Top 5 Joshi Kausei Scenes

Joshi Kausei was one of the more interesting shows to come out during the Spring 2019 anime season. The show didn't use any dialogue and instead focused on its hilarious characters and their actions. This made for some really unique scenes that only Joshi Kausei could pull off. Today we are going to be looking at some of the best moments in this series as we countdown the top five Joshi Kausei scenes. Let's get started.

5. Kotatsu (Episode 11)

On a cold day, the girls head to Momoko's house to sit under the kotatsu. The girls proceed to have a blindfolded drawing contest and making various things out of orange peels. After the heated competition, the girls make themselves out of oranges before Shibumi and Mayumi head home. This is just a really cute scene with tons of funny moments. Seeing the girls do these creative things are some of the best moments in the series, and watching them make things out of orange peels is one of the more creative things they do.

4. Origami (Episode 4)

While hanging out at a restaurant, the girls find a creative way to pass the time. Momoko makes Mayumi a little origami bird out of a napkin, which sets off a chain of events leading to more and more origami animals being created. The girls make a bear, a crane, an alligator, and Shibumi even makes a special cage out of straws. Just like the previous scene, what makes this scene so fun is the creative things the girls do. Without any dialogue, all of Joshi Kausei's comedy comes from what the girls are doing and their reactions to things, so it is always great to see them do ridiculous things like having origami animals fight each other.

3. Skateboard (Episode 5)

On their way home, Momoko finds an abandoned skateboard and the girls decide to play on it. They start with just Momoko pushing Mayumi, but Sagumi eventually joins in and the three enjoy their time together on the skateboard together. This scene is really simple, but it is still incredibly enjoyable. Watching the girls get so much enjoyment over such a minor thing just warms your heart.

2. First Impressions (Episode 9)

In a flashback, Mayumi transfers into class and meets Momoko for the first time. During their first meeting, Mayumi is scared of Momoko and tries to avoid her, but things change when Mayumi runs into her again on her way home. Mayumi sees Momoko hanging out by the river making things with her shadow. Seeing her having so much fun, Mayumi joins in and the two begin making all kinds of shadow puppets and becoming friends. This flashback episode is one of the best moments in the series and gives us tons of info on the girls and their relationship with one another. We get so much info on Momoko and Mayumi here while also getting all of the comedy and cute moments you expect from the series.

1. Key Rings and Barrettes (Episode 10)

Shibumi and Momoko become friends over a broken barrette. Using her power as the class rep, Shibumi bans the use of key rings on everyone's bags. This does not go over well and some girls start picking on Shibumi, resulting in the barrette she had just received for her birthday getting smashed into pieces. Momoko sees this and decides to cut up her key ring and fix up the barrette. This scene is a great example of what the show is able to do even without using dialogue. There is so much happening in terms of the story and character development that gets thrown in here and it brings a whole new dynamic to the series. The flashback to the girls' childhood, brings us a great scene that is a little more serious than the rest of the series, but it is still fantastic despite not having any comedy.

Final Thoughts

That is it for ur list of the top five Joshi Kausei scenes. Hopefully, you enjoyed looking back at the best scenes this series had to offer. This series makes the most of its silent characters and short run time to make a unique comedy with plenty of fantastic scenes. What was your favorite scene in Joshi Kausei? Let us know by leaving us a comment.

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