The 5 Strongest Characters in Goblin Slayer

With its realistic fantasy setting and single-mindedly focused protagonist, Goblin Slayer has grown to become our favorite series from Japan in years. We can’t tell you another franchise that we’ve had the desire to read not one but three different manga adaptations for, between Goblin Slayer, Brand New Day, and Year One. The anime adaptation brought to life the series for newcomers and we can’t be happier about the plans a second season.

But who’s who in the Goblin Slayer universe? While Goblin Slayer himself has killed thousands of Goblins, how does he rank up against other adventurers and characters we’ve seen in the series so far? Today we’re about to take a look!

5. Majo Witch

While more memorable for her bountiful cleavage than any fighting she’s done in the series, her collaboration with Lancer is no accident. She gave Goblin Slayer a powerful scroll he used to defeat an ogre with ease, and her aloof nature and speaking style is evocative of a powerful mage. We’ve yet to see anything from her but it’s enough for her to make number 5 on our list.

4. Lizardman

The ally of Dwarf and Elf, Lizardman is something more akin to a battle mage than a straight warrior. He can summon bone soldiers of his dragon ancestors and wield superhuman strength as showcased when he removed the mirror from the wall inside the underground labyrinth. He’s clearly one lizardman you do not want to challenge for the last slice of cheese.

3. Lancer

Braggadocious, arrogant, petty, but a powerful warrior, Lancer definitely seems to have traveled far from being a heroic spirit in the Fate series to get here. Just look at him, he’s even named the same! A Silver ranked adventurer the same as Goblin Slayer, he works exclusively with Majo but has enough combat prowess to hold his own. He single handedly defeated a Goblin Champion that took Goblin Slayer and his squad multiple episodes to take down. He might talk big but he can back it up.

2. Sword Maiden

A Gold ranked adventurer that was part of the Demon Lord subjugation party that saved the world, this beautiful warrior has put down the sword to become an archbishop. Her body is laced with scars that forever haunt her of the torment she faced at the hands of goblins, forcing her to reach out to Goblin Slayer to eradicate them from underneath the capitol. She has a familiar that is a massive alligator that holds most of the goblins at bay and wards off would be victims from venturing too far in the tunnels, but she herself still has to be a powerful warrior despite the downtime.

1. The Hero

We’ve only seen her briefly, but she was an existence that struck fear into the hearts of evil. Confident, exuberant and energetic, this warrior stands above all the rest for the allies of good. We’re only left with the question as to when she and her party will finally cross paths with Goblin Slayer as she seems keen on meeting him. Perhaps in the future!

Final Thoughts

We loved the realism and dark, gritty setting of Goblin Slayer and can’t wait to see more of it in the future. Do you think we missed anyone on our list or do you have any favorite characters? Let us know in the comments!

Goblin-Slayer-Wallpaper-3-500x281 The 5 Strongest Characters in Goblin Slayer


Author: Hercule SSJ

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Goblin-Slayer-Wallpaper-3-500x281 The 5 Strongest Characters in Goblin Slayer

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