[Fujoshi Friday] Top 5 BL Scenes in Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys)

Sanrio’s long awaited series, Sanrio Danshi, is a story about a group of boys who love Sanrio characters and each even have their own personal favorite character; new transfer student Kouta loves Pompompurin, Yuu is bubbly and crazy about My Melody, Shunsuke is an athletic Hello Kitty fan, student council president Seiichiro is all about Cinnamoroll, and shota Ryo is partial to Little Twin Stars. Though the show is really about male bonds and friendship, the creators obviously knew who’d be watching and the interactions between the boys stir up all kinds of steamy thoughts when they have their bromantic moments. It’s a fine line, folks; a very sexy fine line. That’s why Honey’s Anime is showcasing the moments in Sanrio Danshi that make us squeal! Let’s get it on!

--Spoilers Ahead--

5. Ryo and Seiichiro Have a Moment (Episode 7)

After Yuu insists that Seiichiro calls the group by their first names since they’re friends, the boys are all having lunch together in the student council room. In conversation, Seiichiro refers to Ryo as Nishimiya, his family name; but after thinking about it, Seiichiro asks if Ryo would rather be called by his first name like Yuu and the others. That’s when the blonde little shota looks somewhat stunned and looks away blushing as he says “Nishimiya is fine. I’d rather you call me that” with a coy look on his face.

This adorable scene is subtle, but you can almost feel little Ryo’s heart skip a beat when his senpai asks him what he wants to be called. And even more so when Seiichiro agrees to call him whatever he wants. In fact, it’s so obvious that Ryo has a soft spot for the student council president, that even Yuu, imitating a gossipy woman points out what a different attitude little Ryo has towards Seiichiro compared to how he treats them. Yeah, we all see it, Yuu. You’re not imagining things.

4. Kouta Glomps Shunsuke (Episode 4)

After being benched for not being a good team player, Shunsuke is livid. He is passionate about soccer and he’s actually amazing at it so he can’t understand why the captain would do that. Understandably upset, a frustrated Shunsuke is walking on a bridge and decides to chuck his prized Hello Kitty lucky charm since it’s clearly pointless. His life sucks.

Just as Shushu is winding up to toss the Kitty charm, Kouta comes out of nowhere and throws himself around Shunsuke’s waist to stop him from making a mistake. Shunsuke doesn’t through his charm, but Kouta continues to lean into Shunsuke’s chest, looking up at him. This lasts a pretty good while as Shunsuke stares at Kouta not knowing how to react, until he realizes the position he’s in and tries to run away like a scared cat. Not one of the most intense scenes, but still, it’s super cute to see Kouta leaning into Shunsuke’s strong chest!

3. Yuu and Shunsuke in the Shower (Episode 1)

As exciting as the heading sounds, if you’ve seen Sanrio Danshi, you know it’s not exactly what we would hope (aww), but it gets pretty close! After panning over a cleverly censored naked Shunsuke in the shower (OMG, those abs!), we hear a “Yoo hoo!” from Yuu. With the soft and perky voice of a proud girlfriend, Yuu congratulates his naked friend on a good job at soccer practice, as the surprised athlete says “Yuu! Don’t look!”. Of course, Yuu doesn’t care and points out that he already saw him and they are close friends who know all the embarrassing parts of each other anyway. To which even the boys in the other stalls react with surprise to, as we see one of them blushing and peeking out of their shower to hear better.

Though Yuu just wanted to ask Shunsuke about his missing MyMelo charm, we can’t help but feel like half of his reason for hanging around was checking out his hot friend while he showered. We know we would!

2. Yuu Wants Everybody Naked (Episode 9)

While on their vacation.. ahem... “training camp” at the beach, ideas for the musical aren’t flowing and the first thing Yuu really wants to do is go enjoy the ocean with his friends, so what does he do? He immediately walks over to Kouta, seriously commanding him to strip and proceeds to pull his shorts down. What makes this even more of a Fujoshi fantasy is Yuu’s lecherous look while his face is just inches from Kouta’s pelvic region as he calls out “Come on, what kind of swimsuit are you wearing? Let me see!”, while the poor boy cries out, “I’m not wearing one yet!” while trying to cover himself. Yuu doesn’t seem like the type that would force himself on someone, but we have to admit, it’s kinda hot seeing him act like that!

This scene just keeps on giving, as, when Ryo calls out to Yuu to leave Kouta alone, the cute little blond boy becomes the predator’s new target! And while the BL moments end there, we are then immediately gifted with a gorgeous montage of shirtless, wet, beach moments between the Sanrio Boys!

1. School-boy Kabedon (Episode 1)

Sanrio knew what they were doing when they came up with the first episode for Sanrio Danshi. Not only do we get that fabulous shower scene at number 3 but we also get a boy-on-boy kabedon! Kouta finds Yuu’s lost My Melody charm and means to give it back but changes his mind and runs away when he thinks he’ll ruin Yuu’s mojo with the girls if they find out he likes Sanrio. However, Yuu sees the charm and chases Kouta through the school.

Shunsuke sees Kouta being chased by Yuu and is worried the new guy did something to his friend so he engages in hot pursuit as well. Shunsuke finally catches up to Kouta and corners him after jumping down on him from the stairs, shocking the fugitive. After that badass entrance, Shunsuke flawlessly moves into an aggressive kabedon, asking if he did anything to Yuu, his golden cat eyes smouldering into Kouta’s, clearly making the boy nervous. Yuu seems to wait until the very last moment to rescue Kouta... pretty sure he was enjoying watching the kabedon too.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Sanrio has been hitting it out of the park with their recent content aimed at young adults and we love it. We can all get behind Aggretsuko, and the Sanrio Boys have a little extra for us fujoshi and fudanshi. We’re really hoping to see a second seasons soon! Especially since Subaru, the Badtz Maru fan will be added into the mix! Imagine what adding a badboy will do to the show! What were your favorite BL moments in Sanrio Boys? Did we get them all? We know there were other moments, so talk to us in the comments below!

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