[Fujoshi Friday] Top 5 Manservice Scenes in DIVE!!

For those who liked Free! for its swimming boys and burning friendship/rivalries, DIVE!! is like a younger version of everything you wanted and may or may not get you in trouble. While both shows involve wet guys with 12-packs glistening in the sun, DIVE!! has an added edge of danger that comes with throwing yourself from tall platforms and hoping you land without hurting yourself. If you think you're safe just because you're landing in water, you've clearly never bellyflopped from even 5 feet above. Not only is there lots of drama and danger but many, many abs for your viewing enjoyment.

Ok, so an anime about mostly 14-17-year-old boys may not seem like the manliest of manservice-y shows, but they do their damndest. You can tell that Tomo, Yoichi, Otani, and the others at the Mizuki Diving School are serious athletes by their sculpted bodies. And with these dedicated boys practicing constantly in their little speedos, you get to see quite a lot. So if our younger audience is looking for boys their own age to fawn over, here are our top 5 manservice scenes in DIVE!!

5. That's one way to stand out (S1, Ep. 4)

When Yoichi's self-proclaimed rival, Yamada, is invited to practice with the MDC boys to get them fired up for competition, he shocks us all with his bold statements and daring wardrobe. In one move, he removes his crazy yellow outfit to reveal a neon pink speedo which has earned him the nickname Pinky. Sure, all the muscley men are wearing speedos but Pinky's COMMANDS attention. The camera pans up from his bright pink crotch and captures his chiseled body and snarky face. He turns around and his butt cheeks stick out jarringly from the small but powerful pink as he says 'Burn this image into your mind.' We hate to watch him go, but love to watch him leave... up to the diving board! Once in position, the camera pans over his powerful shoulders, tensing slightly as he prepares for his dive, strength focused down to each individual finger. While he seemed silly mere moments before, his display of control reveals the serious diver underneath the flashy exterior!

4. Powerful in both spirit and body (S1, Ep. 9)

Okitsu provides us with a lot of great looks at his stunning body. The lifestyle of a rough and tumble guy who throws himself off cliffs into the raging sea below is reflected in every single ab. In this scene, we not only get a great look at his physique, but into his inner thoughts as well. Knowing Okitsu won't be able to perform at the Olympics, Tomo asks his older friend if he regrets coming back to the MDC. As they both climb higher to the summit of the diving board, we get to see a lot of the guys' stunning bodies. Okitsu confidently tells Tomo that he has no regrets. He's found diving to be fun, and more importantly, diving with Tomo and the others has become important to him. Before diving into the pool, he turns back to Tomo with a charming smile, the rays of the sun shining on his perfect form. This confident, happy contrast to his usual pouting is both inspirational and sexy! He then graces us with a perfect handstand using those arms that could hold up the sun itself. Such a difficult move looks so easy for him and it's no doubt those muscles are more than just for show. He almost effortlessly dives into the pool below causing another tremendous splash. While such an entrance won't earn points with the judges, it sure scores points with us!

3. Birds of a feather dive together (S1, Ep. 4)

Okitsu is quite the lone wolf among the members of the MDC, but one brave man is not afraid to approach. The scene starts with Fire Jiro's butt entering the frame as he walks to the pool's edge. We get a nice look at his powerful back and you can see he works out, even if his dives imply he doesn't know what he's doing. Okitsu's shining wet head peers out of the water up at the extended hand of Jiro, who is smiling at him, entranced with his dynamic diving. As he squats down towards Okitsu, we can see his whole chiseled body and you know with one good pull he could easily lift Okitsu out of the water. Disappointingly, Okitsu does not take this hand of friendship and keeps shrugging off Jiro's words. Jiro is certain he and Koitsu are the same. Perhaps their thinking is different, but both are large, dark-haired, explosive divers. Maybe next to Okitsu’s, Fire Jiro's diving isn't so hot, but walking side by side, they are quite the pair of dashing, muscular men.

2. Actions speak louder than words (S1, Ep. 3)

Wow, who could have foreseen another scene with Okitsu! Upon meeting Okitsu, very little is known about him and he doesn't seem keen on sharing any details of his private life. He won't even talk about what diving means to him. While we see people dive all the time, Okitsu's first dive is special because of just how much the scene focuses on his body before he jumps. The scene starts with panning from his feet all the way to his head, his whole manly body on display! As if that's not enough, the view comes back down to the abs and is now even closer. His muscles now show up in more detail and hint at the powerful dive Okitsu will unleash on his audience. Tomo is mesmerized and he says 'Look at those muscles.' Oh, we are, Tomo, we are. After a huge leap into the air with a resulting huge splash, his chiseled body is now dripping in the afternoon sun. Once out of the pool, he brushes his wet hair back bringing his burning gaze into more focus. Everything about this scene speaks to Okitsu's mighty aura and we can certainly feel it!

1. The bathing suit portion of a male pageant (S1, Ep. 11)

As we near the final competition to decide which of our accomplished athletes will be representing Japan for the Olympics, we get even more speedo time than ever before. We don't just get to see more of the MDC boys we're used to seeing, we get to see the other hopeful Olympians we've met throughout the anime as well as other muscle-bound boys in the background. Instead of standing around, the guys are stretching and flexing and posturing up to each other. All near-naked guys getting cocky about their abilities in the most fun and inspiring way. We get another close up of Pinky's crotch only to see he's traded his 'loud' swimsuit for a more subdued brownish hue. We again get a sweeping angle from his crotch to his face so our eves can trace over each carefully trained muscle. More nameless guys continue their stretching and stripping down to their speedos. Then we are blessed with a view of Okitsu's back and we can see the muscles tensing in his back before turning around to old pal, Fire Jiro. Only this time, the two very much seem to be on the same page. Joined by Tsuji, the three banter about who will be the winner, enjoying their friendly rivalry. With such good feelings combined with competitive spirits and so many well-built figures, this scene truly has it all for those in search of manservice.

Final Thoughts

In a world where fanservice (primarily girls in provocative positions and less than practical attire) is so common, it can be hard to find something that caters to those who appreciate the male form. Sure, shounen-ai and yaoi have their own appeal, but not everyone can enjoy two men getting it on. Maybe you want to think of these guys as being available for yourself! Or maybe you simply want to appreciate their hotness without anything sexual being in the mix. Sometimes it's nice to have some decoration and you don't need to think about it beyond that. Whatever floats your boat or dives your dive.... we hope that you've found what you're looking for in these 5 Manservice Scenes in DIVE!!

065 [Fujoshi Friday] Top 5 Manservice Scenes in DIVE!!


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