-like move and consuming them.

In case we weren’t clear, in this situation, the creatures enjoying the islands’ bounty, that is, us people (and some animals) are the prey. Boin Islands will eat you. We don’t know about you guys, but nothing is worth risking being digested.

6. Kuragaina

Dark, dreary, and definitely dangerous, Kuragaina is home to Shichibukai and current Strongest Swordsman Dracule Mihawk. From its gloomy weather, super-spooky setup, and foreboding aura, this place is quite literally an island version of Thriller Bark (it even includes Perona!). If its rolling mist, ominous ruins, and menacing master aren’t enough of a deterrent, Kuragaina is also home to Humandrills, a species of highly-intelligent mandrills with regenerative abilities. These creatures tend to appropriate whatever behaviours they’re exposed to, and since they witnessed a war on the island, they’ve learned how to wield weapons and evolved into a blood-thirsty and destructive society structured on the basis of might.

So terrible weather, terrifying residents, and most likely a tumultuous tussle with war-monging Humandrills… Yeah, anyone would skip this one.

5. Mary Geoise

At first glance, who wouldn’t want to hang out on Mary Geoise? It’s quite literally heaven on earth. Located on top of the Red Line, (we’re cheating since it’s not really an island, but it’s on the Grand Line), Mary Geoise is the “centre of the world.” A grand, pristine utopia in the clouds, it’s the epitome of what one would imagine Heaven to be like— grandiose mansions, green forests, flowing fountains, and perfectly paved pathways to boot. It’s magnificent, so you might be wondering why it made our list? Two words: Celestial Dragons.

Aristocratic descendants from nineteen of the Twenty Kings, Celestial Dragons are considered the créme de la créme of humanity (by themselves and their supporters only). As such, they’re pretty much given a free pass to live their lives without any accountability— so racism, slavery, cold-blooded murder, it’s A-okay for the Celestial Dragons. And their home turf is Mary Geoise. Heaven isn’t looking so heavenly anymore, now is it? Personally, we’d like to avoid being enslaved or executed by individuals who think space suits are en vogue.

4. Kuri (Wano Country)

A part of the Wano Wasteland, Kuri is the wild, wild country that no one should be wandering. From wild beasts to wild bandits, and with no samurai to keep that land in check, the island is teeming with all sorts of threats, not the least of which is the sheer number of poisonous fauna. As a result of the runoff from the mine and weapons factory, the river in Kuri, that is, the main water source has become so polluted that the wildlife has grown toxic enough to be fatal to humans. So wildlife that can kill you not just through physical attacks, but deadly poisonous ones too. And don’t forget the bandits. The odds of survival here are virtually non-existent.

3. Raijin Island

One of the three islands that the Log Pose settles on after the Red Line, Raijin is the perfect example of why the New World makes the first half of the Grand Line look like Paradise. Not a whole lot is known about Raijin except for the fact that you’ll probably need an umbrella to dock there, given the terrible weather conditions. And by weather conditions we don’t mean a drizzle or a downpour. It rains lightening on this island. Constantly.

So barring the continuous risk of electrocution, given the never-ending electrical storm, we don’t think anyone should consider Raijin as quick stop. Unless the alternative is Punk Hazard, of course.

2. Udon (Wano Country)

And the horrors of Wano continue! Udon is yet another territory of Wano Country which, under the Beast Pirates and Orochi, has become yet another wasteland (honestly, it’s easier to list the non-ruined parts of Wano). The location of the epic showdown between the Beast Pirates and Oden, Udon was once a luscious, green forest. Now, a barren landscape, Udon is home to weapons factories run entirely on slave labour. So nothing for miles around except for polluted, ruined land, ominous factories constantly mass-producing armaments, and labour camps. Paints quite a bleak picture, doesn’t it?

1. Punk Hazard

And that brings us to no.1! Punk Hazard is the island of nightmares in every conceivable way. The legendary island where Akainu and Aokiji battled it out for Fleet Admiral over ten days is a boiling mess (literally). Wasteland is too nice a word, these logia users have laid waste to the island of Punk Hazard, that it’s magnetic field can’t be logged. Half the island is a fiery hellscape (à la Akainu), the other half is a frozen tundra (thanks, Aokiji), and both are completely inhabitable. And if that wasn’t bad enough, with all the weird stuff Dr. Vegapunk left lying around, not to mention Caesar Clown’s tinkering around, the island is full of poisonous gas that petrifies anyone who inhales it Medusa-style. That and the weird biological experiments that roam free.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on our list! From terrifying residents to terrible geography, each of these islands is its own unique kind of nightmare. We had a hard time picking just 10 islands to avoid, so tell us, which island would you steer clear of? Did we miss any that should’ve made this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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