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Bishounen characters are fairly common in the anime community, so much so that there are tons of manservice shows to satisfy the thirst of many women out there. One show that is famous for its hot bishounen characters is Hakuouki. Hakuouki was originally an otome game that was adapted into an anime and other media, such as manga, light novel, drama CDs and more! Although Hakuouki is quite an old anime, fans are still in love with it, thanks to its serious and interesting story. Since most of the anime that is airing this season is about to end, this is the proper time to binge watch these shows! Here at Honey’s Anime, we would like to recommend two shows that are airing this season that share some similarities with Hakuouki. We are sure that the listed shows are very entertaining and fun to watch! Like Hakuouki? Watch this!

About Hakuouki (Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2010 - Jun. 2010

Yukimura Chizuru travels to Kyoto in order to find her missing father. While walking in the dark streets of Kyoto, she meets a bunch of samurai wearing white and blue haori and is held in custody. When the time finally comes to defend herself, she learns that she is with the Shinsengumi and that their goal aligns with hers. To improve the chances of finding her father, Chizuru stays with the Shinsengumi as a page boy and watches the glory and fall of the Shinsengumi.

Liked Hakuouki? Then watch Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2018 - Currently Airing

Hasegawa Kouta, an average high school boy, has a secret that he hides and continually denies. Kouta is enamored with the Sanrio mascot PomPomPurin! He is very embarrassed to tell other people that he loves PomPomPurin since it’s unusual for boys to love such girlish things. However, much to his surprise, he meets Mizuno Yuu and Yoshino Shunsuke who also love Sanrio mascots, My Melody and Hello Kitty respectively. They are proud that they love Sanrio mascots and encourage Kouta to not be ashamed of it too since it’s a part of him. Finally accepting his love for PomPomPurin, he meets Minamoto Seiichirou, the school council president and a lover of Cinamoroll; and Nishimiya Ryou, a 1st year student who loves Little Twin Stars. Together, they make up the Sanrio Danshi!

Three major similarities shared by Hakuouki and Sanrio Danshi

1. Long advertisement

As we said earlier, Hakuouki is originally an otome game. Usually, otome games are adapted into anime or manga in order to attract newer fans to the franchise and serve as an introduction to the series. While it is indeed for advertisement purposes, it doesn’t mean that they have forgotten about their fans. These adaptations also add any information missed in the game in order for fans to get to know a different side of their favorite character/s. This strategy also applies to Sanrio Danshi!

Unlike Hakuouki, Sanrio Danshi isn’t subtle about the endless advertisement of products shown in the series. Even the main characters, the Sanrio Boys, serve to endorse well-known Sanrio mascots. Contrary to Hakuouki, which started as an otome game, Sanrio Danshi gained fame via twitter and was adapted into an otome game and manga. Like Hakuouki, Sanrio Danshi also includes extra information about the characters and miscellaneous details about the characters to attract new viewers and to satisfy old-time fans as well. Sanrio Danshi may be adapted from a game and follow the initial story about how the boys are very attached to their respective Sanrio mascots, but we assure you that all the things shown in the anime are fairly new and different and doesn’t really follow the same story as the game or the manga versions. Longtime fans of Sanrio Danshi will have the same new experience of watching the show the same as a newcomer to the series!

2. Fanservice overload!

One thing that attracts viewers to Hakuouki is the hot bishounen of the Shinsengumi. Since the main audience of Hakuouki is women, it is to be expected that the show is oozing with manly pheromones. This is why Hakuouki is so popular within the shoujo and josei community, because good-looking men going through hardships for the woman they love is everyone’s dream! They look hot in everything they do and the traditional clothing and sexy voice they have only add to their overall attractiveness. Of course, let’s be honest here, Hakuouki also caters to Fujoshi and Fudanshi out there, especially if their shipping goggles are tightly on. In fact, because of the Shinsengumi’s strong bond, there are subtle hints here and there about Okita x Saito, Hijikata x Okita and more. The fanservice is endless in this show, which is also very evident in Sanrio Danshi!

The Sanrio boys may not be as striking and imposing as the men of the Shinsengumi, but they are definitely attractive and charming in their own special way. Kouta, Yuu, and Ryou are obviously the adorable type that many fans love and appreciate. They don’t have the muscles to show off their charm, but their sweet, gentle, and funny personality are what makes them so appealing. Meanwhile, Shunsuke and Seiichirou are hotness overload! They are usually seen with their muscles glistening with sweat, which makes every girl around them swoon; and besides, who doesn’t love moe gap, right? They are very manly and tender at the same time! And for the Fujoshi and Fudanshi out there, this show didn’t forget you! Expect the show to be filled with lots of bromance since friendship is the focal point of the whole show.

3. Friendship and Camaraderie

The friendship and camaraderie between the main characters is the biggest and most obvious similarity between both shows. As many of you know, the Shinsengumi are very close and loyal to one another. They treat each other like family despite the misunderstandings and miscommunications that they sometimes have. As seen in the anime, they are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to save their comrade that is in grave danger. They hang out sometimes and tease each other like close brothers.

We said previously that the focal point of Sanrio Danshi is friendship, and that is true. The show focuses on their brotherhood and how it continuously grows with each obstacle they face. They do tend to bicker most of the time, but that is what makes them so close since it means that they are comfortable with each other. The Sanrio boys begin to learn new things together and even help one other when a member of their group is in a pinch. Their story as a group is very sweet and entertaining. Like how the interactions of the Shinsengumi characters made you laugh and cry at the same time, we are sure that you will enjoy hanging out with Sanrio Danshi’s silly adventures.

Liked Hakuouki? Watch Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2018 - Currently Airing

In the year 2205, an organization called the “Historical Revolutionist” is out to tamper and to change the history of Japan. However, a powerful guardian, the Saniwa, can turn inanimate swords into humans to help their cause. The swords who turned human are called Touken Danshi and are ready to listen to the commands of their Saniwa. While that may be, Zoku Touken Ranbu Hanamaru revolves, yet again, around the “Hanamaru” days of the Touken Danshi.

Three major similarities shared by Hakuouki and Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

1. A reference to Japanese history with a twist!

Hakuouki is based on the lives of the Shinsengumi members back in the Bakumatsu period. To make things interesting, the witters added a special but common twist to the sad tale of the famous special police force. That’s right! The Shinsengumi can transform into a “Rasetsu” after drinking the “Water of Life” elixir. While it has supernatural elements, the show doesn’t fail to incorporate a true depiction of each Shinsengumi member. Although they did not entirely capture the Shinsengumi accurately, it’s still nice to at least learn a little a bit about the famous Shinsengumi.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru is the same. However, instead of basing its characters on real-life figures, the writers based their characters on swords that were handled by famous historical figures throughout Japanese history. The twist in Touken Ranbu is that these swords are able to transform into human beings and are able to time travel thanks to the Saniwa. Like in Hakuouki, the swords are given much detail in reference to their history. Their clothing, their way of thinking, physical appearance, and attitude are all based on their histories as swords of famous prominent figures in Japan. Touken Ranbu Hanamaru may not focus on their history as swords, but you can learn a little bit of their former masters and why they came to be that way.

2. “Hanamaru” Days

The lives of the Shinsengumi aren’t really what you would call “Hanamaru” since we all know what hardships they went through, as well as their bitter but honorable end. However, there are still glimpses of their “Hanamaru” days during the times they aren’t on their missions! Most of the Shinsengumi members are very stiff and too serious, but members like Okita, Harada, Toudou, and Shinpachi make their headquarters somewhat fun and colorful. Yes, they do get scolded by Hijikata in the end, but seeing their demon commander getting mad is a funny sight to see. There are a lot of moments where the Shinsengumi are shown to have a normal but fulfilling life. Although they had to face a lot of obstacles because of their beliefs, their simple everyday life is interesting to see since the best interactions between the Shinsengumi members happen during these times.

Unlike Hakuouki, Touken Ranbu focuses on the swords’ “Hanamaru” days instead of their battles and missions. Similar to the Shinsengumi, they are warriors who still have humble and worthwhile lives. Each sword has their own responsibility to fulfill, like how the Shinsengumi are assigned to help around their headquarters. Although the swords are mostly in their citadel doing their everyday routines, they make things interesting since the show has tons of varied characters with fascinating personalities and therefore can have different and entertaining interactions with one another.

3. Filled with endearing and gorgeous guys

This can’t be obvious enough! Both shows are abundant with handsome men with charming and captivating personalities. The Shinsengumi members are both attractive and enchanting. While they are indeed handsome, their attitudes and their personalities are the main reasons why fans love them. In the beginning, every member seems to fit a certain character stereotype, but as you dig past their exterior, they are more compelling and brilliant. This is why, even though Chizuru is the main character of the show, the Shinsengumi make the show memorable to its viewers.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru is the same, even more, in fact, since there are also cute, adorable boys that you want to hug and give a little pat on the head to. First-time viewers may find the show too overwhelming at first because there are a lot of characters to take in, but if you manage to remember them, you will get the inside jokes and will know how exciting and appealing the characters and their interactions are. There are a lot of stunning and handsome men in this show, so take your pick. Who is your best boy, your son, or your husbando?

Final Thoughts

Hakuouki is a splendid anime that fans fell in love with and will be remembered. However, if you think that you will have the same experience by watching Sanrio Danshi and Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, then you are greatly mistaken. These shows are very different from Hakuouki in the sense that Hakuouki is more dramatic and emotional than Sanrio Danshi and Touken Ranbu Hanamaru. Nonetheless, you should check out these shows since they are easy to watch, relaxing, and super entertaining! Sanrio Danshi and Touken Ranbu Hanamaru will not make you shed a tear like Hakuouki did, but they will make you laugh and smile. If you don’t mind the genre and just want to see bishounen moving around your screen, then watch these recommended shows since they are entertaining and fun to watch. What do you think? Do you plan on watching Sanrio Danshi and Touken Ranbu Hanamaru? Write your all comments down below! Stay tuned to Honey’s Anime and we hope to see you in the next article! Now signing off~

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