Top 5 Kemurikusa Characters

Kemurikusa was one of the most intriguing anime of the 2019 winter season. For the most part, Kemurikusa focused on its small group of companions as they traveled across the world, but you never get tired of them thanks to the quality of the characters and the development they get. This also lets us get more attached to the small cast of characters and appreciate everything they bring to the anime. Today, we are going to be talking about some of the best characters as we take a look at the top five Kemurikusa characters. Let's get started.

5. Shiro

Shiro is Wakaba's Mushi companion that dutifully supports the group across their journey. Although Shiro can't speak and doesn't have any cool powers, it is still one of the best characters in the anime. Shiro has the essence of animal character has many cute moments, whether it is communicating with computer smiles or the little beeps it makes.

4. Wakaba

Out of all of the main characters, Wakaba is the least exciting to watch. However, he is by no means a boring character. As the series progresses, we slowly learn more about Wakaba and the bigger role he plays in the story. Outside of his story importance, Wakaba also has a few heroic scenes that are some of his best moments and make him seem less like a weak sidekick.

3. Ritsu

The collected Ritsu brings a much needed calm to the group. Ritsu takes it upon herself to be a calming presence in order to support the other sisters in their times of need. Her supporting nature isn't just reserved for her sisters, as throughout their journey, Ritsu also takes care of a tree named Midori that rides around in the railway cart.

2. Rina

Out of all of the sisters, Rina may just be the most interesting and have the coolest powers. As Rina drinks more water, she is able to make copies of herself that all have unique personalities. Although the main Rina is a little plain in the personality department, her many forms more than make up for it. Thanks to her abilities, Rina is able to provide a lot of different things to the series, she brings tons of comedy to the dark and dreary world, plenty of cute moments, and watching as her Rina clones die off are some of the most emotional scenes in the anime.

1. Rin

The leader of the sisters and the main character of the anime, Rin was bound to be one of the best characters in Kemurikusa. Rin has a cold untrusting demeanor, but she has a soft and protective side when it comes to her sisters. Unlike her sisters, Rin's abilities are more battle-focused allowing her to battle against the Red Bugs and protect her sisters.

Final Thoughts

That is it for our list of the top five Kemurikusa characters. Unfortunately, we couldn't fit all of the sisters onto the list, but the ones we did cover are all fantastic. Which Kemurikusa character is your favorite? Are there any you think should have been on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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