Top 5 Creepy Creatures in Urasekai Picnic (Otherside Picnic)

Urasekai Picnic (Otherside Picnic) introduced us to several creepy creatures lurking in the shadows of the eerie plains of the Otherside. Most come from creepypasta, online horror stories, and urban legends. We picked the five scariest monsters that Sorao and Toriko had to face. We rank them based on how much they left us sleepless at night and dare you to take a look with us.

5. Sannukikano

Beware of a creature looking like a weird monkey. If it appears in front of you and hands you some teeth, keep hold of them. Next, wait for Sannukikano. Sannukikano is a seemingly normal old lady if you don’t mind the dark aura surrounding her. If you’re lucky enough and have the teeth she’s looking for, she will leave you alone. But, if you ignored her messenger earlier, Sannukikano will have to find other teeth, your own!

4. Hasshaku-sama

Hasshaku-sama looks like a beautiful, ethereal lady with dark long hair and a white brimmed hat. She lures people wandering in the Otherside, especially young men, and destroys them.

Hasshaku-sama’s legend was spread through creepypasta in Asian horror communities. When Toriko gets hold of her hat and puts it on, she unknowingly creates a portal to the Otherside. Even just Hasshaku-sama’s hat is cursed enough to make you slip into a desolate hellish landscape. We wouldn’t want to end up there..!

3. Kankandara

Like many creatures of the Otherside, Kankadnara doesn’t show her true form right away. Looking like a beautiful woman in red, the Kankandara soon reveals a sharp set of teeth and six arms. In the glimpse of an eye, she turns into a huge snake-like monster that sways and attacks with great speed. It took the combined effort of Sorao, Toriko, and an army troop to take her down.

2. Kunekune (Wiggle Waggle)

If there is a creature in the Otherside that screams cosmic horror, it is the Wiggle Waggle. With a semi-transparent body and dark void in place of its face, the Wiggle Waggle cannot be perceived; it is, rather, horror personified. If you look at it long enough it can drive you crazy, a shapeless nightmare compelling you to never come back to your senses. Sorao’s near escape in episode 1 was only thanks to Toriko’s strength of will. It’s a different kind of horror when you can’t even describe what’s coming after you.

1. Walking Gallows

The Walking Gallows are pure nightmare fuel because they show us the effect the Otherside can have even on man-made equipment. Army equipment which fell into a glitch and gained its own consciousness now resembles a feral animal that hunts down the unlucky soldiers of Station February. Not only that but mummified dead bodies are hanging from it. The Walking Gallows look like creatures that escaped the Silent Hill universe!

Final Thoughts

Honorable mentions go to the Elevator Girl who gave us the perfect jump scare, the faceless Space-Time Man, and the horrifying Monkey Shines near the Meat Train. But what do you think? Which creature of the Otherside is the creepiest of them all? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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