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Dear otakus, we are back! This time, we are going to talk (yet again) about Pokemon. However, the approach will be different. This time, we are going to discuss the best Pokemon evolutions we have seen in the Pokemon games… which can give us very interesting Pokemon as result. So, what are we waiting for? We want to be the very best, right? Let’s go!

10. Magnezone

  • Gen: Fourth
  • Pokedex: 462

This is the final evolution of Magnemite.Yes, that curiously looking metallic sphere with magnets as hands. Three of them form Magnezone, linked with a powerful magnetic force. Magnezone has a good level of attack and defense, besides being damaged only by three other Pokemon types.

Yet, another evolution would be desirable, right? What makes this evolution so great? In this case, you have to be on a specific place. You can choose either Mt. Coronet, Chargestone Cave, Kalos Route 13, or New Mauville to level your Magnetone up. The you will get Magnezone, a nice ovni-like Pokemon with magnets as hands and with a boost on attack and defense.

9. Mamoswine

  • Gen: Second
  • Pokedex: 221

Swinub is a lovely looking Pokemon based on a baby wild boar. It is so hairy and fluffy because he needs protection from the cold! Of course that being a baby, his abilities are rather low, being hit points, attack and speed the only ones that stand out. But well, he is also damaged by eleven Pokemon types, so… how can we make it evolve?

Well, once Swinub reaches level 33 and becomes Piloswine, we have to train it and teach him new tricks. If it learns Ancient power and levels up, it will evolve into Mamoswine. To be honest, only its attack and defense will be very high, but hey! At least we have a furry and poison-resistant Pokemon.

8. Blissey

  • Gen: Second
  • Pokedex: 242

Here we have another Pokemon from the second Generation. Its first form is the absolutely cute baby Happiny, who resembles a pink egg with a high ponytail that is taking care of a white egg. Let’s remember that these eggs are nutritious ^^ Then we have to make sure Happiny levels up while holding an Oval stone during day time to have the next evolution (Chansey).

So, what do we have to do in order to make Chansey become Blissey? Well, it has to have high friendship, which is a measure of how happy is a Pokemon with its trainer. Yes, Chansey is so generous and social that its strength is friendship. Once it becomes Blissey, it has the maximum hit points ability and a decent special defense. Blissey truly is a nourishing Pokemon with an interesting evolution!

7. Slowking

  • Gen: Second
  • Pokedex: 199

We have to admit that Slowpoke is not the most popular Pokemon out there. Just by looking at it, we can tell that it is rather lazy. Slowpoke is damaged or weak against two thirds of Pokemon types and only its hit points level is kinda decent. So, this Pokemon needs at least one redeeming quality.

Why evolve Slowpoke into Slowbro if you can get a more interesting Pokemon instead? Just trade him while holding a King’s rock and you will get the regal Slowking. He is a Slowpoke who stands straight on two legs and uses a conch as crown. Plus, he does good avances on his abilities (except speed, of course).

6. Alakazam

  • Gen: First
  • Pokedex: 63

Abra is a bipedal yellow Pokemon with psychic abilities. It has a good special attack and decent speed, but Abra can receive damage from 13 Pokemon types. Maybe it is better if it evolves, right? Abra can evolve into Kadabra when it reaches level 16, but it can still evolve one more time.

The detail here is that, if you want your Kadabra to become Alakazam, you have to trade him. Yet, it is worth the nuisances, as his special defense gets better and his overall power naturally increases. Taking into account that this Pokemon is weak physically but mentally strong, making it evolve will help its chances to win in battle. Now he will have two spoons at hand, which as you may know, increase its psychic abilities.

5. Milotic

  • Gen: Third
  • Pokedex: 350

We have beautiful Pokemon inspired by fish-like Goldeen and Finneon. On the other hand, we also have Magikarp and Feebas. Just look at the latest, it is comical with its wide open eyes, dark circles and sad mouth. The biggest problem is not his appearance, it is his lack of relevant abilities beyond speed.

So, how does this sad Pokemon fish evolve? With the power of Beauty! You will have to feed Feebas with Pokeblocks or Poffins made with dry flavored berries. From Generation V onwards, you can also get Feebas’ evolution when traded holding a Prism Scale. The beautiful Milotic you will get comes with a great increase on its abilities, particularly on hit points, special attack and special defense.

4. Mantine

  • Gen: Second
  • Pokedex: 226

Apparently, the second generation gave us a bunch of interest Pokemon evolutions. Mantyke is a lovely looking manta ray, blue colored with big shiny black eyes. It has a good special defense, but well, being Pokemon experts, we can’t avoid trying to make it evolve. The bad news is that we need another Pokemon for that.

Enter Remoraid, a fish like Pokemon with apparently no strong points or abilities. But although it remains as a separate Pokemon, when Mantyke levels up, the Mantyke becomes Mantine. Now we have a better special attack, defense and speed. And we can also go surfing with our brand new giant manta ray :p

3. Ninjask

  • Gen: Third
  • Pokedex: 290

Nincada is a bug Pokemon inspired by the Japanese cicadas. At first sight, you might be tempted to believe the poor creature was ran over by the rush hour traffic, as it looks like it is covered in bandages. Nincada’s defense is the only decent leveled ability it possesses, but let’s not judge this Pokemon so fast.

If you happen to have an empty slot in your party and an extra Pokeball, you can make Nincada evolve at level 20. Cicadas leave behind an entire shell with their old form when they mature, so Nincada becomes Ninjask and Shedinja, who is Nincada’s shell. You get two Pokemons! And both are more powerful than Nincada. Ninjask is better in Speed and attack, while Shedinja has a good attack only. Well, it looks like you can not get everything in life, but we can’t deny this is an interesting Poke evolution based on a real insect.

2. Tyrogue

  • Gen: Second
  • Pokedex: 236

Now that we are discussing multiple Pokemon we can get from Evolutions, it is time to mention Tyrogue. This is a fighting baby Pokemon who can be trained in diverse ways. As a baby, Tyrogue really has low stats, starting with 35 in everything. Yes, everything, and it can be damaged by 12 Pokemon types.

In short, depending on how well Tyrogue is doing on its stats, he can evolve into three different Pokemon. You can get Hitmonlee if Tyrogue’s attack is higher than its defense. You can get Hitmonchan if your Pokemon’s defense is higher than its attack. Or (and this is tricky) you can get Hitmontop if both stats are the same. In all cases, its abilities will increase considerably. You only have to think of which Pokemon you would like to have and train your Tyrogue accordingly.

1. Eevee

  • Gen: First
  • Pokedex: 133

We have finally reached the king of evolutions! Who would say that this cutie could be so multifaceted? Its abilities are nothing special as an Eevee, being between 45 and 65 in all the stats. But the great variety of Pokemon he can evolve into is worthwhile. Why not have several Eevees and level them up in different ways?:

You can get Vaporeon with a Water stone. Eevee evolves into Jolteon with a Thunder stone. You can get a Flareon with a Fire stone. You simply can get high in friendship by day to get an Espeon, or you can get high at night for an Umbreon (in friendship guys, in friendship). You can get close to a Moss Rock and level up your Eevee there to get a Leafeon. Or get close to an Ice rock for a Glaceon. Or the most cheesy way of evolving ever! Level up while doing a Fairy type move and two affection hearts to get a Sylveon!

Final thoughts

We can see that, especially in the first generations of Pokemon, we have many interesting ways of evolving. This adds so many interesting possibilities to the game, don’t you think the same? The world of Pokemon will keep adding cute, weird and/or mysterious creatures. With the advent of Sun/Moon, we can hardly wait to see how the new Pokemon evolve. But do tell us which other evolutions you find interesting? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon, Pokemon trainers!

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