Top 5 Characters in Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san (Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood)

At this point, you probably know a lot of anime about vampires, but none of them as sweet and funny as Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san. In this story, Akari Amano is a cute teenager who loves dolls and all things sweet, and that's why she also seems very interested in visiting an old house in the forest who many say it's haunted, and where a doll-like girl is rumored to live. Turns out she actually exists, and her name is Sophie Twilight, a 360-years-old vampire who looks and acts as just another girl enjoying the perks of the modern world.

Now living together, Sophie and Akari learn from each other while they also enjoy having some company, and this being a shoujo ai anime, we can also find some adorable girl on girl scenes! So, how about ranking the girls on the show?

5. Sakuya Kurai

Let's start with Sakuya Kurai, one of Akari's classmates and along with Yuu Aoki, one of the show's supporting characters. While neither of them appears as often as we'd like, Sakuya is the one that shines the most just because of her personality and how jealous she can get when Yuu is near any other girl.

Sakuya is the only one that truly enjoys horror, but that's also the reason for her being the most shocked with Sophie's behavior. Sure, she looks so lovely and naive, but it's not a secret Sakuya has a thing for occultism, always talking about ghost stories, werewolves, and any kind of monsters and creepy stuff. Sure thing she would also love being around Sophie and Ellie! We believe she deserved more screen time, but we have to settle for the few episodes in which she appears.

4. Elly

The oldest of the bunch, Elly is the other vampire of the cast and a longtime friend of Sophie. Forever trapped in the body of an elementary schooler, Elly travels all the way to Japan just to check up on Sophie, and she gets more than jealous after finding out that not only Akari is Sophie's new best friend, but she's also a human who doesn't act as a servant. How do you dare, you filthy blood bag?!

As you can imagine, most of the best moments of Elly involve her feelings towards Sophie and keeping Akari aside, making her our favorite passive-aggressive vampire. Another thing we like is when Elly looks so clueless around modern technology, a running gag that never gets old if it involves our child-like blondie. All in all, we must admit Elly feels like a blood-sucking cliche, but Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san wouldn't be the same without her.

3. Hinata Natsuki

It's funny how one could imagine Akari and Sophie would be enough for this show, with Elly acting as the conflict element. However, we also have Akari's classmate and childhood friend Hinata, the one with the most onee-san vibes and ultimately the one who helps Sophie become more in touch with her human suitor. Although she knows everything about Akari and may have true feelings for her, Hinata never has a problem in helping Sophie get closer to her human friend, like when she helped her cook a homemade meal to surprise Akari. How sweet and mature of her!

Unlike Sakuya, Hinata hates horror stuff, and so she was afraid of her best friend being attacked by a vampire... though at first she was equally frightened by the possibility of Akari living with a pervy, mysterious new boyfriend. In a sugar-coated anime like this one, it's always nice to have a character like Hinata to balance things out. And she also has her ups and downs with Elly to spice things up!

2. Akari Amano

Akari Amano, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san's co-protagonist, is a tender brunette who's obsessed with all kinds of dolls. After hearing Sakuya talk about a mysterious doll-like girl roaming in the woods, Akari decided to explore the area hoping for the best, but she ended up lost... until Sophie came to the rescue! While other girls (like Hinata herself) would've run away, Akari was delighted to visit a vampire, so delighted that she asked her parents to let her move in with her.

Akari can get clingy at times, and that means a lot of funny scenarios, but she's definitely a girl who cares for and protects her friends. Being so sweet, Akari could be a hit or miss for you, but in our book, she's the perfect companion for a vampire like Sophie. In addition to that, she's the one with the most shoujo ai innuendos here! Oh, and let's not forget she's also capable of scaring vampires like nothing. Wait, is it actually good or bad? Akari's personality is perfectly balanced for a slice of life comedy anime like this, making her the second best character on the show.

1. Sophie Twilight

So here we are, presenting you the best character (by far) in the show! Obviously, this is none other than Sophie Twilight, the gray-haired vampire who conquered Akari's heart... and maybe ours too. Once a classic vampire like the ones you'd meet in books or movies, Sophie is now an average otaku who only leaves the house for a walk around the neighborhood or visiting manga conventions, buying blood online instead of drinking it the old fashioned way.

The joke here is Sophie acting more average-human-like than Akari, but it's done in such a way you won't get tired of it, just like you won't get tired of Elly not understanding Sophie when it comes to technology. Sure, Sophie sleeps in a coffin, but she wakes up thanks to her smartphone alarm rather than the sunset, so...

If you like comedy, Sophie's personality and hobbies have you covered. If you like beautiful teens or you fancy a new waifu, Sophie has you covered too. And if you like anime about vampire-human romances, Sophie won't disappoint you either!

Final Thoughts

Would you like to live with a vampire? Or if you happen to be the vampire, would you rather feed on beautiful young girls as Elly does, or would you rather buy blood bottles online ala Sophie? Leave us a comment and let us know! Also, if you want to share with us your personal top 5 or your favorite moments from Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san, you can do that too. We'll be more than happy to read your thoughts on Sophie, Akari, and the other girls.

Oh, and we know it’s kinda weird to make a top 5 when a show has only 6 recurring characters, but sadly enough Yuu doesn’t have what it takes to be considered here. We wish she had more minutes on screen!

Tonari-no-Kyuuketsuki-san-Wallpaper Top 5 Characters in Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san (Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood)


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