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In a world of increasing idol influence, idol anime has really taken off. Male idols are especially getting more representation as opposed to previous years, and one such show at the head of this movement is Tsukipro the Animation. Sure, it follows a similar theme to other idol anime, but there's something special about the boys of Tsukino Entertainment Production. The guys have distinctive personalities but overlapping interests, which make them feel more relatable and real. Following the trials of their everyday lives as they strive to become better idols and better people really endears you to their hard efforts!

And for those of us who love the idea of these cute men finding comfort in each other, you don't have to imagine too hard! There are some sweet, affectionate scenes taking place between these rising stars that range from a hint of romance to displays of desire! With such a passion for music, how could those feelings not carry over to those who also share that same fire? Please enjoy these top 5 BL scenes in Tsukipro the Animation!

5. Ichiru and Tsubasa: The line between love and hate is often blurred!

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 3

Ichiru, being the more outwardly emotional of the twins, is giving an impassioned speech to his brother Issei and fellow idol Eichi about how they need to look at every obstacle as a chance to gain experience. Seeing his determined smile is enough to attract the attention of SolidS member Tsubasa. He sneaks his arm around Ichiru and brings his lips close to Ichiru's ear while Ichiru tries to throw him off. Undeterred, Tsubasa muses that Ichiru is fired up and Ichiru looks annoyed, yet blushes at the remark. Is it because he's afraid to be seen as serious about improving, or being so close to Tsubasa?? After a short chat, Tsubasa pats Ichiru's head before walking away. Ichiru gives up trying to keep Tsubasa from making contact and accepts it. He gets quite heated when Issei suggests the two are alike and Eichi says Ichiru isn't being honest about his feelings. Perhaps he doesn't mind being touched as much as it seems!

4. Shiki and Tsubasa: Whispers of sweet nothings

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 1

Tsubasa is the most flirty of our Tsukipro boys, which is why he appears more than once. But with a guy as outwardly affectionate and suggestive as he is, he can't be ignored! After getting their scripts for a commercial, the members of SolidS go over their different characters to get more of a feel for how to portray them. Tsubasa is taking his role seriously and after a brief talk with the other members turns to Shiki and gives him a playful wink. “Darling, did you memorize your lines properly?” he asks. From what we've seen of Shiki so far, he's quiet and serious and doesn't joke around much or have much emotional expression. So it's VERY surprising when, without missing a beat, he turns to Tsubasa and replies “Leave it to me, Honey.” But wait, perhaps they are simply slipping into their characters for the commercial and it's all an act! But when we see the finished product, there's no insinuation that their characters are anything more than acquaintances at the same bar. What happened before was all Tsubasa and Shiki flirting it up.

3. Issei and Shu: A revealing touch

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 7

Issei and Ichiru are given the opportunity to perform in a play, something they've never done before. Upon hearing the news, Eichi immediately wants to inform Tsubasa despite Ichiru's protests and struggles to break free of Ichiru's grasp. Issei admits quietly to Shu that he's worried about he and Ichiru being able to pull off such a grand task. He seems resigned to do his best no matter how much he'll have to struggle and Shu can't help but pat Issei's head reassuringly. Issei doesn't react as if he's used to this closeness with Shu. The older man smiles and tells Ichiru not to worry too much and to just have fun with it. As the two talk a little more, Shu moves his hand to Issei's back and leaves it there for the duration of their talk. It seems so natural for the two to touch each other and their affection and admiration for each other shines through in this touching moment!

2. Shiki and Shu: A love that won't reach

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 11

Eichi becomes worried that there seems to be some rumor of Shu and Shiki of SolidS not getting along even though everyone else in Quell and SolidS are on good terms. Eichi decides to pry into Shu's thoughts about Shiki only for his worst fears to be realized. After a quiet moment, Shu reveals that when he and Shiki were in the same group long ago, they were immediately inseparable. Flashbacks from their teenage years show Shu and Shiki leaning back to back and sharing earbuds and Shiki smiling at his younger friend. Shu reveals they spent every day together and he admired how mature and straightforward Shiki was. But their happy days together were cut short when Shiki broke the news to Shu that he was leaving the group.

Shiki had always had a very strong sense of the music he wanted to create, and the direction of the group wasn't going the way he wanted it to. He didn't want to cause problems for everyone, but Shiki knew he couldn't deny the music in his heart. Shu angrily tells Shiki he doesn't have to leave to do that but Shiki's resolve is absolute. He places his hand on Shu's shoulder and says "Shu... I'm sorry." He looks into Shu's eyes for a few more moments, as if there was something else he wanted to say. But instead, he just apologizes again before walking away. All Shu can do is call out Shiki's name quietly as he fades into the night. The scene ends as the present-day Shu stares down at the ground and says "Shiki left me behind." This is our longest and most tragic scene, and you can really feel the pain of unfulfilled feelings from both boys as they begin walking separate paths.

1. Rikka and Dai: Closer than they think

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 9

Dai has always held respect and awe for Rikka, the pretty, confident member of SolidS whose good looks surpass gender norms. While Rikka is very comfortable in front of a camera, Dai feels nervous that he can't measure up to Rikka's professionalism. Dai plays a prince and Rikka, a princess, and their commercial is a great success. In the last few moments of the episode, a moment of reflection takes place between the two as the other members leave to bring other friends to watch with them.

Dai clearly feels like he can't measure up to Rikka's performance and shoots down several compliments Rikka pays him. Realizing he'll have to admit his own embarrassment, Rikka reveals to Dai that after seeing Dai practice for the commercial, he asked the director to change some of his makeup and the direction of the commercial. "I didn't know you could make that sort of expression" He muses to a surprised Dai. Rikka says he too doesn't want to lose to Dai, and they come to an understanding that they push each other to succeed. Rikka then closes the distance between them and asks to take a picture together. Rikka's beautiful face so close to Dai's as he admits his jealousy over not getting pictures with him makes your heart pound! Rikka takes the picture on his phone with their heads close together and they really resemble an adorable couple.

Final Thoughts

Tsukipro is fantastic in that it not only gives up beautiful men and beautiful music, but so many moments of potential BL to enjoy. We've got the best moments here but these are certainly not the only ones! Special mention goes to episode 3, when for a few moments, we see Ichiru and Issei sharing the same bed curled up next to each other, their faces mere inches apart. It may not have the dialogue build up some of our other choices have, but visually, it leaves little to be desired!

Watching unit members grow closer together and see the bonds formed between different units is really inspiring. These young idols have so much determination and passion in their hearts, it's easy to imagine how it could make them see each other as more than friends and comrades (especially with Dai and Rikka having several duets). We hope you'll enjoy this musical anime filled with tender BL moments.

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