Top 5 Best Goblin Slaying Scenes in Goblin Slayer

The fall 2018 season brought us loads of fantastic anime and Goblin Slayer was one of the best. Obviously, with the anime and the main character both being named Goblin Slayer, we were destined to have a some quality fight scenes with those pesky goblins. Goblin Slayer delivered, with some intense blood filled action scenes that went above and beyond what anybody was expecting. Today, we are going to be looking five of the best scenes where the goblins meet their demise.

5. Goblin Pirates (Episode 6)

The goblin world is filled with all sorts of different types of goblins, but in episode 6, we get introduced to some of the more unique goblins in the series. Living underneath Water Town, the goblins adapted to their environment and became a group of seafaring bandits. The party is able to easily dispatch the first boat using their usual tactics, but things get a bit more complicated when some more ships arrive. Thankfully, with some quick thinking, Goblin Slayer uses the sewer-dwelling alligator to take out the rest of the goblins. This scene has a little bit of everything when it comes to goblin killing, but it really stands out thanks to the random appearance of the alligator.

4. Goblin House Fire (Episode 2)

A battle that was more like a one-sided slaughter, Goblin Slayer and Priestess take out a goblin stronghold by burning it to the ground while killing off any goblins that manage to escape. The goblins are unable to fight back as Goblin Slayer shows off his archery skills, before killing and burying the rest of the goblins. This is possibly one of the best overall scenes in the series, with the killing being interlaced with scenes of Priestess praying the next morning, rain falling, and Goblin Slayer explaining why and how he came to hate goblins. While this scene may not have some of the excitement that other scenes contain, it more than makes up for it with the added story and the enjoyment you get from watching the goblins burn.

3. Goblin Slayer vs Goblin Lord (Episode 12)

After the adventurers wage an all-out war against the goblin forces, Goblin Slayer finds himself up against the Goblin Lord. The two continue to exchange blows until Goblin Lord takes the upper hand and lands a serious blow. However, it was all a trap designed to capture him in between Priestess' protection spells. Goblin Slayer rises to land the killing the blow. Alongside Goblin Slayer's battle, we also get to see every other character that appears over the course of the series battle against the rest of the goblin forces.

2. Ogre Battle (Episode 4)

After hunting down the group goblins that had kidnapped an elf girl, Goldin Slayer and his crew find themselves face to face with dozens of goblins. Thanks to the combined magic efforts of Dwarf and Priestess, the rest of the party is able to easily kill the goblins, but an even bigger foe appears. The party starts fighting an ogre and are pushed to their limits. Goblin Slayer is able to pull out a win thanks to a magic scroll containing pressurized water from the bottom of the ocean that he had prepared to wipe out a goblin stronghold. This is the first time we really get to see the three new characters in action, with each of them showing off their skills as we learn more about them. We also get tons of goblin killings along with an exciting battle against the ogre.

1. Failed Goblin Slaying (Episode 1 )

Priestess sets out on a mission with her fellow rookie adventurers to hunt down some weak goblins. The group is able to handle the first few goblins, but they soon find out that the goblins were smarter than they had expected. Paralyzed with fear, Priestess is only able to watch as her companions are killed and defiled. Priestess is saved by Goblin slayer who arrives just in time to help her out. The pair then goes on to easily kill off the rest of the goblins in the cave. This scene is great because we get to learn so much about the world of Goblin Slayer, while also getting out first taste of how much goblin killing is going to happen throughout the series.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of great moments over the course of the anime where we get to the goblins get absolutely destroyed, but these are some of the best in the series. While most of the scenes play out similarly, they are still a lot of fun to watch. What did you think of Goblin Slayer? Which scene is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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