Tsukipro The Animation 2

Tsukipro The Animation 2


Airing Date:
Summer 2021


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The four groups; SOARA, Growth, SolidS, and QUELL all belong to Tsukino Entertainment Production (Tsukipro).
In this second season of the anime, we’ll again follow the members of the four groups and their music, as well as their all individual everyday lives.
While on stage, they are all shining idols but behind the scenes, they have to deal with tough things. In front of the camera, the guys look really cool and hot, but once the spotlights are turned off, they also show their weaker sides. But, despite all that, the days they spend with their friends are filled with smiles and laughter and most of all, music! They put all their energy, their feelings, and hopes for the future into their music.

Let’s sing their songs together!

Characters & Voice Actors

Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Sora Ohara: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

The cheerful leader and main vocalist of SOARA, who also writes their music and lyrics. When he was younger, he took a break from music, but came back to it after meeting some friends in high school and forming SOARA. He is childhood friends with Soshi.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Morihito Arihara: Yuki Ono

A calm, kind, and talented young man. He is SOARA’s vocalist and guitarist. Since Sora is usually busy making music, Morihito provides practical leadership for the group. While he is a big fan of Sora’s music, he is constantly pointing out that Soshi is too soft on him.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Soshi Kagurazaka: Makoto Furukawa

Sora’s childhood friend. He is SOARA’s drummer. Despite his cool and dry personality, he is caring and good at looking out for others. He naturally falls into the position of keeping an eye on the mischievous Sora and Nozomu, but he’s not above a little mischief himself and often gets scolded by Morihito.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Ren Munakata: Taishi Murata

SOARA's keyboardist. Despite his sensible, diligent personality, he tends to get teased a lot, and the troublemaker Nozomu often drags him into his shenanigans. He has known Soshi since they were little and admires him as an older brother, calling him “Sou-nii.”
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Nozomu Nanase: Chiharu Sawashiro

SOARA’s moodmaker and troublemaker. Together with Sora, he is (in a certain sense) unstoppable. His older brother is a professional bassist, and he plays the bass as well. He hates to lose, is a hard worker, and can be courageous when push comes to shove. He tells others that he has a promising future.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Koki Etou: Shunichi Toki

A charismatic young man who is called “The Aloof Prince” by his fans. He has high ideals and is prepared to work hard for them. He lived on his own before moving into the Tsukipro dorm and is excellent at housework and cooking.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Kensuke Yaegashi: Yoshitaka Yamaya

An honest guy who doesn’t base his opinion on stereotypes or hearsay, only on what he has seen for himself. He is one of the few people who doesn’t hesitate to get close to the cool Koki. He is generally easygoing and has many friends but is rather inexperienced with women. He has an older sister who loves idols.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Ryota Sakuraba: Taiki Yamashita

Although he maintains a soft demeanor around fans, he is actually a cool realist who is determined to come out on top. He has been in showbiz since he was a young, and can thus be very calculating. Sometimes he’s a voice of reason, other times he’s a voice of recklessness, but whatever he does, he does it to support the group.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Mamoru Fujimura: Junta Terashima

A former NEET who was discovered by Koki. A cheerful but mysterious young man, he is friendly enough to get along with anyone. He has a natural talent for creating unique music but lacks ordinary life skills.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Shiki Takamura: Takuya Eguchi

The producer and leader of SolidS. Although he appears cool and standoff-ish, he is actually a very passionate soul. He was previously able to debut as an idol but left the group over differences in musical opinion. Until the formation of SolidS, he worked at Tsukipro and supported other groups behind the scenes as a music producer. He is generally a man of few words and isn’t very good at working with others. However, when it comes to music, he is happy to ramble on for ages. According to Tsubasa, he’s a complete music nut.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Tsubasa Okui: Soma Saitou

Overflowing with confidence, Tsubasa is a charismatic young man who naturally attracts people. Although he comes from a wealthy background and tends to be free spirited, he is nevertheless a worldly person who has no trouble getting on in life. Before Shiki scouted him, he was a student at a prestigious university. He hates losing and being told what to do, so he often butts heads with Shiki. Dai’s family lives near Tsubasa’s, so they are childhood friends.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Rikka Sera: Natsuki Hanae

Born to the French father and a Japanese mother, Rikka has a beautiful, glamorous appearance. He has done modeling from a young age so has been in showbiz for a long time. Despite his showy appearance, he is calm and thoughtful and originally planned to quit showbiz after graduating from university. He and Shiki met through work and became firm friends. In a group with many big egos, Rikka often plays the mediator.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Dai Murase: Yuichiro Umebara

Originally a swimmer with a promising future, a shoulder injury caused him to lose his sports scholarship and drop out of university. People are often intimidated by his powerful build and rugged good looks, but he is actually a clumsy and earnest young man. He lived near to Tsubasa when they were children and ended up becoming friends with him. Having spent a long time in the hierarchical world of Japanese sports, he often speaks formally to the Shiki and Rikka, despite trying to sound more casual.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Shu Izumi: Shunsuke Takeuchi

Shu is the producer and leader of QUELL. Given his appearance and mild manners, people often mistake him for being a lot older than he is. He had a difficult childhood and had to overcome many hardships to get where he is today, but his current personality and demeanor don’t give off that impression. He used to be in the same group as Shiki from SolidS, and they are still good friends to this day.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Eichi Horimiya: Koutaro Nishiyama

Eichi used to be the assistant director on a popular music show. He has an unflappable personality and can befriend anyone with ease. He likes to look after people and is good at noticing small details. He and Shu hit it off after Shu appeared on the music show. Eichi’s charm is that he’s the most normal guy in the group. He’s also the mood maker.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Issei Kuga: Sogo Nakamura

A man of few words, he can seem quite unfriendly at first. He is Ichiru’s twin, and they grew up together at an orphanage in Sapporo. They got jobs in a factory after middle school but had to quit after a certain incident. After that, they were discovered by Shu and moved to Tokyo. Issei had no interest in showbiz, but Shu convinced him to join the group. Issei is a natural who can learn something just by watching others.
Tsukipro-The-Animation-2-KV Tsukipro The Animation 2
Ichiru Kuga: Sho Nogami

Unlike his twin brother Issei, Ichiru is talkative and shows his emotions openly. He’s quick to start fights and often rushes into situations, but he’s also easily moved to tears, so it’s hard to hate him. He greatly admires his twin brother, who has always protected him, and gets very angry if anyone makes fun of him. It was for that reason that he got into a fight at work. He tends to act without thinking and has time and again proven to be incredibly lucky.

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Fujiwara
  • Director: Keitaro Motonaga (General Director) / Juria Matsumura
  • Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
  • Character Design: Mariko Oka
  • Original Illustrator: ALIVE series: Tohiro Shijima / SQ series: Yu Satsuki

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