Top 10 Z-powers in Sun and Moon

With every new Pokemon game, new mechanics are introduced in order to spice things up. In Pokemon X and Y, the revolutionary Mega Evolution was introduced, and it really changed the scene of Pokemon big time. Suddenly, huge monsters were dominating the battlefield and sweeping the other team completely. It became a thing where everyone had to be aware of which Pokemon would be best to Mega Evolve and which Pokemon their opponent would be likely to do the same and plan accordingly.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Z-powers were introduced. Like Mega Evolutions, they are single use powers that can only be utilised once for the whole team in a single encounter. They also require the use of a hold item called Z Crystals. Unlike the Mega Evolutions, Z-powers turn normal moves into Z-moves, turning a normal attack into a super move, sort of like a limit break. The correct use of a Z-move can effectively turn the match around.

Here at Honey’s Anime, we are big fans of the many Z-moves in the game and want to share our favourites with our loyal readers. So here it is, the Top 10 Z-powers in Sun and Moon.

10. Oceanic Operetta

  • Item: Primarium Z
  • Move: Sparkling Aria
  • Pokemon: Primarina

Primarina is the final evolution of the starter Pokemon Popplio, the water type. Oceanic Operetta is a move unique only to Primarina, and requires Sparkling Aria, the unique move of Primarina. To activate the move, the trainer must first wave his hands left, then right, thus activating the Z-Crystal. Primarina first calls out to the forces of nature to aid it, and proceeds to summon an enormous ball of water.

That ball of water is promptly dropped on the opposing Pokemon, and the sheer weight of the water ball just wrecks it. This move makes it onto our list purely by how simple it is. Rather than any super mega blast, it just uses the power of gravity to absolutely destroy its opponent and drown them in a sphere of water. Simple but effective.

9. Extreme Evoboost

  • Item: Eevium Z
  • Move: Last Resort
  • Pokemon: Eevee

Eevee is a pretty well-known and popular Pokemon ever since its inception very early on in the series. Its unique ability to evolve into multiple types of Pokemon has only since gotten more abundant, going from only 3 evolutions to a staggering 8 different evolutions. However, nobody ever wants Eevee for what it is. Everyone always goes to great lengths to evolve it, either by raising its affections to the max, or whatever obscure method required to evolve Eevee.

In Sun and Moon, players who stuck with Eevee being Eevee are rewarded with the Eevium Z, a Z-Crystal that brings out the full potential of Eevee. At its activation, all its evolutions are gathered in front of the Eevee in spirit form, and as one they combine their powers into Eevee for a single moment to boost its power to the max, thus granting Eevee a whole 2 stages in every stat. This allows a baby Pokemon like Eevee to stand on par with even the toughest of Pokemon.

8. Guardian of Alola

  • Item: Tapunium Z
  • Move: Nature’s Madness
  • Pokemon: Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini

The lore of Sun and Moon revolves heavily around the four Guardian Pokemon that protect the four islands that you have to travel to throughout the game in order to challenge the Elite Four. It is in honour of them, that the many traditions of Alola are made. You are even saved by them early in the game. Thus the fate of the player is also closely tied to these entities.

When you gain any one of them, and equip them with the Tapunium Z, you can activate their Z-move with Nature’s Madness. A spectral body made of energy forms from the ground, at which point the Guardian Pokemon attaches itself to the top as the head of the giant. The trainer proceeds to control the giant Prometheus style by slamming his fist on his palm, and the giant does the same by slamming his fist on the opponent. Get rekt.

7. Sinister Arrow Raid

  • Item: Decidium Z
  • Move: Spirit Shackle
  • Pokemon: Decidueye

Sinister Arrow Raid is another starter Pokemon centric Z move. It belongs to the ghostly bird, Decidueye, the final evolution of the grass starter Pokemon, Rowlet. Decidueye will first burst into the sky using its majestic wings. It will then summon an array of arrows to surround it. Then, it will dive bomb into the opponent, before the arrows also pierce through the opponent and explodes in a fury of pain.

This move is here purely for how cool it is. It is the literal Pokemon version of a fighter jet carpet bombing and kamikaze-ing their opponent into dust. It is very rare that Pokemon moves can look so brutal, and that’s what makes this move so amazing and cool at the same time. Besides, ghost type moves don’t get enough love, so this one definitely needs some.

6. Genesis Supernova

  • Item: Mewnium Z
  • Move: Psychic
  • Pokemon: Mew

While Arceus is the god of all Pokemon, Mew remains as the ancestor of all Pokemon. That is why it is able to learn every single move and why its stats are all high yet balanced equally. While it isn’t the most powerful legendary to ever exist, it is not to be underestimated. And thus, when a Pokemon like this pulls off a Z-move, it isn’t pretty. First Mew summons beads of energy that start to rotate into a DNA spiral. They then join up into a giant ball of energy that Mew blasts into the opponent.

Considering that Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon, and how it contains the DNA of every Pokemon to ever exist, the way the ball of energy is created is a literal representation that Mew is drawing on the power of all Pokemon to ever exist. This leads to the conclusion that the giant ball of energy that Mew uses, is a Spirit Bomb! The same one from Dragon Ball Z. Damn…

5. Malicious Moonsault

  • Item: Incinium Z
  • Move: Darkest Lariat
  • Pokemon: Incineroar

Malicious Moonsault is the final Z-move that the starters are able to use. When Incineroar activates the move, a wrestling ring is formed around the opponent. The trainer proceeds to point upwards in sync with Incineroar jumping off the ropes, all the whilst it is generating energy in its flame belt. When it finally collides with the opponent, the area explodes into a mushroom cloud of fire.

This move is, in a way, quite meta. When Incineroar was first revealed by appearance only, everyone thought that it was just another fire-fighting starter. Thus it was surprising to learn that it was a Fire-Dark instead, the antithesis of Fighting. However, its Z-move is extremely reminiscent of what a fighting type Z-move would look like. Game Freak sure knows how to play with its audience.

4. Stoked Sparksurfer

  • Item: Aloraichium Z
  • Move: Thunderbolt
  • Pokemon: Alolan Raichu

Raichu has always been an unpopular evolution choice throughout the game’s lifetime. Whilst it is stronger than Pikachu, it is far less cute and not as strong as other electric types. Furthermore, a Pikachu with a light ball is equally viable as a Raichu. The amount of reasons to get a Raichu just decreases more and more.

The Alolan Raichu is a lot cuter than the normal one, and it has Psychic plus Electric typing, allowing it to have a good range of attacks. Stoked Sparksurfer is a testament to its evolution. Using its psychic abilities, Raichu propels itself into the air on its surfboard tail. It generates a thundercloud worth of electricity and dive bombs into the opponent, showering them in fatal lightning. And now we like Raichu.

3. Metronome Z-move

  • Item: Normalium Z
  • Move: Metronome
  • Pokemon: Any

Metronome is a completely useless move. It never does what you need it to. From one moment it could do Leer, and the next it becomes Roar of Time. Though it is pretty funny to see Clefable use Legendary unique attacks. However, when paired with a Normalium Z, Metronome goes from stupid RNG (Random Number Generator) bullshit to SUPER RNG bullshit.

First, the Normalium Z is activated like normal. However, before it can become the normal type Z-move, Metronome’s effect activates and it will change into a random move. Whatever move it changes into, the typing of that move will become the new Z-move. So effectively, we are able to see a Munchlax use every single type of Z-move just by using Metronome. It became such a phenomenon that videos of it went viral. It’s still completely useless RNG bullshit though.

2. Catastropika

  • Item: Pikanium Z
  • Move: Volt Tackle
  • Pokemon: Pikachu

Everyone loves Pikachu! Who doesn’t? It is not just the mascot of the series, and super adorable, it is also the one consistent Pokemon in the animated series. Even a 4 year old child can name Pikachu easily if asked about Pokemon. So when Pikachu is granted a unique Z-move, it has to be one that matches up to the cuteness and fame of Pikachu. And they sure delivered.

First, the Z-move activation dance has the trainer and Pikachu dancing in sync, all the while Pikachu is chanting its name. This part alone is adorable enough, but Pikachu proceeds to jump into the trainer’s hand, is tossed into the air and becomes a ball of electricity. That ball of electricity proceeds to smash into the opponent like a meteor of death sent from the heavens, scorching the earth of its opponents. And that is why it is called Catastropika, adorable and deadly.

1. Pulverizing Pancake

  • Item: Snorlium Z
  • Move: Giga Impact
  • Pokemon: Snorlax

This is an exclusive move that is available only to those who purchased Pokemon Sun and Moon within the first 2 months of its release. Sadly, that period is over by the time this article gets out. But you can still watch the move on YouTube. This Z-move is one of the most bullshit and broken moves to ever exist within the game.

It has the highest attack of all the Z-moves available, playing off the move Giga Impact, which usually does great damage at a cost of recoil. But Pulverizing Pancake has no recoil. And unlike Catastropika which has equal move damage, Snorlax has a much higher attack than Pikachu. In essence, Snorlax can practically one shot anything that it hits it with unless it resists normal.

That’s not to mention how hilarious it is to see Snorlax RUNNING and JUMPING and proceeding to SLAM right into a Pokemon from great heights. Ouch.

Final Thoughts

Z-moves are a new concept that has been added into the Pokemon series through Sun and Moon. Only time will tell if it will integrate well with all the pre-existing mechanics in older games like physical and special moves or Mega Evolutions. But for now, we can all sit back and enjoy the limit breaks of our Pokemon and rain havoc on our enemies.
Have any Z-moves that you found particularly cool? Share with us in the comments below!

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